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Natalie Portman is Purplelicious

Natalie Portman is Purplelicious

Natalie Portman slips into a purple suede Lanvin dress at the 22nd Annual American Cinematheque Award presentation held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Friday in Beverly Hills, Calif. The Darjeeling Limited actress accessorized with strappy sandals and a metallic pouch.

This annual event provides funds for the non-profit film exhibition organization’s programs throughout the year and operation of the historic landmark Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard as well as the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica on Montana Avenue. Tickets to the Cinematheque Tribute started at $550.

20+ pictures inside of Natalie at the 2007 Cinematheque Awards…

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natalie portman purplelicious 00
natalie portman purplelicious 01
natalie portman purplelicious 02
natalie portman purplelicious 03
natalie portman purplelicious 04
natalie portman purplelicious 05
natalie portman purplelicious 06
natalie portman purplelicious 07
natalie portman purplelicious 08
natalie portman purplelicious 09
natalie portman purplelicious 10
natalie portman purplelicious 11
natalie portman purplelicious 12
natalie portman purplelicious 13
natalie portman purplelicious 14
natalie portman purplelicious 15
natalie portman purplelicious 16
natalie portman purplelicious 17
natalie portman purplelicious 18
natalie portman purplelicious 19
natalie portman purplelicious 20
natalie portman purplelicious 21
natalie portman purplelicious 22

Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty, Lester Cohen/Eric Charbonneau/Wireimage
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  • Diama


  • Rita


  • V

    just love her!

  • Iris

    How can anyone NOT be a fan? She’s smart, talented, down to earth, stunning and such a woderful role model. Go Nat!

  • H


  • Kayla

    she looks super cute in up-close one!

  • Fug Face Dwarftard

    she looks high. lol


  • Stasi

    WTF happened to her? She looks awful! I used to think she was stunning, but something just looks…off.

  • angie

    her face looks so bronzed but gorgeous at the same time. one thing i dont like is her handbag thing…it totally ruins her outfit. also, i dont really like her lips…they look too pale with whatever lipstick she put on. apart from that, she looks good in that purple dress.

  • H

    censorship in favor of the little selfish cunt?

  • Natalie

    Love her. She has looked better but who cares… she would be beautiful in a trash bag.

  • lola

    Is it just me or does she look different? It’s almost like she has had something done. I love her and am a huge fan and normally she looks stunning. She still looks really good here but not in the same way as she normally does. Something looks off.

  • Anon

    I cannot wait for her to start filming her movie, Brothers, where she is supposed to be married to Toby Magui9re and he goes off to war in Afghanistan and his younger bad bot brother Jake Gyllenhaal is left at home to “look after” his family…yeah. I have been dying to see Jake and Natalie do a film together. I was hoping for a nice romantic comedy, but this will do. They would make an amazing couple.

  • Anon

    She has a very pretty face, but she is very short and very thin and she has a very big head. In person she is like nothing special. I saw her once in a store in NYC and she had on jeans and a top and her hair was very short. She didn’t have make up on, but she still look pretty. Great skin. But her body looks odd.

  • BC89

    i think she gained a little weight (its a very good thing) and it looks like shes had a tan. she looks great and she looks like she glowing. i think shes in love. she looks good.

  • ert

    holy crap. she needs to shave and cut. eww.

  • gdg

    she’s not a very talented actress and she’s average looking

  • courtney

    Was Jakey boy there to see Natalie? If not, he should be, instead of hanging out at Reeses’ house planning a trip to Hawaii at THanksgiving time.

  • Irene

    undercover prostitute

  • bataglio

    wtf happened 2 her looks

  • krista

    too much bronzer.
    but she’s still gorgeous

  • Yojimbo

    This girl is a total SHAM. It’s all just PR hype. She’s talentless, elitist, phony, and if you watch any of her interviews, you’ll see she’s really not all that bright. She makes so many verbal blunders and is so inarticulate, it’s a wonder people have bought into the idea that she’s “smart.” She’s very pretty, but that’s about it. Give me Maggie Gyllenhaal or Ellen Page any day over this chick- they may not be as attractive, but they are truly great actresses, intelligent, informed, classy: all the things Portman gets credit for being when she actually isn’t.

  • Starina

    DAMN, somebody been hittin up the Mystic Tan booth a little?

  • Starina

    WTF she looks TERRIBLE! And I don’t think it’s just cuz the bad tan. She DOES look like she had something done. Too bad. She’s effectivel aged herself by like 20 years. I think she had a nose job from before, when she was like 18, but that was an improvement and actually improved the symmetry of her face. This, whatever she has had done, was a bad move!

  • samuel l chang

    wut is going on in the back of that dress look at pic #4 it’s like the mannequins in department stores when they pin the dress to them so it looks tighter in the front, weird….

  • Grace

    I really LOVE Natalie… I really don’t love the look.

  • dylan

    So the girl is rich and looks a little manley. I think she buys her clothes at chico but I do agree, the tan is not helping her

  • Yily

    At first,I really like her but now I don’t care for Natalie that much. She’s very talented but her personality and attitude doesn’t do it for me.

  • kiano

    I love her :). She looks great and is absolutely beautiful. And also talented. Love you Nathalie! Make some more movies if you want to!

  • Diana

    I had a website on her but took it down because she is so full of herself. She looks wax to be honest.
    She thinks she’s all that like Jessica Alba.

  • Anqxxx

    Hmmmm,not bad,but not good,i don’t know what happened to her looks ,in JTN Productions Vision Awards.she looks great,but now……

  • cori

    She was a lot prettier whan she was a teen. She’s average looking now!

  • Regina

    She should sack her makeup stylist, other than that: fab.

  • me

    I like Natalie Portman but this outfit is not working. I think what may be off about her look is her overly tanned skin, the too pale lip color/makeup and her heavy brows.

  • Jen

    normally she looks so well put together and beautiful. But what is up with the orange tan and to big of shoes!?

  • CC


  • ari

    celebrities age too you know

  • remember da truth

    My gosh what a beautiful girl! She is a natural beauty, and her warmth and good-heartedness, intelligence, and talent just shine from the inside out.

    What an amazing person she is!

  • remember da truth

    Same jealous posters over and over changing their names?

    Anyone who thinks she has no talent or is not smart is deluded and not paying attention.

  • kat

    good actress but she is quite short.

  • required

    not liking the chin implant at all.

  • Sanjuanpuma

    Natalie looks good but, a bit too much bronzer. Then, the pale lipstick. The dress is not all the flattering either. I’m surprised. She usally is fashion smart. He hair looks better now, that it has grown back!

  • SaludosAmigos

    Meh. She’s pretty, but she can’t act worth a damn, and she has all the personality and charisma of a rice cake.

  • Melissa

    Agreed. I always thought she was like Madonna.. Cold and Talentless girl with a packaged facade.. that becomes them ;(

  • Sienna

    She looks horrible! She has been looking sooooooo bad for a long time now. :( She’s usually so beautiful. This lipstick is all wrong, the dress isn’t anything special – very forgettable and not flattering enough, the hair is alright but the make-up is terrible. WAYYY too much and the make-up artist is not good enough. The fake tan is good on the body but not the face. She looks filthy, like she hasn’t showered in months.

    I hope she gets herself a decent stylist soon. She is usually so beautiful and can be so classy and lovely. :(

  • broken toe

    I wish just once, once!, she would sex it up a bit. She’s pretty and all but she has the same look over and over again. I’d like to see her tarty, really tarty, just once.

  • Irishdreams

    Those who think she is not talents are intitled to their opion but, I I totally think she is super and extreamly gifted intelligent and uses her celebrity to promote good will for many people. The dress I do like could be she didn’t wish to fuss with hair and makeup this time out it’s not the oscars..

  • rabbit inhibitors

    no matter what she does
    i think she’s always very beautiful
    and she’s a good model for teens

  • sheva

    come on, she still looks pretty. she has natural beauty eventho her tan doesn’t fit her.

  • b.

    No. 18

    I second that