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Suri Cruise is Nutcracker Nice

Suri Cruise is Nutcracker Nice

Suri Cruise poses with her mom, Katie Holmes, and a dancer from ‘The Nutcracker’ at the New York City Ballet in New York City on Sunday. (Suri is wearing Best & Co.’s Scallop Placket Coat and Ralph Lauren Baby’s Duchess Dress.)

Check out this cute picture of Suri holding onto Katie‘s ear!

Also pictured below is Katie carrying Suri into the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre for the matinee performance of All My Sons on Sunday. Katie‘s parents also were in-town for the performance and walked into the stage entrance.

25+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise being Nutcracker nice…

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suri cruise nutcracker nice 01
suri cruise nutcracker nice 02
suri cruise nutcracker nice 03
suri cruise nutcracker nice 04
suri cruise nutcracker nice 05
suri cruise nutcracker nice 06
suri cruise nutcracker nice 07
suri cruise nutcracker nice 08
suri cruise nutcracker nice 09
suri cruise nutcracker nice 10
suri cruise nutcracker nice 11
suri cruise nutcracker nice 12
suri cruise nutcracker nice 13
suri cruise nutcracker nice 14
suri cruise nutcracker nice 15
suri cruise nutcracker nice 16
suri cruise nutcracker nice 17
suri cruise nutcracker nice 18
suri cruise nutcracker nice 19
suri cruise nutcracker nice 20
suri cruise nutcracker nice 21
suri cruise nutcracker nice 22
suri cruise nutcracker nice 23
suri cruise nutcracker nice 24
suri cruise nutcracker nice 25
suri cruise nutcracker nice 26
suri cruise nutcracker nice 27

Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Amy Sussman//Getty
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  • anonymous

    shes not wearin a dress!!!

  • www


  • meg

    The dancer from the nutcracker looks embarrassed to be posing with Katie Holmes. I would too. She was probably caught offguard and didn’t know how to handle the delicate situation.

  • Ally

    Super cute!

  • ho ho ho

    Everybody looks bored to death. There probably weren’t enough paparazzi around for Katie. They all look miserable like they would rather be anywhere else.

    Katie Homely is getting more homely looking every day. She needs some polish. She’s so dorky looking.

  • Linda

    Hate that mushroom looking hat on her head. It looks like something my grandma would wear.


    Hey everybody….remember Nellie Olson on the Little House on the Prairie. Katie looks exactly like her except for the brown hair. Their facial features are the same. I knew she reminded me of someone.

  • dear me

    Not a very happy looking child.

  • Ashley Banks

    I’ll say it. She looks good and sober for once.

  • Mr. Blonde

    Oh shut up, #3!

    Been there, heard that, #5.

  • Where’s the security guy?

    Has Katie FINALLY realized she is not famous and no one cares for her, therefore she doesn’t need a security guy with her? Hope so….she looks so stupid with a security person. She must think very high of herself.

    What a dumb brainwashed bimbo….her parents need to sit her down and level with her while they have her to themselves. She is living in a fantasy world. Everybody is making fun of her and Suri.

    It’s time for a talk Mr and Mrs Holmes.

  • Ally

    And LOLOLOL at Suri in pic #25. She is like “Step off. This is my mama and I share her with no one.”

  • WTF?

    Wassup with the ugly hat that doesn’t match the outfit Kate is wearing? That outfit is something my 66 year old grandmother would wear. FUG!

    Kate is a really boring person. Why is she dressing like she’s 60?

    She needs some whitener for her teeth. I noticed that Tom’s veneers really make Katie’s teeth look gross. Maybe they are permanently stained and Tom needs to buy her some veneers so they can be Mr. and Mrs. Chicklet.

  • WTF?

    I don’t know about sober #9…Katie looks like she’s been boozin’ it up to me.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`she’s fcuking adorable.
    ;suri so fly she should have wings.

  • groundcontrol

    The Nutcracker Suite for a 2 year old? These people are insane.

    I hope it was the abridged abridged abridged version.

  • Old Nutter Hubbard

    Commenting negatively or positively on the pics/articles is what we are supposed to do, not become abusive towards posters for sharing their opinions. So if ANYBODY should ‘shut up’ on these boards, Mr. Blonde, it is YOU.

  • Michell

    Holmes looks like she’s been back handed on her left cheek.

  • nk

    Why does Kate look more and more androgynous, maybe Tom likes his wife looking boyish.

  • nicole b

    Poor woman, to think she has to go back to Calif, hdq of Scientologist TC……….oooh I bet she is dreading it, does she still have the herpes sore? That’s an indication of how much she dreads it. If I had a nutjob for a husband like she does I’d have a swarm of security around my a–. Did anyone see the interview with Oprah? TC is such a liar, his whole interview was a lie and you could tell Oprah knew as she looked uncomfortable when he answered certain questions esp. about KH and Suri.

  • nAT

    Suri is tooooo cute!
    She is going to be gorgeous when she grows up!!!!

  • bella

    It looks like KH regrets cutting her hair, probably on orders from TC, maybe that’s why she hides it with her cap. She’s starting to look like her old self slowly I just hope that she has the strength to fight the TC machine and be happy, not just for herself, but for her daughter too.

  • selina

    What a flat range of emotions Suri is exhibiting here. You would expect a little girl of her age to be full of excitement and awe at the ballet dancers and looking happy to see her grandparents. But she just coldly stares. Quite odd.

  • tessla

    She’s starting to not look so Posh, I am so glad. I hope she stays that way, instead of looking so fake with all that heavy makeup and the drag queen look that is Posh, she’s looking fresh and young again. Stand your ground Katie don’t give in, he’s a horrible monster and you deserve better. Money is not everything, your life is.

  • eliza

    I can see how paps are able to get pictures on the street. But how do they get backstage at a theater unless they are invited in for a photo-shoot?

  • ginger

    Suri looks strange in these pictures, chubbier and almost robot-like. I hope she grows up to be like her mother and not like the cult that her step-father so revers.

  • Mr. Blonde

    Sorry, #17. I just got frustrated with #5′s idiotic comment.

    How do you know ANY of that, #20?

  • tom

    What’s that cat doing on top of Katie’s head? Why did she wear that goofy hat? Hasn’t she heard of long-sleeved winter dresses??? Sure, they’re inside but it’s still winter weather!

  • boogie

    Suri is so cute in the red dress.

    She seems to have big feet for her age ! LOL

  • angie

    Katie Holmes is gorgeous! I wish her hair was a little longer because it was sooo pretty. Suri looks adorable.

  • Zombie Zygote

    Suri looks a bit like L.Ron Hubbard in this picture:

    P.S. Andrew Morton who wrote Tom’s unofficial biography still hasn’t been sued over that rumour, funnily enough.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Put some ORDINARYnormal) clothes on her body, YOU WORSHIPPERS!!

  • poorkid

    Ewww #31, Suri does have the sames lips as L.R. Hubbard. It is odd, sometimes Suri looks like Tom, at times I see a similarity to Josh Hartnett, but she does mostly look like Katie. But those lips…

    I hate speculating about this, but I just find it odd that Tom Cruises’ first wife claimed he was steril and they couldn’t have kids (she later had kids with her 2nd hubby). He and Nicole Kidman never had kids, although she did have an etopic pregnancy right before they broke up (and she just had a baby with Keith Urban). They were married for 10 years and never had their own kids. Then, he meets Katie and gets her pregnant a few weeks or a few months after they meet??? Just so very curious. I think the only thing that is plausible is if Katie was pregnant when she started dating Tom or she had L.R. Hubbard’s baby.

  • boogie

    ugh—I don’t see any resemblance to this Hubbard weirdo.

  • kaylee

    i agree #8.. suri never looks happy =/

  • Jen1

    So adorable! Both outfits. Her fancy dress: a princess. :)

  • Jen1

    Also, Katie. Too pretty. She’s totally cool.

  • defap

    Serious Suri is funny: I’ll smile only when I feel like smile.
    Is the red sweater a grandma’s choice? Looking really cute in it, Suri.

  • Living doll
  • www

    Mr Blonde is so obsessive, it’s creepy. You go out of your way to defend these strangers, and get extremely upset when people criticize them.

    Do yourself a favor and lay off the computer. You remind me of those psychotic celebrity stalkers.

  • g!rocks

    aaw! Suri looks adorable! Katie probably has a cold sore from stress. She looks very rundown lately from her nyc show!

  • BG

    Suri has some issues. That kid does not smile because she is autistic. She needs meds and her “daddy” won’t help her with it. This kid is miserable. No matter what you put on her she still looks fugly!
    In ever picture Katie always looks like she is posing even when she is kneeling down. Damn , she “thinks” she looks picture worthy. Wake up girl!
    I’m curious too. How did the paps get back stage????? PR What a joke these people are.

  • Lorianne joy in Suri’s eyes.
    When has there ever been real joy in that baby’s eyes?

    I’ve seen and known bored children and they simply have their “moments”, but I can’t think of a time where I’ve ever seen Suri laughing in a picture. Or even a full toothed smile.
    Not once ounce of wonderment in her.

    Quite sad really.

  • d

    gorgeous family

    haters your eyes need to be checked and your evil souls are VIPS for hell

  • fan

    Mom and baby are sooooo cute

  • sad

    ignore the trolls who are pathetic to the core….

  • 911

    How sweet to see Katie’s family. Katie looks like Jackie O and Suri is cute as always!!!

  • ff




  • iron chef

    JJ how I love this family and while the pics are all beautiful your featured one with Suri holding the ear of Katie is sooooo precious.

  • gerard

    Tom’s ladies are beautiful!