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Katie Holmes Hits Up "August: Osage County"

Katie Holmes Hits Up

Katie Holmes stops in to see a performance of August: Osage County, the Broadway transfer of the hit play by Tracy Letts from Steppenwolf Theatre in New York City on Tuesday night.

The 29-year-old actress rocked out a pair of brown five-strap shoes but strangely enough had bruises all over her knees.

August: Osage County is about a vanished father, a pill-popping mother and three sisters harboring shady little secrets. For more info, visit

WHY DO YOU THINK Katie Holmes has so many black-and-blues on her knees???

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Credit: Jackson Lee/Tom Meinelt; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Nicole


  • fuuugz

    i have to admit her hair looks a smidge better.. but the knobby banged up knees kinda ruins the whole ensemble.. she just can’t win for nuthin.

  • happy lol day

    Very cool heels, romanesque straps are gorgeous! Maybe the bruises are from crawling around playing with Suri :)

  • Theresa

    Tom be whooping her ass….She could have put makeup on that

  • terry

    I just threw up in my mouth, yuk!!

  • olpko

    Maybe she bruises easily…. I can’t bump into furniture without getting huge bruises =/

    She looks waaaay better than she did in her last post, happier. Her mood swings confuse me, lol.

    Cute dress.

  • Rita


  • shoes4life

    Like the shoes but not with that dress.

  • tom c

    Those bruises are probably from her dance rehearsals. Her pigeon-toed-ness must mess up her dances pretty severely. And what’s with the navy blue attire all the time?? That’s such a gloomy and manly color.

  • LuckBe A Lady

    Maybe Tom likes to do it standing up, face to face.

    Which means Katie would have to be on her knees.

  • dani

    Dress doesn’t fit her. Looks too lose. Knees ruin the look. Maybe she is crawling around the stage for her part? And she needs a pedicure.

  • the shiznack

    the jeans decided to fight back!

  • bb

    i love the heels . katie is the best dressed in hollywood. gorgeous

  • bb

    i hope she is pregnant. a lil sis or brother for cute suri will be nice

  • coza

    OMG !!! wait…Is she smiling ?

  • sarisue

    For a woman who gives every indication of being a victim of an abusive relationship, changing her whole personality, look, belief system and demeanor since hooking up with Tom, she should probably not walk about with visible bruises unless she wants to start an awful rumor.

    Maybe now we have the answer as to why the long sleeves and sweaters in August in NYC.

  • bb

    lookin good katie. love the heels

  • Bia

    nossa ! eu acho ela lindaa ! =)

  • hot buttered popcorn

    # 3
    happy lol day @ 08/26/2008 at 10:05 pm

    Very cool heels, romanesque straps are gorgeous! Maybe the bruises are from crawling around playing with Suri :)

    No, I think it’s from crawling around playing with

  • Debba

    “Like the shoes but not with that dress.”

    Or with those feet.

  • gay pride

    Fashion icon? fashion nightmare ! How can she wear this surgical scrub charcoal grey thing (dress?) with S&M brown sandals with such ugly feet? So now she’s smiling? What about, I thought that smirk was just for her contract holder.

  • nine

    hotness….Katie is probably anemic. Im the same way so a little bump causes bruises right away.

  • dolly

    Pretty woman

  • anon

    Thanks Jared

    Katie is adorable

  • Nanci

    Far better actress and better to look at than GYllenhaal in Batman….

  • spooky

    I heart her!!!!! She really reminds me of Jackie Kennedy!!!

  • my two cents

    honestly, she looks worn out when she takes those sunglasses she wear day and night out.

  • SRN

    @the shiznack — brilliant

  • heather

    what do i think about her bruises on her knees? i think she has children. i think she’s a busy mom who works and chases her kids around and probably bumps into things. are you serious with these questions? c’mon! don’t be like tmz.

  • sue

    “Chases her kids around?” Please. And last time I checked, Katie had ONE child, not plural.

  • Rescue59

    Maybe she’s always on her knees apologizing to scientology for being a terrible actress?

  • Rescue59

    Don’t forget Tom, Sue!

  • iron chef

    The real American beauty!

  • gay pride

    I think she is deliberately displaying those bruises to the public. Her dress looks like that of an inmate, her sandals look like someone in bondagel. I think kh is sending out a message that she is finished with LA, she is staying in NYC and going to look mighty funky. She is a total mess psychologically, it’s so cool and she fits right in.
    Maybe she smacked herself to send us a message “I am hurt and I LOVE it”.

  • Mav

    I like the cry for help theory, gay pride. It works for me.

    Maybe Katie is starting to realize she is expendable, just like others in Tom’s life. It would be cool if she were that crafty to try to outsmart him and get the public on her side first. Unfortunately those dark glasses block the bright lights from the outside only. Inside the head, it is very dim.

    Chases her kids around? Does she have to put down her cell phone to do that, because I’m not sure it’s in the contract…

  • hitmebaby

    Those bruises don’t follow any pattern that makes sense, they are separate bruises that look intentional. It’s not anemia, I don’t think tc hit her (he has other tactics to hurt her), not from a fall, certainly not from housework.
    I think she did it to herself because she is a nut case, she needs HELP. She certainly fits right into NYC and her neighborhood, there are many fine mental health clinics nearby. KH is showing her real self more every day, no sweet innocent gal from Ohio, she is way out there.

  • emilie

    she’s boring.

  • amy

    tom makes her get on her knees when he smacks her around

  • Rescue59

    What happened?

  • syl c.

    Is she sewing her own clothes?

  • ymca

    G’luck in Broadway,Katie. She is so pretty and so is this new look of hers. Will the photogs ever leave her alone?

  • semper fi

    She is beautiful
    even without a smidge
    of makeup on

  • TY Jared


  • bleh

    Gee whiz, dark glass at night. maybe she’s hiding a bruised eyes.

    Pathetic family!

  • sydney

    Overrated, boring & a big media who=res this Cruise family. hate them

  • riz

    ok. it’s obviously because the man is abusing her. what other reason could there possibly be for her covering herself up all the freaking time. long baggy jeans and SWEATERS in the heat of manhattan ALL SUMMER?

    strange things are afoot at the circle k.

  • bb

    katie is so elegant. she is in a class of her own. but where is lil suri. she is so adorable. she brightens up my day. love TomKat

  • mickey

    Tommy was probably beating her and since he only comes up to her knees when he stands, that’s probably where all his punches landed. Little guy.

  • MiHay

    Those bruises are from all the prayer to the all great and powerful Xenu.

  • huh

    So pretty and its good she is making the most of her stay in NY enjoying all this amazing shows mixing work and some play for her before performing herself. Hope to see Tom and the kids soon.

    Jared how come you didnt show Tom with Bella at the Redskins game and soccer games?