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Hilary Duff Brings Blessings in a Backpack

Hilary Duff Brings Blessings in a Backpack

Hilary Duff attends a Nina Footwear and Blessings In a Backpack event at P.S. 15, Roberto Clemente Elementary School on October 24, 2008 in New York City.

Blessings in a Backpack has produced over 6 million meals donated to those less fortunate. During the first two months after Hurricane Katrina, Hilary, in partnership with USA Harvest, distributed over 2.5 million meals throughout the Gulf Coast. Hilary purchased the food along with a few partners. Through the Blessings in a Backpack program, Hilary is providing over 6000 meals a weekend at the Normandie Elementary School in South Central Los Angeles.

15+ pictures inside of Hilary Duff bringing blessings in a backpack…

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hilary duff blessings in a backpack 01
hilary duff blessings in a backpack 02
hilary duff blessings in a backpack 03
hilary duff blessings in a backpack 04
hilary duff blessings in a backpack 05
hilary duff blessings in a backpack 06
hilary duff blessings in a backpack 07
hilary duff blessings in a backpack 08
hilary duff blessings in a backpack 09
hilary duff blessings in a backpack 10
hilary duff blessings in a backpack 11
hilary duff blessings in a backpack 12
hilary duff blessings in a backpack 13
hilary duff blessings in a backpack 14
hilary duff blessings in a backpack 15
hilary duff blessings in a backpack 16
hilary duff blessings in a backpack 17

Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty
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  • Julien

    Here is another good action getting too much attention for it to be genuine!!!

  • nima nakhshab

    hilary duff is always going to be around, she’s the best.

    take that miley

  • stepho

    good job Duffster!

  • AishaLovesJustJared

    She has a shiny forehead! Haha. Duff? What a retarded second name. Duff, Puff, Muff, Ruff… so many humiliating rhymes! Haha. Hate her! Remember her in Lizzie McGuire? What a f*cking flop!

  • Garrett

    does she look like she got face work done..

    she looks totally diff unless she is just growing up

  • anonymous

    Take note Jennifer Aniston. This is how a school charity thing is done!! Not showing up with a handshakeand some lame Smart water talk.

  • steve

    God bless you, Hil

  • Maria (Shorty)

    AishaLovesJustJared: You are such a jerk!! She’s doing something good for unfortunate children and you call her names. People like you is the reason this world is the way it is. IDIOT!!

  • josh

    i love her, she is so adorable and brings hope to others people like this

  • merci

    I agree with you, Maria

  • magalie

    omg she looks so nice!
    you go girl
    hil’s the best !

    AishaLovesJustJared:: you suck fucking idiot

  • Mandy

    Her face is not as fat as usually…she must have had surgery…a buccal fat removal I guess???
    Her face was way fatter a couple of months ago!

  • kat

    AishaLovesJustJared: what is wrong with you? if hilary was doing something unethical then maybe it would be more justified for you to say those things, but unless you’re gonna get off your lazy bum and do something good for the community don’t say anything because you just sound stupid.

    THIS is the reason hilary duff is my idol. Love you girl!

  • Kate

    She does look different maybe she just lost a lot of weight or surgery hehe who knows

  • AishaLovesJustJared

    OMG. Shut up you f*cking c*nts! And Kat, I do something for the community. I work for the enviroment and vice president of my countys Enviromental Society of the UK. So f*ck you! It’a my opinion, deal with it! There’s 6.4B people on this planet, not 6.4B people are gonna like Hilary (crap singer) Duff, are they?


  • erin

    I hate to say it but I’ve kept quiet for a while! She’s such a pretty girl. But, look at her hair here. It’s just awful. She needs bangs or something, the hair isn’t doing anything for her. Also, I see photos that she goes shopping all the time. The girl has horrible fashion sense. Makes me sad because she has great potential

  • merci

    Do you thing, Erin? Her dress are amazing, and ser hair…is not so good, but whatever, she must be very busy

  • merci




  • Lucas

    she looks amazing!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    lmaoo.. does she have wax on her face?!?

    ..`still ugly.

  • Samantha

    ok she doesn’t look that nice here but who gives a fuck Hilary does so much charity and is involved in so many charities and people want to critizize her for she looks and not talk about the important issues of her helping out people really got issues.

  • Anja

    She’s so sweet. I like her style. Mostly her dresses.

  • Anja

    She’s so sweet. I like her style. Mostly her dresses.

  • cyn

    Awwh She is soo great! love her!

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    She looks great ♥

  • wow

    The attitude of some of the people here are unbelievable. I wonder how you people are in person.

  • Jackie

    I love her, but did she get her teeth done again…she’s looking a little more horsey than usual

  • tcali

    aww that girl is just super, she is so sweet! Go hilary! :)

  • ana

    i thought 21 was too young for botox?! i guess not…

  • rachel

    EVERYTIME this girl does ANY charity work,
    she MAKES S_U_R_E that there are cameras
    there. That tells you right there what she’s
    really doing. He career went down the tube
    so now she has to try and get attention elsewhere.
    Nice try but we’re not buying it horseface!

  • Weather report

    Good for her. The more you give, freely ,the more you get. She has enough money to last a few lifetimes. Why notgive.Make a charity.Goodpoints to her.

  • bill

    listen rachel…she does not…ure only saying dat cause u cant get ur facts right…look at all her fansites, there are plenty of school visits she did that jared didnt even post…she has the cameras on for awareness, not cause she like the attention, i mean she covers from the paps all the time…

  • merci

    Shut up, Rachel. Make sure about what you are talking about…she always does all these things, fucker

  • steve

    she is such a nice girl. go ahead, hil

  • Cynthia

    Hilary lost weight, if pilates make you look like that, i must get me a pilates machine! Looking great Hilary!

  • jenny piccolo

    Hayley Duff has been working on getting a restraining order against Hilary’s total loser boyfriend Mike Comrie. He has been known to hit Hillary and other women and has serious roid rage and anger problems. He wants Hillary to move to Edmonton to help him sell furniture as his NHL career is effectively finished. Hillary does not want to move there even though she likes the mall there and could do singing gigs there after being dumped from her record label for poor sales. Hillary is quite distraught about her failing career and can’t bring herself to dump the meat head and human punching bag Mike Comrie.

  • J

    I love her for doing this she has such a good heart, she’s so pretty love you Hilary can’t wait for Reach Out video!

  • jessica

    lmao jenny you have such a twisted mind you are funny lol

  • Jason huynh

    go hil,
    i actually met all of these ladies before
    Miss Universe, Hil and Miss USA

    so cool. i love them so much they are super nice.

  • Jason huynh

    go hil,
    i actually met all of these ladies before
    Miss Universe, Hil and Miss USA

    so cool. i love them so much they are super nice.

  • MARY

    She looks like a horse…SO UGLY!

  • anonymous

    New Nose!!! It looks great, chin work too. Looking much more refined, though she was a cutie before. She has been in a hiding for a while so now we know why.

  • elona

    hi all.hil is making a perfect job!Im so proud to be her fan so if u really r her fan contact me

  • Caroline


    firstly, her face looks thinner because she goes to the gym regulary, check her fansites!

    She did NOT have botox! Check out this picture from just a few days earlier:
    She would not be able to make that face!


    OK Wtf! This is a charity! Of course she is trying to get attention! But not for herself, for the charity! Seriously! Have some common sense!

  • Rita

    Hilary is so beautiful, she really didn’t need to get her nose done.

  • sammm

    fyi retards, hilary pays to fund this event w/ her own money! she gives money so that the kids get backpacks w/ food!

    anyways, f’ what all the haters have to say!
    hilary is pretty! her hair, idk, but i love her despite =]

    america really needs more celebrities like this,
    and not 15 yr olds dating a pedaphile


  • http://twitter hilary duff,s # 1 fan

    i love hilary duff . i think she is really pretty .
    hilary duff is my idol. i dont care what anyone says or thinks she wil always be my idol . Love Hilary hope you come otttawa ontario soon . love you hil. ill be a fan forever

  • srm23

    Hilary has done charity work from the on-set of her career. She isn’t doing it for any other reason except for the fact that she is a true person. To get the word out about her charities- she does events- so that her name can help even more people. If you are a true person- donate to blessings in a backpack.

    Hilary- is a beautiful person- inside and out!!!!!