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Chris Cornell Honors The Who

Chris Cornell Honors The Who

Chris Cornell (in John Varvatos) is accompanied by his cute daughter Toni, 4, and wife Vicky, at the Kennedy Center Honors at the Hall of States inside the JFK Center for the Performing Arts on Sunday in Washington, D.C.

At the ceremony, the 44-year-old former Soundgarden frontman paid tribute to English rock band, The Who, by performing their hit song “Won’t Get Fooled Again”.

In its 31st year, the Kennedy Center Honors recognizes honorees for their lifetime contributions to American culture through the performing arts. The event will be telecast on CBS December 30th at 9PM ET/PT.

Cornell‘s new album, Scream, was produced by Timbaland and drops early 2009.

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Photos: Paul Morigi/WireImage, Brendan Hoffman/Getty
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  • Beatriz182

    Chris Cornell *-* ♥

  • April

    omg, the last picture is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. <3333

  • Carol

    i llooveeeeeeee chris cornelll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carol

    he is hot and an amazing singer!
    and The Who is great!

  • mimi

    OMG i thought that was Cher. His wife looks a lot like her.

  • Raichill

    His wife looks like Cher’s twin.

  • Liza

    I used to love him, now I can’t stand him. He treated his ex-wife like crap. Does he ever leave that kid at home? Every time I see a picture of him he has the kid at the most inappropriate places.

  • Karlie

    what a beautiful little girl !!!!!!

  • Lea

    Love me some Chris Cornell and his daughter is super cute. What is he doing with Timbaland though? Sell out much?

  • gerard Vandenberg

    WHO, the hell, IS THIS NOBODY, folks?

  • rrete

    He is HOT but his hair lookd like crap

  • Corinne

    I love Chris Cornell but gosh…his wife…..

  • OMG

    He looks horrible . . .what happened. His wife looks like a young Cher. The last pic is really cute.

  • alex_p

    i just thought that was christian bale with a new hairdo :D haha

  • Li

    Great Singer!

  • voila!

    chris cornell is the best singer in the world. and his ex wife deserves to be treated like crap because she threathened to hurt his little son and current wife, vicky, which i so don’t like it, the first time i saw her i thought… there wasn’t an uglier one? but still, she got lucky because Toni looks a lot like chris and i absolutely love her name. when i have a daughter i would like to call her like toni, because it’s short, cute and adorable.

  • ace tomato

    They look really leathery.

  • SSr

    Don’t you believe that the story about his ex is true? Perhaps the opposite is true. If the evidences against his ex wife are so incontrovertible, why wasn’t she brought to trial and why doesn’t she go to prison now? Ever since he married his new wife Chris doesn’t care about his first daughter any more. This is a fact.
    Besides even if that story was true his daughter’s got nothing to do with this, she’s not to blame. Chris is still his father and he has a duty towards his eldest daughter, but he seems to ignore this. He behaves as if that child was not his daughter. For a only eight years old girl is really a bad thing to know that her father doesn’t loves her

  • Holly

    Chris really doesn’t look well in these photos. Lately he is very skinny, he looks shabby with that hair and older. What happened to him? Maybe is he on drugs again? And his wife is very emaciated too. She has hollow cheeks. They need to eat more

  • rebecca

    I have been a fan of Cornell since the very begining. He is an incredible talent, not to mention one of the most gifted lyricists of all time. I’m not normally one to blame anyone else for someones demise, however his decline (musically anyway) started when he became involved with his current wife. He has changed everything  about himself that made him unique in the first place. He is now the laughing stalk of the music community and is blinded by the control of Miss Vicky… guess love really is blind  

  • Violet

    What’s that woman done to you Chris!!?? Now you have become like all the others, so predictable. You denied all your principles. Now you love fashionable life, Hollywood parties, celebrities friends and paparazzi. Once you hated this kind of things! You are a changed man. You are not yourself any more


    Would somebody please throw them a steak…they need to eat something…..his wife looks like Cher’s older sister…Tony is just adorable…Chris…dude….WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN WITH U?? Sorry I just miss the old days…

  • rock me

    I absolutely adore this man’s voice. It is so powerful and gruff.

  • irene

    Wow. I thought I was the only one that felt this way about what a sellout he is, his ugly wife, & what a crappy dad he is to his first daughter.

  • Harry

    You pretty much just have to laugh at the women (or woman…you see the same comments over and over again under different names) who bitch at people’s wives and girlfriends on sites like this, but I nearly pissed myself at the one who talked about Cornell being a “laughing stalk”. No, sorry, please stop, I need a doctor, I think my sides have split….

  • eli

    chris cornell your daughter is so cute but not your wife , she’s sooo ugly
    you are blind and where is your first daughter lilly?

  • flutterbies

    i agree that he looks very skinny and it’s quite scary, but about his wife and ex-wife.. i don’t see what that has to do with the music. correct me if i’m wrong, but his personal life doesn’t effect the way he makes music. i don’t think he sold out at all. how does one sell out in terms of music? i mean, people change over the years. people’s tastes change. he’s not twenty years old anymore and this is not 1992.. he took his music to a different level. the lyrics are still amazing, he’s amazing live. the justin timberlake-like sound isn’t my taste, but if you listen to the lyrics on the new album, they’re just as amazing as ever.

  • Astrogirl

    Wow his wife isn’t that pretty, and seems like a b*tch and attention wh*re

  • Trevor Mcglaun

    We’re amazingly pleased i stumbled across this particular within my ask for some thing with this.

  • omg

    i love cornell’s voice and he seems really sweet, but “having said that” LOL…..I must say… His wife is unnatractive…and I am being kind!

  • Jack

    Did Cornell just do the old “I’ll get an ugly girl so she will never leave me” thing?

  • Jess

    Yes he did!!! She will NEVER leave. This is an old trick, and that can be taken any way you would prefer.I shall explain my prettys. Men who are very powerful and rich yet still a trifel insecure will often pull this trick. They marry the homely woman who most surely will never leave him and will bear his children. She is “MOMMY” She is”SAFE”. He will having plenty of P#SSY on the side that is young and fresh and pink and hot. That’s a pretty good trick! Now here is the really good part. She is locked in and in love! She adores him and makes him feel like a GOD, she could never do any better , just look at her, still homely and with age, yes she is now ugly with children. She can not leave! She will not leave! He has won! He thinks. Feel free to use this knowledge or even write a new SoundGarden song out of it.

  • robb

    Good God, Vicky is one fugy old hag! I am like in shock, I can not believe that old looking, leathery old woman is actually his wife!She must be his “mother” figure, y,know cause she can’t be turnin him on! i bet he has lots of other girls on the side, just sayin… I would have to cheat if my wife looked like that!

  • http://Kady robb

    That was the funniest thing i have ever read! Hahahahahahahhaah

  • robbylongbob

    I totally agree with the poster that said Cornell is a changed man. I agree it is totally the new wife’s influence. I cannot stand Vicky. She is a controlling, money obsesed fame seeking and of course as we all know ugly woman. I wish Chris could see her for what she really is!

  • karen

    LOL! Hilarious, and true. .

  • Willienelson

    I agree with most of these posts. chris Cornell is such a talent but seems to be ultra influenced by this newest wife vicky. She has really changed him. She is obnoxious and pretentous and money obsessed. these are all the things Chris used to loathe, yet now embraces. I believe Vicky to be a terrible influence on this guy. She is ugly inside and out.

  • wendy

    Jeez, this Vicky Karayannias woman won’t let Chris wipe his own butt without checking with her first. he has even said that he doesn’t do anything without Vicky’s approval. Can you even imagine? he is so wipped by this ugly old woman it is beyond belief. She is always throwing some temper tantrum and I think she is an embarrasment. He needs to wake up already. She makes him look bad by the horrible way she treats people. Why would he want to be associated with her? I am not alone in this belief by all the posts I have just read!

  • wendy

    Chris Cornell is so changed in all of his values since he has been with Vicky. No one likes her, she is rude to everyone and she is clearly not easy on the eyes. I don’t understand what the attraction to her is on his part.It is a mystery.