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Rachel Bilson: Hayden Christensen is a Guy's Guy

Rachel Bilson: Hayden Christensen is a Guy's Guy

After making promoting her “Edie Rose” collection for DKNY Jeans nationwide, Rachel Bilson arrives back home in Los Angeles via LAX airport on Thursday. The 27-year-old actress returned back to L.A. with her sex therapist mom, Janice.

Rachel recently talked to UK’s InStyle magazine about rumored boyfriend Hayden Christensen. She shared, “Hayden is a guy’s guy. Tractors and such. I’m learning to play chess. A certain someone happens to be very good and I don’t think I will ever accomplish beating that person. But that is the goal.”

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Credit: Scott/Chris; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • zanessalovesyou

    love her style

  • ruby


    first again

  • Darth Sidius

    um isnt she supposed to be filming in Nevada?

  • Darth Sidius

    um isnt she supposed to be filming in Nevada?

  • lexy

    retarded midget is back

    “OMG i am going to pee myself i am so excited
    thank you just jared”

    Can we please have picks of some worthy celebs
    She can’t act and copies everyone
    What a loser dating another loser

  • Darth Sidius

    looks like haydens backpack and black coat tucked away

  • =Anna=



    Their Pre-school class hasn’t been dismissed yet! but they are coming!

  • Darth Sidius

    where is her luggage she took with her? guess they cropped out some people

  • squirl

    She’s supposed to be filming in Utah. Maybe she got fired because she can’t act or is only in about 2 scenes.

    She and Hayden are totally exploiting each other for publicity, the biggest relationship w***** in Hollywood. They probably aren’t dating at all, just using each other to lie to the fans and their public because they have so much contempt for ordinary people. They think they’re so far about everything that it doesn’t matter if they lie. They’re getting more press out of it and that’s all the care about.

    Hayden is a pig and a snob and a fool and so is she.


  • Kate

    TRASHDEN again. Why do we need these two talentless losers.

  • toni

    Even though Hayden is driving her car he obviously couldn’t be bothered to pick her up at the airport. It does look she is carrying his backpack and coat. Maybe his mom sent them with Rachel since she was at Macy’s, according to some.

  • christine

    Here we go again…

    Grow up people!!!!

    She’s so cute…thanks for the photos jj…

  • Cc

    Rachel is the best

    Post more news and photos jj

    Who cares about the haters??

    Obviously they have nothing better to do..

  • Irishdreams

    She could never wear any of this jackets they would be like a gown on her..As for backpack prove it’s his..she copy’s styles and everyone’s opinions as she can’t think of any herself. Guess Utah didn’t need her anymore or they don’t need her now. low budget small part I guess.

  • Kate

    Learning disabled midget who takes credit for other peoples work, OMG you can’t get enough of her and her loser boyfriend who is so stupid that he is too blind to see what he is dating
    I hope her mom the sex therapist gives her some ideas to keep her boyfriend happy, otherwise, he is a moron and so is she

  • Trish

    Notice “rumored boyfriend”. I’m a big Hayden fan, but I’m getting really tired of all this guessing crap. I wish they’d just let it be known either way.

  • Darth Sidius

    why do that? if they come out either way, neither one would have publicity

  • dd

    love her

  • jughed

    lovin’ the leggings that are very stretched on this pint-sized hottie!

    ’tis a pity, however, that she didn’t choose to wear a cropped leather jacket :)

  • defoe

    i’m not a rachel-hater persay, but the whole “playing-coy” bit is getting a wee bit old. we get it. you two are doing it like bunnies. congrats.

  • annie

    people [some of you] your snouts are showing and rooting around in the muck I see.

    everyone else. Yeah Rachel’s back. I love what she’s wearing. love the hat and sensible comfy boots. perfectly casual.

    Maybe she’s in for a couple days and coming in from Utah after some filming.

    I wouldn’t worry about the rest of her luggage. Hayden probably went around back and picked them up in the Lexus while Rach made a get away with mom.

  • Stephen GLass

    this is all getting old FAST
    Seems their plan is turning on them. sure they are getting more attention but its not good.

    lol. i guess his role as the pathological liar stephen glass wasnt much of a stretch then.

    i love hayden but i dunno this is all weird

  • Kate

    HC AND RB are Trash and losers of Hollywood.

  • Lainey

    @ 21

    Riiiiight Annie. And the paps just didn’t happen to catch him coming around the back? Dream on, he’s probably working. Notice Rachel’s mother has keys in her hand. She’s the one that picked her up.

    Anyway, she probably had a break in filming and is coming home for a few days.

  • Rach

    Rachel is very cute, I don’t see why some people hate her so much…She’s harmless, what has she done that’s so wrong?. I like her style, but not lovin that hat.. but she’s still adorable and petite. I love her style and her petite figure..very cute.

  • miget fetish

    why people dont like her:

    (feel free to add)

    1. voice
    2. too much eye makeup
    3.that freakin voice
    4. media hog
    5. totally nothing like hayden
    6 ditzy talent and doesnt deserve what she has
    8 steals fashion ideas
    9. since getting with HC, HC has changed for the worse
    11. no talent

    . . . . .

  • annie

    darn lainey you caught me. I guess I wasn’t snarky enough about the luggage and Hayden. I sounded like I was serious. :)

    I hope he working.

  • miget fetish

    oh yeah

    naming your dog thurmen murmen..hate the name

    no education, never worked a real job yet makes more then surgeons, cops and other civil servants who contribute positively to society

    spends at least 1k on 1 freakin purse. she needs to learn from brad and angelina about moral obilgation.
    whips her man

  • Lainey

    @ 27

    Ohhhhhh, lol. My bad.

  • Poll Tax

    Doubt she know what the chess pieces are no way this idiot who can’t remember lines and has to have a telepromptor or cue cards can play a game of chess! This is recycled quote from much earlier, another PR piece from Rachel’s PR people. Checkers would be a severe challenge to the brain-damaged little tramp. And there’s not doubt that Hayden is totally on board with this endless promoting of them as a couple as long as he never has to appear with her. It’s getting OLD OLD OLD and so is the bat-faced little troll.

  • mimi

    Celebrities and their ONGOING charity efforts:

    Ewan – Unicef & CHAS
    Leo – Eco & IFAW
    Natalie – FINCA, ARO, FBFNYC & more
    Angelina & Brad – ARO, AFLB, CSM & more

    Rachel – Chanel, Fendi, Dior, Mayle & more

    *NOTE: A one time stint from 2 years ago asking the PUBLIC to donate their jeans does not count

  • annie

    Some people might prefer not to get public credit for their good deeds. Other times a public service announcement serves the purpose better.

    NOTE* An appeal to donate jeans to the homeless does count.

  • Kate

    you are one desperate defender of these two, and no, what they do does not count as a good deed, sorry
    it was a self serving add after Junkster, nothing more
    but what would you expect of the two losers, they get so much criticism that they should just disappear
    who in hollywood gets:” wooden performances, no range” as much as these two????????????
    no one I know would pay to see anything they are in

  • mimi

    @ #32

    The heading says ** ONGOING ** ,and a ONE time stint is NOT ongoing.

    That’s right, most prefer not to officially publicize their efforts, but word of mouth just gets out when the efforts are put forth. Doesn’t matter if you’re a big celeb or minor one, word will get out if you’re doing a good deed.

  • Poll Tax


    Yep, it’s official: Hayden knocked her up just like his older brother knocked some other girl up way back when and has kids with some girl he’s not married to. Figures, since Hayden’s father knocked up his mistress also although she lost the baby.

    If Hayden makes as miserable a father as he does a BF, I feel sorry for the kid already. Also its mother is brain-dead talentless freak.

  • mimi

    @ 35

    Oh YIKES! Is this really official? How sad, that poor baby.

  • miget fetish

    i doubt that seriousely

  • one legged prostitute

    where is your source saying she preggers?

  • at poll tax

    I think you are brain dead!!! Get the F*ck off!!!

  • retch

    On set staffer says they’e snogging. Rachel now says she wants to get pregnant but not get married. Hayden never says anything but lets her talk baby while denying he married her. You figure it out.

  • trish

    Whoever says she’s pregnant only does it to rile up the Hayden fans. Don’t let it work. As far as their relationship goes, I can see both sides. Yes, he drives her car and they have been seen out together, but never once kissing or arms around each other. Not affectionate towards each other at all. Honestly, I’m getting tired of the whole damn thing.

  • one legged prostitute

    agreed 41
    well he has been pic coming out of her hosue a few times. but since he no longer has a place in LA. i mean i know if he was my friend i would offer him to stay at my place. even if it wasnt sexual, just who knows.

  • annie

    LOL @ Kate

    Not desparate. I think you all are hilarious.

    Attention! Message from the comment police.

    You are losing your audience. Get funny or die. You’re way to serious.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    guys guys don’t wear girlie girl skinny jeans.


  • retch

    She’s wearing his hat. On set staffer says they are all over each other on BD set. She is definitely pregnant, going to milk this for all it’s worth.

  • one legged prostitute

    oh just like they were ALL OVER EACH OTHER on the i love new york (whatever the hell the movie is called) set? LOL

  • trish

    All it would take for us doubters would be one simple photo of them ALL OVER EACH OTHER. Like I said before, maybe it’s true maybe it’s not, but until then people like Retch just like to cause trouble. After all this time you’d think there would be one photo or one actual ounce of proof. That’s what really makes me wonder.

  • Irishdreams

    retch WHO IS YOUR talk a good game but, what insider claimed all this b/c she hasn’t been on the BD set at all..and trust it we would have seen pictures like Rhianna if she was there and I SERIOULY doubt he knocked her up again rumor no fact and again who is press this out NOT HIM and she is talking out her ass as usual just to use other peoples quotes as her’s just like her clothing line..

  • andie

    THE CUTEST PLAGIARIST EVER. I be she doesn’t even know how to spell that word correctly.

    Or she’s so dumb that she didn’t know that what she was doing was wrong. Her IQ level is as high as her height.

  • one legged prostitute

    Hc must get a real kick out of her ignorance. i mean can you imagine teaching her chess? what patience he has. but how can he stand her voice? i still dont get it