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Gwyneth Paltrow is Robin Hood

Gwyneth Paltrow is Robin Hood

Gwyneth Paltrow (in AG Adriano Goldschmied ex boyfriend crop jeans) and her daughter Apple, 4, both cover up their faces from paparazzi as they hop into their car in Santa Monica, Calif., on Sunday (April 12). The mother-daughter duo was spotted shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart.

Earlier this week, the 36-year-old actress put pieces from her closet on eBay to raise money for the Robin Hood Foundation, an organization that targets poverty in New York City. You can put in your bids to own a piece of Gwyneth at

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  • K

    Haven’t seen Apple around lately, she must be growing beautifully though :)

  • mirta

    poor child…leave them alone stupid paps!!!

    let the be!!! :( :(

  • emma

    Im sorry i know the paps should not be hounding children like this but it is a fact that it is going to happen so gwyneth needs to teach apple how to deal with all the attention. That little girl can not be carried when she is 7,8,9 and so on so she needs to be taught now how to deal with the paps.

  • bobbi

    I won’t comment negatively because it’s Easter. :)

  • sundus

    they look great!!!!


    yeh cos hiding ur faces is gona save u lol supid celebs and their kids. sorry bt whats wrong with having ur pic taken when ur celeb, if u dont like it dont be one. and if u choose to bring kids into ur chosen lyfestyle teach them to deal with it innit

  • John

    She looks like a dude.

  • TLC

    When did Gwyneth Paltrow get so homely? She is the spitting image of Jan Brady.

  • Summer12

    Well, at least Gwyn’s not wearing that ugly see through shirt from the other week. Poor little Apple.

  • Charley Kane

    Gwyneth Paltrow is Robin Hood

    Funny, cause she’s built like one of his arrows.

  • xenna

    I don’t know why she takes her kids to places like the Brentwood Market. The daughter, at least, seems afraid of the paps and that place is crawling with parapazzi.

  • Scott

    Does anyone else think Gwyneth kinda looks like Sandra Lee?

  • good for her

    Wow, her daughter got big!

    Ebaying is good. She had a lot of nice shoes and accessories that she somehow managed to make into ugly outfits . I’m sure she’ll get high bids for her designer duds. So, It’s all good in the end.

  • quirkychick

    Gwyneth does look like Jan Brady in those photos. I don’t remember Apple acting so afraid of the paps when she was younger. She probably isn’t around them as much in England.

  • cute

    cute but not a fan of her clothes.

  • Hanne

    I’m sure Gwyn paid over $200 for those jeans, but she always looks like a hobo to me. I feel sorry for Apple. It’s obvious she’s traumatized being exposed to the press like that.

  • Abby

    It’s sad to see the little ones when they’re upset but there is a solution. Leave them home while mommy does the shopping. There are places in LA that are not pap magnets. BM is not one of them.

  • cat in the hat

    Hee! Love the Dr. Seuss socks!

  • Venus

    Apple is so cute! I’m starting to prefer GP’s casual style over her red carpet looks. It always surprises me when she makes best-dresssed lists. Her clothes usually look ridiculous. Not elegant or trendy…

  • Venus

    …I feel the same way about her as I do about J.Lo: all that money that could go to gorgeous clothes and instead you’re wearing those silly, short dresses and boots with socks? What a waste!

  • opus

    Only five pics and barely a facial shot. Why post these?

  • twitters

    Gwyneth and her nanny could be twins. That must be comforting to the kids to have a caretaker who strongly resembles their mum.

  • piper

    Yikes! It looks like Gwyneth’s done something to her face, or maybe it’s just weight loss.

  • Mara Bella

    Looks/career-wise I think Gwyneth peaked in Shakespeare in Love. I saw photos of her son the other week. Adorable children, both of them. They have their daddy’s eyes.

  • deetz

    girlfriend needs to start wearing some of her Goop outfits.

  • tiger

    Paltrow is unfortunate looking. The tots have inherited Martin’s good looks.

  • Rosetta

    Poor little girl! :-(

  • hmmm

    It’s been said before, but hard to tell between the mommy and the daddy in this family. I guess when people live together long enough they start to look alike, plus Gwyn’s kinda butch.

  • jaxon

    Earth Mama Gwyn is much more attractive. She looks better out of the mini-skirts. She’s at her most unattractive when she tries to be a hottie patotie.


    That’s really Gwyneth Paltrow? What’s she doing in CA?
    I thought that was Laura Dern.

  • shurly

    Dr Seuss’ socks ? I thought it was hello kitty…

  • gerard Vandenberg

    OOOH’s, AAAH’s, IIIH’s, EEEH’s, UUUH’s and all the NAIVE AMERICAN SH*IT!!

  • what

    What a waste of film!

  • lmao

    apple is the new suri.

  • isSHEtryingTObeROBOwife?

    Gwyneth, your daughter looks upset, take a clue!

  • LolaSvelt


    Gwyneth doesn’t look homely. Where have you been in the past year? She’s been famous for her skyscraper heels. If that’s homely, then I don’t know what isn’t.

    She doesn’t look like Laura Dern, either! She’s in CA because she’s filming Iron Man 2.

  • slambang

    Compare these pics and those of Suri Cruise to the ones of Matilda Ledger smiling and waving at the paps. It’s all about how the kids are raised.

  • Drew

    @36 – That’s a matter of opinion. I don’t find her very good looking and can understand why people find her homely. Lots of unattractive women have good legs and wear heels. I think she’s worked the short dress/stiletto look long enough. I hope she finds a new style.

  • Colleen

    Gwyneth needs to get over herself.

  • Mel

    She is disgusting pathetic person that’s full of herself.

  • dirty

    she looks like michael jackson hehehehehe:)
    aviators don’t look good on her..gwynnie,change those shades!!!

  • Pat

    Would anyone want her used clothes, seriously?

  • mickey

    She bugs me. Even when she does something charitable it still feels inauthentic. She gets most of her designer duds for free, she has more clothes than anyone can wear in 2 lifetimes and she doesn’t contribute any of her own money or time so it’s like she exhibited the least possible effort, yet she’ll get the maximum amount of credit. She bugs me.

    Ohh and someone exclaimed “Poor little girl” in these comments. That made me laugh. Her parents are rich, she’ll go to the best schools, live in multiple expensive homes–yeah, right–poor little girl.

  • huh?

    Gwyn and her little spoiled brat daughter.

  • huh?

    Apple and Suri are nothing bty brats.

  • huh?

    Apple and Suri are nothing but brats.

  • Jennifer

    slambang @ 04/12/2009 at 10:28 am

    Compare these pics and those of Suri Cruise to the ones of Matilda Ledger smiling and waving at the paps. It’s all about how the kids are raised.
    exactly. Apple and Suri come across as having effed up parenting, there fore they are going to be effed up snobs too.

  • Pippi

    I love Gynweth and admire her for trying to shield her child from the annoying paparazzi. Even the employees (security) are showing their dislike for the photogs. Some people are so rude.

  • Jaye

    Paltrow is hiding her face; kids learn from their parents. I agree that the kids may not like the attention, but if you’re going to take them out, you can’t let it be a bad experience for them every time. They have to be trained and understand who these people are; that’s going to be part of their lives for a LONG time.

    lol @ the Laura Dern comment. You’re killing me.!

  • famewh0r3

    they have no right to get mad at the public attention that they’re getting, they wanted fame, it’s the price they have to pay for the rest of their lives!