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K-Fed: Britney Hit Me!!!

K-Fed: Britney Hit Me!!!

Kevin Federline claims Britney Spears was abusive during their relationship, reports Life & Style.

Kevin says she hit him several times during their marriage,” says an insider of the latest allegation from Mr. Spears.

In the custody case, the judge ordered Britney not to use corporal punishment on the boys. “Kevin asked for that,” says the insider, “because he’s scared she’ll hit the kids, too.”

A Brit insider refutes Kevin’s claims, however, saying, “This is just another attempt to make Britney look like a bad mom.”

Pure tabloid rubbish but this one’s hecka funny!! Britney hit me!! Ow!!

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69 Responses to “K-Fed: Britney Hit Me!!!”

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  1. 26
    Miapocca Says:

    love it

    *Hit me baby, one more time…*
    Oh baby, baby

  2. 27
    Miapocca Says:

    Britney Spears has PASSED the drug tests!!! Her attorney, Sorrell Trope, said “She’s passed her random drug test.” “There’s been more than one. They came up negative.”

    WTF? So, she is a mess all on her own? Or has she resorted to Whippits or paint fumes? If it was me, I would prefer to blame the craziness on drugs.

    In other Britney news, the fallen pop star has been ordered to be booked for the her driving-related misdemeanors case. It entails being photographed…Her mugshot will be worth a million jokes.

    She is JUST BRITNEY!!!1 Accept her crazy **** for who she is…she had issues because of kfed..and this mean hurray..NOV 13TH IS COMING UP…Fedex better find a new home in the projects ahahhaha..then he cna lose custody to Britney since teh projects will be unsafe for the babies…

  3. 28

    ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhaaaaaaaaaaaa :D


  4. 29
    MonkeyShines Says:

    Ok I don’t know what to make of this but Jared – men DO get battered by their wives.

    And it’s not funny. Men usually do not come forward, just like men who are raped. I worked with a big Somoan guy who had a tiny Filipino wife, one day this 6 ft 300 lb guy came to work with deep scratches on his face, a black eye and a loose tooth. He told us his rotweiler had gotten rough while they were playing. He was absent the next day, returned the day after looking worse. He wouldn’t talk. After work we saw him out in front of our office building his tiny, barely 5 ft wife beating the puss out of him and he was crying. We women co-workers went over and pulled that b*tch off him and asked him – demanded to know if she had beat him before. He said nothing. She bragged that she had beat him cause he burnt the BBQ and she was proud. We called the police on her ****. He wouldn’t press charges. But the police looked at him and took our statements and took her to jail anyway. This went on until they had a baby then he filed for divorce, he had had it. He got custody.

  5. 30
    Sara Says:

    oh my goodness! give the girl a break! i’m seriously no Britney fan but jeees! its one thing after another!! hes jst probably milking the situation..using her downfall to make him look good..its pathetic!!

  6. 31
    mel Says:

    HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME, oh baby baby!! This is hilarious. Is he for real! Yeah Fed-Ex GIMME GIMME MORE lies. LOL!

  7. 32


    what does that have to do with Britney Spears?

    She didn’t do that sh*t to him, k-fraud is just scum!

    I wouldn’t mind kicking his *ss for Britney!

  8. 33
    Miapocca Says:

    you know what…why odnt we have a big end of alimony party for kfed on just jared..I bet its the only one he can afford..speaking of which , is he moving back in with shar..seems like he moved from there to Britneys trailer nd made some money off britney in between, so he suddently became a good dad..hmm I guess shar will be screaming something different if he moved in with herhahahhahahaha


  9. 34
    anonymous Says:

    battered men are real, but kevin is a liar, and is teaching his children to lie, and i am sure she slapped him once, and he is being a drama queen, that is what lawyers do, take a small incident and make it into a huge big deal. there is nothing wrong with having a drink, it is legal. so is smoking cigarettes. and there are lots of parents at Fred Meyers buying beer, with their children in the cart. then they buy cigarettes too. so are they all unfit parents? give me a break. kevin has a greedy lawyer and is using every trick in the book to win dead beat-kevin’s case. because the greedy lawyer smells big money. and lots of men slap their wives and vise versa. that doesn’t make the person an abuser. it’s when it is done every day and progresses to beatings. dead beat-kevin’s picture was shown almost everyday with him wearing those tacky tank tops and shorts. no bruises. dead-beat, wannabe-kevin is a bum and looking for an easy ride.

  10. 35
    me Says:

    When will Britney stoop to his level and say he hit her? In fact she can use it as an excuse for divorcing his loser ass. Wake up and fight back Brit!

  11. 36
    maria Says:

    he just wants more money from britney get a job loser oh wait you tried but it failed

  12. 37
    Jane Says:

    britney is blind..marrying tis idiot

  13. 38
    wanda Says:

    Seems doubtful but anyway, the family court commissioner’s orders instruct both parents not to use, or allow to be used, corporal punishment. So unless you think Kevin reported that they both hit the kids or had employees who did, then you might want to think that this is a standard family court order. Just routine…

  14. 39
    Ginger Says:

    Kevin is a *****!!!!!! His working the system and is making a living out of it just like every other loser that can’t hold a real job…poor him…a victim!! LOL!

  15. 40
    havemercy Says:

    I would have hit his sorry ass too, correction I would beat his ass, right out of the door.

    I’m no advocate of violence but his presence in her life completely and totally dragged her down, and I’m sure he was doing some messed up stuff, either cheating on her or playing games with her head.

    Do you remember when she had to introduce `his rap performance’ at the MTV awards, and he sucked beyond belief, completely humiliating himself (and her) if I were her I would beat him that night.

  16. 41
    joellthetroll Says:

    I swear to god everyone is bringing anything about britney spears up just to make her look bad.

    Why waste time?
    let her do it herself, she needs time to relax.
    and kevin…

    your grose and you need to get a life.
    you have your kids care about them
    not your ex wife.

    okay *****.,

  17. 42
    havemercy Says:

    PS I’m NOT a Britney fan and I feel that way.

  18. 43
    cr7 Says:

    F***** *****! shut up and be a man.

  19. 44
    Bitsy Says:

    On you tube they have bits of scenes from Chaotic and though I never watched it, she seemed to get worse as time went along. Would anyone have put it past Kevin to have given her drugs without her knowing it? I would not put it past him And everyone knows even if you have a pre-nup, you always get more money when you have kids. I think he thought his career would actually take off and he would be a star and not need her. But it all backfired. As far as getting more alimoney, I don’t think so, the divorce is already finalized. So people are right, he needs more money.

    What a sorry excuse for a human being he is. And remember when Shar his other babies mama made the comment he is a good Dad, yep I think it was already in the works then to bring Britney down. More money for Kevin, more money for Shar and the Kids. Does anyone know where KFED is actually from

  20. 45
    goldend Says:

    Wouldn’t you hit that idiot too?

    Go Britney!

  21. 46
    susie Says:

    Wow Hey why not. The Courts allowed a FIRED employee of 6 weeks to say what he wanted with NO proof. WHY NOT k-LEECH SAYIN THAT BRITNEY WOULD BEAT HIS A-S-S.? Beaterd Leech Sydrome
    California Courts Laughing stock of the World

  22. 47
    susie Says:

    He’s from FRESNO. where he use to deal weed according to SHAR n her interview with Perezhilton on YOU TUBE. Perezhilton put that video out in hopes to futher shame BRITNEY. but little does he know Shar adnitted to K-fed LONG TIME abuse of weed. and that he use to sell it in FRESNO where he is from. So what kinda of parents does that make them.?? EVERYBODY BUSY LOOKING AT BRITNEY WHILE THE WOLVES ARE TENDING THE HEN HOUSE.

  23. 48
    Bitsy Says:

    Oh my gosh, wasn’t Fresno where that Amber Frey girl lived. You remember the one Gloria Allred took under her wing too. That Amber was the other woman the killer Scott Peterson was having the affair with. You know he killed his pregnant wife? Ooh that is spooky that they have this connection. Gloria having Brits bodyguard to testify against her for KFED. Maybe Allred was secretly working for KFED and using Tony as a smokescreen. Why else would Allred and Tony be interested in going to the Childrens Services.

    I have just given myself the creeps

  24. 49
    kiano Says:

    God, what a fucked up guy. I would hit him too if he said those things about me. Britney made some mistakes, and everybody judged her about that. But the mistakes he made were unseen. And now he thinks he’s smart, well I hope the jugde can see through that. He’s really a terrible man.
    Example: When he got the custody of Sean and Jayden, he build a fence around his pool. And what about his other kids? They can drown?
    I’m not a Britney fan, but I just can’t stand this guy. Loser..

  25. 50
    Sami Says:

    wat a load of crap
    he’s a ******* *******
    she was so vulnerable during their relationship
    in the pics of them together he looked like dominant male
    she looked alittle not sure and scared
    if any1 was hitting any1 it would b him hitting her
    yeah sure she probably slapped him a few times but wat wife doent 2 their husband at somepoint in a relationship/asrgument
    PIECE OF ****

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