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Violet Affleck Shows Sippy Cup Smile

Violet Affleck Shows Sippy Cup Smile

Big Daddy Ben Affleck holds a pink and green sippy cup while picking up 3-year-old daughter Violet from school in Santa Monica on Thursday.

Also pictured below is Jen & Ben dropping their daughter off at school yesterday.

With younger daughter, Seraphina Affleck born last Tuesday, Violet picked up a BIG SISTER t-shirt and showed it off on Monday!

20+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck and her sippy cup smile…

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violet affleck sippy cup smile 01
violet affleck sippy cup smile 02
violet affleck sippy cup smile 03
violet affleck sippy cup smile 04
violet affleck sippy cup smile 05
violet affleck sippy cup smile 06
violet affleck sippy cup smile 07
violet affleck sippy cup smile 08
violet affleck sippy cup smile 09
violet affleck sippy cup smile 10
violet affleck sippy cup smile 11
violet affleck sippy cup smile 12
violet affleck sippy cup smile 13
violet affleck sippy cup smile 14
violet affleck sippy cup smile 15
violet affleck sippy cup smile 16
violet affleck sippy cup smile 17
violet affleck sippy cup smile 18
violet affleck sippy cup smile 19
violet affleck sippy cup smile 20
violet affleck sippy cup smile 21
violet affleck sippy cup smile 22

Credit: James Breeden, Kevin Perkins, Banks, WENN; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • dani

    What a cutie!

  • my2cents

    Has been actors who use their own children as publicity pawns. Ben stole a page out of Katie’s book. Isn’t kind of early for him to be doing promotional stuff? State of Play does not come out until April.

  • my2cents

    Where’s band-aid I mean Seraphina?

  • buckeyegurl

    Such a cute, happy little girl. They must be doing something right.

  • Jana

    Violet is sooooo cute! Poor kid. She didn’t ask for this!

  • anon

    how is picking your child up from school the same thing as using her for publicity?

  • stfu

    thank you anon 11:01pm, well said
    you’ll have to forgive my2cents, also known as a scorned JLO die hard fan who is in denial. Jen G and Ben are fine, probably more commited to each other than posters, yes posters not insiders or sources, give them credit for.

  • ben/jen fan

    my2cents @ 01/15/2009 at 10:40 pm Has been actors who use their own children as publicity pawns

    WHAT? yea, that’s right they call them everyday to hang outside Violet’s school.


    The paps stake out Violet’s school. When she first started their they tried the front door, but the paps hounded them. Then they tried to take Violet in and out a side door near a parking garage. The paps staked that out to.

    Do you have children? If so would you like cameras at your child’s school at drop off and pick up? I know I sure as heck wouldn’t.

  • boogie

    Violet is so cute and looks like a normal happy child unlike Suri Cruise who hides and covers her ears and eyes when the paps are around.

    I guess Violet is more well adjusted.

    The paps are a bugger! I would not like them around me constantly either!


    The paps should be banned from that school.
    I think it’s really awful
    Leave them the FCUK ALONE

  • eeewwwness

    ben affleck — the not funny version of ben stiller. they look alike to me. and can he look any more miserable? or maybe he’s just incredibly bored, like he would just love to blow his brains out.

  • eeewwwness

    (somebody save him)

  • gerard Vandenberg

    DAMN, those “FATHERS & SON” are getting uglier every time, folks!!

  • my2cents™

    my2cents @ 01/15/2009 at 10:40 pm
    #2-3, get your own name and stop impersonating people.

    Violet is adorable.

  • Grace

    She looks like such a sweet, good-natured little girl. And I don’t care what jaded comments are made about the family’s motives, Violet constantly has either her mother, her father, or both with her. A happy little girl who’s always got a parent around? Yeah, I’m not going to nitpick that situation.

  • Grace

    Also, Ben’s got his child in his arms, his post-partum wife in the car, and a swarm of flashbulb-happy paparazzos around him. He’s likely thinking something other than “make sure I’ve got a smile on my face for the internet commenters”.

    For heaven’s sake, I scowl when I’m carrying my daughter down a couple of steps. It’s called concentration.


    what a cutie pie!
    she’s like a ray of sunshine, little miss affleck.
    they seem like a totally normal family..nice to see in Hollywood.
    God bless them.

  • hennypenny

    How sad the paps follow them everywhere. Its one thing to take pics of celebs out at night….but at their kids school…too much! Leave them alone! They look like good parents but the constant pap attention is gonna screw the kids up.

  • right on

    Well said Grace @ 12:22
    That fact that this child is perpetually happy is proof that she is being brought up in an environment fullof love. Kids can’t fake it, especially a three year old. Her parents are commited to each other not because they should be but because they want to be. I’m not saying their relationship is perfect, but I believe they have their priorities straight.
    I predict they will have another child in 2011, another girl.

  • Triple x

    I like Violet because she is like a ray of sunshine….it brightens my day to see that happy smile. But schools should be off limits. It’s too pervy for grown men to be hanging around schools taking pictures. It’s creepy and must be disruptive for the other parents picking up their children ….people want to get their kid and leave, not have to dodge dozens of paps whose vehicles are probably tying up the parking spots also.

  • Jerri

    In reply to No. 11, Ben is probably looking a bit depressed cos he isn’t getting any !!! And I guess with her having another band-aid baby, this will be the case for a long time. She is very unattractive at this time afterall. Pity though there new baby was a girl as maybe he was hoping for a boy and is depressed because of that.

  • boogie

    Jerri- #21

    you think that is why he looks “depressed”? How very silly and immature.
    Not everything is about sex. Did you ever think that the reason could be the paps? They are constantly around him and Jennifer….lightbulbs constantly flashing and they can’t go anywhere without a herd of those paps.

    It is well known he hates the paps. Ever see the video – x17..he actually elbows them away from his car, etc…..I don’t blame him!

  • Mr. Pink

    Get real, #2. Garner and Affleck aren’t has-beens and neither they or Katie Holmes use their kid for publicity. All Affleck is doing here is innocently picking up his daughter from school while photographers are expectedly photographing them because they’re famous.

    You’re an idiot, #9.

    Prove it or shut up, #21.

  • tiffany

    She is such a doll. She’s always smiling and just a bundle of preciousness!

  • sjg

    how cute is she?, i like Ben, he’s a cutie too. congrats on the new addition to this wonderful family.

  • jade120

    omg! i use to think violet was cute but that 4th pic of her big eared, beaver teeth is a horriblly scarey looking kid! she looks so homely! poor ugly child!

  • lae

    i have to say that this is the cutest kid in all of hollywood. she’s great even when she’s not always smiling, which is rare. unlike suri cruise, who is cute, but really puts on a show instead of being a natural little girl, messy and all. i mean violet affleck doesn’t even have a pissy attitude and she’s a hollywood baby. her parents are famous too. anyways i hope the new baby is doing good and that ben and jen keep doing what they are for their family. i’m sorry shiloh that i gave vi the cutest baby award…uhm maybe shiloh gets cutest normal hollywood baby in the universe…cause that kid dress like she’s really from wherever she was born, raggedy and all. hally barry’s baby is cute, same with mather mccougnahy’s baby. oh and adam sandler’s baby is cute. oh shit forget violet, ISLA FISHER AND SACAH BARON COHEN HAVE THE CUTEST BABY!!!!!!!!

  • Adoring Fan

    Sorry to disagree with some people here but Ben Affleck does not look depressed in the least. If anything, he looks p!ssed off. What parent in their right mind wouldn’t be (with the exception of Tom Cruise, who would be grinning like a cheshire cat if they were taking pics of his kid). Ben Affleck is not Tom Cruise. His baby is not afraid because she knows her parents are not going to let anything happen to her. She can therefore relax and be the happy, well adjusted, normal beautiful baby girl that she is. Love this family.

  • Adoring Fan

    Violet is soooo adorable. Cutest kid ever! I want a little girl just like her. Her sweetness, her cuteness is so precious. No wonder her folks adore her. I bet her little sister is just as precious. She and her baby sister are some lucky celeb babies. I’m so jealous but in a good way.

  • Kati

    Violet is soooo adorable! She, her sister, the Jolie-Pitt girls (all three of them) and Harlow Madden will one day compete which one of them is breaking more hearts among the boys. It´s easy to see that Violet is a daddy´s girl. Hopefully she won´t be too jealous of her little sister Seraphina. Those two Affleck girls are lucky to have such good parents as Ben and Jen. They´re like any other parents dropping their little girl to school and picking her up. Hope to see photos of little Seraphina soon! She sure is as cute as her big sis Violet!

  • babygirl44

    I find Violet really lovable and adorable. She looks like a very sweet kid. It’s nice to see that 1 of her parents makes it a point to bring and pick her up from school.

  • Katie

    I hope Serap got the looks because Violet sure didn’t that is one fug kid. Jen must still be recovering from her c-section, Violet was chained to her hip she would be carrying her if not the for big C.

  • CR30.01

    Such a happy kid! She’s adorable. It would be nice if the paps gave them a break, though. We don’t need to see Violet’s comings and goings to school everyday. It’s cute, but we really don’t.

  • give me a break!!!

    this ugly child is still using a SIPPY CUP?
    no wonder her teeth are rotten!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I need to THROW UP from all the comments here, folks!!

  • boston

    It just makes you smile when you see her she is just the happiest kid.

  • boogie

    #23- Mr Pinkie..

    incorrect. YOU are the idiot. We alll know you have this sick crush on the Cruises- in your own weird mind- you think they are perfect. No one cares as much as you do Mr PInkie. Ugh- i’ve already wasted my time responding to you……now, I feel like throwing up.

    What are you gonna do now that there is no more Katie and Suri walking from their apt to a car? Oh , I feel for Mr Pinkie. lol

  • maja

    Ugly couple ugly child both suck as actors and no one give a cra2p about these two. Ben cannot comlain about the paps after having his fugly wifey put child in spotlight, you cannot have it both ways only when it’s for publicity, ben should have stopped wifey from going to public parks and smelling and weighing fruit at farmer’s market , that put child in spotlight and gave the paps an ok to snap pics. so stop compaining ben , all is calculated with these celebs they know when to put out a child’s name after the globes to get publicity and not before to stay in the papers so stop silly fans the paps follow everyone paris linsey etc. etc. but you won’t see them on a cover of a tabloid because they don’t sell mags. Jolie and anistan do!!!!!!!!

  • Ha!

    What is wrong with some of you people? (actually, the one or two people who continuously change screen names -yeah, we can’t tell you’re doing that, morons) What reason is there to hate any of these people? Violet is ADORABLE. And Jen and Ben are benign to the point of many of you calling them boring – how does that generate hate?

  • Ha!

    BTW, he doesn’t look depressed or unhappy – he looks exhausted. They have a newborn at home! Picture #14 makes me a little sad for them. The pictures that show all the vultures with cameras around them really make me wonder how anyone could think they alert the paps themselves. No one would want that for their child.

  • a realist

    Violet is a happy, well adjusted little girl. Seraphina will be the same way.

  • a realist

    I bet Violet can talk up a storm. She makes me happy just looking at her. I love the Affleck’s.

  • shamrock

    Benny boy looks rather sleepy and annoyed folks. Makes sense to me. Love Violet’s face in some of these photos with facial expression. She reminds me of her Mommy. Does anyone know what character that is on Ben’s shirt?

    Wishing them as much rest as possible and Jen a wonderful recovery from being preggers. The Mommy needs lots of TLC during this time as well as the bombina. Looks like Ben and his Mother are worthy of being valuable players in this familia. Would love to see Jen’s family around with them.

    Love you Benny boy and keep up the good work. You always look dapper to me, sleepy or bright eyed and bushy tailed.

  • Mr. Brown

    You’re disgusting, #32.

    No one is perfect and you are an idiot, #37.

  • natalie

    does this kid ever walk?

    i mean i get that it’s easier to carry her around but she’s 3! let the girl walk around

  • Ha!

    Natalie, I’m sure she does a whole lot of walking when they aren’t surrounded by a swarm of nasty photographers.

  • Seraphina

    She is a clone of her mommy!!!!! So cute and I love that she seems to be such a happy kid! If a pap yells her name she just laughs and smiles. Jen taught her at an early age to not be afraid of the Paps. I love it.

  • ellie

    Jen & Ben violet is mommy’s little twin what a little beauty always happy little girl, Congratulations on your new little beauty can’t wait to see her. Hope Jen is doing well..
    Ben & Jen I’ve been looking at pictures of you both and i must say when you two look at each other I’ve never seen a purer love then what you have its really sincere and no doubt about it of how much you two love each other. Wish you all nothing but happiness in your life..

  • sara

    # 26 jade120 @ 01/16/2009 at 2:56 am omg! i use to think violet was cute but that 4th pic of her big eared, beaver teeth is a horriblly scarey looking kid! she looks so homely! poor ugly child!

    You are an ugly fool.
    Violet chipped her two front teeth when she was younger, just as Shiloh Pitt did. Her second teeth will look fine.
    And since Britney Spears and BOTH of her sons Preston and Jayden have Dumbo ears, I doubt this makes any difference.
    Bet YOU are one homely piece of you know what YOURSELF!

  • http://google toni

    father and daughter duo, they looks so cute.
    violet started to look more like her dad, Ben.