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Rihanna's All About The Ruffles

Rihanna's All About The Ruffles

Rihanna and boyfriend Chris Brown shop together at the Louis Vuitton store around Champs Elysees on Thursday (December 18) in Paris, France.

Rihanna, 20, wore a fierce head-to-toe black ensemble, including a killer ruffly top and skintight pants. Chris, 19, made goofy faces at photographers as he waited around while RiRi shopped up a storm. He also wore a necklace with a Stormtrooper pendant (the soldiers with white body armor from Star Wars.)

15+ pictures inside of ruffly Rihanna

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rihanna ruffles 01
rihanna ruffles 02
rihanna ruffles 03
rihanna ruffles 04
rihanna ruffles 05
rihanna ruffles 06
rihanna ruffles 07
rihanna ruffles 08
rihanna ruffles 09
rihanna ruffles 10
rihanna ruffles 11
rihanna ruffles 12
rihanna ruffles 13
rihanna ruffles 14
rihanna ruffles 15

Credit: KCSPresse; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • zara

    OMG, she look like a bitch …!

  • Fergie ferg

    my sis loves this chicks taste in shoes. I also love her jacket very nice. Whats with her bf? revenge of the nerds!!!

  • Kally

    She’s in France because tomorrow (Friday 19) night she’s going to perform live on the Star Academy final show!!

  • peeps

    Rihanna looks like shit.

  • Calvin

    fug and fuglier!

  • ka ching

    Prince and Urkel’s European Vacation :-)

  • maybe…maybe not

    Chris is too funny! i love his personality. I’m not feeling the ruffled top, but Rihanna is still one of the flyest chicks in the game right now.

  • Jazzy

    lol@pic 13!!!!!!

  • XyZ

    Rihanna needs to do something about her hair. She really does look like a man.

  • neo

    Why is she going without a jacket at night?

    Isn’t it cold in Paris?

  • wan

    I also love her jacket. She looks great!

  • t

    Rihanna is all flash.
    No substance.

  • Leah

    The long coat is nice. The short coat/top? and the bad hair make RiRi look like a poodle.

  • cute

    She’s not pretty, but still a very cute girl.

  • Selena-Daily

    She is fucked up..and going bald.

  • anon

    aw chris! my little goofball!

  • Justin

    Damn, when did Princess Ri become Prince?

  • Twilight

    I don’t know what it is with this chick but she’s too thin or something. She has really pretty eyes but doesn’t quite make pretty. It’s like she misses it by two inches or something.

  • Ben

    …two boys enjoying an evening in Paris.

  • Stevie Wonder

    The rejuvenation treatments are working. Ms. Warwick looks younger than ever!

  • soleil

    skin tight pants
    sunglasses at night.
    no jacket and a short top in freezing cold temps.

    all designed to show off her booty instead of her usual.


  • sexymf

    There is nothing wrong with short hair…it’s chic and cool. I’m glad Rihanna does not feel the need to wear a fucking weave or lace front wig like Beyonce and many other chicks in Hollywood. Nothing wrong with having your own look and not having long hair down to your ass. RiRi style is in a class of her own. I would love to raid this chick’s closet. This chick can dress her ass off!! Also, feeling Posh Spice’s short hair cut too…

  • Roosevelt

    The tranny and the geek do Paris!

  • Jada

    I would love to raid her closet too and burn all those fugly clothes and shoes. Who is her stylist? They should be shot for making Rihanna look like a guy. Poor thing gets stopped in airports because ppl think she’s Prince.

    That’s not her real hair btw. Pretty obvious weave to cover the bald spots.

  • yuck


  • Dallas

    What does this girl do besides shop and lip synch?

  • pinky

    she looks like she’s wearing a wig.

  • COOL


  • COOL


  • berry

    I think Rihanna’s losing her hair.

    Her forehead keeps getting bigger and bigger.

  • diva

    They went shoppin along the Champs Elysees enough said! i would kll to do that other than that Rhianna looks fierce as usual yeh many of u ppl are sck of her why i dont know but the grl is klling the fashion game for awhile and that alone deserves some recgonition!

  • Paulina

    she looks GORGEOUS !
    Chris is adorable .

  • ants

    She looks like a guy.

  • wow

    It’s Prince!

  • Jessica

    Rihanna cannot sing or dance. She’s attractive but that’s not enough in the entertainment industry. I’m tired of people like her, Jessica Alba (who can’t act to save her life), Scarlet Johansson (another bad actress) and even Kiera Knightley (most overrated actress) getting roles just because of their looks. That’s why their movies, except the action ones, fail at the box office. Because they’re not good at what they do.

  • Natalie

    What’s up with the diamond strom trooper pendant. Riri tries too hard to be cutting edge sometimes. Everything else looks pretty good. Her hair looks fine. She might have some extensions to give it a different look. But like Teri Hatcher said every woman in Hollywood wears fake hair, including herself. Teri said this while she proceeded to take out the clip on weave pieces she had in her hair.

  • Toni

    Rihanna is way overrated when it comes to her fashion sense. She or her stylish have pretty good taste, but that’s not the thing to build a career on. Some of the stuff she wears is ugly. The storm trooper necklace is just stupid. I swear the girl cannot sing. But I guess that’s not stopping her or Taylor Swift non-singing a**es.


    LOVE the outfit. LOVE, Love, love…

  • KKLM

    She is sooooo vulgar… My God, incredibly vulgar and ugly. What kind of outfit is this ? It’s awful, she has no style, she’s just vulgar…

  • enoughalready

    Make up and designer clothes make Oprah look good so what’s so special about Ms. No Talent?

    What she needs to do is tell Chris to pull up his pants and at least try and act his age…

  • bumpy


    all the jealous font is making me giggle.

    Keep doing you Rihanna. They stay up on your fashion game. You are super fly.

    Style no substance, hahahahahahahahahahahaha. The media seems to love the substance-less fashion icon. hahahahahahahahahaha

    2009 she will take the world by storm again. buckle up it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  • Kate

    This is better than what she usually wears but still pretty ugly.

    Does she really use a stylist? I thought it was just a case of the girl not knowing how to dress herself. Someone is actually advising her on how to look this bad????

  • olivia

    I knew it! She got a flat ass.

  • Cynthia

    Riri isn’t losing her hair, on the contrary her hair is growing. I hope she lets that shag grow out.

  • Taj

    Rihanna glued a wig on top of her natural hair.
    That’s why it looks so weird.
    At least she covered up her fivehead.

  • Who Cares

    I freaking love that coat! Anyone know whose?

  • sweetjasmine

    awwwww. Chris Brree n’ RiRi (syke). why da fuck is he wit dat asshole bitch. he need a betta gurl thn dat, lik moi. she think she all dat. she waz pretti wen she hd long herr. all dat haircuttin’ she bin don evr sins iz motherfuckin’ ugly. she lookin’ mo n’ mo lyk a man.

  • x

    ‘I love her shoes, I love her rings, I love her jacket’, bla bla bla…. I love HER. :D

  • seraph

    ‘I love her shoes, I love her rings, I love her jacket’, bla bla bla…. I love HER. :D – x . Just changed my name :)

  • dani