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Rain is a Ninja Assassin

Rain is a Ninja Assassin

Rain promotes his forthcoming movie Ninja Assassin during the Comic Con at the San Diego Conference Center on Thursday.

Ninja Assassin is an upcoming martial arts film directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) and starring Korean pop star, Rain.

Raizo (Rain) is one of the world’s deadliest assassins, having been kidnapped as a child and raised by the Ozunu Clan, believed by the world to be a myth. When Raizo’s friend is executed by the clan, Raizo flees into hiding.

The project was inspired by the ninja scenes featured in the Wachowskis‘ 2008 film Speed Racer, in which the actor Rain had impressed the Wachowskis with his portrayal as a fighter.

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Photos: Agent 47/WENN
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  • lyndsayy.

    who he?

  • Anonymous

    He looks like the typical Chinese guy.

  • Mapi

    whos he?

  • kiki

    I like him better with his hair short. He is a Korean actor, lyndsayy.

  • kiki

    He is a famous Korean actor with lots of TV series.

  • JoO

    He is Korean pop singer and actor .

  • kas

    he must share same hairstylist with my aunt.

  • sarah

    omg..his hair looked so much better be4..lyk in full house =/

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    the hair looks really bad.

  • mo

    He is Korean.

  • Nina

    Chinese mall?

    wow, you’re coooool.

    grow up little kids.

  • Rach
  • mel

    chinese mall? he’s korean retard

  • Tyrone Biggums

    He totally looks like a ninja! he uses that hair for camouflage and aerodynamics!

  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    Good luck on the movie Rain!

  • illps

    he needs major hair do…looks so uncomfortable in those outings………………

  • UM

    um RAIN is the biggest star in the world. He’s topped the list for the second time this year as Time magazine’s most famous celebrity. Jared you should have posted that for a little more background info. Just because the West is ingorant doesn’t mean you can’t be the biggest star on the planet. Miley who?

  • what

    god he’s annoying. didn’t think someone would actually get hair tips from the coen brothers. this guy is so not a star. i don’t know how he got this far.


    Is he a celebrity?

  • kim

    wow, terrible hairstyle.

  • MovieWatchingfamily

    I know Bi/Rain is popular and he is a great entertainer on stage but I’m not really feeling his acting skills or his new “look”

  • null

    I thought he was a girl at first. Is he supposed to be attractive to people, or is he a comedian?

  • null

    PS He could be popular all over the world…(Even in Europe and Africa, though? Seriously?)…But he’s still not my cup of tea. Just like Miley Cyrus isn’t, either. Or the Jonas Brothers. Just not my type.

  • black

    This is neat——-and his hair is short for another movie he´s going to shoot.

    Asian Power——————-Zigo, you there finally??(yes Ed—I´m talking to you)

  • shoegal421

    i’m korean and not a fan of his either, but when did it become ok to REFER TO ALL ASIANS AS CHINESE?

  • blech

    you’re just another piece of american trailer shit

    and to anyone who comments using “he is SO not..”
    is a prissy little bitch because she most likely uses that phrase when talking in public


  • Raye

    GO RAIN!!!!

    Shake it shake it shake it shake it Yo!
    Shake it shake it shake it shake it Yo!

  • black

    Hohoh……….now it´s just a matter of time before we´ll see something on “Big Bang”………….

    ————-Jared, you do know them, right?———————-

  • adie

    Rain is KOREAN! not chinese. You could tell by his eyes. I don’t like his hair. But I guess all korean have different hairstyle. I prefer the hair that he had for Full House.

  • victoria

    32nd!!!! Who is this? I have never heard of him, but he needs a hair stylist if he can afford one. By the way, Where is blogger, SUNNYKIDSTYLE? Where did you go? Have not heard from you in a while.

  • Carrie

    You can always tell the racists, i.e. the same Americans who haven’t travelled within a mile of their local neighborhood, unattractive caucasians who profess to be great (Bush) Christians, and have withered hearts and miserable lives, eh?

    “Bi or Rain” is a handsome, multi-talented young man from Korea who is famous throughout Asia and other parts of the country.

  • share

    just a brief vid of Rain, he can dance like crazy!!

  • naomy

    go rain go rain :-)

  • anonymouse no.2

    he looks like a chinese puff munkin dude!!! whats up wd the hair korean shogo!!!!

  • anonymouse no.2

    hey tell me, where do u live so i can send u a money to fix ur hair

  • kumi

    Asian pop king…

    so cooooool !

  • Eris

    he isn’t a Chinese , pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!!
    Chinese boy looks much better than him!!!!!!!!!!

  • qie

    exceped to see the movie

  • hiki

    he is a Korean not Chinese
    I don’t like him – -

  • oh snap!

    I ‘m so happy for Rain but what the hell is up with his hair its worse then what he had it a couple weeks ago I KNOW HE CAN LOOK BETTER THAN THIS, WTF?!

    i really want to see this movie with Rain and Naomi

  • elle


  • eshter

    Go, Rain!!
    he’s so famous for being a hardworker and humble person.
    Asian ppl respect much that side of Rain and his energy
    spreads on everywhre he goes.

  • ys

    remember when u started as a singer, u were rejected more than 12 times because they thought u were ugly. but what happened later?
    So, don’t pay attention to ppl’s comments.
    Just go ahead!!

  • jobel3790

    Yes, it’s true that on these pics, he looks very ordinary … With a haircut that fits more his face, Rain is a beautiful man. It’s just that this one is not very manly.

    There are lots of actors who are very popular with an ordinary face : Mark Whalberg, Tom Cruise, Matt Damon. The thing is that they are talented and so is Rain. If you knew a little more about this korean entertainer, you will soon get hooked to his work and interesting personality, like I’ve been. Google or youtube “Rain Bi”.

  • nicole

    I love him more as a singer,but he still a good actor! Hope ‘Ninja Assassin’ do well.

  • lawrence

    Chinese has no honour to own such a pop star.
    BTW, he is definately NOT typical Chinese look.

  • devillemoore

    people who know nothing about differences between japanese, korean, and chinese are poor uncool left behind *****.

    may god forgive you …


    be GLOBAL yo…

    But i agree, gree… that his hair’s a total mess.
    He’s a lot hotter with just simple haircut in CLEAR shampoo commercial.

    youtube it.

  • kerean


    we are proud of you…!!!!!!!

    show your talent~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • dyqhx


  • Jaylee

    Hey you you don’t know who is he ? Gahaha he’s (Bi)Rain a South Korean singer-rapper-actor-dancer !!
    He’s so good!

    try to tape Bi Rain in youtube. He also did a song with Omarion “Man Up”