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Kate Walsh Gets Jinky Wit It

Kate Walsh Gets Jinky Wit It

Kate Walsh spends her afternoon running errands around Los Angeles on Saturday.

The 40-year-old Private Practice star grabbed brunch with two girlfriends at West Hollywood’s Jinky’s Cafe, which is a fusion of American, Southwestern, and International flavors.

Kate then threw on a white bucket hat, filled up her Porsche convertible at a local gas station and stopped off at Book Soup bookstore for some magazines.

Finally, Ms. Walsh picked up a lovely bouquet of flowers before heading home to her movie exec husband Alex Young,

10+ pictures inside of Kate Walsh gettin’ jinky wit it…

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kate walsh jinky cafe 01
kate walsh jinky cafe 02
kate walsh jinky cafe 03
kate walsh jinky cafe 04
kate walsh jinky cafe 05
kate walsh jinky cafe 06
kate walsh jinky cafe 07
kate walsh jinky cafe 08
kate walsh jinky cafe 09
kate walsh jinky cafe 10

Credit: Shinn; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • mike

    i fucking love her…i love how they always try to pick the pic that’s the worse to put up…

  • lily

    do you know she open her blog on a free interracial dating club (((
    she must hope her fans go there to support her, but her pics in the blog are reeally good.

  • kylie

    no zanessa vacay pics yet???

  • Jess

    Thanks for the pics!! She is adorable!!!!! :D More soon, JJ

  • grey

    Such a cute dress! She is adorable. Not so sure about that hat but you know… it’s Kate. Who cares.

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Slick car! =)

  • jamie

    Thanks JJ.

    Kate looks so adorable. I love her dress. Love her:D

  • dragon

    lol at this title JINKY?!? LOL

  • Lynz

    Nice car Kate. She looks fabulous. I want her dress.
    Thank you Jared. Keep em coming.

  • KATE WALSH the best!

    thanks JJ !!
    Kate looks stunning as always!
    Keep the kate pics coming!

  • Kendra

    LOVE that she will go out without makeup AND allow the paps to photograph her! Gotta love her normalness.

  • tina

    Been waiting forever for Kate pics. Thank you!!!

  • dodo

    pics no 3, looks ugly idiot

  • Walsh is a cow

    UGH! Old and ugly!

  • ally

    Thank you JJ!!! Keep Kate’s pics coming,,,Kate an Alex pics too!
    After those pics I’m almost sure she’s not pregnant…

  • zoe

    she looks great. love kate’s personality look and style. i dont really like the hat and her hair seems a lot redder, no? #14, you should keep in mind that kate is 40. not all celebrities can look glamorous 24/7. i’ll like to see how you’ll turn out when you reach the age of 40. she looks fabulous.

  • S.

    Kate ! Yay! Thanks JJ!

    She looks fab!

    More important she looks happy. Only people with very sad, sad lives cannot appreciate the sight of a happy person. I pity them.

  • sandra

    i want zanessa pics!!!!

  • Karla

    Aww yay new Kate pictures always makes me happy.
    She looks great as always.

  • Karla

    Aww yay new Kate pictures always make me happy.
    She looks great.

  • Karla

    Aww yay new Kate pictures always make me happy.
    She looks great.

  • lovergirl

    she’s ugly, she’s fortunate that make up exist.

    I really didn’t like her, I thought she was friend with KH and when she was questioned about KH’s comment she took the writers side.

    KW is old, ugly and doesn’t know the meaning of a friendship.
    Give us KH, JJ, she’s more pretty and she’s still young.

  • Mark

    She’s old and ugly, yes she’s 40 but her face looks like a man, her jaw in particular and she has a weird nose and long teeth.
    Not my type!
    I prefer KH from far.

  • Natalie

    Kaaate <33
    Post more photos of her, she’s the best!

  • Nataša

    Kate looks great without makeup. She exudes inner peace, happiness.

    Thanks for the pics!

  • I

    Aw those are so cute. I love her (:

  • S.


    Of course Kate had to take the writers side. Her show, contrary to Grey’s since the ferry episode, has been great, and is improving. KH was naturally right, GA was a piece of crap during late S3 and S4

    Kate is not in GA. She is in a good show, she took the side of the writers of her show.

  • me

    I love KW! She is so pretty and a true sweetheart.

  • KWandEPfan

    Kate looks cute and downtoearth.

    I am glad Kate is a greatful to the writers makes me love her soooo much more.

  • Nathalie

    finally new kate pics!!! she looks so cute!!!

  • addielover

    ahhh shes cute. kate’s the best. i love her.

  • Sam

    She looks fab, thanks for the photos JJ :)

    Can’t wait for the return of PrP & Kate’s new movies.

  • Jen

    Yay ! Thanks for the new pics.

    Kate is that rare Hollywood woman – beautiful yet completely down-to-earth. She has fantastic skin & can get away with no make-up, unlike others.

    That looks like Alex’s porsche. Kate usually drives that red Range Rover. Beautiful flowers.

  • Hanna

    I ♥ Kate. Beautiful funny lady & one hell of an actress. Cute photos.

  • jamie

    Jen, I thought the same thing I thought it was Alex’s. Someone brought it to my attention in old pics, that they actually have two porsche’s a black porsche and a silver one. They may be both Alex’s though.

  • Nana

    She rocks, she looks awesome and no matter what idiotic people say, she’s beatiful.
    KH lovers, get a life.

  • Mike

    I adore this woman. She is the one reason I watched that chickfest that is Greys Anatomy. Happy to see other people saw her star power & gave her her own show. She reminds me of the 1940s Hollywood icons like Rita Hayworth & Katherine Hepburn. Sexy & clever.

  • John Shinn iii

    Kate and Alex only have one Porsche. Alex drives the Porsche, while Kate drives an Orange-colored Range Rover Sport or the black Prius.

    What is not mentioned oin the caption of the photos I took of Kate last Saturday that before she did her errands and meeting up with two friends for brunch, Kate attended church services in the morning at a Presbyterian church in Hollywood!

  • Anna

    Thanks for the photos JJ & John Shinn (you seem to be one of Kate’s paps !). I think Kate has been photographed attending church services before, & they were married in a Presbyterian church. Still, it is nice to know some stars actually do attend Church :)

  • susie

    i like Kate. great style and such a cute personality.

  • ally

    Hi John …so you are the pap! Thanks for the pics!
    What do you think about the pregnancy rumors?

  • John Shinn iii

    #41 — I have been covering Kate Walsh for sometime now since Los Feliz is part of my area of responsibility withmy agency. I don’t believe in Kate’s pregnancy rumors.
    I also covered their wedding in Ojai in Sept. 1 last year. When shooting Kate and Alex I try to be discreet and not let them know that I’m around taking their pictures. If they find out I’m around, they are usually very nice and would smile for the camera.

  • ally

    Thank you for answer my question John! Neither I believe in pregnancy rumors anymore …After the last sets of pics I started to doubt they were true and now that you tell me that I’m almost sure.

    And yeah..they’re always smiling…they seem very kind!

    Could you tell Kate that Walshaholics say hi next time you see her?

  • KATE WALSH the best!

    lovergirl, you stupid girl!
    Kate is friends with Katie H, she didnt take any sides.
    Her answer was politically correct, she didnt talk bad abt Katie nor bad about the ppl she works for.
    Thats inteligence!!! but i suppose u dont know the meaning of that!

  • Megan

    more pics at bauer site:

    Thanks JustJared and Bauer for the pics. She always looks sweet and happy.
    Hope for some Kalex pics soon.

  • maggie

    Thanks for the new pictures Shinn and Jared. Kate looks beautiful. She is one of those rare people who are blessed with beautiful skin. My sister has actually met her and that beautifulness is on the inside as well. She is always lovely and sweet. I am greatful that Kate appreciates the writers-they are amazing. They work very hard for not as much pay. Without the writers there would be no shows.

    Anyway thanks for the pictures!

  • Question MArk

    Thanks for the Walshahol JJ

  • BabyWonder7

    Kate is gorgeous with or without makeup and she’s always so sweet and kind. I found her answer to the Katherine question to be very intelligent. Most people don’t think before they speak, but Kate was very careful to not hurt Katherine or the writers.

    I love her dress and I think the hat is adorable. She looks so happy, and I love that she’s driving the Porsche! I really hope the preggers rumors are true, but right now, I don’t know what to believe. You see pictures of her and she looks like she may be, then you see pics like these where it’s really hard to tell. Either way, I just hope her and Alex are happy. They definitely look like they are!!

    More Kalex pics soon? :]

  • John Shinn iii

    #43 — I’ll tell Kate the “Walshaholics” at are saying hi…..

  • ally

    Thank you John!!!