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Britney Spears Turns Paparazzi

Britney Spears Turns Paparazzi

Britney Spears turns the cameras on the paparazzi while out and about in Burbank, Calif. on Wednesday.

Brit and a female friend/assistant went for a bite to eat at Acapulco Mexican Restaurant.When they arrived, Brit Brit got out of her car and began filming the paparazzi in action.

After lunch, Brit reportedly headed back to a music studio also in Burbank. Her new album is still scheduled to be released on November 13 — no word on whether or not the album will be delayed or not.

Watch the video below of Britney joining the ranks of paparazzi

Britney becomes paparazzi

10+ pictures inside of Britney joining the the Paparazzi League of America…

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01 britney spears paparazzi
02 britney spears paparazzi
03 britney spears paparazzi
04 britney spears paparazzi
05 britney spears paparazzi
britney spears is paparazzi 01
britney spears is paparazzi 02
britney spears is paparazzi 03
britney spears is paparazzi 04
britney spears is paparazzi 05
britney spears is paparazzi 06
britney spears is paparazzi 07
britney spears is paparazzi 08
britney spears is paparazzi 09
britney spears is paparazzi 10

Photos: Johnstone/Thompsett/, Brooks/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Julz

    she looks good here

  • Yily

    this girl cannot go anywhere without being follow. it sucks to be her. i can’t imagine going being her and going to a public bathroom and a dozen of photographers following behind. poor brit brit. hope she’ll get better.

  • de Cosmos

    When are those nice young men in their clean white coats coming to take her away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa, to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time?

  • drew


  • JAKE G


  • a

    Why is she always out and about? She needs help and her kids taken away. It just goes to show when you have no talent to begin with what happens later on in life. She is a spoiled brat with major issues.

  • Boian

    Greazy, nasty idiot!

  • n

    The paparazzi are the least of her problems.

  • Clark


  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    Could she use it as footage for one of her music videos..maybe she wants to portray the media frenzy around her life!

  • Madison

    she looks so beautiful!

    Britney Rocks! and Gimme More is the best song eva!

  • Sydney


  • paulie

    Why does she always look unwashed?

  • boo

    i don’t like britney BUT I hate the way the paps terrorize her. this girl can not get from A to B anymore.
    they need to change stalking laws in the US so that paps hunting/ following young women go to jail.

  • kathastic

    her hairs looking more natural now
    she her outfit looks good! :)

    but seriously, the paparazi need to back off a bit

  • spooky

    Not as bad as the last time, but her hair is still ratty. LMAO at that guy’s expression in the second to last photo on the second row…….I guess he just got a good whiff of what Britney smells like. And who is that girl she’s with? She looks like a skanky Fran Drescher.

  • emch

    UUrgh BOOTs again. WTF! She’s ugly. That hair, eewwl…gross! She ‘s a HISTORY..once upon a time she was pretty & good…but after Kevin she’s a disaster…

  • Mary Jane Juan

    GOOD I am glad that is nice comments! She is getting back to herself! Be Strong, and come back!


    I hate the SCUMEDIA!

    And it is her choice..that she wants to ROCK her boots!

    Have anice day…POSTERS!

  • Mary Jane Juan


    you know that you still LIP SYNC, all of BRITZ’S stop lying! LOL

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    Hehe..the fan encounter was really sweet :)

  • malibumom=runaroundsue

    She’s moving south for a minute-Er, uh Rumor has it!

  • Cynthia

    I hope to God she does time, she is not God. She thinks she can do whatever she wants. The world will never be her playground. Oh hurry up and lock this beast up already!



    U.S.A, #3
    Sweden, #4
    Norway, #9
    New Zealand, #2
    Holland, #35
    Luxembourg, #13
    Italy, #12
    France, #2
    Finland, #15
    Denmark, #25
    Canada, #1
    Belgium, #22
    Australia, #1


    U.S.A, #3
    Sweden, #4
    Norway, #9
    New Zealand, #2
    Holland, #35
    Luxembourg, #13
    Italy, #12
    France, #2
    Finland, #15
    Denmark, #25
    Canada, #1
    Belgium, #22
    Australia, #1

  • Michelle

    Please with the boots and ragged weave already. I will say her outfits are getting a little better lately though. Seriously, I really don’t think that even Paris goes out as much as Britney. The paps follow Paris everwhere to and you don’t see her as much as Britney which says alot. Britney lives for the attention. She needs to go home and get it all together and just chill out for awhile.

  • a mess as usual

    Shes got those stink boots on again..and not much to say about this ..she should stay home…..lay low…if I did’nt know about her I’d say she was 35..and not a good looking 35 either………….lay low…get an education… a ged…stop eating in public…she calls the paps when she wants…she could do these things and more she does’nt want too…dont feel bad 4 her..just her kids..

  • mentally unstable

    To much Facial hair, a mustache on pic 2, seriously her hygiene is questionable, holding hands with another tell all to tabs assistant, who seems to like the paps. Rat nest, does she brush her fake teeth?,..
    I would’nt give this mental unbalance girl-woman a dime of my hard earned money, to continue this madness. Not helping to contribute/Support her,kfed and who knows who else.
    She is rich enough.

  • Martha

    She really ought to get rid of those hair extensions… they’re awful [even worse than her "taste" in clothes] … just get a good pixie cut and let it grow out. All that coloring… glue… not good. She may have ruined her hair for good. It will fall out and thin.

    But as for the papz… she courts them, she calls them, she hungers for the attention so badly, it’s almost a disease. One of her many, I suspect.

  • Dante

    she’s looking better though…

    and about the attention… she needs that… she has a single to promote… there are many ways to do that, one of them is going out a lot….

    the difference between her and paris is that paris has nothing to promote but herself; of course, when the two used to go out, Britney wanted the spotlight on her… but right now, I think it’s because of the single

  • Mary Jane

    BTW..those are different boots! The other ones are dark get some new bi-focals!

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    27 mentally unstable : 09/27/2007 at 9:20 am

    To much Facial hair, a mustache on pic 2, seriously her hygiene is questionable


    *sarcasm* Facial hair?, on a woman?, oh no!!! 8) *sarcasm*

    Get help!

  • the DQ

    Glad to see she’s wearing something that covers her arse & crotch for a change.

    But, with all her money, why does her hair ALWAYS look like sh*t.

  • ekf

    ummmm she owns!

  • ekf

    ummmmmmm she owns!

  • Lexxi

    Please tell me Im not the only one seeing her skank fingers? Self tanner or ass digging? They look like the guys nails that fixed my car last week.

  • billie

    Lexxi: I was looking at the same thing! Gross! Use soap and water Brit Brit!

  • Mary

    That’s why I like Just Jared, unlike the commenters and the blogs themselves (Perez + TMZ) JJ is more mature… Britney looks pretty to me. Still not as good as the 2002-2003 days but for how she’s been looking lately she looks REALLY good here.

    PS… Britney is #1 on ITUNES.

    She’s doing something right

  • PingyPonga

    Or she needs to fire her stylist or get one…i just dont get it.

  • val

    i love her top! i saw it at lisa kline. i think the brand was gold hawk.

  • Anthony

    I read on that Ms. Britney is working with the paparazzi to get media exposure. Sources say that she actually calls the media and hot spots to see if she can get some press. But I dont see why because the only publicity she has been getting lately is bad. She needs to lay low so that she can stop being the punchline to all the jokes on the late night shows. If you havent checked out do it. The site is awesome.

  • Jessica

    after watching the video of this, i do not know how she can do it, man if i was followed around like that, i would go insane. especially if they touch her, or try to hit her with the camera in her face, damn she is so strong. that i why she is my hero, strongest celebrity that i ever saw.

  • http://friendster maui

    she’s much better now….whatever her problems are…at least, she got her fans who still support and love her in spite of everything that happened to her career………and of course her life….

  • FranFan