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Hugh Jackman Hits Spain Square

Hugh Jackman Hits Spain Square

“Sexiest Man Alive” Hugh Jackman (in Ferragamo) and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness walk hand-in-hand together under an umbrella on a rainy Thursday night in Rome’s Spain Square. How romantic!

Today, the couple was seen with 3-year-old daughter Ava Eliot, enjoying sunny views of the city from their balcony at Rome’s Hotel Hassler before once again venturing out into the inclement weather.

Hugh and his family are in Rome to promote his new film Australia.

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  • aussie_Rose

    My God, does he get any hotter?? That suit definitely does him justice <3

  • ok


    I thought that was his mom.

  • whit

    Damn he is Fine!!

  • Nora

    Yep, his wife definitely looks more like his mother. I think it’s the dowdy Queen E outfit, makes her look older than her 53 years.

  • hugh’s yummy

    He looks fantastic, his wife…..ummm, the boots look
    ridiculous….mutton dressed as lamb…..she needs a stylist fast as
    she looks more like his mother or at best his frumpy auntie!!

  • lizzie

    There is just something about the body language between these two….just am not feeling it. When he is with those kids, his love just pours out of him. Is the guy with the red umbrella Hugh’s other love?

  • Mrs P

    The guy with the red umbrella is John Palermo – their business partner. I don’t know why he’d be accompanying them on a romantic night on the town.

  • Kate

    I love her boots. Anyone know where who makes them?

  • oh hugh!




  • :)

    hugh is so hottttt

  • herewego

    dang…he’s hot.

  • Kris

    Jared is an uneducated moron.

    It’s the Spanish Plaza, there is no Spain Square in Rome!

    Earth to Jared, the MOST famous plaza in the world, home of the Spanish Steps.

    Perhaps he attended school with paris Hilton!

  • TIM GUNN- Style lesson

    Debra Lee Furness Jackman requires no stylist. Her husband obviously loves her very much much exactly as she is. Anyone who knows this man knows he constantly gushes over his wife.

    The lady is a renowned theatrical director, a beloved wife of 12 years, the mother of his children and not a personality to be torn apart by ill raised paparazzi fans.

    Mrs. Jackman has cultivated a very personal style uniquely her own that has no involvement with trends.
    Her attire is quirky, theatrical, and fun. It has also been consistent for over a decade, as consistent as her radiant smile. THAT is the definition of “personal style”. A stylist is paid when you have no identity or style of your own. Indeed, a stylist does NOT teach style, they instead dress each of their clients according to the whims of the seasons trends.

    THAT is not “style”.

    Australia is not a nation that respects those who blindly follow trends, fame, or attention. They are individual, fresh, and a young spirited country lacking all pretense regarding “designer labels.

    The derogatory comments have no respect for boundaries or cultural differences..

  • wowza

    he looks like he could be james bond in that balcony pic!

    he DEF deserves the title of Sexiest Man Alive.

  • @13

    Her ‘style” might have worked when she was younger, but now
    it just looks “tired”…….those boots look embarrassing on a woman of her age, there is a difference between looking “quirky” as opposed to
    just plain “silly”!!

  • Nina

    I like you, Tim Gunn.

    The Jackman’s are a beautiful family, inside and out. There is too much cynicism in the world for most people to understand that kind of relationship can still exist.

  • Jamie

    To: @13

    As if you have any idea what is appropriate for a theater director in a foreign country to wear!

    She is an artist, they have no dress code.

    Ageism is what is unattractive, and that onus is on you!

    TIM GUNN is brilliant


    Here’s what I have to say about my wife;

  • em

    tim gunn IS brilliant bravo! there is just something i really admire about this couple!

  • Carol

    Thank Just jared for finally doing a article not only on Nicole but on Hugh Keep them coming :)

  • Jacqueline

    The Jackmans rock!

    Kudos to our TIm Gunn

  • sienna

    OMG!Hugh is sooo HOT!!He is just perfect…but he should divorce from his wife…She really looks like his mother!

  • Sunny

    It’s hardly a “romantic” night on the town…. it’s a publicity walk, part of his film promotion. I mean… there are photographers following them. Who do you think took the pictures? And yes, it’s the Spanish Plaza, where one goes to be seen. I’ve been there.

    Deborah is a number of years older than Hugh and always fashion forward. I notice she usually wears something voluminous around her torso, even at the beach, perhaps to disguise figure flaws, I suppose. Can’t blame a gal for that. More should do it. I like her adventurous style.

    Still… the rumors about Hugh being a closet gay just won’t go away. I’ve no doubt he and the missus have a relationship, but what exactly is it, is probably only known to them. If they’re comfortable with it, whatever it is, fine. Who are we to judge?

  • gjc

    She dresses like a clown. Her hat looks like a furry darth Vader helmet.

  • kath

    To (hardly) SUNNY:

    One, Hugh won a Tony for Best Actor in 2004 playing a famous gay songwriter. He was fantastic in the role, that is where the gay rumours started and ended, No one thinks that Jackman is gay.

    Two, taking a walk is not a publicity stunt. one can tell by Jackman’s face he had wished for private time with his wife to enjoy Rome after dark. The Jackmans have NEVER want any paparazzi photographers foll wing them.

    Three, the Spanish Steps have no press attached to them, it’s a quiet historical Plaza where all travelers to Rome gravitate. They were stalked by it seems only one pap.

    The press junkets, interviews, and premieres publicity attached to marketing movies should be sufficient.

  • The Real Mccoy
  • meursault

    just weird. the body language, the mumsy wife, wtf

  • ra

    meursault—–what’s weird? what body language? wtf about your comments. What’s weird about a man holding an umbrella while he and his wife walk in the rain? They were obviously going from Point A (presumably their hotel) to Point B (a restaurant?) and walking was one way of doing it. Nothing strange or weird about that except perhaps in your universe.

  • taylor

    Is that lady his mom?

  • Janeway

    I agree, since Hugh got the title he seems be getting even sexier every day (if that were even possible). I think part of his sex appeal is that he is so in love with his wife and kids and he obviously accepts them just the way they are. Many people could learn from his example. Thanks for the pics, Jared.

  • fourplay

    kath @ 12/06/2008 at 12:58 pm

    To (hardly) SUNNY:

    One, Hugh won a Tony for Best Actor in 2004 playing a famous gay songwriter. He was fantastic in the role, that is where the gay rumours started and ended, No one thinks that Jackman is gay.
    Uh, think again, sister. People DO think he’s gay. I myself think he’s actually bi-.

  • Stephanie

    For all of you who have made mean-spirited and disrespectful comments abaout Deborra-Lee Furness, Hugh Jackman chose her to be his wife because he loves her, respects her and finds her irresistable. Stop hatin’ on Deborra-Lee Furness because she’s got it going on!!!


    His wife is lovely they are obviously in love. People are so jealous ! wow she’s older than him they should definitely divorce!!!

  • Dee

    #13. I agree in principal with everything you say. However, there is quirky, unique style and then there is —-well—-not the best choice. Ms. Furness’ rain gear fits the latter. Still, whatever floats the boat.