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Daniel Craig: Picnic in St. Bart's!

Daniel Craig: Picnic in St. Bart's!

James Bond hunk Daniel Craig enjoys a Caribbean picnic with girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell on Friday (December 26) in St. Bart’s.

The couple was accompanied by Andy Cohen (blue-shirt, Bravo TV’s Senior Vice President of Production and Programming) as well as another mystery male (bucket hat) and a few other friends.

Yesterday, the 40-year-old British actor enjoyed the beach with the same set of friends.

15+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig‘s St. Bart’s picnic…

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daniel craig st barts picnic 01
daniel craig st barts picnic 02
daniel craig st barts picnic 03
daniel craig st barts picnic 04
daniel craig st barts picnic 05
daniel craig st barts picnic 06
daniel craig st barts picnic 07
daniel craig st barts picnic 08
daniel craig st barts picnic 09
daniel craig st barts picnic 10
daniel craig st barts picnic 11
daniel craig st barts picnic 12
daniel craig st barts picnic 13
daniel craig st barts picnic 14
daniel craig st barts picnic 15
daniel craig st barts picnic 16
daniel craig st barts picnic 17
daniel craig st barts picnic 18
daniel craig st barts picnic 19
daniel craig st barts picnic 20

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  • paps

    what did i tell ya, paps all over them

  • satsuki

    super pic of satsuki

  • ella

    poor ella, keeping her head down all the time, cant be fun.

  • satsuki
  • ember heart
  • article
  • paps

    The paps will be all over them every single day of their vacation, I feel sorry for them but it is what it is.

    So any marriage will NOT be secret.

  • LolaSvelt

    It should be mandatory for him to wear speedos…shame he’s not wearing them here!

  • f**ing press

    I think they pissed off after a bit as the paps were getting too much.

    Cant the man be left alone to enjoy himself?

  • jezebel

    If you think THOSE pics are good, wait til you see what I posted! I just saw Daniel 2 weeks ago in NYC…check it out

  • poor guy

    poor man, cant even relax one minute. i wonder if they will stay there now?

  • no wedding

    I think we can safely bet that this holiday is not for a wedding, it seems that this is the party number:
    Dan and Sats
    Ella and unknown other girl
    Andy and Friend
    Unknown male in pink

    hardly a wedding party

  • bella

    Poor guy cannot even vacation peace.

  • picnic

    He looks extremely uncomfortable sitting there, bad idea really to have a picnic knowing the press.

  • ella

    this vacations cant be fun for them let alone Ella, she looks as if she is keeping her head down on purpose

  • daily mail

    the Daily mail article has been pulled, if you click on the daniel story it says no longer available. this happened last time to the sandy lane pics


  • daily mail

    The Daily Mail feature on him has now been officially pulled from the website. Just like the Sandy Lane pics last year. Not too sure why as you can go onto the Internet and find out where he is but there you go.
    The Daily Mail article on him and his new house was pulled too some time ago also.

    I can’t see him being in St Barts for long now.

  • mslewis

    They should go to Cap Juluca. It’s a resort in the Caribbean which is on it’s own little island and nobody can get there unless they have a reservation. St. Barts is way too celebrity crowded this time of year and is no longer exclusive enough. Too bad. It’s a beautiful little island, very sexy.

  • Body language

    I’m sorry, again, the body language says a thousand words.
    There is no closeness with these.
    Ella I don’t think is just keeping her head down, she knows they got great pictures of her last time.
    Everyone knows what she looks like now.
    I notice that she almost always keeps her back to sats, and walks behind her.
    Sats apparently loves posing for the camera as she is the only one that looks directly at the pap. Her smile and body language is saying, see I’m here, no other woman, just me. It is almost like she is trying to prove something, but most likely to herself, as, from her behavior, she most likely suspects that he has someone else on the side and is trying to convince everyone else that she is exclusive to him.

  • to 18

    or even Mustique, a private island? a man with his money could afford more privacy surely? that island is owned by Richard Branson who is involved with the Bond films – virgin atlantic

    i dont understand, why go to st barts at the height of celebrity xmas vacationing?
    doesnt make sense unless they wanted to be snapped???

  • ??

    this is an innocent observation no more:
    ive noticed that satsuki always knows where the paps are, i have seen a lot of pics now of her looking straight at them or people videoing them when they are off the red carpet.
    the pic of her at the picnic looking up is almost spooky

  • to 19

    to 19

    lol, i posted my post at the same time and you say the same thing

  • to 20

    i dont understand, why go to st barts at the height of celebrity xmas vacationing?
    doesnt make sense unless they wanted to be snapped???
    wow, didn’t think about that angle. You’re right, with all his money, he can easily afford to rent a private island or charter a yacht to go to a private island. So hopefully, ole dan doesn’t b!tch and moan about the lack of privacy if that’s true – in his position you have to take the sh!t with the sugar.

    looking at the pics again, it’s as though at the beach everyone is hamming it up for the paps (esp.the mystery guy in the bucket hat and sats) – wanting their pics taken. But for the “picnic” it’s like “leave us alone”.

  • theory

    I dont want to start any conspiracy theories here but bear with me:

    maybe these are set up shots for the paps so that they will leave them alone for the rest of the vacation although why drag Ella into it?
    i also think there are more to the party than what we see here, i think there is a larger group of family that are with him but not being seen.
    maybe this is a photo op to prove to people that he and sats are still together after all the split up/pregnancy rumors? it wouldnt surprise me any.

  • to 19

    for what it is worth, i just showed these pictures to my brother. he’s a homocide detective with the police force where we live. he spends his time dealing with murder suspects all the time. my brother says that while he, and the other homocide detectives, listens to the words they’re saying he actually spends more time studying their body language. if only the bad guys understand how much their body language gives away.

    anyway, my brother says that there is something definitely going on between these two. when i told him that daniel and satsuki are engaged to be married by brother asked if “daniel knows that”.

  • 25

    I have got the biggest grin right now it feels like my face is going to crack. I loved your brother’s question when asked if “daniel knows that.”
    Thank you for confirming my ability to read body language. I studied it somewhat, not as extensively as your brother by all means, and God bless him for the work that he does, a true hero.
    I also agree with the other poster, these may be photo op pictures to prove that they are together, which would coincide with the cover story, they have to actually prove that they are together to make the cover work.
    However, I do believe that the other two fellas are together, partners. And I have to say, they look very nice together. But they do exhibit more love between each other than Dan and Sats do, which is a little sad, they are playful with each other, touch each other, are close together, don’t ignore each other, yes, these two men definitely share love.

  • to 26

    its homicide not homocide

  • oompa loompa

    he needs to hit the gym

  • Private Island

    Yes indeed, why did someone as private as DC claims to be take such a public vacation, and why is sats actually smiling at the pap, and even dan looks like he has a slight grin on his face when looking directly at the pap.
    It almost look like just one pap that is following them around. Perhaps he works for his PR team, taking pics to prove that they are together. If she is a cover, they have to prove that they are together and happy, otherwise the cover won’t work.
    But no matter how hard they try, they can fake true love, and the real story is told by the body language, which lacks love between these two.
    Even for this picnic they could have rented a private yahct for the day, as we have seen many celebrities do for some privacy.
    I also imagine there are many private resorts for celebrities to get away where they monitor and restrict access to paps.
    So one has to ask, who and what is this obvious show for?

  • 27

    Did you just win a spelling bee, oh good for you, do you feel better now correcting someone’s spelling? How small can a person get, ridiculous!!!

  • 007

    oh my, is that the same man?

  • occupation

    “So one has to ask, who and what is this obvious show for?”

    to keep silly posters and self-proclaimed experts on body-language occupied? LOL

  • to 30

    I can recorrect someone if i wish, if that poster has a brother in homicide maybe she would know the right spelling.

    I just wanted that to be correct in this point because:

    homicide: killing of another person
    homocide: killing of homosexuals

    I’m sure the poster would like that reiterated considering there is a gay couple in the pictures.

    Please don’t be so rude as the right terminology in this case proves to be important!

  • homicide

    i was about to post the same thing about homicide. it does make a difference here. no confusion, better that way

  • to occupation

    lol, ur right, its a game!! have to keep them busy some how!

  • 34

    Has it occurred to you that as a detective, he probably works with both types of murders, so the poster’s spelling is technically correct! If we are going to be clear on spelling, let’s think before correcting someone. Okay.
    Also no one is professing to be body language experts, but if they have some knowledge in same, why not use it to help others understand. No need to be offended because some people have knowledge in areas that you don’t.

  • Michael

    To 36, right on.

  • occupation

    “Also no one is professing to be body language experts, but if they have some knowledge in same, why not use it to help others understand”

    because in this case nobody uses any knowledge to help somebody to understand something, in this case all so-called knowledge is used to bash people, especially Ms. Mitchell.

  • dave

    It is too bad the gf is so unattractive.

  • Untrue

    All body language references have been to point out that they are not close, and therefore not getting married.
    As for “bashing” Ms. Mitchell, if she wanted to avoid all this bashing against her, then perhaps she should have chosen a different career, because it is well known that golddiggers always get bashed when they make themselves so public LMAO

  • to 38

    because in this case nobody uses any knowledge to help somebody to understand something, in this case all so-called knowledge is used to bash people, especially Ms. Mitchell.
    hate to say it… but I find something creepy about their relationship. I used to put the blame squarely on sats – but now I’m begining to doubt dan – esp. after the red carpet PDAs for qos. Seemed too forced and awkward – she looked like she was enjoying it (don’t blame her) but my question was… why now? There is just something ‘eww” about it, makes me feel very uneasy whenever I come onto JJ’s site.

  • 41

    I agree, but he is doing what he has to, to keep his cover going. That’s why it all looked so forced and “ewww” LOL
    Do you honestly think that testosterone filled dc wants everyone thinking that his gay friends are his lovers! No no
    Trust me, I have absolutely no doubt that he has a very beautiful and loving woman on the side, and we will most likely see her when he is finished playing Bond and sats is gone for good.

  • to 41

    then avoid coming onto threads involving him then. simple answer right?

  • golddigger

    Since when do golddigger mark their claimes long before there are indication that there is something to dig ?
    Sorry, but this is so ridiculous. At the time they met there have been no indication of Daniel being a goldmine LOL!

  • to 43

    Not so simple (but I wish!)… I’m still attracted to him and him as Bond. But sometimes, it’s like watching a train wreck – you can’t stop staring even though you know you should. And if all of us felt that way and actually abided by it – JJ’s site and others would just fade away. :)

  • 43

    That was childish. If it gives him the creeps, but is curious to see what is going on with these two, or to see if they have split finally, why shouldn’t he. I think a lot of us are creeped out by her. Let’s face it, she is one very ugly woman, and on top of it, she has an adam’s apple, and the looks she gives people is just downright creepy. I’m with Dave, she’s a major creepazoid!

  • hey!

    smilies show up on this board!!! I wonder if there is any more?

  • to 36

    No, technically she was talking about killing gays as she used the word “homocide”, which is the specific term for that.

    If she meant killing in the general sense then the word is “homicide” and as a gay person I wanted to make this clear and say that a poster on here should know the difference.

    I realize she made a spelling mistake but we can all be humble enough to learn from someone’s correction can’t we?

    These are intolerant and turbulent times and we must watch that.

    I also do not have a desire to get into a fight on here, I was making a correction to a very important mistake.

  • test

    testing smilies…


  • to 46

    has it not been said enough times now that a lot of people find her ugly, isnt it time to go onto something else? dont people ever get bored with saying the same thing and pointing out the same old things again and again?