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Bar Refaeli Dates a Shyguy

Bar Refaeli Dates a Shyguy

Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Bar Refaeli arrives with her shy boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The pair is back in town before the Academy Awards kick-off on Sunday.

The 23-year-old’s recent swimsuit cover has received immense attention around the world — including Dubai. All copies of the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit has been confiscated in Dubai simply because Bar is an Israeli model. This comes days after Israeli tennis pro Shahar Peer was denied a visa to participate in the Dubai Tennis Championship.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli dating a shyguy…

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bar refaeli shyguy 01
bar refaeli shyguy 02
bar refaeli shyguy 03
bar refaeli shyguy 04
bar refaeli shyguy 05
bar refaeli shyguy 06
bar refaeli shyguy 07
bar refaeli shyguy 08
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  • devin

    I’m not a hater of leo, but man, you don’t have any taste in women…

    Ask your friend orlando, cause he’s sure the winner in that department!

  • frenchie

    Leo really has a downgrade from gisele.. Why not choose a top model instead of a model wannabe who simply doesn’t have the right body for a fashion model, but more of a men’s magazine model LOL

  • camerondiaztwin

    Two things I find very interesting:

    1) this very strange couple has never avoided being photographed together in the airport in the past.

    2) these pictures look very much as if they’re pasted together

    I have to wonder if this is an effort by Bar’s media team to make sure people know that she’s still with her meal ticket boyfriend.

  • kroq

    WTF is up with Leo? I think he is the only celebrity that pulls this shit. I respect him as an actor, but this is silly.

  • elizabeth marinas

    leo and bar look great together

  • heidi

    bar is the hottest woman on the planet.. her body is unbelievable.

  • @8

    Really? How come she isn’t on the forbes top 10 earning models?

    How come she isn’t a topmodel until today, but rather more of a men’s magazine model?

  • Do they look together to you on these pictures? It seems like they arrived to two different airports… And why avoiding each other in public all of a sudden?

  • shallow idiotic couple

    Leo and Bar are very much together so accept it people! I can’t stand either of them but it’s obvious that they’re in a serious relationship. Bar has been living exclusively with Leo since last fall and shares his bed, duh!

    Leo fans are jealous of Bar because they have a crazy fantasies about being Leo’s girlfriend. LOSERS! You people just can’t accept the fact that your nearly middle-aged ugly idol is still banging a beautiful model 11 years younger than him. Leo’s gross!

  • Hannah

    those of you who say negative things about bar all the time are such pathetic haters. Its really sad.

  • Devin

    This is a weird couple, why avoid each other like a plague especially on leo’s part? We know that they’re in a public place, and maybe wanted some privacy or be invisible, but this is ridiculous… Show some care to your gf leo, and when was he really supported her in some of her amateur modelling gigs by the way? I’ve never seen him acted like this with gisele.

    IMO, orlando and miranda look good together, and orlando supports his gf, and even flying around with her when he can. Hope leo does that to bar also,,,

  • who cares…

    I think it’s weird that he is hiding his face, talk about being self important….he needs to get over himself!!!!

  • Anne

    Bar seems like a bitch however I will admit it, she is insanely gorgeous! She is so lucky to be dating Leo.

    It seems ridiculous how the magazine is banned because she is Israeli! Israel is the greatest country on earth. Get with the program.

  • benny mars

    Leo hides his face because no magazine or website will buy any candid photos of him. Thats whats hes be doing all his life when he goes out in public on his own.

  • Mike

    Thanks for the pics, Jared! I don’t remember having seen DiCaprio looking happy and not hiding in an airport wherever he is. Whether he is alone, with his mom, a pal or with Bar. So, there is nothing new with him hiding “or looking shy”. He hates razzies! And if Bar acts the same when with him, it is probably because he must swear to hell when he sees them coming their way.

    As for Dubai, I am sure Bar can live without these crazy fanatic muslins.

  • lia

    He only looks happy when he’s with Kate Winslet or his friends and family. Never with Bar. At least with Giselle, he actually smiled. Leo, you’re a great actor but you have horrible choice in woman, dump her immediately!

  • abbie

    #11 – Shallow idiotic couple: you are right, so right. But losers like #5 camerondiaztwin are among the Leo fans who post on his forums and can’t stand Bar….. not because they are jealous of her or because they are ugly, but because he dumped his ex girlfriend Bundchen. And that, they can’t get over it! LOL, LOL!!!!!

    Some pathetic losers don’t want to see the reality and don’t want to grow up.

  • camerondiaztwin

    I’ll never stop being amused at the little Barfies who acuse Leo’s fans of being jealous.

    Honey, if it makes you feel better to consider me jealous of a little tramp who sleeps her way to fame, have at it. I have far too much self-respect to ever be jealous of a person who lives such a self-centered, shallow existence.

  • camerondiaztwin

    I’ll never stop being amused at the little Barfies who acuse Leo’s fans of being jealous.

    Honey, if it makes you feel better to consider me jealous of a little tramp who sleeps her way to fame, have at it. I have far too much self-respect to ever be jealous of a person who lives such a self-centered, shallow existence.

  • camerondiaztwin

    Whoa….sounded so good it had to post twice, lol!

  • lia

    And Leo, stop hiding your great face! Hope he goes to the Oscars! Not with Bar, though. I hope he can present like Best Actress to Kate Winslet if she wins.(which is most likely) I’d love to see a cute Kate and Leo moment on stage!
    For fans of Kate and Leo’s friendship:

  • shallow idiotic couple

    Anne; I agree with you but it’s obvious that I have a different take on Bar’s dating Leo. I agree that she’s lucky because if it wasn’t for Leo Bar wouldn’t be getting all the media attention that led to her to being chosen as the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

    You’re a fan of Leo which I’m not. Leo’s ugly, gross and likes to cheat on his girlfriends. Bar likes to be mistreated because Leo’s her cash cow. He’s not good boyfriend material unless your a famewhore like Bar.

    Israel is a great country. Watch the evil haters come out of the woodwork now and attack Israel by spreading their lies. People are very ignorant at how much Israel has contributed to the world in areas such as technology, agricultural and health. Israel has been in the forefront of cellphone and computer development.

    To all the evil terrorist scumbags who are going to write lies about Israel; you people are losers! Boycott Israel and throw away your computers and cellphones. I would boycott Arab Muslim countries but they haven’t invented anything but terrorism! LOL!

  • just me

    Cannot you come up with something else than jealousy and Gisele as a reason for people not liking Bar? It`s getting boring. Many intelligent people tried to explain this before but it seems like not everyone is able to understand their reasons…
    Hard to believe that that girl on those pictures is indeed the SI cover girl. Doesn`t look like she has anything to do with modeling or with Leo as a matter of fact…

  • Kay

    Leo ain’t ugly. he doesn’t look gr8 with facial hair, though.

  • @24

    I agree with you…

    But, i just pity bar for letting leo treats her this way…
    I’m not her fan, but any women have feelings, and to be treated like this is just way off. Or i maybe wrong also, who knows what’s goin on their relationship. But, leo should at least show some care

  • shellers

    they made separate exits

  • @28

    on the same day? same place? Sorry but based on these pictures it`s not obvious.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    SPECIAL for all those naive americans:
    ……………………………………………….this is called: “FAKE SHYNESS”, folks!!

  • jaye

    Why is he hiding from the photogs. Celebs looks so stupid when they do that. If no one was taking his picture he’d be home depressed.

  • camerondiaztwin

    You clearly don’t know a thing about DiCaprio, jaye.

  • Jess

    I feel sorry for Leo. Those Stupid Pap’s should learn to leave him alone. He let him live his life.

  • ryan




  • me

    He’s covering his nose cuz Bar just farted.

  • french

    why doesn’t he never want to be with her ? ( They made Separate Exits)

    and why didn’t Jusjared say that they were separate?

    bar has always wonderful clothes :D

    #13 : They look weird because they are a fake couple and Leo hate her so to pretend to be in love with someone that he hate , it’s difficult (even for a very good actor )

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    THANK YOU JARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eddie spag eddie

    leo is so full of himself, he refuses to even joke around with photogs. some celebs are so stuck on their personal value that they refuse to allow anybody to make money from their image unless they’re getting paid. that’s why he’s hiding. having mass media surrounding you while you’re in public is a great advantage!! you can say anything you want, no? make a public statement, that every celeb junky like you people will read. At this point, he has more power than the New York Times. First off, JustJared is huge. How does he react? He hides his face like a punk bitch. Nothing important to say. I’d be wearing a “Free Tibet” shirt on smiling and brainwashing people to read more books.

  • Mara

    She’s just her girlfriend! She’s not a supermodel, she’s not a VS Angels and without him she was a nobody (someone knew her in Israel, that’s it ). She has a great body tough.
    Leo’s a very talented actor and he’s a smart guy (except for his girlfriends choices) and about the fame he says: “you promote your job, you do your movie, you retain your private life, you don’t divulge everything about yourself. And when I see younger actors getting a tremendous amount of publicity, I say to myself, Well, they’ve been given an unbelievable opportunity, and I hope they know within themselves that all that really matters at the end of the day is the work. All this noise and attention will absolutely deteriorate and there will be a new, fresh piece of meat for the media to focus on within less than a year’s time. So what they should do at this moment is work their asses off to prove to the public and prove to themselves that they can absolutely have a long-term career.”

  • katarina

    Leo come with Bar at the OSCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @40

    He will not come with bar at the Oscar

  • Mara

    Usually Leo doesn’t go at the Oscar when he’s not nominated. And Not with Bar for sure!

  • @42

    maybe he will go for Kate

  • katarina

    He will go support Kate!!!
    And will go with Bar!!!
    Yours will see!!!!

  • katarina

    Belive me!!!

  • @44

    he never want to be photographed with bar

    why you say that?

  • @44

    Maybe in your dreams. I doubt Leo is going to the Oscars, he didn`t go to SAG or BAFTA even though Kate was nominated.
    I can`t wrap my mind around the fact that Leo still dates her. ???????

  • Mara

    Maybe at the after party, but not on the red carpet. Why he should go with her? He’s not nominated (He was in 2005 and he brought Gisele). If he wants to support Kate, he will go with her, not Bar (no sense)

  • @44

    he was alone at Golden Globe ( bar was not in the red carpet and in the afterparty)

  • Amy

    WAw Gisele now Bar so Predictable