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Ace Young Sings Car-eoke

Ace Young Sings Car-eoke

Former American Idol contestant Ace Young attends a celebration for the new Ford Fiesta on Military Island in New York City’s Times Square on Friday (April 3).

Still affiliated with Ford, loves it!

At the event, Ford announced that it will be giving 100 contest winners a car, gas and cameras to chronicle their travels for six months. Videos will be posted on Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

Check out more about the car at

UPDATE: Ace us wearing “Converse by John Varvatos Chuck Taylor Multi-Lace” shoes.

20+ pictures inside of Ford Fiesta spokesperson Ace Young

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ace young ford fiesta 01
ace young ford fiesta 02
ace young ford fiesta 03
ace young ford fiesta 04
ace young ford fiesta 05
ace young ford fiesta 06
ace young ford fiesta 07
ace young ford fiesta 08
ace young ford fiesta 09
ace young ford fiesta 10
ace young ford fiesta 11
ace young ford fiesta 12
ace young ford fiesta 13
ace young ford fiesta 14
ace young ford fiesta 15
ace young ford fiesta 16
ace young ford fiesta 17
ace young ford fiesta 18
ace young ford fiesta 19
ace young ford fiesta 20
ace young ford fiesta 21
ace young ford fiesta 22

Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Getty
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  • Jane

    Oh, he’s such a cutie.

  • Anon

    He’s doing OK. He’s got a product endorsement deal and he did Grease on Braodway and got really good reviews! I’m glad for him. He seems nice and he was talented. He’s doing a lot btter then some of the others. AI doesn’t know everything! Look at Daughtrey and
    Kelli Pickler and Jennifer Hudson! They were all voted off the show and they are doing better then the people who won.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    We are supposed to laugh about this HOMO-SEXUAL joke, folks?

  • loco

    he finally cut his hair still looks decenth

  • callmewhatever81

    Im sorry but his hair looks like crap. He looked HOT with long hair. Ewww what a dfiference a haircut can make. I normally prefer short hair but not on him at all.

  • Cali

    Just can’t stand him anymore. I was a die-hard fan when he was on Ai and then he took over 2 years to get a CD out (he kept telling his fans a certain cd-release date and then swtiching it every week or so -he told us over 6 different dates!). He claimed to love his fans, but it wasn’t so. After that he told the fans he would be touring, just for the fans, and then out of the blue announced he was doing Grease with no warning or apology. To make matters worse, his “Addicted” music video was not the “role model” he claimed to be (hello, he was on several magazines claiming to be a role model sweet guy) and his publicity photo for the album (a picture of himself looking in the mirror, in his bathroom, with no shirt on, the CD sitting against the mirror) was obnoxious and cocky. And to think, there were so many kids that said they were fans. Bet he never thought of them!

  • Gino


  • mccain palin 08

    #6….hes a grown MAN, his video wasnt all that bad…actually it was damn sexy. and as far as the ‘broken promises’…nothing is ever set in stone in this business. he probably should have not given people false hope if it wasnt a for sure thing, but he wasnt lying.
    still doesnt change who he is. he still visits childrens hospitals, loves his family, fundraises and LOVES HIS FANS!

  • cHRIS

    If having your cd date pushed up make a guy a liar, then you can call every single ai contestant a liar, including the ones from last year that are doing that very same thing right now. Pushing the date up. It’s called reality. And his cd was great. He can have sexy music and still be a role model. Tell me one bad thing he has ever done. I’m so sick of these people who expect him to be a choir boy. And btw, Ace, your hair looks great. I love the new image. Keep it up! And please don’t get discouraged by these fans who expect Saint Ace.

  • Camille

    this guy disgusts me! He’s so gross, as gross as Michael Jacksonnnnn!
    ;s :s sorry, he’s not cute, and noooooooway is he sexy!!! :s :s

  • Marcia

    Ohhhh, Ace is still so adorable.. Hot and Sexy as ever. Is this the new look I’ve been hearing about? I love this image. Keep the short hair, Ace.

  • bill

    Generally, when someone says they used to be a “die-hard” fan but now they don’t like him anymore because he doesn’t love his fans, you can be pretty sure they were a stalker, and the artist finally told them to leave him alone…..And what?? Ace didn’t personally call you and aoplogize for taking the role in Grease? How hilarious!!!

  • Zac

    I saw him there! Now, to be honest I had no clue who he was at first, then it donned on me… I was in manhattan, walked up from the Times Square subway station, heard some jams, walked towards where I haerd it coming from (ultimately to military island) and had a blast. I got front row standing position right at the gates and I could touch the cars, and it was just a blast!

  • demi

    i met that guy!!!
    if he didnt care bout the fans then do u think he’d put up with crazed kids swarming him at a K-8 just to c his choir mom?! smiling the whole time too.too bad i lost that autograph
    good guy 4 visting his mom at her school.

  • Cali

    I was a die-hard fan, because I loved his music, his sound, his great personality – I loved that he meant what he said. I was frustrated, because I felt like all he cared about was himself and not the fans that totally trusted him. Yeah, people push up CD realease dates all the time, but as a fan, it was frustrating, because each time he literally promised it. I felt like he was jus throwing lies at us. My best friend was really disapointed in him when he decided to do Grease instead of go on the tour he promised for the fans. That was her once in a lifetime oppurtunity to hear him sing live. So, the fact that he seemed to be telling us stuff just to make us happy and the fact that he all of a sudden decided to not tour bothered me. I know a lot of people that felt the same way. The only reason why I didn’t like the promo photo he did and video was because I work with children and I know how it is for a child to look up to someone and feel devastated when their parents won’t let them hear the music or watch the videos. I felt for them, because for so long he claimed to be a role model and he really wasn’t.

    I have never met Ace in my life, I just really didn’t like what he became after the show. He was like a totally different person.
    Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know, that’s just my opinion.

  • chris

    Cali, I was frustrated too while waiting for Ace’s cd, but you have to understand, what happened was totally out of ace’s control. The label he signed with had problems and he had to start over. He had fans screaming at him from all sides demanding to know how much longer, and yes, he was trying to please them. But he really had no idea it would take so long, as EVERY idol has found out. I just think it’s funny when I hear “I used to be a fan but his album took too long.” Well, if you’re not willing to wait, then you’re really not a fan after all. And I really don’t get why you’re upset with the photo. That was a photo shoot. He did what they told him to do. It certainly doesn’t make him obnoxious and cocky. If he were obnoxious and cocky we certainly would have heard about it by now. But all anyone ever says is how nice he is. Bottom line, when a fan gets fed up because he isn’t “paying enough attention to them” or feels like “he let them down,” to me it just means they expect way too much from these guys and take it way too personal. Just my opinion. But I hope you’ll give Ace another chance.

  • Elvie

    I thought he did good in AI, has a lot of charisma an charm! and did sing well..’still of the night.’

  • ****

    Why are they still letting that “person” sing? I thought he’s used up his 15 minutes already.

  • okaywithme

    I have never met Ace in my life, I just really didn’t like what he became after the show. He was like a totally different person.
    Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know, that’s just my opinion.

    BINGO. You don’t even know the guy, never met him, but have some pretty definite opinions on what he’s done and where he’s going.

  • okaywithme

    I have never met Ace in my life, I just really didn’t like what he became after the show. He was like a totally different person.
    Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know, that’s just my opinion.

    BINGO. You don’t even know the guy, never met him, but have some pretty definite opinions on what he’s done and where he’s going.

  • MINNIEmouse

    I have met Ace and think he’s a sweetheart of a guy. He always has a smile and kind word for his fans and has no problem signing autographs and posing for photos. He’s very generous that way and I think he’s done some very cool things to extend his 15 minutes of fame. He’s going on three years off the show now and he’s doing great. And honestly, I think he’s good looking no matter how long or short he wears his hair.

  • Penny

    I really don’t understand this…what he became after the show….business. He’s exactly the same person. On the show he was sexy when he sang Father Figure. It supposedly was the sexiest performance anyone ever gave. He said from the very beginning that was his taste in music. Remember Paula saying …that was the sexiest sultriest performance…bla bla. ..after he sang In the Still of the night. His cd is exactly what he said it was going to be and what his taste in music has always been. Is he supposed to record disney music to please a handful of fans? Give me a break.
    I thinks the haters think they are funny with this 15 minute stuff. Well, let’s see. He’s a grammy nominated song writer, got great reviews for his cd, got great reviews with Grease, has a number one song in Europe, is getting extremely positive feedback with this idol extra show he’s doing now. And he literally hasn’t stopped working since the day he left idol. So that 15 minute thing is just…well…funny. I really think Ace will keep getting bigger, and eventually start taking some of Seacrest’s duties. He’s a lot more genuine and charismatic.

  • eaglewatcher

    I have been reading these comments and would like to direct my comment not only to everyone on here, but more specifically to Cali. Cali I hear what you are saying. We each have our own expectations of what a celebrity should be. We hold them to their every word, and when the outcome is not what [Ace] said it would be, we take it personally and feel like we were lied to. As Chris said, release dates of CDs are very iffy. You shoot for a date and hope everything stays on schedule, but it never does. I was waiting right along with you for Ace’s CD, but honestly, the final product is so incredible, met Ace’s high expectations, and was well worth the wait. The whole action of not signing with AI and instead going indie, was specifically so that Ace would not be rushed and forced to put out a CD of lesser quality than he is capable of. And, as far as GREASE, any celebrity will be the first to say they’d alter their schedule however they need to for the opportunity to star in a play on Broadway. This was a huge opportunity for Ace, and yes I’m disappointed he had to delay any concert tours, but am so happy for him that he had this incredible chance to let the world see what else he could offer. And now he’s doing Idol Extra. Cali I can tell you, from firsthand knowledge, that Ace is a genuine, down to earth, caring guy, who has not gotten caught up in ‘celebrity-ism’. He still LOVES and appreciates his fans. He is at a point in his career where, as was also said, he is (fortunately) being pulled in many directions. Like Penny said, Ace is in the BUSINESS. And the Business is totally unpredictable. Ace’s #1 love is singing and performing. But even he realizes that he has to get out there in as many arenas as possible when those doors open. Cali, I will close by saying I promise you that Ace is not the type of person who will say something just to make someone happy… he’s a straight shooter and will give the most honest answer he can. I believe Ace has an incredible future ahead of him, and I can’t wait to see which door opens next!

  • MMA

    He is beautiful!

  • batia

    I stumbled across this while google searching info on Ford and happen to see Ace’s name involved so out of curiosity I opened this up and glad I did as it gives me opportunity to voice my opinion and straighten out a few things.

    After reading some of the commentss here, I truly cannot understand why people are SO judgemental. Let’s clear something up. First off, Ace has NEVER declared himself to being a “Role Model” the Fans Stuffed him into that box. He expressed his love for children and showed compassion to those who were sick and the Fans then labled him “Angelic”, “Role Model” whatever. The fact remains is Ace Young is a very loving, kind and Gentle man who is A MAN not a robot thus he cannot and SHOULD NOT conform to anyone else idealism of what he should be like, how he should present himself, how he should portray himself in a video, etc. etc. It’s HIS life, and he has the right to live it as he choose. His Video was CLEAN compared to some I’ve seen by other artist and there was absolutely nothing wrong with his Promotional Pix for his CD..Please, give me a break! As far as his “Changing dates” etc. reference to his CD release, it is apparent those who’ve made such negative comments know KNOWTHING about the Music Industry. You have NO idea. This sort of thing happens all the time and basically it’s out of his control and out of his hands, these decisions are left up to the Record Label so don’t blame him for incorrect release dates, etc. With reference to his choice to accept the role of Kenicki in the Broadway Musical “Grease” why on earth would anyone condemn that? He should be commended for embracing every aspect of this Industry, NOT condemn for it. In this Industry one must take advantage of every opportunity given to display their talents, thus if it means putting another project on hold for a season, so be it!!! Why condemn the man for doing this?? He has to earn a living for crying out loud, are YOU going to pay his bills? And surely he has EVERY RIGHT to fulfill his life long dreams, why on eartth should he have said no to “Grease”? What kind of foolishness is that. He has to grasp every opportunity that comes his way, it’s his HEART, HIS DREAM, HIS CAREER for crying out loud. HE has every right to pursue every avenue and walk through every open door available to him just like any other artist out there. Why should it be any different for him?

    I am very proud of all that Ace has accomplished and my own opinion, he’s done a darn good job at it! This man has NEVER been unkind, nor deceptive towards anyone. If anyone professing to be a fan of his is now dissatisfied with him, you must look towards yourself and not blame him. The trouble is many fans decided to “build his image” for him not allowing him to be who he was. They adored his “sweet” and what some called “innocent” side but the moment he revealed the manly, sensual, sexy side of himself there was criticism “He’s not the Ace we all knew” some have said, etc. NO, he’s not the Ace YOU created…He is whom he has been from day one, the trouble is many just do NOT really and truly know him and that is not because he’s hidden himself from the world, he’s always been open and honest with his fans. The reason many could never see the real person is because they’ve spent too much time creating an image of him which they PREFERRED to see. So, don’t blame him!! Stop condemning this man! He’s a good person and an incredible performer and if you’re truly a fan of his, then support this!

    By the way, his hair looks GREAT short or long, whatever!! People are so judgemental and ridiculous it literally blows me away!

    (BTW – I’ve included my REAL name, I’m not going to hide behind something fake. I’m not ashamed of what I’ve written..)

  • batia

    In addition to my above comment, let me also add that Ace has done what very few celebrities do and that is interact with fans. He’s embraced his fans, personally has shown compassion towards fans when they were going through hardships, struggles, sickness, loss of family members, etc. by sending them e-mails or personal phone calls, etc. something he did NOT have to do but it shows you where his heart is that he cares about people and DOES appreciate all that people do for him in the manner of support. I know no other celebrity that does what he’s done reference to fans.. He never says or does anything in an effort to deceive someone etc., or deliberately string them along, with his CD the dates he mentioned to the fans were the dates he expected the release as well, it wasn’t his fault it all changed he was just as disappointed as the fans were, but for myself it was certainly WELL WORTH THE WAIT! I thought he did an amazing job on the CD so it really doesn’t matter if it was relased months in advance or years later, the point is it WAS released and it was and IS an EXCELLENT CD!

    Finally, to those who feel need to criticize and condemn, please keep in mind everyone has feelings, that are subjected to being hurt and Ace is no exception. I know that we live in a world where people will always choose to judge and criticize others, and we’re such a fickle bunch of people in that one moment we like someone and the next we don’t based upon our own idealism of that individual, but in the case of Ace it is your choice whether you like or dislike a certain look or whatever but PLEASE NEVER, EVER hint towards his being dishonest. This man is as real as it gets. He tries so very hard but he can’t please everyone, somethings are just not in his hands. Please know that he is a very genuine man, he takes no one for granted and appreciates ALL! Please give him a chance to show you all that he’s capable of. He truly has an incredible amount of talent!


    I’m sorry, but I had to come back and address my comment directly to the person hiding behind the name “Cali” I don’t wish to be harsh with you but reading your comments again really saddens me and a side of me is very angry. I’m angry because it seems as if you’re blaming Ace for not living up to the expectations the FANS put on him. I don’t recall seeing nor reading ONE magazine article where he was on the cover professing himself to be a “role model”, “sweet guy”, etc. THE FANS LABELED HIM SUCH he never waltz out of nowhere claiming to be anything except ACE YOUNG! You said you didn’t like the promo pix for his album because he was looking in a mirror with no shirt on etc. I almost had to laugh at your reasons for disliking the photo because I found that to be a ridiculous reason but it’s your opinion. Bottom line is SO WHAT!! So what he had no shirt on and was looking in a mirror BIG DEAL, There was nothing cocky or whatever about that pix, he’s an attractive sexy man WHY NOT show that side of him, I mean come on..big deal!! I don’t know any parent that would refuse their child looking up to him based solely upon that pix. That’s ridiculous! You also said he “announced he was doing Grease with no warning or apology” etc. WHY THE H*** SHOULD HE APOLOGIZE??? We (his fans) are NOT his lover, or mother, or brother/sister, he doesn’t have to explain ANYTHING to us. As fans, we are ONLY HERE to support his career, NOT run his life! And why should he be obligated to “announce” anything to ANYONE?? I don’t understand what it is you expect of him but he doesn’t owe anyone an apology nor announcement for choosing to accept things that would further his career. I simply don’t understand why it is you and whomever else could not be HAPPY for him and rejoice that he’s doing things he’s always dreamed of! I am truly baffled by the condemnation! You also said “I have never met Ace in my life, I just really didn’t like what he became after the show. He was like a totally different person” Perhaps that is the problem..YOU’VE NEVER MET HIM and seeing as you have not, I find it incredible that you could judge him in the manner you are doing. First off, as a man, as a human being, etc. HE IS NO DIFFERENT FROM THE MAN ON AI SEASON 5! The only difference now is he’s busier than before, but he is the same man now as he was then! Let me tell you about the “man” you are so readily desirous to condemn. This man knew me ONLY as a fan, and yet when I was going through some very difficult and trying times in my life HE took time out of HIS schedule to show me kindness, compassion, and ENCOURAGEMENT! Even his mother took time to help me SOMEONE SHE DID NOT KNOW through the loss of my OWN mother! The kindness and compassion that was shown towards me during my most difficult times is something that I will NEVER forget, and something that I will ALWAYS be thankful for! Keep in mind also that he did not only do this for me but for many that were going through hardships and struggles and we were ONLY FANS, not family members or close friends or whatever, we were people he’d never met, and had never known but yet he took the time out to reach out and CARE! I know quite a few celebrities on a personal level and yet very few of THEM show the compassion that HE DOES towards others, especially “a fan”! That SAME man who took time out to care THEN is the SAME man who still takes time out to care for others TODAY! So please, no more judging his character unless you have legimate cause! He’s a good person, with a good heart, and an INCREDIBLE Artist and I wish him NOTHING BUT GREAT SUCCESS and HAPPINESS ALWAYS!