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Hugh Jackman is Miley Cyrus's Personal Security

Hugh Jackman is Miley Cyrus's Personal Security

Over a week ago, Wolverine star Hugh Jackman and Hannah Montana starlet Miley Cyrus were seen dining together at Morton’s Steakhouse in L.A.

“They had a few producer-type folks with them,” one diner told UK’s Daily Express. “It looked like some sort of business dinner.”

It’s rumored that they will star in a movie musical together or in the upcoming film, Personal Security. According to Variety, the flick will have Hugh star as a tough Gotham police detective forced into bodyguard duty for a spoiled teen heiress who is receiving kidnapping threats. Presumably, Miley would play the heiress.

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  • nisa

    Lucky her. I wish he was my personal security guard. I’m just not that lucky in life though :( Thank goodness Just Jared allows me to live vicariously.

  • mileS

    i don’t care who is personal security of Miley but she is really beautiful on the picture :))

  • kprocks89

    nooo! hugh! stay away from miley! jk. i heart hugh jackman!

  • Don’t do it Hugh

    No please no, why would an A list star like Hugh Jackman want to be in a movie with a tween star like Miley Cyrus, it’s career suicide for him, he would never ever be taken seriously as an actor again, I hope like hell it’s not true!!!!

  • V

    aw, man. this means i have to watch a miley cyrus movie :(

  • karenina

    ew miley, it would be a downgrade for hugh

  • dinah

    I hope they work together.YAY

  • dundies

    his career as an actor has just gone up in FLAMES if this is true

  • you got that right

    @Don’t do it Hugh:
    #4 You hit the nail on the head with your comment. He will destroy whatever credibility he has by making a movie with her. I’m going to talk myself into believing Oscar wanted her autograph.

  • jo

    Miley Cyrus is a teen superstar. I dont see why an adult male superstar actor should not work with her.
    It is one movie. And if they both fit the bill then it’ll be great.

  • my mom was like, oh hell no.

    Nothings going to kill his career if he is “that good”.

  • HUGH DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @you got that right:
    Guys you are soooooo right! I love Hugh, I’ve been a fan of him for years, I’ve seen EVERYTHING he’s done, from ‘X-Men’ to ‘The Fountain’ to ‘Australia’ to ‘Oklahoma’, even the TV series he did in Australia. He is such a great actor, an A-LIST SUPERSTAR, he has his hand and foot prints in front of Chinese Theater, for God’s sake! His one of the Oscar Hosts, a Tony and Emmy Award winner!!! He can’t do a movie with ‘Hanna Montana’! Jesus!!! I hope this is just a joke. Please Hugh!!!!!!!!! Come out and say this is just a joke!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Besides, we didn’t see any pictures from that dinner, did we?…

  • anon

    I doubt doing one film with a tween star will “kill” a talented and well-respected actor’s career. Probably a slight over exaggeration.

  • zzzzzzz

    @my mom was like, oh hell no.: Noone doubts that, that he is a super talented actor. I don’t think it will hurt his career, I just don’t want to see him wasted in stupid films with actors like Miley whatever. Have you seen him in The Prestige or The Fountain or Erskineville Kings? Have you seen him in Oklahoma! or The Boy from Oz? This man’s talent is huge. He deserves far better than a film with Hannah Montana…

  • nikki


    I completely agree. HE CAN’T DO IT! Ugh.. Miley Cyrus needs to just go away.

  • LuckyL


  • omg

    are you ****ing serious? Hugh Jackman is my favorite actor and he’s doing a movie with MILEY CYRUS? Miley Cyrus is a terrible actress who overreacts in Hannah Montana, whilst Hugh is a great actor.

    I can’t believe I’m gonna have to watch a Hugh movie with Miley Cyrus in it. She sucks.

  • sarah

    is this movie gonna be the teen version of “the bodyguard”? LOL

  • lori


    hugh jackman oh god no!

    you might as well do a movie with lindsay lohan!

    well if mile ygets kidnapped and killed i would watch haha

    there’s his career. down the toilet. how much money did her daddy pay yoou hugh to play in a move with her.


  • jill

    i think they would be so cute together. i hope it’s true.
    my mom would like to see it too!!!

  • Eric

    Miley is hot and Hugh is Wolverine. I bet it would be cool. You better do it Hugh, don’t listen to those haters.

  • f

    im a miley cyrus hater. i love hugh jackman. i jsut dont understan why would he an oscar winner would want to sdo a movie with some disney actor. does he want to do this for his daughter?

    i cant stand her. so im not watching this!

  • Quinn

    WTF. From Mr. Wolverine to THIS?!? Unacceptable! If this is the least bit viable, Hugh just lost a ton of cool points with me.

    Don’t work with Slutty Cyrus, Hugh, don’t do it!

  • Matt

    No, Hugh, NO!!! Say it ain’t so….no matter what the paycheck, you’re WAY too talented for this shlock.

  • NOOOOOO…….

    I’m devastated…….IT CAN’T BE TRUE…….surely Hugh and those
    around him couldn’t be so clueless to not realize this will completely destroy his career as he will lose all credibility as an actor!

  • lizzie

    i agree with matt post 24 ahaha

  • Lorraine Smith

    He is soooo yummy!!!!

  • Lorraine Smith

    But I do agree that he should team up with her. Spells disaster for his career!

  • Lorraine Smith

    Nooooooo I meant to say SHOULD NOT team up with her!!!!

  • omg

    i CANNOT believe this. It’s like Brad Pitt doing a hollywood movie with the Jonas brothers!

  • patricia

    No pleaseeeeeeeee.Hugh don`t do this.No por favor¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • omg

    the sad thing is, I think this movie’s gonna be a hit cuz many children are fans of Miley Cyrus -_-

  • snoopy

    It won’t ruin his career if it does well in the bo.
    He loves doing different things, not sticking to just one genre. He said in a recent interview that after the oscars he started getting offers to do comedies and musicals, which he didn’t get prior to hosting it, and that he really looked forward to it. Plus, he has kids and I imagine he’d want to be able to be in a movie they could enjoy.
    Not saying I like this news, on the contrary – I hate it, I just understand why he chose to do this. I know he wants to do carousel as well, but unfortunately that would be a lot harder to do cause a studio will green light a movie that has the potential to make a lot of money like this one might, and carousel does not sound like a potential hit.

    But don’t worry, we’re talking about a versatile actor who can do every genre. So he’ll do a silly comedy – he also has a stage play coming up and unbound captives with rachel weize will start filming in a few month.
    Many people didn’t want him to do the boy from oz in 03, especially at a time when he had two action movies coming out in cinema. Didn’t ruin his career, on the contrary – he won a tony.
    So let’s try to be optimistic alright?

  • FAN

    This is all just speculation – nothing has been confirmed in any of the trades. They were seen having lunch and the rumors started. Some people are also speculating that she’s going to be in the next X-Men First Class movie which Hugh would have nothing to do with.

    And Personal Security was just announced and it’s a LONG way from being filmed. I don’t believe this until one of the trades or either of them confirms it.

  • noodle

    wtf Hugh

  • zzzzzzz

    @Eric: We are not HATERS of Hugh Jackman, we are FANS of him for TEN years now (at least I am, I can’t tell about the others). We LOVE him and we DON’T want to see him in a movie with a teen actress that today maybe has some fans but will be completely forgotten tomorrow. I’d rather see him doing ‘Carousel’ with Anne Hathaway and ‘Unbound Captives’ with Rachel Weisz rather than watching him waste time and talent in silly projects. We care about him, that’s all. And that’s just our opinion and you have no reason to judge us and call us “haters”.



  • Shay BOMB

    This reminds me of a Man On Fire/ or that Disney move Princess Protection Program. I bet Hugh’s character dies at the end trying to have her life and Miley’s character doesn’t become spoiled. Ugh, I don’t think this will do too well.

  • Karma

    I have now lost any shred of respect I had for Hugh.

  • snoopy

    @Shay BOMB:
    Yeah, I hate these type of movies. But no one confirmed that they’ll do a movie together at all, let alone this one. Just one annonymous diner talking about seeing them together eating.

  • Jen

    just say no Hugh.. I think it would be horrible if he teamed up with Cyrus, she is awful

  • whoa

    I can’t believe he’s degrading himself to make a movie with MILEY CYRUS. She’s a stuck up average-looking girl who’s gonna turn out like Lindsay Lohan in a few years.

    Btw, I am NOT a Miley Cyrus hater. I used to think she was okay when she first became famous, but now, she’s a slut who takes half-naked pics of herself on her iPhone and gets them stolen and posted all over the internet for young children who are fans of Miley to see.

  • Peach

    I wish Hugh would be a little more selective in his movie roles.

    I hope he comes to his senses and backs out of this movie….

  • Marthita Holland

    OMG! i love both of them!! they’re beautiful!

  • whoa

    Miley’s only pretty because she wears a TON of makeup, amazing clothes, and always gets her hair done.

    THAT can make ANY girl look prettier.

  • Annie

    I will always love you, Hugh.

  • Delsy

    why can you just admit it Miley is huge she is proberly going to do a movie with him if you were a true fan then you would support him

  • Mistral

    Well… this news is strange….
    “Someone” says to have seen them have lunch together, ok, but exactly “who” has seen them? Why any photo of this business meeting to Los Angeles? Morton’s Steakhouse it’s a public place very frequented….all these details and not even a candid….
    From a couple of weeks there are no candid photos of Jackman. I have noticed that are suddenly stopped, while only few days ago those mints troublesome calls paparazzi persecuted him even if he went to the bathroom and almost every day internet was full of new images that documented his daily life to NY…
    The last news said that Hugh and his family are vacationing in the Turks and Caicos Islands at a private resort.

  • lakers fan in boston

    a movie with him and miley
    it sounds like a train wreck w8ing 2 happen

  • ;-)

    @Mistral: That’s what I too was thinking, mate! We haven’t seen a picture of him for days. One or two weeks ago you’d come across him on gossip sites every single day. Anyway, I ‘d rather believe that he’s indeed on vacation rather than preparing a movie with Miley Cyrus… I mean, c’mon Hughie! With Cyrus? YOU?? Jesus Christ!