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John Mayer Adores Armani

John Mayer Adores Armani

John Mayer poses outside the opening of the new Georgio Armani store on 5th Avenue on Tuesday (February 17) in New York City.

The 31-year-old singer reportedly surprised girlfriend Jennifer Aniston on Valentine’s Day by having a private jet take them to the Bahamas last Thursday evening.

The couple boarded a private jet in Los Angeles and flew to the island of Eleuthera, where the singer had rented a gated home. Sources say the couple spent most of their time indoors.

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john mayer georgio armani 5th avenue 01
john mayer georgio armani 5th avenue 02
john mayer georgio armani 5th avenue 03
john mayer georgio armani 5th avenue 04
john mayer georgio armani 5th avenue 05
john mayer georgio armani 5th avenue 06
john mayer georgio armani 5th avenue 07

Photos: Hugh Dillon/WENN, Famepictures
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  • Jana

    Wow, he looks hot.

  • Savannah

    He looks surprisingly hot.

  • katie

    I love how he gushed over JA in his Grammy acceptance!

  • Dora

    What did he say about JA?

  • lala

    john is hot and pretty. now that is how a real man treats his woman.

    surprise her like john did on valentines day. ofcourse not every man can pay for it. but we all know that the important thing is that a man surprises his woman on that day with what he is capable of.

    and we all know that a certain well known man (and others) who has the money but never surprised this wife like that.

    some man are cheap even though they are rich and lack in the romance department.

    sound like a certain Bratt…………….. : )

  • Karen

    Boy cleans up nice

  • @$%#

    blah!..made out with perez hilton and took maniston to an island..whatever!!!

  • ….

    He definitely looks better than he usually does here…his shoes kinda ruin his look though. Should have went with square tipped shoes. And even if the suit is custom, he should also have a belt on. Other than that, he looks pretty good.

  • Isn’t she lucky?

    I’ll bet she saves all his voicemails too!

  • simon jesus

    they prob did the nasty allllll day long

  • mayerfan

    I don’t think he said anything about Jennifer in his Grammy acceptance speech. He gave an interview to Popsugar recently and said he would be attending the Oscars as a boyfriend.

  • andy

    He looks good. He always looks good when his hair is like this.

  • q


  • change

    Why jen didn’t go with him. He looks good for once.

  • http://yahoo krissy219

    Maybe X has something to do with his new look. He looks yucky.

  • Jayne

    It is a pleasure seeing John Mayer – I am his #1 fan – I carry his music everywhere I go – seriously! This guy is a music genius – there are not too many of them around especially at his age – and he is handsome too – I just wish he will make more and more music – Haven’t anything new lately but the stuff that’s out there can keep me until he put out new stuff.



  • serena

    I hope that when him and Jen were in the bahamas they were doing it 24/7. I want Maniston kids!!!!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    he looked sharp.

  • lise

    he looks like a less ghoulish version of marc anthony

    really dont care for this guy…

  • blondie

    It is plain to see that John is good for Jen,
    and that Jen is good for John. (IMO)

    At the least, they make each other look good.
    They both seem happier.

    Their eyes look more alive.
    They look cleaner.

    They practically sparkle. (IMO.)

  • bet

    Hot hot hot . lovely man. he looking yumy…………..
    Armani man is jen man.

  • gds

    he looks like a less ghoulish version of marc anthony

    really dont care for this guy…


    I love this perspective and I so see it!

  • Lyn

    Love John Mayer!!!

    Note to that HOMO/FREAK Perez Hilton, you need to get “AXED” for chasing and you continue to chase after this hot man!!

  • Lyn

    Love John Mayer!!!

    Note to that HOMO/FREAK Perez Hilton, you need to get “AXED” for chasing and you continue to chase after this hot man!!

  • hyde

    If the Urinator and the leather face Maniston have kids, they’re going to be unfortunate looking with a chin that can land their private jet to haha.

  • plc

    john mayer and rihanna??????

  • debjosy


  • viva la vida

    Very handsome and dapper, don’t recall ever seeing him in a regular suit like this one.And those GORGEOUS lips of his!
    Now if he could disappear a bit and make a record, us fans need new stuff John!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Is it a coincidence, ALL FAKING CELEBS DO?

  • not me

    Nothing is really hot about him, at least for me. But he looks good, nice and well groomed.

  • honesly

    I hope he marry jen because I am afraid it this is another publicy stunt of hers. .

  • slick cat

    he cleans up real good….its about time!

  • aimee

    he is pretty.

    btw, he is working on his new album as of right now. just go on his website and you will see.

  • aimee

    this is what john wrote on his blog:

    updated 09 Feb 2009 | View full site » Permalink09 February 2009 @ 9:46PM
    THANK YOU.Wow.

    Thank you everyone.

    You know, it’s a blessing to know that you can learn how to truly appreciate something while it’s still around… I’m beyond lucky to learn how to accept the beautiful life I have without saying “I wish I knew then what I know now”… Sure, I’m a goofball (I’m generally just uncomfortable), and I have a lot more lessons to really take in, but to know that I can grow and change and trip and try to turn it into a dance while I’m still in the center of living my dream is just about the greatest thing ever.

    I think Jason Mraz wrote, recorded and SANG one of the best songs of 2008, and I hope this makes it back to him…

    To everyone waiting under the machine that drops records into their hands, be patient, stay tuned, and remember that I’ll never stop thinking about you.

    I’m going to bed!

    thank you
    thank you
    thank you


    >>>>>. what a great humble man he is.

  • Kay

    Again one or two words about what he is doing the rest about Jen. He is nothing. Shows why he is with her.

  • :)

    Lucky Jen..He is super HOT!!!!!!

  • bet

    The man look more proud by day. he look confedence and proud of his baby.

  • bet

    The man look more proud by day. he look confedence and proud of his baby.

  • D.kay

    Proud of his baby…..yeah, right, two fame who*es ….looks like he got tired of the world gushing over how Brad rocks Tom Ford suits……… This guy is a kid growing up in public, dating a has been forty year old to coat tail on her while she coat tails on the JP’s……Good thing for AJ and BP, they should have hooks on their backs for all the losers trying to hitch a ride on their HW and global fame.

  • bet

    D. Kay

    ok loonies now john is jelouse of Armpit. that old rat.

  • bet

    D. Kay

    ok loonies now john is jelouse of Armpit. that old rat.

  • well…

    He looks good. Too bad he does not know how kiss a woman. Both his kisses with Jen and Jessica were weird. He closes his mouth so tight it’s like he does not want to get any germs from them. I bet he had his mouth open for Perez Hilton.

  • conspiracytheory

    Is he bi? Is he gay? He never seems to accross as masculine. I think he cleans up nicely but hot is not a word I would use to describe him. He has female features …and Tendencies in my opinion..lmao.

    Mayer should be given credit he hit the jackpot when he began to date tabloid attractions…Jessica Simpson put him on the us weekly map and Brad Pitts ex sent him into space. I wonder if deep down he realizes that without riding the coatails of “girlfriends” (I use that term lightly) he goes back to being the nerdy music man.

    It seems to me that Aniston and Mayer are in love with attention it is the only way to explain their behavior. Aniston seems to be obssessed with her ex and Mayer seems to be using Aniston to further his importance in the spotlight..lmao.

    Coatail Riders, Famewhores and Classless losers..that is my opinion.

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    I can’t believe he’s exhibiting some generosity and maturity!

  • joss

    wow he looks good!

  • !

    He is crazy, but a handsome man.

  • dianel

    John looks so good hope Jen and he get married

  • shasha

    I hope he marry jen because I am afraid it this is another publicy stunt of hers. .

    About what you wrote above – you’re kidding right? The publicity stunts are definitely part of Mangelina’s life – (i.e. take pictures of me with my kids when the news hits that Brad and Jen are getting a divorce and I’ve been shacking up with him; take pics of me visiting Pakistan, take pics of my infants and my naked self by the Pittster to promote pittster movies).

    You loonies are delusional – it’s funny how you put the worst characteristics of Mangelina on JA – she’s pretty frank and unassuming unlike the media manipulator as the NY Times so rightly wrote about her.

    He’s always been goofy handsome looking – that’s actually my favorite type of look b/c it seems many people that are goofy handsome can make fun of themselves and don’t take themselves too seriously. Their cute – whatever happens they seem like they’re having fun now.

  • Deanie

    That is one sharp looking suit, and he looks very good here. I use to not care much for him but he is really growing on me. Especially after I saw some pictures of him shirtless…I had no idea he was hiding such a hot body underneath those clothes! Anyway he seems like a nice and funny guy, I wish him lots of success.