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Michelle Obama Gets Down To Bonpoint Business

Michelle Obama Gets Down To Bonpoint Business

First Lady Michelle Obama does some clothes shopping at the Bonpoint boutique with daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, in Paris on Sunday (June 7).

(See pictures of Brad Pitt shopping at Bon Point with daughter Shiloh.)

The Obamas traveled in a 30-vehicle motorcade as they went shopping on the Left Bank and Champs Élysées.

President Barack Obama flew back to the U.S. but his family is staying an extra day.

20+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama getting down to Bonpoint business…

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  • doggossips

    some posts are so ridiculous about her style , and why they spend your money visit others country .. all presidents USA and europeans did the same, no ? so what ?!!
    ok her style is not very good but she is a wonderful woman and so intelligent !!!!!
    do you want to exchange for our small, nervous, vulgar, hypocrite and stupid president ? guess who !!!

  • Confused1

    The hypocrasy of the Obama family is that they tell all of us that everyone must “sacrifce.” Yet here they go again, shopping at some of the most exclusive (expensive) stores in the world–on the taxpayer dime. A 30 car motorcade? What did that cost us? Their “date night” to New York–they refuse to reveal what that cost us, yet they used our money to pay for it. They didn’t just used two smaller jets in an attempt to justiify the cost, the limo and security vehicles all had to be flown to New York via military cargo planes and the personnel required for the logistics. I don’t want to hear the word “sacrifce ” from Obama again until I see some indications that he and his family are cutting back on the billionaire’s lifestyle they have enjoyed since moving into the White House. The man loves to spend–other peoples’ money.

  • robin3

    Shouldn’t we be talking about Obamanomics and the unprecedented debts he has given US and not her 2 sizes too smalloutfit.

    I did not vote McCain but I am sure as heck disappointed in the promise breaker_BO!

  • robin3

    Obama is a smooth talker…….gotta give him that.

    But don’t you remember the wise old saying “TALK IS CHEAP!”

    All we get from him is smooth sounding platitudes and the sheep swoon and say….”Ooooh! They’ve got class”

  • missy

    you don’t have to sacrifice when the taxpayers are picking up the bill for your family and evidently everyone they know went with them to Paris, 30 cars, that s nuts and its not for barry its for big ass and her tribe. She could at least look presentable.

    Barry went back home and left her there, he had a date with his boyfriend they golfed and watched the basketball game. Barry’s a busy boy.

  • missy

    Barry and Rahm, the ballerina had date night! Barry probably wants her to stay a few more days.

  • Orchid

    32 Lisa @ 06/08/2009 at 10:10 am fire your stylist. if you don’t have one, please get one.
    I am sure she has a stylist, maybe more than one. There is a definite difference in her look compared to before the campaign. This is the look she has chosen with the help of the stylist/s!

  • xiola blue

    Every time the president goes on an overseas trip he takes 600-800 people. This includes White House Staff, security, press. It has always blown my mind just how much goes with a president overseas. It is like this for every president. This is not a guess either. National Geographic did a lovely piece called, “Inside the Presidency” back in January.

    For all of you who voted for Obama and are now surprised that he is sooooooo left and Marxist….enjoy the ride, your lives will never be the same.

  • Jennifer

    30 car motorcade to go shopping? That costs the taxpayers thousands and thousands of dollars. And,why not shop in the USA where at least the sales tax will help OUR country? Obama does not care about the USA as much as he says he does, and he cares much more about GLOBALISM. Well, globalism is a failure as will be his presidency. (And I LIKE Obama so I’m not saying this to be mean.)

  • sade

    Amazon woman…who picked that awful outfit?

  • xiola blue


    Yes, the trip is on our dime but the Obama’s did make over 5 million dollars last year. They are not average and they do not understand the plight of the avergae man. Anyone who believes differently has been snowed.

  • Jennifer

    Confused1, don’t be confused. He is a politician and politicians lie, deceive and mislead. They are chameleons. Obama is very engaging and snowed the people that voted for him. Reality is reality, and hope and change are meaningless.

  • robin3

    If the people have to sacrifice, cut back and trim our lifestyle shouldn’t the “anointed ones” set the example?

    The country is in a depression that is being called”The Great Recession” and these Baracks are acting like hypocrites!

    This trip is on the taxpayer’s tab. So their motto is…”Do as we say, not as we do”

  • robin3

    Yup!……the masses fell for the smooth-sounding speeches.

    BO is a more hip, telegenic pitchman for the same agenda as our last administration.

  • voe

    What horrid fashion sense this woman has! Stripe on her wide bottom? When they were well to do citizens of Chicago, did they not travel to Paris, New York for broadway show? For had they gone, they would not have inclined to go now while preaching to the people to sacrifice, would not have appeared so thrilled to be able to go sight seeing. This taking advantage of husband’s work trip to sight seeing is their way of showing they are modest, middle class American, oui? If only all of us middle class Americans can have air force 1 at our beck and call, can plan trips without considering bank account, can have dinner parties for Hollywood people we or our kids want to meet any day of the week, again without thinking of the checkbook…
    Aaaah, if only, I know I would be so elated, so thrilled, so generous to friends and their children that I take them with me for the experience therefore would look beautiful too.
    I am all too happy to plant a few seed in the WH’s organic garden, to give the speech written by my aides, to grace this school and that with my presence, and I can wear working woman’s clothes while indulging my feet which are obscure by my hems with $500 sneakers which most folks have no clue of the price tag. Why not? To fill empty days with symbolic activities and get adoration…oh, there’s no better dream of a life one could have…Yes, I would definitely look good!

  • Roxanne

    #45 yes racism runs boths ways, but obviously there are assholes out there as evident on this post who doesn’t like the fact a black man is president of this country and would love to see bad things happen to him. Did you forget all the death treats he received when he was running for president. I simply said I see nothing wrong with him trying to protect himself and his family. So you shut your ignorant ass up

  • xiola blue


    Every President and President Elect receives death threats, that is not because of the color of his skin. And the 30 cars is not just him…every president that travels overseas has ridiculous motorcades, and yes it is on your dime!

  • faith

    why in the world do they need 30 vehicles?

    they could fit 4-6 security personnel (or more) in ten cars, and that would amount to 40-60 guards!


    As a young Hispanic/African-american woman, it is quite entertaining to watch so many women- particularly White woman loathe Michelle, for her glamour and prestige….how amusing! Don’t you wish you were where she is??? To bad, your not, so deal with the mediocrity of your lives and stop being a HATER.

    Michelle, is such a bright, lucky woman, and she understands best, espeically as a Black woman in America that jealousy and envy come with the territory of being successful. Michelle’s fashion choices are stellar, and she is shopping in the Fashion Mecca of the world with her beautiful daughters, how fun!

    You all have your work cut out for you because it takes alot more than petty words to hurt a smart, powerful, successful black woman!


  • robin3

    to roxanne

    you may be the racist here……..white presidents receive death threats often. Why do you think the uber-security measures for all of them?

    AND white presidents have been assassinated in the past.

    Your mind is narrow!

    Obama is a mulatto….NOT black……only half black and half white

  • don

    every thread it’s the same old hate filled posters with the same comment, OK! we all get it, you hate the Obama, but guess? it ain’t a damm thing you could do about it. so STFU already , you have 4 years to go, with that being said, they are great people, jealous much? Michelle is a great mother, classy, smart, and yes, beautiful. with a great body,

  • robin3

    Is Obama black? I thought he was half white/half black.

    What do we call someone with mixed parentage? They used to be called “mulattos”. Don’t know if that is still the case or if another descriptive word is used.

  • james

    love them, it has not even been 6 months yet, give him a break. it took bush 8 years to screw things up, it going to take a while for things to be sorted out, we don’t see every move Obama makes, you don’t know what he is doing 24/7. Michelle is a great first lady, some ignorant people are so petty, dress? come on, you could do better than picking on her dress, she’s lovely.

  • yVONNE

    Hmmm, I guess there not effected by the economy or sacrficing of the American family to make ends meet…… I dont ever recall seeing pictures of Mrs. Bush going shopping in Paris with a motorcade of 30 vehicles!!! There’s no change here at all, their Christmas vacation was proof of that and now this among other things…….

  • Rhonda


    Get over being black, every president is a target not just your precious Barry. they all have targets on their backs. I doubt you remember after 9/11 Laura Bush ( I know it doesn’t count cause she is white and not Obama) her security was breached. I don’t expect you would remember anything about that.

    While Bush was in office, Hollywhores made a movie about his assassination, and all you leftys thought it was a hoot. There is a film made that actually shows Bush getting shot in the stomach. You all thought that was fine, so its good enough for barry.

    Now your guys in the crosshairs your all worried about the black president because of racism, he ran for office and presidents have been killed. get over it, comes with the job, being black doesn’t give him a pass in the real world.

    If it were to happen, blacks will go nuts, no doubt, probably riot and burn down whats left of America.

  • miss lola


    yea, we’re all so jealous, your wise to us. We really want to look like we just walked of the planet of the apes, have a huge ASS as big as a house and have tree trunk legs. and we all want to be married to a black muslim homosexual man/girl. Your so smart.

  • calm down

    Middle ground. Obama spends his money on his personal needs: kid’s school, gifts, clothes, etc.
    All pres have to do this. Michelle couldhave takne the kids shopping ther ewhen he was there. Tostay cost the taxpayers and was a bad prcall.

  • Orchid

    35 Donzey @ 06/08/2009 at 10:30 am

    Who is this woman’s stylist? If you are smaller on top and larger on the bottom, like many women, don’t wear horizontal stripes on the bottom, it makes you look bigger. This outfit was a total waste of money.
    First I thought her stylist/s should be fired, making a pearshaped woman wear large horizontal stripes around her large bottom, but surely MO has the final say on what she wears, so that must he HER choice. SHE likes that dress!

  • yVONNE

    @Roxanne: Some of would take our daughter shopping in our own towns….. and to Old Navy!! Where you can get a summer dress on sale for $15.00 not a $200.00 dress….. Such a difference, all of you need to get your head out of the clouds!!! And realize whoever voted for Obama made a bad choice for all of US!!!!!

  • voiceofreason

    @miss lola: @Rhonda: … and others of your ilk. How about some deep fried chicken to block your cake holes with? I know you want some, you greedy mofo’s.

  • Anna

    First off, she is not really attractive, second, America’s unemployment rate hit 9.4% the highest in 27 YEARS, a whole generation hasn’t seen it this bad, and because of Obama’s out of control spending the American dollar is tanking, and even with no demand, oil has doubled in the last 2 months and the dollar lost 20% of it’s value because investors are hedging against the collapse of the Dollar, and we have the Obama’s who who are Jetting around the world, using 3, 747′s and 2 helicopters so that they go to dinner and a show in New York, bringing every relative they know for a few days of sightseeing and shopping in Paris, all on the tax payer dime. It’s like probably like how the Romans felt about Nero having parties while Rome was burning.

  • robin3

    Obama is half white/half black> Called a mulatto, yes? Or is that word not covered under FREE SPEECH?

  • miss lola

    Since BHO took office—2 million jobs went bye-bye. MICROSOFT warns they will leave America as well, if Obama’s tax plan is passed by Congress. Microsoft to Ireland, Hummer to China, Chrysler to Italy.

    this mess belongs to Obama now.

  • Bernice Lupisk

    I admire Mr and Mrs Obama for intelligence and well education.
    The think I can not understand is Mrs Obama taste for dress herself. It is terribe. No elegance at all (as require to first ladies). These cardigans she use are horrible. U should use it when u are cleaning your house. Also Mrs Obana NEVER EVER use belt. It does not fits your body. A channel pret a porter would help u a lots. U took the the position so now u have to take RESPONSIBILITY and act accordingly.Your dresses are( WOW) horrible. I was very surprise when I saw both of u in New York for a play and the president was NOT wering a TIE. It is not much sacrifice to do this for the american people U REPRESENT, right?. Look at the previous command in chief and wives the way they present thenselves. Good Look
    Ur admirer,

  • jacob

    I would rather see pictures of Jon and Kate than this fish face woman.
    Michelle Obama is one of the ugliest first ladies in American history.

  • pinkrose

    The Obamas would not want thirty vehicles. I doubt the family occupied more than three vehicles. The fact is they cannot be any where withut ample secret service proportionate to the family. Four family (First Lady, 2 girls and grandma) members would have at least eight agents to fully cover them. Plus, the French cannot let secret service loose on their soil without twice as many French officers shadowing them (as the Americans do not really have jurisdiction) in France. Plus they will have those handling the traffic and crowd….it’s not hte Obamas fault that they need all that security but Paris is a hotbed for Muslims. I also doubt there were as many as 30 vehicles.

  • Orchid

    “Michelle’s fashion choices are stellar”


    If you think wide stripes are great if you have a big bottom, making your big bottom appear even bigger, and wide belts are great when you’re shortwaisted, making the belt look like it’s practically under your armpits, all I will say is that we can’t argue about taste!
    Our definition of ‘stellar’ certainly differs!

  • miss lola


    We heard what he said, its what he does that the big problem. Do you remember he sent his BIG plane to NY to be photographed beneath the tiny statue of liberaty and scaring the people have to death. That only cost $300,000 and they took a bunch of people with them to Paris, original pic show large group of Chicago people. the price for that is in the millions i’m sure.

  • xiola blue


    Who cares what he says? All politicians lie and the sad thing is that there are people who believe him and all of the others just like him.
    I don’t care what he says, it’s what he does that is in direct contradiction to what he says, that bothers me.

  • Alex

    People claim to love/admire the O’s because they are educated. Well, you should. You paid for their education via AA (Affirmative Action). You’re also paying their salaries and funding their speding sprees again via AA. These two have nothing to offer in terms of experience, love for the country (yeah, I am talking to you MO) nor the future well being of Americans. They are in it for themselves with all their magazine covers and pompous attitude while reading the teleprompter. It’s going to four years of hell that no one dares point out for fear of being accused of racism by the biggest reverse racists there are.

    And MO is HIDEOUS looking. I am tired of the media telling me that my eyes fail me again and again by branding her as beautiful and a fashion icon. STOP IT WITH THE LIES. THE TRUTH IS NOT RACISM.

  • robin3

    to Alex

    Thank you for the truth. It’s rare today as most people can only regurgitate stale opinions.

    Fresh air!!!!!!

  • robin3

    We’re getting really sick of being called “racist” just because we loathe the damage Obama has caused our nation. He didn’t start it but he’ll certainly finish it off.

    Anytime someone calls him out on the sick policies hes perpetrating expect to hear…”racism”.

    The guy lied big time to get elected and the dumb populace fell for it. Bunch of lemmings.

  • clarice

    Who cares what Mrs Obama look like ? Yes, she’s no Carla Bruni, but she holds a JD from Harvard and was the vice-president of the Chicago University. She’s not a model, nor had she ever claimed to be.

    Is Angela Merkel the best-dressed, best-looking woman on earth ? No, she’s not, she never claimed to be, but she holds a PhD in physics and is the Chancellor of Germany.

    My point is that it’s not because you’re in the public eye that you’re supposed to look “good” if you’re a woman. There are plenty of badly-dressed and ugly-looking men out there who are in the public eye and no one cares about their looks. That would be good if we could do the same with women.

    Carla Bruni is good-looking, always dressed to a T, but that’s her job, it has ALWAYS been her job, she grew up in a privilege environment and she used to work as a model, so it’s normal that she somewhat seems better prepared than Michell Obama to handle the job of a First Lady.

  • robin3

    Right….I don’t care how Michele dresses.

    I care that she may be a racist. If not, she would have left that racist church and her racist minister 20 years ago.

    Lets talk about that!

  • Lola wants


    She is not spending the taxpayers money. She is spending the 4 million dollars in earnings her and her husband claimed on their taxes this year. Inform yourself properly before making comments.

  • Sharon

    Shopping in Paris while Americans are losing their homes and employment…


  • Rhonda


    We were being sold on Michelle being the new Jackie, remember? short-term memory loss?

    she was black and female and got affirmative action to go to ivy league schools, not because she’s so smart.

    She got that job at the University of Chicago after her husband became a state senator at $300,000 as a COMMUNITY OUTREACH, since becoming first lady, shocking that it is , noone was needed to replace her at that position

    her law license has been suspended by the state of Il, it is under seal and it is contempt to release the reason for the suspension.

    Yea, she’s a genius alright, and gorgeous to–NOT

  • Rhonda


    we are paying for all of it!

  • Orchid

    93 clarice @ 06/08/2009 at 3:36 pm

    Carla Bruni is good-looking, always dressed to a T, but that’s her job, it has ALWAYS been her job, she grew up in a privilege environment and she used to work as a model, so it’s normal that she somewhat seems better prepared than Michell Obama to handle the job of a First Lady.


    Carla Bruni Sarkozy looks wonderful, especially next to MO, who can’t help it that she is a big, pearshaped woman.
    I’m sure MO does her best to look nice, but some in the media have said she reminds them of Jacqueline Kennedy. That must be joke!

  • Lola wants


    The fact that Michelle Obama is black should not factor into any of your criticisms. You have no idea if this women got into Princeton and Harvard through affirmative action. I guess you think there are no intelligent black women that can get into ivy league schools without using the guise of affirmative action. She was intelligent when she skipped a grade and she was intelligent when she was a straight a student at Whitney Young and she was intelligent when she got into her ivy leagues. You know what i call affirmative action for white people. LEGACY!