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Dita Von Teese Launches Her Wonderbra

Dita Von Teese Launches Her Wonderbra

Dita Von Teese launches her new “Wonderbra by Dita Von Teese” collection on Tuesday at the Covent Garden Piazza in London.

The 35-year-old burlesque star explained how her interest in burlesque started. “A lot of the movies I watched were about showgirls and they’d be backstage getting dressed, tightening their corsets and I became fascinated by lingerie as a result, Dita told the Daily Record.

“I began to steal stuff out of my mother’s underwear drawer and I was obsessed with the idea of ‘When do I become a woman and get to wear this stuff’?,” she said.

40+ more pics inside of Dita Von Teese launching her Wonderbra…

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dita von teese wonderbra 02
dita von teese wonderbra 03
dita von teese wonderbra 04
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dita von teese wonderbra 21
dita von teese wonderbra 22
dita von teese wonderbra 23
dita von teese wonderbra 24
dita von teese wonderbra 25
dita von teese wonderbra 26
dita von teese wonderbra 27
dita von teese wonderbra 28
dita von teese wonderbra 29
dita von teese wonderbra 30
dita von teese wonderbra 31
dita von teese wonderbra 32
dita von teese wonderbra 33
dita von teese wonderbra 34
dita von teese wonderbra 35
dita von teese wonderbra 36
dita von teese wonderbra 37
dita von teese wonderbra 38
dita von teese wonderbra 39
dita von teese wonderbra 40
dita von teese wonderbra 41
dita von teese wonderbra 42
dita von teese wonderbra 43
dita von teese wonderbra 44
dita von teese wonderbra 45
dita von teese wonderbra 46

Photos: Gareth Cattermole/Getty, WENN
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  • Rita

    I love her.

  • dancer

    Beautiful woman! But that bra looks like it hurts! But what a tiny, tiny waist. Go Dita.

  • Eon

    She’s so fucking beautiful

  • highten


  • Carrie

    What a tiny waist! I love her hourglass figure.

  • candace

    I want one!! lol

  • palvasha

    carrie u can have waist like that if you use a corset and u can get big boobs. she is not naturally like this.

  • camila

    OMG!! Look at her waist!! :O
    She is very beautiful… Go Dita :)

  • palvasha

    i hate this slut! she does nothing, wt is she famous for? no talent.

    her skin is yuk!!! her hair is yuk and her face is annoying.

    she is a p*rn thing, i wont even call it actress, she is dirty little slut

  • Angi

    The tiny waist look is acheived by wearing a corset 16-18 hours per day. Repeated daily constriction causes the lower, floating ribs to curve in and if done over a number of years they maintain the shape. You can find x-rays online of normal ribs in comparison to someone’s ribs who has worn corsets for years to narrow the waist. Tiny waists also can be done without all the work by removing a portion of the floating rib. There are rumors in Hollywood of models and actresses having the procedure done but it isn’t something many plastic surgeons advertise.

    It’s opposite of the African tribes that add rings around the necks of the women making some stretch as long as 1 foot! It’s amazing what the human body can endure and how shapes can be changed; all for body image. There are many Oriental cultures that have operations to acheive greater height because tall men are thought to have more power.

    Sorry if it’s more info than any of you wanted, I just find it fascinating.

  • palvasha

    honestly girls go geta corset and ul see u can have it too, ive tried and yep the the boobs get huge and the waist get tinyyyyyyyyyyyy

    she is nothing special

  • palvasha

    angie ur right, thats sxactly it, there is the woman with the smallest waist in the guinnes world records and she uses corsets and now if she does not use one her back bone would break so teh doctors told her to keep using one all the time. sick

  • Jenna

    Dita does corset training which has helped her achieve such a small waist, but she is naturally petite and I don’t think most women could achieve her waist.

  • flower

    She is so pretty!

  • Love the Teese

    Stunning! Ms. Von Teese continues to bring the glamor.

    Thanks, JJ!

  • noname

    I think she has beautiful flawless skin. I think all skin color have beauty in them, just depends on how you embrace it and take care of it. She looks like she loves her skin color and keeps it away from damaging sun and by not tanning. There is beauty in being fair skinned as well well as being dark skinned..depending on how you take care of it. I am black and I take care of my skin and love being dark skin. I love when people takes pride on what they have and not try to change it, but take care of it.

  • Ruby

    Gorgeous! What a beautiful dress. :-)

  • Kristie

    ohh, I would love to get my waist that tiny. it looks so pretty in clothes. but I’m pretty sure I remember reading that Dita wore a corset as young as her teens while her bones were still growing, and doing it then especially helps to mould your figure. still, it would be worth wearing a corset if it would give anything near this result. is it dangerous for your health though? has anyone tried it?

  • Vavoom

    Smoking hot as usual!

  • Meadow

    I would like to know who made her dress. Thank you.

  • Shannon

    her hair looks freaking fab in those photos she can do no wrong!

  • CelebrityFanChat Rap

    she’s beautiful!


    ANGIE…..I had heard that also, but it am amazes me why ANYONE would want to put themselves through this agony for a small waist….I would try to do the regular things like exercise and diet, but I guess if that did not work, no wonder so many women have done this………..It is hard to imgine that Dr.’s would really consider this rib surgery….How painful is that if at all?………..I could see certain actresses doing this for perfection…..Dita is beautiful though and I love her dress……I have never seen a ” bluejean Dita”, or ” sportsclothes” Dita. …..Have you?

  • sweetie

    ♥ lovely♥

  • Angi


    The operation is called rib resection and it’s usually done at the same time as a “tummy tuck” (abdominoplasty) to hide the scar. It costs anywhere from $8k to $16k. By the next day you’re expected to be able to walk around for short distances, though you need to be laying down or standing upright, sitting up for long periods isn’t encouraged for the first week.

    Generally, there are drains and you’re wrapped in dressings that get removed by the Doctor within the first week. You wear a constricting garmet for several weeks after the procedure and can return to (non-strenuous)work anywhere from one to three weeks after depending on how the recovery is going. Only light exercise for 5 weeks. I’m fairly sure it would be painful for the first few weeks afterward. It takes six to seven months for the purple/red scars to fade to a pale line and they’d be hidden at the bikini line.

    There are lots of things that could go wrong, especially if the person is a smoker and not in good health. Or if you tried to find the least expensive doctor who wasn’t skilled enough in the procedure. I’m not sure perfection would be worth that much pain and expense for me but I can see how people in a competitive field like modeling or acting would think it necessary.

  • LOL

    palvasha, you are a pathetic, jealous loser. Her skin is flawless and so is her hair and face. Post a photo of yourself and we’ll be the judge of who is really yuk, annoying looking and the “thing”. She does something. She entertains and dances, that’s more than what you do you ****. She is talented, you probably haven’t even seen her perform. Who cares if she was in p*rn? That’s in the past. I love how the haters keep bringing it up because that’s all they have to use against her. You’re the dirty little ****. Yet, you had to come here and look at her photos. Ha!

  • LOL

    You hate her because you ain’t her. Ha!

  • Mary

    Is that Pamela Anderson’s bra?

  • Venus

    Her dress is exquisite….

  • Venus

    …I appreciate the effort she makes to bring it every time.

  • trivia

    Old era glamour. There’s very little women out there who could still bring this.

  • Rain

    LOL @ the Pamela Anderson comment. Ha ha!

  • Kimberley

    She’s gorgeous–honestly it’s hard to believe she’s had her breasts enlarged; they look very natural. I would love to know who designed her dress.

  • Dita Von Teese

    Dita Von Teese and her boyfriend, Louis Marie de Castelbajac, sit front row at the Jean-Charles de Castelbajac presentation at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday (March 9).