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Suri Cruise: Show Me The Money!

Suri Cruise: Show Me The Money!

Katie Holmes takes her daughter, Suri, 2, to visit a Los Angeles studio on Tuesday.

Suri carried around the big bucks — a $100 bill!

Mrs. Tom Cruise, 29, will make her Broadway debut in All My Sons this coming fall. The show begins previews September 18th and the curtain will officially go up on October 16th.

“I’m so thrilled she’s coming to Broadway, and in a great play, All My Sons. That’s wonderful,” Tony Award winner Jane Krakowski has told OK!. “It always brings excitement when someone of that level comes.”

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Credit: Moneyshots; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • rooo

    shes soo cute

  • lol

    cutee cuteee <3

  • Nicole

    Suri is cute, but Katie looks like crap. Does she ever sleep?

  • Bri

    she’s sooo beautiful! I want a baby as pretty as her!

  • Peachie

    “Suri, Mommy will give you $100 if you stop drinking from your bottle.”

  • ck

    The problem is..nobody wants to see Katie on Broadway. NY Post story:

  • Young

    OH its so nice to see her again after such a long time…LOVE YOU Suri

  • US voter

    Why does Katie let that childs hair cover her eyes like that. Cut the childs hair out of her eyes, already.

  • LuckyL

    They’re making this baby self-absorbed and spoiled

  • LEah

    Ever since Tom came along she always looks so b****y in photos. Brainwashing will do that I guess.

  • LuckyL

    Katie makes herself so AGED


  • Elizabeth

    ever thought the reason she looks bitchy is because she and her child are being stalked by the paparazzi?

  • US voter

    Why does Katie let the childs hair cover her eyes like that.. Cut the childs hair out of her eyes, already.

  • mEEEE

    “It always brings excitement when someone of that level comes.”

    What…you mean when a C-lister at best marries into A-list (is he still considered such) territory?

  • mEEEE

    Also, I just noticed the money is fake…it is white on the back side.

  • just me

    Do something with her bangs!!
    Wonder, what grow out of this kid.

  • Tealeaf

    I l ike her shoes and dress

  • M-

    what does he mean some one of that level comes? She CAN”T act

  • remember da truth

    Who gives a $100 bill for a two-year-old to play with — real or fake?

    What is she trying to teach the child, and what message is she trying to give the paps she knows will see it?

  • J

    Strange things are happening to these two! Can you see Suri as a possessed demon child? I can!!!

  • alli

    the money is fake it says 100 at the top but it has benjamin franklin on it.

  • alli

    its fake it says 100 at the top but it has benjamin franklin on it

  • suri’s hair

    I think they are not cutting her bangs to cover her big nose!

  • fleur

    Ben Franklin IS on the 100.

  • pinkie

    It must be very difficult for Suri to see through hair hanging in front of her eyes. It very bad for the eyesight, and also quite stupid to let hair hang in front of ones eyes. Cut it or put a ‘clip’ there Katie. I get so cross when Mother’s allow that to happen. Cut the darn hair.Pinkie South Africa

  • fleur

    PS: what she’s holding looks more like a $20 bill

  • Sonia

    Suri looks so dull and stoned.
    Of course, any child will look dull and stoned, if she’s treated like an accessory.
    KH should stick to her humongous Hermes 100% leather bag than touting Suri around.

  • andee

    i hate TomKat but Suri’s sooo pretty!!!

  • remember da truth

    Pinkie, I get so cross when someone doesn’t even know the difference between mothers and mother’s.

    How illiterate do you have to be to not know you add an “s” to make a word plural, and an apostrophe denotes possession?

  • tom c

    Katie doesn’t know a thing about parenting – from letting Suri do whatever she wants to not putting a hair clip in her hair. For goodness sake, get her off the bottle and get her eyes out of her eyes!

  • Bella

    Suri is less and less marketable.
    She looks so dull and stoned.
    She has no expression, no smile, no nothing.
    She’s 180 from Violet A.
    Very sad actually to look at.
    I think they are both depressed.

    By the way, suri is still on her glorious baby bottle.
    Wish we could see the picture of her sucking on the bottle when she goes to will Smith’s school for Pre-K.

  • http://vfdsvgsd sarah

    Suri is getting uglier and first she was kinda cute,but right now she is not even cute.

    Katie looks like a sexless woman.she needs orga*m and Tom obviously isn’t giving her.what would we expect from an old,crazy gay man.look at her breast.they are touching ground.who can believe she is in her 20th?

  • suzy86

    It’s just play money. The paper is blank on the back side.

    Relax people, have you never had play money when you were a child?

    Take it easy.

  • kit

    Ms. Krakowski, what level what that be, exactly?

  • MO

    The black roots of Suri’s hair are showing.

    Dyeing your kid’s hair just so people won’t notice her features are partly Asian, is not helping.

  • SayWhat

    Katie made the worst decision in her life for not doing the Batman-Dark Knight Film….

  • Jamie Insider

    Suri is cute but she may turn out to be a total disaster if she keeps getting spoiled. *yikes the thought of a Paris-in-the-making* At the same time, we have no idea how Katie and Tom parent Suri behind the scenes. I do think that any child needs at least some degree of discipline.

  • pr person

    Ok……I just want to reach in and brush those bangs out of that childs eyes. Can’t stand that! How can Katie look at her daughter and not have the urge to wipe that hair off of her face? How is Suri supposed to be able to see through that hair? Uhhhhggg!! Everyone has gone through the ‘growing out the bangs’ stage… but put in a cute pony or clippy (they have ones that are difficult for toddlers to remove) in the mean time.

    Ohhhh… and Katie…. placing a child in a car seat is the law. Buckle up!

  • kidi

    Wow, Katie doesn’t look a day over 57!

    Cut Suri’s freaking bangs.

  • Julie

    thats totally andrew jackson, NOT benjamin franklin.

    also, its sad that my almost 2 year old wont stop the bottle. She sees Suri on TV and goes BOTTLE!!!!!!!!!!

  • the dq

    ““I’m so thrilled she’s coming to Broadway, and in a great play, All My Sons. That’s wonderful,” Tony Award winner Jane Krakowski has told OK!. “It always brings excitement when someone of that level comes.”

    Huh? KH will be the same blah, boring, shallow bit*h she’s always been. Doesn’t matter where she appears.

  • wtf

    Why does suri always dress like an old woman? Katie looks like 50 years old cra*p. What has tom done to her?





  • Mary

    You know you got money when you let your kids play with a $100. If i my kids play with $100 i’ll keep an eye on them so they dont rip it or loose it……why am i saying that? I wouldn’t give it to them to begin with. haha

  • La-la-land

    How can anybody still thinks Suri is cute?
    Look at her, have you ever seen any kid any more dead than she?
    Her parents want to create the image of her as a retarded child, thus the paper bill and earlier her mother’s shoe in her hand.
    Not the mention the omnipresent baby bottle and the eye blinding bangs.
    I think TC wants people to think that Suri is developmentally challenged.

    And I think, so far, it works.
    I start to feel sorry for Suri and wish they will get her some therapeutic intervention ASAP.

  • Karena

    So adorable. Suri’s very photogenic. I saw where her dress is from too. I would love to get it for my little niece. :)

  • Belle

    Look at Picture #2.
    Suri looks so weird. It’s definitely not photogenic. You’ve gotta be kidding yourself.
    She’s losing her cuteness edge to Vi. A and a whole bunch of other Hollywood babies.
    Yes, somebody mentioned before that she looked more and more SPECIAL with every frame of her sightings.

  • cheche

    #45 how does playing with a peper bill suggest that she’s mentally retarded?? Din’t you know that kids love to play with money?

  • to #48

    Can’t you read?
    Please finish reading the whole post before commenting on my comment. Okay?

    Look at the mother and daughter, TC should learn something from this failed experiment. Never compromise to the 4th choice. You can see pix of Jennifer G and Vi. A almost everyday. Such vivid contrast. Anybody made the wrong choice should be crying his heart out.

  • Sarah

    Suri looks like a troll. She’s getting ugly. There is not much commercial value in her for the Cult anymore. Her mother looks weird as usual. She’s probably pissed that we aren’t falling for the “happy” brainwashed cult family.