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Eric Bana's Home of Hardware

Eric Bana's Home of Hardware

Eric Bana, wife,, Rebecca Gleeson, son Klaus, and daugther Sophia stop by a hardware store in Brighton, England on Sunday.

Klaus is 9, and Sophia turns 7 next month. How quickly they’ve grown!

Eric is currently in The Other Boleyn Girl with Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson. His two upcoming projects include: The Time Traveller’s Wife and Star Trek XI.

More pictures of Eric Bana and the Bana clan checking out hardware…

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eric bana klaus sophia hardware 01
eric bana klaus sophia hardware 02
eric bana klaus sophia hardware 03
eric bana klaus sophia hardware 04
eric bana klaus sophia hardware 05
eric bana klaus sophia hardware 06

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  • lauren

    haha first!

  • alex

    ok i dont really care about this

  • Lucy

    Was about to say, we need MORE pics of sexy Eric Bana and my lord does his daughter look like him.

  • lala

    this man is fine as hell, he is hot- one of my fav’s. he is so handsome!

  • esther

    He looks great bald, just like Jason Stratham

  • mouche

    Mmmm, Eric Bana is really a gorgeous man !!!

  • kelly

    um it actually looks like brighton, melbourne, australia ;) only know cos he lives near me

  • Dumbo ears are hot.

    What a fine piece of ass he is. Look supreme with the head shave too. I’ll take him by his big sticky out ears any day.

  • ihavenolife

    much better w/o hair. glad he’s no longer the hulk.

  • roberta

    Handsome and his beatiful hair are growing, thank God:)))
    Love him!!!

  • roberta

    What’s doing in Europe?

  • Kate

    Def Brighton Melbourne Australia NOT England!
    Been to the store and also live round the corner…

  • fanofbana

    Eric and him family are adorable, He is so hot.

  • fanofbana

    he is so hot and nice and him family are adorable.!!!!!!!

  • k.c.

    IT’s Brighton, Australia NOT england!!

  • fanofbana

    Yes is Brighton in Melbourne not England and Sophie has 6 years old not 7 and Klaus until August don,t have 9 years old.

  • roberta

    Has he already finished filming “Star Trek”?
    I really like this guy!


    Eric Banadovich is drop dead Gorgeous.. THe wife not so much..

    I have to hand it to DANIEL CRAIG, ERIC BANA & HUGH JACKMAN.. They are hot studs, but have the most unattractive wives/girlfriends..

    There is hope afterall for us fuglies..

  • roberta


  • eve

    Oh no Eric!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO, I love that soft silky thick hair of yours! Besides, the hair helps to hide your ears, hon…

    And Roberta, come on…fuglies? I bet any of us looks better than his wife*. Remember she looks like *that* even having all the chances for looking beautiful (dresses, shoes, best make-up, personal trainers) that money can buy.

    *by the way, a very lucky woman because he seems to be a good husband.

  • roberta

    Hello Eve, don’t worry, we’ll see his “soft silky thick hair” soon:)

  • fanofbana

    Eric Bana is same of sexy and hot shaved that with hair. Eric Bana is in love totally of Becca for him she is beautiful ( the real beauty is inside not outside, if Becca don,t change him look is because she know that Eric love her so and as her is. Becca without doubt is a woman very lucky her husband is gorgeous and real gentleman.

  • Talkingbook

    Stop posting pictures of people children. That’s inappropriate and down right creepy. What perv is lurking about taking pictures of peoples children? What’s that got to do with EB. Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan but that just creepy.

  • erika

    Officially Rebecca was born in 1966 ( not 1971), and Eric in 1968

  • Tania

    YES !!!!! Officially Rebecca was born in 1966 ( not 1971), and Eric in 1968 , Rebecca is actually a couple years older than Eric so she must be at least 40 now.

  • Anna

    Definitely not England! No need for sunglasses here, no coats, etc and btw, what the hell would Eric and his family be doing at a hardware store in Brighton, England???? Hahahahaha. His daughter looks like she’s going to be a right surf chick. Already, she’s got that slobby aussie jetty surf look that all aussie girls have. and before i get flamed, my husband is an aussie and we have just got back from a trip there. I can’t believe how bad the women dress there. I couldn’t wait to get back to europe (despite that australia has one up on us with the food…)

  • Tam

    I agree! Its always so terrible when a hot looking man marries a normal looking woman and gives all the rest of us ‘normal’ women who don’t have access to plastic surgery, personal trainers, groomers, dressers and handlers hope. Why you’d almost think that Eric Bana is looking for something more than store bought breasts and a face that had thousands of dollars put into it to ‘fix’! Insane supposition, of course. He would have done so much better following the regular hollowwood example.

    I do feel sad for you people. That you think that way is bad enough but you actually say it out loud (or write it in this case)… wow. Just – wow.

    And for the record, I think Becca looks just fine. And when she ‘glamourizes’ for his red carpet walks, etc. she looks just as good as any of the other women on there. If it makes you feel better about yourselves to pretend otherwise, you go right ahead though. Nicely enough, Eric seems just fine with his choice and he’s the one that comes home to her at the end of the day.

  • roberta

    “Eric seems just fine with his choice and he’s the one that comes home to her at the end of the day.”

    Well, yep, unfortunately, we know it:)

  • fanofbana

    the most important is that her did happy to him

  • Eve

    @ 27. Why so judgemental? Nobody has said he shouldn’t be with her because she wasn’t pretty, nobody has even said she should look like all the other Hollywood bimbos. What has been said is that she isn’t beautiful (for the record, I happen to find her ugly, or plain looking when dressed up for the red carpet), but he loves her anyway. On my comment # 20 I didn’t even mention plastic surgery. Give me a f*cking break.

  • Eve


  • lizeth trujillocabanilas

    good .eric bana is a sexy man .he is so hot

  • fanofbana

    Yes is the man more sexy of the world.

  • jane

    Just keep in mind, all u are seeing is a photo. Bana happens to be very handsome AND have a sexy personality or at least vibe he gives off in his performances. I can think of a few very famous people who have that X quality that makes them sexy, despite “ordinary” or even ugly looks. Maybe Mrs. Bana (I’d bet on it) has that type of sex appeal. He was quoted as saying he had an “animal attraction” to her straight away.