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Shirtless Simon & Ryan Play Poolside

Shirtless Simon & Ryan Play Poolside

Did you ever think you’d see Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest hanging out together? Nope!

Did you ever think you’d see them both shirtless, together, playing in a pool? Well, today’s your lucky day!

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and acerbic judge Simon Cowell were spotted hanging out together poolside in Miami on Tuesday.

You can bet Ryan and Simon‘s playful gay banter will be gayer than ever on the upcoming season of Idol!

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ryan seacrest simon cowell shirtless 01
ryan seacrest simon cowell shirtless 02
ryan seacrest simon cowell shirtless 03
ryan seacrest simon cowell shirtless 04
ryan seacrest simon cowell shirtless 05
ryan seacrest simon cowell shirtless 06
ryan seacrest simon cowell shirtless 07
ryan seacrest simon cowell shirtless 08
ryan seacrest simon cowell shirtless 09
ryan seacrest simon cowell shirtless 10

Photos: Kadena Press/Bauer-Griffin
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  • http://deleted tia

    finally im first! ha im proably not though..

  • http://jj Me

    omigosh lol Ryan im ok with buy Simon EWW

  • Ashley

    Haha omgsh are they gay?

    Confuesd :S

  • Jennifer

    oh hell no

  • the_original_nika

    haha, simon is ruining the picture lol.

  • Bert

    Why couldn’t have Ryan stood up instead of Simon?! Grrr…LOL!

  • mhmmm

    So gay.

  • ney


  • anonymous

    Simon, Ryan and Randy routinely vacation together or in pairs.
    Nothing new. Since the first season of American Idol they’ve been vacationing together- without Paula.

  • carla

    yay ryan

  • http://justjared !!!!!!!

    Gay Bitches! All of these bitches are money whores. They lie and play fights for the news and they are all doing each other. Wake up, Simon plays these little tiblets of a game during interviews when it comes to his subjects—-someone with an intelligent brain knows better. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$=Keep it real!

  • briana-da-b+tch

    oh, hell no. thanks alot, jj. for showing 2 gay guys.

  • genevieve

    ok, one might be gay (and one’s just British), but HELLO PEOPLE… THEY MIGHT BE FRIENDS. All that dumb written banter on the show is for entertainment purposes. Simon isn’t that mean overseas, but here, you guys eat that up, so thats what they show you.

    Evidently these two hang out all the time when AI is on the road doing the early shows. They’re friends. Everyone grow up.

  • Simon is holding pictures of Ryan Sheckler (or whatever that kids name is) in one of the photos.

  • lolia

    gay ryan and simon.. in a pole… half naked!! how sweet!!

  • Pawlini

    Why is Simon holding pics of Zac Efron?

  • mhmmm

    i guess he loves Zac so much…

  • yay

    I wanna see Ryan SHIRTLESS, Simon is hot for his age!

  • http://deleted tia

    wtf he is holding a pic of zac! lol thats so freaking random! especially since simon hates highschool musical! lol he thinks ‘its crap!’……………..ok lol after close inspection(how sad!) i can tell that its not actually zac..phew!

  • Barnsinger

    Simon is the 8th Wonder of the World, and without a shirt – MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much for this treasure trove of amazing shirtless pics of him over the past week!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t EVER want him to leave Miami!!!!!!!!!!!! Got more?

  • Matt

    hmmmm Simon looks pretty buff for his age, me likes in a weird strange kind of way … I like to think of them as Pecs and not Man Boobs haha

  • Babysis

    Ok, that looks really gay even though i know Simon is not gay but Ryan might be but i really don’t think he is. But this looks really gay.

  • Seth

    Of Course they are gay. There are whole fan clubs dedicated to their gaydom. Simon’s body is crap but he has a lot of money.

  • Regina

    Isn’t this the first we’ve seen Ryan shirtless? He’s ugly, anyway.

  • Marie

    Wow, that just about made me lose my breakfast. Just yuk.

  • Diamond Lil

    I could have gone my entire life w/out seeing any of that! Those 2 soaking together? Just wrong wrong wrongness all over the place. Where’s Randy in this nightmare?

  • :-p

    I had a nightmare like this once, only Randy was in there too and Paula went streaking across the patio completely nude, I woke up crying, covered in sweat and unable to breathe. I feel just as sick right now.

  • liz

    Lovers perhaps?

  • margaret

    simon peeping pictures of twinkie efron? discuss.

  • jrfan

    Hahaha. They aren’t even remotely close to each other in the pool. XD Maybe Simon is looking over possible young talents to sign to his record label. And of course their “arguements” are all an act, who cares? Stop acting like a bunch of 5 year olds.

  • lola

    HA! Do people really think these two are gay?
    Everything they do on the show is scripted.
    They are close friends in real life. They do their charity projects together. They are no enemies, but those stories sell.
    They are close friends, not lovers or enemies.

  • mary

    So does Simon need to look at pictures of Zac to get it up for Ryan? Simon is so gay he makes Elton John look like a straight man.

  • DD

    I have always thought Ryan is gay. I don’t know why he insists of being in the closet… I don’t remeber who, but it was either Gulianna or Simon that said there’s a metrosexual and then there’s Ryan…

  • el polacko

    uhhh.. this is a ‘gay site’ isn’t it ?? what’s up with all the homophobic comments ?! they’re both attractive guys who both seem to be likely closet-cases, but being in a pool together does not create some kind of gay soup.. str8 guys can sun and swim together too… sheesh.

  • Jen

    Have you seen Simon’s beard. She obviously a tranny. I wish Simon would just come out already. I would respect him so much more.

  • JUJU

    Who is the moron that said Simon is “just British”?? Come on. You don’t believe that old “British = Gay” thing do you? Simon and Ryan are both gay. And they seem pretty close in the pool. What do you want them to do? Sit on each other’s laps in public?
    And I’d guess Simon is looking at profiles from contestants from AI or X-Factor.

  • Willis

    LMFAO at the Zac Efron pics.

  • Alyssa


  • bleh



    So obvious there’s a gay relationship here. Curious – who plays the b*tch? I guess Simon likes his men teeny-tiny. All of this explains why Simon must play the mean, arrogant bas**rd on the show….that girlfriend he has is just a cover-up….come out, come out Simon…we won’t think any less of you then we already do….

  • Megan

    I’d tap Simon in a heartbeat

  • oefron

    omg i never knew simon was dis fit.I need to lick dat hairy chest all over and suck and bite his nipples.He is a big boy and I bet he is big down below.I need to suck on i bet his big jucy cock till i taste his cum in my mouth.I must hav sex with him(oral)

  • mia

    they look like thay are having fun

  • GI

    FUCK ME SIMON!!!!!

  • Simon cowell

    Ryan’s tight little ass is great! I love spanking him! and he gives the best head ever!

  • sweet

    …how nice is that …
    ….. so sweet together..!!
    …but 4 me ryan and ramiele are more sweet to each other…..



  • Joejonasishott89

    Ryan is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hot! ( along with the jonas brothers ) But simon i think i died it was hideous i skipped most of the pics of him ! :(

  • jolentini