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Reese Witherspoon @ Beat the Odds Awards 2007

Reese Witherspoon @ Beat the Odds Awards 2007

Reese Witherspoon stays covered up in her coat at The Children’s Defense Fund‘s 17th Annual Los Angeles Beat the Odds Awards at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Thursday.

History: Reese first read Children’s Defense Fund Founders novel “The Measure of Our Success” during her year in Stanford University. Later, between the filming of Election and Legally Blonde, Reese went through “a little bit of a rough patch. It was before Legally Blonde, and I was having a hard time getting a job. There were all these questions about my weight, and I was asking myself, Why am I an actress? What is life about? So I started reading the book again, and I called the Children’s Defense Fund to see if I could help.” Since then Reese has regularly participated in voluntary fund-raising events, contributed financially, and donated all of the proceeds from the Legally Blonde Barbie Dolls and meets with each year’s college—scholarship winners. Reese has also attended the 2004, 2005 and 2006 Annual Beat the Odds Awards.

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  • janetan

    hmmm what is she wearing?

  • Jennie

    yeah, i wonder what she’s wearing, but she looks great.

  • Yily

    She looks retarded.

  • fresh



    look at that witchy chin

  • KrungKrung

    ohmigod, reese’s chin gets my attention first y’all, don’t like her coat or whatever it is.

  • candy

    Is she pregnant?

  • 808

    i adore her, BUT…
    why does she look like this?!?
    she looks like a big ‘ol mess…
    lop chong bao.

  • required

    rumers chinsperation.

  • emma

    could she be pregnant ???

  • emma
  • jane

    nope not preggers check out getty’s pics a few with out the coat

  • Annabel

    this girl looks good but her chin is too much

  • Anon

    What a superficial nasty bunch you are. I am happy to know she is so active with charitable causes. She is a good role model. I like people who get involved, like Angelina, Natalie Portman and Reese. Jennifer Garner is also involved with Reese in helping with a schools project in New Orleans. And what have you done today??? OK. Name just one charitable thing you have done this month. Just one. C’mon. Just. One.

  • Joan

    her big chin ruins her look.

  • Katie N

    She looks unkempt and her face is becoming more and more witchy looking as the years go by.

  • delilah

    One would think, with all that money, she’d get that door knob of a chin fixed?

  • bebe

    Her chin is so long and pointy.

  • vicky

    This girl gives Angelina a run for her money.She’s looks beautiful (and healthy)

  • Mia

    What is with the chin?!

    A miniature version of Jay Leno’s…

  • Regina

    People can call her as ugly as they want, but she is beautiful inside and out and is a great person. Much better than you superficial cĂșnts.

  • LC

    needs a little body in her hair.

  • Anonymous

    Not a good pic of Reese. Is she having a bad hair day?

  • Anonymous

    Where is Jakey Boy? Is he there too? Eewww,that chin looks horrible!

  • 87aaa

    Her chin is really bad. Cover it up and look at her without… she’d be so much prettier. Woned if there was anything she could do to fix that. Her Coat is awful. Why does she dress up like a50 year old all the time? Come on Jakey you can do MUCH better than that!

  • mika

    The chin is fairly impressive,but good for her for turning out for a good cause even when she wasn’t looking her best.

  • bethanne

    She has beautiful skin.

  • scary!

    Her chin still looks much better than
    that of the ex tv-hag Aniston, that
    can’t be compared to Reese in anything
    anyways. Fortunately, that one is gone!
    Haven’t heard of her in centuries.

  • Cristiane Vallim

    I don’t have confidence to give my money for those new charity organizations. Look this charity organiozation “L’arche de Zoe” whose kidnaped 103 children in Chad and Sudan in Africa to sell the children in Europa with suspect of pedophily.!!! I prefer to give charity money to traditional chatities like Ret Cross or to go direct in a hospital etc. Nowadays the actors and actresses of Hollywood don’t have background or enough education to administer. They don’t have success to take care their own family and they haven’t the ability to administer nothing!!! It is a festival of clows with Chanel costumes!!! It is better that americans and eupopeans turist don’t visit all those poor countries. The situation become worse and more critical for them…Like Nicaragua where more than 5,000 children are kidnaped every year and the american turist buy the children with help of criminal government of Nicaragua and USA. In Germany and lot of countries is forbiten to make adoption of children of Nicaragua…
    I repeat. I don’t believe in this hypocritical charity show of actors and actrisses of Hollywood!

  • justjazz

    I disn’t like her outfit when first checking out her pic but it does say here she has her coat on .Reese is really cute. I also think if any actor wants to give to chartities because they make large bucks then hey let them give. Kudos to RW.!
    WTF!! Why would anyone knock an actress who makes millions and donates her money to the less fortunate.Reese is not talking about going to these countries she is talking about donating her money.
    good for You Reese!

  • I wish she would…

    Fix her chin. She should do it right now while she’s young. With all that money, there is no excuse. If it keeps growing long and narrow, it might dig into her chestbone when she nods her head. A simple procedure would make her look so much better. The chin may run in the family, but when it doesn’t work for ya, get rid of it. These stars are so stubborn sometimes.

    BTW Cameron Diaz should also fix her short, puggly nose. If she would slenderize it, she would look so much prettier.

    Ethan Hawke needs to stop looking like a bagman already. His teeth are horribly snaggly and crooked and stained. What’s wrong with him? He’s divorced and single now. These should be his “hot” years.

  • Cristiane Vallim

    There is only a place where so much people without education and education can have survive. USA. It is better Reese Witherspoon stay at home and say her opinion with their children and her lovers. A ignorant people vomit when they speak and stupidity is a illness whose can be contagious the people because confuse them.

  • Hal

    If she doesn’t do something soon to get that chin fixed, in a few years she will be limited to playing witches and the like. Maybe a remake of Wizard of Oz with her as the Wicked Witch of the West. Jakeypoop could be the Straw Man.

  • Sassy

    How are they going to fix her chin? Saw it off? LOL.


    Jesus Christ, not EVERY celebrity needs plastic surgery for every little flaw. I adore Reese, and I think she’s beautiful. =)

  • Hal

    If she would color her chin red, she could make it look like her tongue was hanging out. But why her tongue would be hanging out all the time is another question. LOL.

  • Lolita

    She should be back with Ryan!

  • casidy

    Why must people put Reese down! So what she doesn’t look so great at that exact moment! WHO CARES!?? Do you think you would look good if you had to raise two children all by yourself after a past, hard, divorce? NO…I dont think so! So cut her a break, at least she is putting her fame to a reason! Not partying all the time like Britney and Lindsey! She puts her time and effort into helping children and sets a good example for her kids and others as well. Give her a BREAK!