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Usher's Wife Stable After Surgery

Usher's Wife Stable After Surgery

Usher‘s wife Tameka Raymond is stable after a medical emergency.

His rep said Monday, “Tameka Raymond is in stable condition after suffering complications from routine surgery in Brazil. Her husband Usher is with her at the hospital. No further details will be released, and the family requests privacy at this difficult time.”

Access Hollywood reports Tameka, 37, experienced complications from plastic surgery. A neurosurgeon, Dr. Gabriel Hunt of LA’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, arrived in Brazil yesterday to treat Tameka.

Because of the incident, Usher, 30, backed out of a scheduled performance at Clive Davis‘ pre-Grammy party.

Usher and Tameka have two children — Usher Raymond V, 15 months, and Naveid Ely Raymond, 2 months. Tameka also has three sons from a previous relationship.

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  • indiesr

    She just had this baby, couldnt she wait a little before having this surgery or even better, try diet and exercise…almost everyone is so quick to go under the knife, give your body a break from all the cuts and tucks.

  • andamentothat

    did his mom not die from Plastic surgery or am i confusing this with someone else..

    Wow, plastic surgery two months after baby and that too in Brazil.. why not right here? weird..

  • hannah duncan

    What kind of surgery I wonder?

  • raquel

    #2. I think tha was Kanye West’s mother who died from complications from surgery.

    I think she should have waited a bit before going under the knife myself, and why Brazil with all the surgeons we have in the states? I mean, I don’t think they’re hurting for money here.

  • nikki L

    no offense but I really wouldn’t recommend surgery let alone plastic surgery outside of the U.S.

  • Lea

    Jeez, nowdays people are insane. Social/peer pressure I don’t know…she just got a baby.

    Brazil? I guess she wanted to be discret and to avoid the tabloids..too bad huh????

  • thetruththetruth

    i agree nikki L

  • to #2

    plastic surgery tourism in Brazil is very popular. Brazil has best plastic surgeons

  • whatever, yo

    I was listening to Ryan Seacret’s radio show, and they had the guy who runs the Grammy’s and Usher not being there was okay because he wasn’t scheduled to present, perform or anything, he was just a regular guest…

    However, I wish his wife the best and wished she didn’t have to go out of the country for surgery when there are qualified docs in the states!


    how gorgeous would u look if u died from complications in cosmetic surgery? dumb, shallow idiots.

  • sam

    nikki L
    I bet you’ve never been outside the US to say something like that, hun?

  • alessandra

    She came here because Brazil is the best in the world in plastic surgery

  • Laurena

    What is going on in the world? She is a mother. She has a husband. Money. She needs to focus on what’s really important in life.

  • not me

    nikki L #5

    India and Brazil have some of the best doctors in the world. Plastic surgery is risky wherever it is done. Check the number of cases where plastic surgery went bad in the U.S.

  • jolly

    people in brazil are really ugly. those women there think they are hot, but they are not. lol give me a break. she went there because she’s cheap….thinking she could save a few grand.

  • lol

    No way is she 37! More like 47.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ugly bishes always trying to get plastic surgery. usher got himself a real manly ugmug.

  • alessandra

    she came here because Brazil has the best plastic surgeons of the world.

  • sam

    And if you pay attention, the best doctor in the us are foreigners.

  • alessandra

    ahoshoahosas meu deus quanta inveja..essa jolly deve ser uma baranga inveja das brasileiras!!!

  • David

    This is how the women in Hollywood earn their body sneak off and have surgery. Ugly as his wife is I hope she also had something done to that face.

  • a inveja mata

    what? people in brazil are ugly??? lol and this woman came to brazil trying to be like them =(

  • Juliana

    She probably saw all the pretty woman from Brazil and wanted to be pretty like them =)

  • sam

    oh, man! you people are cruel. You don’t know here, you don’t know him, and you have no idea waht the hell is going on. How can you say stuff like that?!


    HAHAHAHA é nois! esses americanos MORREm de inveja!!!!

    Sorry, Jolly.. we are NOT ugly, whatsoever…hun..maybe jealousy? yeah!

  • EU


  • Mariana lopes

    don’t forget. Gisele Bundchen is Brazilian and is the best model in the world

  • Carol

    HAA! jolly you dont know wtf you are talking about!! you must be a fat white whore and trust me you have nothing to be proud of.. she came to Brazil to look just a lil bit like brazilian women and you would too! stop being so bitchy just because you are jealous of them! you would love to be tan 365 days a year ! and you dont even have to go to the beach every weekend for that! JEALOUSY KILLS BITCH!

  • lola

    Since when is Usher 30 and Tameka 37? Soon Usher will be older than Tameka!

  • To JOLLY


  • bin

    os brasileiros tem a melhor bunda?! bicho, vcs q queimam geral, pelamor… deixa os ignorantes falrem merda. “berrar” merda de volta só vai fazer eles encherem mais o saco.

  • Laurena

    lola @ 02/09/2009 at 3:31 pm
    Since when is Usher 30 and Tameka 37? Soon Usher will be older than Tameka!


  • Marina

    “people in brazil are really ugly. ”


    É melhor ser feio do que idiota…

    não se esqueçam que a crise economica mundial apareceu nos U.S.A….

    Congratulations Americans…you are so smart!

  • Jaye

    They don’t have enough Doctors in the United States? If they thought to keep it a secret, Oops!

  • junior

    She’s in Sirio Libanes Hospital, one of the bests in Sao Paolo. Brazil is the second country (after US) that has more plastic surgeries being realized. We have great doctors here. Geez, Americans are so arrogant assholes!

  • Cassie

    His life and talent appeared boundless and flourishing until he gave it over to this much older woman who has never appeared to be his equal. Two babies in the span of no more than two years and complications from plastic surgery on a night he should be spending it with his professional peers instead of having to rush to the side of a superficial wife who is confronting challenges from needless surgery in a foreign country.

  • Sherie

    eu adoro muito esses brasileiros.
    Brasil domina tudo, impressionante

  • http://justjared soprano

    Can’t believe anyone would contemplate having plastic surgery two months after having a baby. I am assuming it was for vanity otherwise it would have been done in the USA. If it was for a tummy tuck, boob lift etc then I would suggest she stops having babies. Bet she wishes she could turn back time. As for Jolly’s comments…. Brasilian people are all naturally beautiful. Beats fake, stiff, pasty, boring, blue eyes blondes anyday………………….

  • Seraphina

    Since when is ANY surgery routine?

    Tameka is one FUGLY woman. I hope the Brazilians incorporated some of their features over to her… Usher dated the singer from the TLC forever. She was older than him too except she was so pretty.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ur chick is a fucking tranny usher…..
    she already looks bad, usually plastic surgery just fucks up ugly ppl even more

  • ZYY

    Brasileiro é tudo macaco mesmo, fica ofendido com uma bobagem destas, e outra o povo no brasil é feio pacas mesmo é horrivel, não tem como tomar como referência a tal gisele e outras modelos, é só ver o sobrenome dela e a origem destas modelos pra voçê ver que elas não tem nada de brasileiras, é por esse comportamento infantil e primitivo que os outros não gostam deste país de merda. E outra oque a crise tem a ver com a historia é melhor estudar mais um pouco pra entender oque realmente está acontecendo, porque nós também temos culpa nisto tudo.
    Aaa uma curiosidade nos países do dito primeiro mundo eles não gostam de bunda grade, eles acham que é coisa de gente gorda ou africano…espero ter clariado a mente de vocês.

  • jessie

    I personally think Brazilian women are beautiful so this isn’t against Brazil or it’s people. But why does this woman who only delivered 2 months prior have to undergo plastic surgery? Is she too lazy to diet and exercise? I’m sure she could get herself a personal chef like the rest of hollywood and a personal trainer like all the new moms in tinsel town. But noooooo… she is just LAZY!!! So she goes to Brazil hoping to keep everything hush, hush and bam! She got into complications which could happen to anybody not just in Brazil but also in the US or anywhere else in the world because surgery is no joke. Complications could arise. I still hope she recovers well so she could take care of her 2 young kids at home who are being taken care of by her many nannies. This women is just blatantly LAZY!!!

  • angea

    ushers wife is indeed ugly….but i dont wish death on her….as much as i hate there relationship….as much as i refuse to buy his cd’s anymore….i still wish that man the best…tameka that is…lol…..brazilian woman are beautiful….one of the most beautiful nationalitys….and im black….Ive always said brazilan woman have tanned beautiful skin dark features…long beautiful hair….but brazil is the “king of aids infections……..they have more aid victims than any country…..Ushers wife should have been home with all them damn kids….her actions showed what she is worried about…and its not family…its herself….why would you put yourseft out there like that and you have babys and newborns,,,,,,dummy ,,,,,,

  • *

    “Brasileiro é tudo macaco mesmo”

    A começar por você… preconceituso de m*

    “outra o povo no brasil é feio pacas mesmo é horrivel,”

    Gente feia tem em todo lugar….nos EUA não é diferente! Lembre-se do enorme número de obesos do país do McDonald….

  • Zyy

    Acho que o “asterisco” não entendeu, oque prova que é macaco( isto é não evoluiu), e tem gente feia em todo lugar mesmo, apesar da senhorita ou senhor xenofobo não ter entendido, há de concordar que tem muita gordinha ou gordinho bonito por aí.
    Mas oque está escrito é que de forma geral o brasileiro é feinho, puts não é possivel que não deu para entender….incrivel., maldita inclusão digital.

  • paulo

    surgery is a probably.Brazilians are wise, beautiful and talented

  • Custom T

    Poor Usher..he’s been through a lot in the past year.

  • BRAZILIAN.Bianca

    “and why Brazil with all the surgeons we have in the states?”
    THAT’S BECAUSE Brazil has the best plastic surgeons of the world. :]

    & #15
    shut the fxck up! you don’t even know wtf you’re talkin about… õo
    we’re so ugly, sooo ugly that she came here trying to be like us :/

    jealousy _)_

  • Bia

    Nossa, a começar por você.
    Brasileiro é muito bonito sim. Mas opinião é igual a cu, cada um com o seu. Se você classifica as mulheres “norte” americanas como bonitas, tudo bem, isso só diz respeito à você.
    Agora não vem aqui dizer que brasileiro é feio, porque não é.
    Existe sim, brasileiro feio (e te digo que não teria a menor graça se todos do mundo fossem bonitos, pois a beleza interior eu vejo mais em pessoas que não tem tanta beleza exterior assim – sem generalizar), mas muda o “brasileiro” para GENTE. Porque não é só no Brasil que tem gente feia, ou você queria um país que só tivesse pessoas Lindas? Porque “o brasileiro é um povo feio”. Mas a gorda, o nerd, a magrela, a branquela é tudo feio também naquele país de mxrda. E claro, existem lá também mulheres bonitas, como aqui.
    Mas a beleza brasileira é diferente, idiota ¬¬ Diria até natural, sim.
    E outra, meu sobrenome não é brasileiro. Mas e aí? Você quer dizer que isso não faz de mim uma brasileira?
    Não gostam do Brasil ? Você pode ter certeza de que quem não gosta do Brasil é por pura inveja, isso eu posso te dizer porque eu falo todo dia com americanos.
    Bunda grande é de gordo ou de africano? (pelo SEU ponto de vista)Pode ser, mas os gringos adoram uma quando vêem pra cá, né?

    “Mas oque está escrito é que de forma geral o brasileiro é feinho”
    Sério que é apenas “um jeito de expressar” ?
    “não tem como tomar como referência a tal gisele e outras modelos”
    Bem, tomando referência à ela, só pode ser por BELEZA mesmo.

    Brasil tem muito valor (não só beleza) que pessoas desprovidas de cultura não vêem.

  • elizabeth

    Check this out, people. The real hazards of surgeries abroad. It is risky and irresponsible. Some American Plastic Surgeon had to fly down there to take care of the mess.