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Michael Bay: Megan Fox Says Some Ridiculous Things

Michael Bay: Megan Fox Says Some Ridiculous Things
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  • liverwurst

    Yeah, she does.

  • Lilianne

    I’m sorry, but Megan Fox is kind of a skank who can’t really act anyway. Maybe she just wants more attention by saying such outrageous things?? Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you.

  • guest

    Michael Bay is right. Megan Fox’s ego is going to be her downfall. Pissing off a good director is not the way to go in Hollywood. She will be begging for her next role and going nude. You watch! Hollywood will shun her.

  • guest

    Michael Bay is right. He and the rest of Hollywood should shun her. Megan will be begging for her next role. She will be more than happy to not wear clothes. Her ego is her downfall. The things coming out of her mouth are not smart.

  • Adri

    Michael Bay is right. Not a good move on Megan’s part. She’ll still be successful though because of her beauty. Hopefully she’ll work on developing her acting skills instead of blaming it on somebody else.

  • mailey

    I luv Meggie. He’s the one who needs to come down his high horse making his action movies more than they are. She’s just being honest-it’s an action movie with a ton of effects. She’d sound like a retard trying to fake like it’s some cinematic masterpiece.

  • those are obviously fake boobs

    she is really dumb. it’s a robot action movie, what does she expect? she is probably pissed because her only role there was to scream “SAM!” in which she delivered terribly. bay was right, who the fck megan fox before transformers? she didn’t even became known in her movie with lohan. haha. what an airhead. can’t wait for her to be chopped off for the T3!

  • NativeNYker

    Say what we will, the girl is pure hotness. & no, Shia did not get any.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • fresh

    she’s a horrible actress and belongs with Carmen Electra in her crap movies

  • fresh

    she’s a horrible actress and belongs with Carmen Electra in her crap movies

  • twilight

    After Transformers franchise is done PRIME SHALL RISE FOX WILL FALL…..

  • a realist

    For someone who cant act. She is really really foolish for pissing off directors.
    Nobody will cast her.

  • me

    I’m not surprised about Emma being popular with the cast. She’s gorgeous, intelligent, and has a great personality. I’m sure she’s like a little sister to them all. But I wonder if Rupert means he had a crush in the beginning or he does now?

  • cindy

    Transformers 2 was awesome! But to hear that M.Fox is ungrateful….NEXT!

  • karenina

    transformers movies are awesome but MEGAN should go away

  • Celia

    Transformers 2 was the WORST movie I’ve seen this year! It was horrible. No plot. Bad acting. And the special effects were lame because the robots look so horrible. The first one was way better. At least it made sense. But Michael Bay is right…he has put alot of celebrities on the map so Megan Fox needs to shut her trap and be grateful for what she’s got.

  • -

    Well, what do you expect? It’s Fox, she’s a trash so whatever she says reflects her. She should do p0rn movies instead, it’s more of her league.

  • mouimou

    i hate megan she steall zac from vanessa i hate her hate her

  • haters be lost

    Ok first of all I dont think she said anything that wasn’t true, but I would say pissing off directors at such a young stage of her career isn’t the wisest move. And all you haters go to hell,,, she’s the godess herself and that’s not up for debate.

  • lol

    ^ sure, keep telling yourself that.

  • jaye

    Wow she said that Transformers isn’t about ACTING. OMG, how ridiculous! Of course it’s about acting… as for those pesky Robots, they’re just filler, they’re not the REAL focus of the movie. lol. Michael Bay has been told this about his movies by more important people then Megan Fox, he should be use to it. Instead of getting an attitude about it, he should smile happily all the way to the bank.

    I doubt Fox will stop saying what she feels. She doesn’t strike me as someone who is going to suck up to ANYONE. What the h*ell can he do, not hire her for his movies? There is going to be a TRANSFORMERS 3, you think Bay will cut off his nose to spite her? Not a chance. Having said that, I also don’t think she’d care very much if her career ended today.

  • silly putty

    she’s hilarious and a waste of air…

    also her head is full of hot air too

  • umm

    I get the impression she wants to be taken seriously and appear intelligent, but there doesn’t seem to be much there.

  • vmars111

    Not really a fan of Megan Fox, but I’m gonna have to side with her.

    The way Michael Bay sounded made him have a HUGE EGO! He thinks he’s some Hollywood Director bigshot with his flashy explosions and at least Megan Fox knew what she was getting herself into with the Transformers series, mostly “LOUD METAL EXPLOSIONS.”

    Oh, and the Megan Fox sex soundboard is hilarious!


    She’s gorgeous and sometimes I like her…. But gosh its hard taking her serious when she says so many stupid things. Can’t she just shut up!!! keep those silly comments to yourself! =]

  • duh

    can she even act?

  • lakers fan in boston

    haha megan, some1 finally back talked u
    i told u 2 keep ur freaking mouth shut
    ever since u made that quote about how ur farts smelled i knew u should stfu
    who isnt attracted to emma? she’s a beautiful, smart and classy girl
    i was hoping she might go to harvard but sadly no =[

  • lakers fan in boston

    and lol @ the megan soundboard

  • dd

    another katherine Heigl….

  • poppy

    l dont think she said anything wrong. lf the journalist had read the full Megan Fox quote in which she says that Transformers isnt a “film about acting its about entertainment” she wouldn’t have been dinged. She has also said numerous times that she credits Bay for her career. So….why the big fuss? rock it megan your beautiful without even tryin’

  • Halli

    Black Listed!

    Seriously… anyone who keeps comparing her to Jolie is CRAZY.
    Angelina Jolie won an Oscar around her age and a couple of Golden Globes. Like someone else said. Megan career trajectory will not resemble Jolie’s and more like Carmen Electra.

  • donna

    the only real talent megan has is licking her lips and trying so hard to look sexy! she is going to disapear pretty quickly!

  • here I go again

    Her boobies look like honeydo melons. Girl shoulda left them natural.

  • vicki

    I think Mike Bay wanted to get with Fox and she turned him down

  • Raine

    Megan is right. She said herself shes greatful, and that those who watch Transformers should not expect it to be about acting, since the movie is about robots.

    Michael is acting like she dissed all his movies when she didnt.

    I bet the person interviewing Michael twisted her words to start a problem, it always happens

  • Jokergurl

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Bay isn’t one to put up with actor egos especially new actor egos. She needs to just be quiet and be grateful he picked her for the first Transformers. Shia doesn’t bash his director for the movie focusing on the special effects. She needs to be a little more humble and a little less dumbled (it’s not a word but I don’t care it rhymes and I’m bored)

  • mertz

    am glad bay called her out. i hope she keeps sh*tting on everything and everyone and life will just be awesome for her…but better for me because then i can continously laugh at her. lol. and also bay is not exactly incorrect and neither is megan, but lol dude as much as i love you and transformers and some of the stuff you’ve done, you suck a shadoobie really bad. so here it is MEGAN FOX AND MICHAEL BAY SUCKKK!!!!!!! but she’s barely breaking in and she thinks she can sh*t on everything so if that’s the way she wants to go that’s he funeral. keep digging it heigel style. also i just saw these AMAZING pictures of megan fox back in the day from confessions of a teenage drama queen or whatever that movie was and man oh man does she look mucHO DIFFERENT. i mean like she’s a brand new person. body’s different, face is different. i didn’t believe all that surgery rumours lol but she looks like soooooo different. she must have gotten something done. this isn’t conspiracy stuff. oh well atleast she’s hot now and making lots of money. why does she look so different.

  • guest


    What does a good director have to do with Michael Bay?

  • Daniela

    I just canĀ“t believe how stupis is Megan Fox, she needs study or something

  • suppress your appetite

    Megan ROCK!!!