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Hugh Jackman is Jacked Up

Hugh Jackman is Jacked Up

Hugh Jackman spends time in the ocean with his son Oscar, as his wife Deborra-Lee Furness takes care of their daughter Ava in Sydney on Saturday.

Oscar, 7, and Ava, 2 1/2, also relaxed at the park where the little one got her face painted! Check out the cutie!

For those of you waiting for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, you have awhile to go! May 1, 2009 is the tentative release date for the film.

20+ pictures of Hugh Jackman all jacked up & spending time with the family…

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hugh jackman jacked up 01
hugh jackman jacked up 02
hugh jackman jacked up 03
hugh jackman jacked up 04
hugh jackman jacked up 05
hugh jackman jacked up 06
hugh jackman jacked up 07
hugh jackman jacked up 08
hugh jackman jacked up 09
hugh jackman jacked up 10
hugh jackman jacked up 11
hugh jackman jacked up 12
hugh jackman jacked up 13
hugh jackman jacked up 14
hugh jackman jacked up 15
hugh jackman jacked up 16
hugh jackman jacked up 17
hugh jackman jacked up 18
hugh jackman jacked up 19
hugh jackman jacked up 20
hugh jackman jacked up 21
hugh jackman jacked up 22

Photos: David G. Morgan/
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  • legs

    that little girl is too cute. :)

  • Bitsy


  • Kate

    I have seen Deborah in those shoes twice now…anyone know who makes them?

  • http://msn Lips,tits,and sperm donor

    In picture 19, Oscar is checking out the girl, so cute.

  • anonymous

    hugh is so hot!

  • petal

    fcuk…his wife is an ugly hound. how the h e l l did she snag hugh? this is definitive proof that he is gay. he still could’ve picked a beautiful lady to be his beard.
    maybe he needed someone to balance out his hotness.
    he is the eye candy and she is the eye-sore.

    he is a wonderful father…that is crystal clear.

  • LT

    I dunno…I smell steroids.
    He seems un-naturally over-buffed.

  • Linn

    No steroids , it`s natural !! )) Hugh sweety….

  • 007




  • jing

    I smell idiots. :)))

  • Serissa

    @ No. 6: I wish we could see a pic of your husband/wife, so we could give our comments on him/her…

  • 老娘是 jackwoman


  • flowerpower

    what a body!!!!! Look at the picture#18, what at back my god!!!! hugh is so freaking hot!!!!! I love that he is a family man , make him so much sexier:P. Ava is so cute and beautiful.

  • Lilyanne

    Thanks, Jared! Now I can start my week off with a smile. Lovely family enjoying sun, surf, and each other.

  • click

    wow beatiful family what a wondeful thing to see on a new week thanks JARED always putting a smile on peoples face.

  • janeway

    Thanks again Jared for all the gorgeous photos of Hugh and family. The Hottest Dad EVER ! His family looks incredibly happy- no wonder. Love the photo of Hugh with outstretched arms- I’m imagining him welcoming ME with open arms!

  • Serissa

    @janeway: no chance, he’s welcoming ME, I’m pretty sure about that…

  • anonymous

    Surprised you didn’t put a picture of hugh with deep claw marks on his back lol they wre on another site. must’ve been from deb

  • fimble

    Hey anonymous #19, where are these photos with the claw-marks? Point me in the right direction? Inquiring minds want to see.

  • flowerpower

    yes anonymous I want to see them please.

  • stefanie

    Oh, I’m so in love. I must have his love child… I must!!!
    More pics of Hugh, MORE!!!!!

  • anonymous

    The claw mark on his back picture is actually on a hugh jackman message board . they’re like bright red marks sorta look like this -> \\\\ //// … that’s like the easiest way to desribe them

  • Patty

    Ok, how I love Hugh more and more everyday is beyond me really… but I do!!!

    Gorgeous, charming, great actor, perfect family man… Could you ask for more ^_^?

    Thanks for the pics!

  • BuckeyeWxGuy

    Are his kids adopted? They don’t look anything like either parent.

  • oideioe

    That dude has GOT to be on steroids. NO one can look like that from just working out.

  • stefanie

    If my dad had giant muscles like that I’d have sex with him like, all the time.

  • cathyr

    Could somone please tell me why we don’t see him wearing his wedding band more often? I can understand pictures of him at the beach, but walking around town, or out with his family? Or when we won the Tony award or Emmy awards, no wedding band. Why?

  • Daniela

    @ cathr: Because he’s fabulous in losing them, that’s why. He’s on his 3rd or even 4rth already.

  • cathyr

    Fabulous in losing a themeis not an excuse. I have been married for nearly 34 years and still retain mine. When in public wear your ring and be proud that you are married,

  • Bryn

    nice pictures :)

  • nora

    When clicking though the pictures of Mr. J. on justjared in the last days a line from an old Mike Batt song came suddenly across my mind:
    “Well I like you for your body, but I love you ´cause you´re wise.
    I am you prisoner….” ( from “Lady of the Dawn” by Mike Batt ).

    Although that man inhabits surely the most magnificent body in this universe, that´s only mere outwardness.
    It´s his versatility, his talent as an actor, singer and dancer and the way he oviously lives doesn´t live his life for the paparazzi, magazines and for the hollywood treadmill, that makes him so lovable.

    And this includes the love for his family and especially for his wife, who surely is the one to deserve this love….

    ….althoug I couldn´t guarantee that I would not take the chance to pinch a bit of this honey pie if there would be a chance….I am really rotten…

  • Emily

    He should wear his wedding ring, I think, to show his devotion and affection for his wife. He is so very handsome. I cannot wait to see Australia where he is starring with Nicole Kidman. :)

  • mk

    If you don’t recognize that he’s on steroids, you need to study up idiots. He has all kinds of signs that he’s on steroids. Yes he spends time in the gym but he supplements with roids. He’ll be a wreck when he’s in his 50′s watch. His testosterone will be on the level of an 8 year old hahaaha.

  • Victoria

    I love picture #11, both he and Oscar look like they’re having fun. Why is everyone so negative about all of these pictures? Saying his wife is ugly or he’s on steriods or what have you.

    Oh, and cathyr, while I agree that one ought to wear his or her wedding ring with pride and keep track of it, he probably has to take his off a lot more often in a lot more diverse places than you do. Just saying…