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Pamela Anderson is On the Loose

Pamela Anderson is On the Loose

Pamela Anderson gets dolled up for a press conference to promote her new reality television series Pam: Girl on the Loose in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday.

The show premieres on Sept. 2nd on E!

At one point during the press conference, a fan asked for the 41-year-old’s autograph on his bum! He also grabbed a piece of KFC fried chicken as she signed it! (Pam has voiced her disapproval of the fast food chain.)

With regard to her show, she said, “I think it’s a lot different to be a reality show. [In] a reality show, there’s a beginning and a middle and an end and something happens. But my life is so sporadic and so crazy: none of its contrived, none of it’s made up.”

10+ pictures of Pamela Anderson on the loose…

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pamela anderson loose 01
pamela anderson loose 02
pamela anderson loose 03
pamela anderson loose 04
pamela anderson loose 05
pamela anderson loose 06
pamela anderson loose 07
pamela anderson loose 08
pamela anderson loose 09
pamela anderson loose 10
pamela anderson loose 11
pamela anderson loose 12

Photos: Robert Wallace/WENN
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  • mimi

    No offense but she looks horrible

  • shoes4life

    First off that main photo is so wrong Jared, hahaha.

    Whoever or whatever did her makeup should be fired! She looks hoooorrrriibbbllleee!! The egyptian cateye eyeliner is so wrong for her especially at her age. It tends to accent the lines in her face and draws much attention to it.

  • Dyno-Mite

    Holy crap, she looks like the late Tammy Faye Baker!!!

  • gina

    My God. What happened to her? She looks so horrible!

  • begonia

    What’s with the Tammy Faye eye make up? Yeesh!

  • http://Ha!Ha! pICKLEJUICE

    No comment. The lips I cant say it. The eyeliner is soooo I cant say it. I cant believe how far she has fallen from the fresh face she once sported.

  • Miranda


    She looks closer to 61!

    My God Pam, what happened?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …wtf are you people talking about..?

    she always looks horrible. she been looking like this. you fukers are blind.

  • Pingy-ponga

    Her lips are not small so i dont know why she put the lip liner.

  • Thats a me!!

    that is one ugly face

  • maria

    Looks like Tammy Faye Baker with the make-up. And talk about plastic… can plastic surgery make you feel better about yourself when you look like this?? Yuck.

  • Alyssa

    she looks terrible! :S

    ohh dear

  • melmel

    DAMN!!!! I guess all these years of partying drinking and drugs start to show… she looks bad..

  • maria

    she has looked terrible for quite a few years now…why would anyone be surprised at these pics? Even when she looks 1/2 way decent face wise, you can tell that her people had to use a ton of makeup to cover her up…Pamela from many years back (like early Playboy days) was beautiful…this pulled and twisted piece of plastic and collagen is hideous…the 2008 Pamela is just nasty…

  • iwantone she does look like Tammy Faye

  • olivia

    OMG what happened to her face?

    Surgery much?

  • fdg

    What happend to her face?
    HA. This is what she always looked like. She’s a stupid slut AND ugly now.

  • whoops

    damn pam. it’s time to retire. please.

  • just sayin

    maybe she should try some botox now?


    Damn now that’s what i call a hot mess

  • wow….

    I have never thought that Pam was all that good looking, but now, she is so fugly and should probably never leave her house again!!

  • Gasol_fan16

    All the years of plastic surgery has finally caught up to her. Can’t look young forever. Looks like too much plastic surgery and botox and cat woman eye make-up or raccoon eye’s to hide the eye wrinkles.
    @ Maria,
    Yeah. She is starting to look like Tammy Faye Baker! :lol:

  • Sherylsp

    I know this wasn’t her most flattering set of recent promo pics, but comon, Pamela has been looking especially rough for the past 5 years or so now—haven’t you all ever seen her without the pounds of makeup she usually sports? Unfortunately, she’s finally at an age where she can’t simply slop on all that makeup to help hide those lines, wrinkles and sagging on her face anymore. That’s what years of heavy partying, stress, parenthood and sun exposure will do for a gal. It’s sad though, because all her life she’s used her looks to gain everything from men to money to an acting/modeling career…NOW what does she have to offer the world anymore but a weatherbeaten shadow of her former self?

  • Ha!

    She hasn’t always looked like this. She used to be on Home Improvement as a tool time girl and was cute and fresh-faced, pre-plastic surgery and pre-hairband boyfriends. She looks bad, bad, bad now. Sad.

  • Helena


  • Steve

    What happened to those beautiful long nails?!

  • Vivir sin aire

    Ayy dios mio. What happened to her face?

  • oh no

    Sun damage.

    Pam Anderson looks A WHOLE LOT older than me and I’m 3 yrs older than her.

  • Nébuleuse

    gosh!!!!!! her face scares the hell out of me!!!!!! damn, what happened to her?! she looks like an evilish freaky clown!!

  • just sayin

    what knd of plastic surgery has she done? it looks to me like she could use some botox or something.

  • sarah


  • twpumpkin

    YIKES! HOW SCAREY!!!! What a friggen hasbeen.

  • http://deleted florisene

    Oh my she looks like a caricature. What happened to her face?

  • null

    Oh wow. That’s just sad. But aside from the obvious signs of dissipation, her face is especially swollen in these pictures. And I don’t think she had a make-up artist with her. That eyeliner job does not look professionally done.

  • sheeiiittt!

    She looks like Hatchet Face from that movie “Cry Baby”! BWAHAHAHAHA!

  • MSN

    read this!


  • debra77

    OMG To everyone who said Tammy Faye, I was thing the same thing. She has gotten older. This is the sad thing about being a sex symbol. When things start to go it shows in the worst way.

  • http://justjared shantel

    Does’nt she look so old you can’t recognize her.

  • CrazyDaisy

    She never was pretty.

  • Katie

    Oh dear god – get that woman into therapy pronto. Maybe some electric shock therapy or something. Some hard living is showing up on that face.

  • gforce

    OMG ! What happen to her ? She looks like a bad version of Tammy Faye Baker !!!!!! Soooo Wrong !!!!! I feel sorry for her !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gnmc

    What the hell is up with her make-up? Was she high, or is she going nuts?

  • bella

    OMG she looks horrible. Like a drag queen.
    Why do pretty woman feel the need to wear so much makeup???

  • jaye

    Pam looks like she was rode hard and someone forgot to up her up. She looks like she’s closer to 60 than 40. Sheesh, she was so pretty once.

  • lol

    omg she look so fugly

  • lol

    omg she look so fugly

  • just me

    That look is just sad. I don’t like her at all but I always thought that without make up she wasn’t too bad looking. Maybe with the “other things” she has she feels no one will look at her face anyway. Maybe she just wanted to see if people ever looked at her face! This is a test people and we all just passed! She can now rest easy knowing that she is more than just a pretty chest! LOL.

  • Paige

    While I’m not a fan you could have been a little bit more kind and used a less frightening pic for the main one that goes with post.

    “Girl” is not a term I associate with Pamela anymore. She used to be so “stripper hot” and now she’s just a living joke. We all age and she could do so, so much more gracefully.

  • catherine

    terrible terrible terrible looking.

    god…Tammy Faye or what?

    lay off the heavy makeup…clean up your hairstyle and quit trying so hard.

    Man…you used to look ok…now you look like shite.
    it’s true.

  • ouch

    Huh? She has never been attractive. People forget that their eyes go right to her phony boobs. She looks like a has-been porn s l u t.

    But, she now seems to be applying heavier makeup which makes her look freaky for sure! Just another bimbo folks.

    Her looks also probably come from her “hard” life marrying and hanging around with those stupid “rock stars” like Tommy Lee and what’s his name- whom she married for a very short time.