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Devendra Banhart in Love With Natalie Portman

Devendra Banhart in Love With Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman holds hands with heavily bearded musician boyfriend Devendra Banhart during a romantic walk through New York City on Thursday afternoon.

The couple walked hand-in-hand, while walking Nat‘s pet pooch.

Seems like this couple sure is heating up fast this month!

Ms. Portman can soon be seen making a guest appearance in Devendra‘s upcoming music video, “Carmensita”.

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devendra banhart natalie portman holding hands 01
devendra banhart natalie portman holding hands 02
devendra banhart natalie portman holding hands 03
devendra banhart natalie portman holding hands 04
devendra banhart natalie portman holding hands 05
devendra banhart natalie portman holding hands 06

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  • Ceci

    She is so gorgeous/

  • Halli

    Okay , he is not ugly. His big beard and shaggy hair hides his real face. He just fighting the hotness.

  • V-Fan

    Thats quite cute actually.x

  • chrissy

    that is not charlie, he passed away sometime late last year. i love your website though, jj!

  • !!

    Oh no, it’s so obvious that their joy disappeared as soon as they spotted papparazzi!

  • 007

    She looks normal =)

  • Ekaterina

    That’s not her dog Charlie! Charlie died last year! She gave an interview about that recently!

  • itsfriday

    that dog. so cute. want one.

  • momodd

    She’s more and more boring. And, looking at these pics, more and more blond. And public. And “without make up like everyone else”. Yep. She’s boring. And this guy is really funny. Love his hat. What a couple…

    Happily, there is a fantastic and super cute dog with them. What a shame he is less famous than Natalie Portman.

  • haiti

    he is HOT actually…. :)

  • lopnh

    this guy is fugly. what the hell is she doin with him ?


    She looks very cute in these pics.

    The little dog is so cute!

    He looks like a Russian.

  • MovieWatcher

    that is a cute dog

  • JEwbew

    Natalie Portman: Fake nose, Fake teeth, lip reduction, fake personality, fake talent- Portman is dumb but is portrayed as an intelligent Harvard Grad loooooooooool Yes, Bush attended Harvard too. She has NO TALENT! and yet she keeps accepting roles that are much too good for her- and donning that fake British accent that is just embarrassing. Why does she keep working? the girly body that appeals to Perverts I guess, that 13 yr old look. OVERRATED!

  • ronnie

    aw she’s cute
    not a great actress, but cute

    i’m pushing down my annoyance at their pair-up b/c i can’t help but cringe at the privileged indie idealism that is their conversation, but then again, it’s snarky to judge what i don’t know for sure, so i’m trying to just enjoy that they both look cute and fresh.

  • _nika

    where did the other dude go?

  • someone

    Natalie looks so happy and lovely.
    I feel so happy for her :-)

  • Missheloise

    This guy is her boyfriends? OMG i though it was an handsome guy the last time…! She desearves better than this weirdo guy! i think…. but maybe he is very smart, funny and nice!

  • Raven

    OH Natalie! NATALIE!

    Well. Who she dates is clearly up to her. She is so pretty and looks too sweet for him but he could be nice and I HOPE SO!

    The dog is cutier then he is! LOL! Prehaps he would not be so bad if he trimmed his shaggy beard @ least. Christ! He looks like Chewbacca!

    God! I wish that was Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen but that I know will never happen. Sigh…..(roll)

  • Nikki

    That’s justin timberlake with a beard!

  • tawi

    he is actually HOT!
    as someone said here, he is just fighting it

  • Amy

    That’s not Charlie, Charlie was a long haired Jack Russel and he’s sadly passed.

  • .

    he looks like orlando bloom

  • yeah

    i always thought devendra was bi.
    very cool if this couple is for real

  • ck

    Why do people walk around in winter coats when it’s 73 degrees?

  • Jon

    I don’t even know what #s 14 and 15 have been smoking. Anyway..

    While I don’t get the pairing, I’ll say this: this is the happiest I’ve ever seen her, when out in public with a male (except for Jake Gyllenhaal). So, uh, good for them.

    And that’s one freaking cute dog.

  • someone

    They seem to like each other so well. I love to see Natalie that smiling. She is so pretty and cute. Dog looks also cute and lovingly kind.

    Devy is smiling too :-)

  • dragalicious

    I heard she met him through an X boyfriend who actually knew Devendra first and sings on his current album. I have a small crush on Devendra too…he’s as weird as I like them…a real artist, hippie throw back from the 60′s beat generation. They were all Bi too, so it wouldn’t shock me if this guy is. Natalie just doesn’t seem exciting enough or creative enough for him. I vibe that he’s just awestruck by her fame …but that may wear off when he realizes she’s a bore. I can’t figure out what Hollywood sees in her…as a young girl she was very pretty in a plain way…as she’s aged, not so pretty.
    I picture Devendra with someone more like me..LOL, more of a PJ Harvey type,younger obviously, as he is only in his mid 20′s. I give this til the end of the year at best!

  • Anonymous

    Natalie is so nice. These pictures proves that she helps homeless people.
    But why did she named her dog Devendra-Banhart ?? It’s a very curious name.

  • Lillmarin

    it’s funny that he has a better dressing style than her…
    Anyway love Natalie

  • someone

    That guy suits her way much better than some boreingish model dude.

  • someone

    That Devy-dude is recognizable at least. Not just another clean cut mainstream figure wanting look like a some all American dream boy. Only a narrow minded blockhead would name him homeless.

    I have nothing against clean cut dream boys, but I just dont see them suitable for lovely Natalie.

  • Anonymous

    That’s humor of a narrow minded blockhead, stupid 1st degree fan.

  • Betsy

    Devendra Banhart is a beautiful man.

  • yui

    Natalie! grrr !!!!!! what’s wrong with you?

    This outfit is unbelievable, not that i have a problem with devendra but since she is with this man (?) she looks so… in fact there is no words.
    I know she is not superficial but… come on!
    Anymay i still love her cause she is radiant!

  • alberto fraga manhobravo

    Like most people, males that knows Nat he became in love with her, the posibility if he is correspondent or not, because I saw her for the first time, and I still love her and I have never the oportunity of sharing a space with her. I told her that now I am going to date a nurse in my nursing home to avoid to try to have her all the time in my mind. Love is a terrible thing when you love someone that doesn’t correspond to you. He has a posibility traying to be the one that she was searching for. and that I envy him. I sang in another nursing home love songs that are dedicated to her, you as a musician knows the impact of love songs when you think about your love.

  • someone

    Natalie is sure listening to her heart and not to some slimey opportunistic licktalking. She is smart enough to see beyond bullshitting.

  • alberto fraga manhobravo

    What means moderation when you put the message and I reply to the someone that he doesn’t say who he is. I didn’t tell him or her anything wrong to cut my replay maybe he is part of the stablishment that they do not want me to express me. Nat not only smart enough but she deserve a good partner young like she is, and I told her the partner is not me, because I could be her fatther, but that has not convince me not to tell her that I love her, and I desire the best for her future. That someone would be one her lovers that he is can not tell her all things that I love her, but anyway who he is a mystery and he doesn’t deserve a reply. To be famous is a talent that she have an no way some people like me can not let her with not telling her that I saw her an for me she is tallented and better than that his going to get older and that time she would be one of the brighter stars that she deserve to be. Para mi el talento no es solo parte de su vida pero las metas que escogio, pensando en la otra gente me parece que su vida merece elogio. Nat es una estrella que merece no por ser una belleza sino la forma que escogio para hacer de su vida lo mas posible para los demas. Es filantropica y eso para mi vale mas que el dinero que devenga por el estrellato. Pensando en los demas es parte de su vida y por eso me enamore de ella. Ella es modesta y su personalidad debe decir cuanto vale ella. La educaron con valores altruista, y por eso ella tiene my corazon.

  • suitable

    I could not be her father or her brother either.
    But I could be her husband :-) She is so lovely.

  • florence

    i just wish them the best.

  • me:-)

    Me too, all the best. :-)

  • lili

    awwww they are so cute together!! :)

  • me:-)

    Happy together :-D The connection between makes them so cute.
    Love is so beautiful and Natalie is the most beautiful.

    The latest pics of them are also awesome.

  • alberto fraga manhobravo

    Fallow your jheart Nat, because he maybe the one chosen to have him sign for a long time agreement that means marriage. For me I am going with out internet because the surgen told me I had again an hernia that is to risky to have her in Columbus, so maybe you want have may emails again. So I praise the Lord that your boyfriend will be faithfull to you because you nead a partner for life, and I would desire to be that one but destiny is capricious and I could not be the one. So I am glad that you look in love with him and I desire you the best for the future. If you don’t know me maybe you will never know me. But I was in love with you all the time.

  • someone

    Im sure she can trust her most desired partner.
    The true heart is the most precious treasure <3.

  • alberto fraga manhobravo

    She will never find someone that loves her like I do because I love her not because she is famous or rich but the way she conduct herself.

  • alberto fraga manhobravo

    She is a wonderfull actress and I expect dirercting I love New York, she is going to be a wonderfull director to. She is a very talented and what she propose to do, she will accomplish many things, is here first directing and she would prove actin and directin like many actors Cline Eastwood has, she is starting very young, she has a lot of things to do because she is extremly smart.

  • alberto fraga manhobravo

    I am glad because she found a partner like her vegan and she is always smiling means she find someone to be with him and she doesn’t care what the paparazzi is doing fiming her kissing him, means a lot to me because she was afraid of the commentaries that they made, and now she is not worry. I know when the right man cames she is not hidding him from the media. I am glad because she found someone too to chare moments of joy.

  • Elle