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Katie Holmes is a Beverly Blvd Babe

Katie Holmes is a Beverly Blvd Babe

Katie Holmes makes a quick stop at a shop on Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles on Wednesday… sans Suri. Again!

Recent tabloid reports say Katie‘s “cracking under the pressure” and that her marriage with Tom Cruise is “draining her.”

Well, Katie certainly looks happy to be out and about here!

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katie holmes beverly blvd babe 01
katie holmes beverly blvd babe 02
katie holmes beverly blvd babe 03
katie holmes beverly blvd babe 04
katie holmes beverly blvd babe 05

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  • nunny

    where’s the baby
    is she locked up again by tom?

  • chey

    She’s so creepy.

  • McLovin

    Why is she creepy?

  • lolol

    katie looks errr… different.

  • wtf?!

    she looks like sally fields…..

  • Jennifer W

    i love katie and she is the best. ive looked up too katie since i was 13 and im now almost 24. it was rough for me growing up because i didnt have a mother and when dawson’s creek came out and i saw katie holmes for the first time ive looked up to her since. in a weird way katie has helped me through alot and i will always looked up to her. katie is very pretty and her daughter suri is just so adorable.

  • chey

    Because her eyes give me the willies. Totally dead.

  • Katy

    Why does she look so old???????????

  • Mia

    She is gettin’ on my nerves.

  • vickifromtexas

    Jennifer W. #6. Not for nothing, but that’s fucking weird! Sorry about your mom and all, but I don’t get the obsession with Katie. Oh well…….

  • Tommyboy

    She is looking drugged out and tired. Run, Katie, run……

  • Georgia Lass

    She does resemble a younger Sally Fields! I never realized that until you mentioned it.

  • dee

    GAWD! she looks like she is 40 instead of 29~! She looks awful!


    Sally Fields looks hot! lol

  • McLovin

    Why does she get on your nerves? She hasn’t done a thing.

  • Halli

    Sally Fields is a hot piece, but she is practically double Katie’s age.

    If this is what 29 looks like for Katie… In the words of Holly Golightly:

    Certain shades of limelight can wreck a girl’s complexion

  • Mia

    @ #15

    Because she try TOO hard to be Nicole.

  • leo

    She looks doped up and pale as usual.

  • me

    thats right #17—-she wants to be Nicole so bad

  • jinnjuice

    Katie looks like the devil.


    Katie Holmes is not cut out to be Tom Cruise’s wife. I have nothing against the girl. She seems to be very nice and I guess has some talent and intelligence. But she jumped in way over her head with Tom Cruise. To marry the man that used to hang on your wall when you were a teenager is just not a smart move. He needs more of an equal and someone closer to his age. I don’t know who, maybe some Hollywood producer or something. Katie needs to go back and get herself some nice TV role. Then she’ll have regular hours and live in Hollywood and see Suri on a regular basis. Because Tom will take custody of Suri if they split just like he did Nicole’s kids. And Katie won’t fight him anymore than Nicole will. I wish Katie the best of luck in her future endevours.

  • lemon227

    I thought all of you were joking when you said she looks old, until I REALLY looked at the pics. She looks like a middle-aged woman, and that hairstyle isn’t helping in those pictures!!

  • don’t give a fuckita

    The Ho, wearing her Ho-heels, gets out of the Ho-mobile. ho ho ho

  • tom c

    She does look creepy. I bet she forgot how to drive since they have drivers take her everywhere. She never drives.
    And where’s Suri? They’ve got her locked up in the house for some reason. She hasn’t been out in over 2 months!

  • lemon227

    They’re hiding Suri for PR purposes. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re waiting to “present” her while they’re making the rounds to promote Tom’s ridiculous movie Valkyrie (can anyone say FLOP!!) Oh, I forgot, we might see her on her “birthday” they “say” she was born on April 18th.

  • top secret

    Why are both her ass and thighs so huge? I don’t like Tom either but I’ll never see why somone like him (rich, famous) is with. He even looked better before her. She’s not even attractive. She sure is NAIVE.

  • HUH ?

    She looks emaciated and ill like she caught some terrible desease…what is wrong with her ?

  • Marie

    Man, she does look old and really ugly

  • FOR katie fans !

    for any katie fans !

  • diddy

    GIVE KATIE A BREAK! She looks happy and elegant, as always.
    And Suri is at home and any other baby her age is supposed to be.

    And those freaks repeating the same posts over and over again are really creepy.

  • HUH ?

    The last image is scary…her dropping eyes are lifeless and her expression is creepy.

  • Amanda

    She really looks like Sally Fields! LOL

  • my 2 cents…

    She has changed so much since she married Tom. He should come with a warning, “Marriage to this man may be hazardous to your health.”

  • Oh Please!!!!

    leave Katie alone…lol…she’s doing what she does best, NOTHING!!!
    D*mn if she ain’t good at it! The girl get kick a$$ at doing NOTHING!!!

    and yes she’s as sexy as Sally Sally sexy NO!!! But yeah Katie…er..ummm..Kate does look like Sally. Maybe if she channels Sally she may channel some talent.

    And WHAT IS SO ELEGANT about this drab little girl. She looks drab, she over dresses herself and her child and not in a good way. they both look like they are playing dress up with someone else’s ill fitting cloths. Frumps…all of the Cruises are Frumps.

    Here’s a hint maybe she should spend all that precious NOTHING time of hers weening her supposed 2yr old OFF of the freakin BOTTLE. that might give her an extra skill.

    this girl just seems so lost.


    She really does overdress herself and Suri. At least Nicole always dresses appropriately for the occasion. Nicole looks comfortable in all her clothes.

  • my 2 cents…

    Sally Fields will be flattered, she is 61. Now, Katie, on the other hand….

  • jemelyn

    The scientologists must have posted these photos to show the world Katie is not having a nervous breakdown. So how come she looks like she IS??? They have no nice photos to show us, maybe something where she looks alive??? The girl walks to a car, dressed in black, with water (she needs protein), this proves something???

  • bridget jones

    Her butt is as flat as a 14 yr old boy’s. Girls are supposed to have some curves.

  • Manette

    Adorable lady. Give this girl peace and privacy esp her baby.

  • Reese

    Katie looks so pretty.

  • a nonny mouse

    I feel sorry for her. Didn’t Nicole Kidman star in the movie The Stepford Wives? I guess being married to Tom Cruise was great preparation for that role. He brings out the “Stepford” in his wives. She never looks natural anymore. She either looks like she is playing dress up or “controlled”.

  • surfer

    awwwww she looks like cutie patootie Suri!!!!!! Thanks JJ!!!!!!

  • Valentine

    God bless this family. Tabloids are for naive lowlives and caters to stupid folks.

  • chic

    She looks so happy,carefree and in love. She has a busy schedule and is busy living as opposed to the usual envious people who have nothing to do but hate on celebrities that they dont know and has it all.

  • :)

    Thanks Jared. I miss Katie and Suri but I understand if I wont see them forawhile. I hated seeing pics and vids of paps following Katie to the bathroom and in Berlin they showed Katie and Suri in their hotel windows and last week Katie was inside the restaurant and the paps were taking pics of her inside with her manager. She’s too sweet to be abusive to them but that’s too much and its disrupting other customers too.

  • fashionista

    I want a closeup of her shoes.

  • the shiznack

    wow she looks like a steaming bag of sh!t

    Tom ‘Nazis created psychology’ Cruise has sucked the life out of her, he is like some soul sucking demon out of buffy or angel

    Kate stop living a lie – you’re not fooling anyone

    i bet u Tom covers Katie’s face with an L Ron or Will Smith(with his big cheesy grin) mask during sexy time – kinky b!tch

  • baby

    This girl looks lovely. A great person
    and so beautiful inside and outside.

  • hallmark

    Finally…new photos and she looks amazing as usual. I admire Katie so much and love Tom,Suri and the whole family. Wish them the best with their life together and their careers. Thanks for the new pix JJ.

  • andrew

    She looks gorgeous! She has a mature image, but her face looks very young.

    She is a beautiful happy girl!!