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Nakoa-Wolf Momoa: Lisa Bonet's New Son!

Nakoa-Wolf Momoa: Lisa Bonet's New Son!

Life on Mars actress Lisa Bonet and Stargate Atlantis star Jason Momoa welcomed their first son together late last month and named him Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa.

What a mouthful!

The baby announcement was made by Jason‘s mother on the forum of his official website.

“Mom doing great,” she wrote. “Both parents are elated. He was born on the stormiest, rainy night,
so Nakoa (warrior), Mana (strength/spirit), Kaua (rain) and po (dark). The name was always going to be Nakoa-Wolf, but Jason did the research on [the] first middle name. [The] second middle name (Namakaeha) as you know is Jason‘s.”

The couple also has a daughter, Lola, now 17 months. Lisa also has a 20-year-old daughter with rocker Lenny Kravitz, Zoe.

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Credit: Tom Meinelt-Jackson Lee, Mario Magnani; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Bauergriffinonline
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  • mju8

    Seriously there’s like a zillion syllables in that name!!
    Can their parents even remember how to spell their child’s entire name?

  • not me

    wow! Is he part native American? Judging by his middle name (and now the baby’s) it seems so. Good for them for keeping with traditions…

  • Rhoda

    Nakoa Momoa? Good luck in school kid!

    @#2 Jason is part Hawaiian thus the name. But it’s possible to go too far even with cultural names. Why two long ass middle names?

  • jenny

    What a cutie pie.

  • melmel

    What a beautifuuulll family!!

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    I honestly don’t see anything weird with this kid’s name it’s Samoan/Hawaiian & native American with the (wolf part). The dude is embracing his heritage with that name.

    Pilot Inspektor, Pirate, Moxie Crimefighter and Bronx are truly inexplicable things to name a child. half of them aren’t names but job titles and verbs.

  • ali

    their daughter is absolutely gorgeous… idk why she didn’t get the prettiest baby in hollywood title.

  • lisaJane

    LOVE THEM!!! Almost as much as I love Alyson and Alexis. Great name for the baby. How cute is that little girl? I bet the boy is just as cute. :D

  • jkfk

    Damn Lisa’s man is hot.

  • Sha

    Does that baby wear the same clothes every day? This whole family looks like they smell like mildew.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Stunning child! I guess the name is Hawaian or Native American so I like it.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Jason is part Hawaian and part White so this name makes sense. The daughter Lola is stunning. And Lisa is beautiful. So is Zoe. Nice family….

  • jessalyn

    As someone who’s half Metis I love that they went with tradition. It makes me sad how white washed North America is and that ethnic names are made fun of… Pilot Inspector… weird… Apple…odd… But I love this name. It has a strong background and is rooted in this child’s heritage.
    I don’t think people should have to name their kids Emma or Bryce to fit in. I think as a society we should be teaching our kids to appreciate other cultures so that bullying about different ethnicity’s no longer occur.

  • jessalyn

    I should also add their daughter is stunning… Absolutely beautiful.

  • lala

    what a name!

  • EvilLynn

    ITA, Jessalyn. With both of your posts.

  • Melody

    wow! what a beautiful name! I really love it when parents take the time to do research to get their kids names that mean something and not just name them with something that sounds partly original and partly weird

    also I wanted to ask, does anyone know where and when these pictures were taken ?

  • Just Jared

    They were taken around October.

  • andamentothat

    It is a tough name phonetically but great meaning.. I bet he will go by Wolf though.

  • LuckyL

    Beautiful display of culture

  • LuckyL

    That child is adorable btw

  • Sarah May

    Now theres a normal hollywood name! Haha. Its not like they’re trying to be different on purpose. They’re embracing his cultural heritage and not some disney movie, fruit, employment position, cartoon. I love it!

  • Mia

    Love Jason love Lisa they have a very beautiful family. I am sure the newest member is beautiful as well.

  • Mia

    There is nothing wrong with this name or the other “hollywood kids” names. If you don’t like the names… don’t name your kids that. People are always trying to control what other people do.

  • no name

    The kids shirt is cool!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    So would you all laugh if you met a Native American kid whose name is : Eagle Eye, or Feather Foot? Those names come from a culture that is the first to populate America. And the Hawaiian culture is one that has very strong roots so why should they not name their kids that? I think it is a great name.

  • aeon

    He is hot. Nice. Lola is so cute. aww….

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • Jodi

    Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa … let’s see:
    Yep, Hawaiian. The energy of a child called “The Wolf-Warriors of the forceful war in the night with hurtful eyes” … oh lala. Good luck, little man.
    Na koa means “the warriors” (plural! “na”; “ka” would be singular), Manakauapo can also mean “Forceful War At Night”, if “kaua” meant rain, the word would have to be “Manauapo” (because “ua” means “rain”, “ka” is “the”; Or, if they want all the “the”s: “Kamanaikauaokapo”; “po” rarely means “dark” as an adjective! It means “invisible realm” and “night”; and Namakaeha means “The hurtful eyes”. Momoa can mean “to supply with food”, “to care for, protect, cherish” and anything that has to do with chicken or a part of a canoe stern; it’s a form of Moamoa. Also a type of fish.
    There you go. You are welcome.

  • katie n

    How nice of them to celebrate their heritage this way.

  • Jodi

    If you take “Lola” also as a Hawaiian word, you’d get to meanings like a type of fish or plant, or “drooping, hanging downward; droopy, sluggish, lazy, idle” … I think only people very well versed in ancient languages should use them for names. Why? Because of all the spiritual connotations and actual meanings!

  • Big Mama

    Bubba, for short.

  • Queen N

    I always loved Jason, he’s hooooooooot
    but Liza .. I don’t like her
    well they’re happy together

  • S

    That’s like the wierdest name ever.. that is like “words” you came up with when you were like 6. How do you even pronounce that name?

  • Amy 1

    To Jodi; if you want to break names and give all the surrounding meanings I can give funny meanings to almost all the common (supossedly normal) American names using the several Indian languages I speak.

    For starters; Jodi means ‘couple’ in Hindhi. But the vulgar use in some other parts for jodi means ‘to have sex.’ There you go.

  • Jess

    It’s gunna take that baby a heck of a long time to learn how to spell his name!!

  • Tata

    Jason is so hot!! The kid is really cute, but the name? Poor thing lol

  • Erin

    Jason’s a cheating ass and perfect for Hollywood consider he was engaged and with another woman for so many years, whereupon flash to 6 months later his current girlfriend gives birth to their child.

    Lovely family indeed.

  • lilme

    I’ve seen longer Hawaiian names both in number of names and length (try Wehekealake’alekupuna). I suppose if you’re not familiar in pronouncing the Hawaiian language, names like these seem daunting. But it’s a syllabic language so it’s actually not that hard to learn the vowel sounds. I really wish people visiting the islands would put a little effort into learning how to pronounce things.

  • starorion

    He is way too young and hot to be with her!! Congrats on the beautiful babies but by the time Jason hits 40′s shes gonna need a walker!!

  • katie n

    Jess @ 01/09/2009 at 12:05 pm It’s gunna take that baby a heck of a long time to learn how to spell his name!!

    And then when he realize his sister’s name is Lola…

  • geehache

    dont know if i’d pick one that difficult but i wish i had a heritage i could pass down in such a way. i love my kids names but they dont tell a story or honour anything

  • darkfallenangel

    Come on pple Think about ur kids before naming them! what on heart ???

  • Malus

    Hi, turtle, bear, octopus, wolf, giraffe…WWF can protect this animals

  • Sillau

    no its obviously hawaiian,you guys think this name is long,alot of hawaiian and samoans had longer names than that,like the hawaiian princess Ka’iulani,or this one samoan baby almost basically had the whole alphabet,basically its not uncommon for polynesians to hear or have a very long name

  • ellie’

    What a beautiful family..