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Katie Holmes Gets Melbourne Moody

Katie Holmes Gets Melbourne Moody

Katie Holmes gets a little emotional on the set of Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark filmed in studios in Melbourne, Australia on Thursday (July 9).

The 30-year-old Ohio-born actress’s husband, Tom Cruise, has reportedly left Australia with host and good friend James Packer. Katie and daughter Suri, however, have enjoyed some quality time together, getting some shopping done and hanging out at the pool.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes getting Melbourne moody…

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katie holmes melbourne moody 01
katie holmes melbourne moody 02
katie holmes melbourne moody 03
katie holmes melbourne moody 04
katie holmes melbourne moody 05
katie holmes melbourne moody 06
katie holmes melbourne moody 07
katie holmes melbourne moody 08
katie holmes melbourne moody 09
katie holmes melbourne moody 10
katie holmes melbourne moody 11
katie holmes melbourne moody 12
katie holmes melbourne moody 13
katie holmes melbourne moody 14

Photos: FlynetOnline, Fame Pictures
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  • LuckyL

    Shopping done? Come on, you say it as if she’s actually running errands like a normal Mom Jared.

  • dabu

    Boy, those leggings really emphasize her legs and not in a good way!

  • rotflmao

    the article about Tom leaving says he went on a cruise on The Packer pleasure ship rotflmao

  • Realme2008

    That guy looks like a giant next to Katie!

  • Rosie O’donut

    Katie Holmes used to be a decent looking girl until she joined the Tom Cruise Cult

  • sniffles

    Contrary to what others may say about her teeth, it’s very nice to see her smile.

  • having fun…yet katie

    What movie set all you see is her walking around in a parking lot…
    so what …It is not as if she really is on the set…Low Budget horror
    flick.. going back to her B lister movies.. while Tom is hanging out
    with the billionaire friend of his.. Way to go.. ALONE AGAIN NATURALLY

  • Janey

    I like her new hairstyle a lot.

  • it’s robobride.

    That’s her bodyguard. They aren’t on set. God forbid anyone get within ten feet of Robo-bride. Especially while she is fighting with the midget on her iPhone.

  • Ember

    Ha-Ha, Tiny left with a fudge packer!!!!!!

  • Ember

    I guess you can’t say Fudg* Pack*r on this site……

  • Kookabear

    another crappy movie headed our way….

  • cork

    Bet that kid she’s carrying is going to pop out looking like one of the body guards. And I think she’s bitch*n at Tiny Gay man because he really took off with his boyfriend, but smiling because now he is gone. She needs to get rid of that piece of crap crazy looney bin pronto. They are such a complete joke, just pathetic. Poor Aussies.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    Who said she was fighting and moody ? She actually is smiling and laughing for once. Not any of us OR ” JARED ” was there to here any of that conversation, so we don’t know what was said, or who she was talking to. Everyone just likes to make-up crap, to make it seem interesting.
    In this pictures, compared to the other day, she dosen’t look pregnant at all, which I thought she WAS. So I apologize. I guess the different tops she wears just poofs out funny, and appears that way.
    She would not be dancing and exercising so much if she were pregnant. I like Katie’s hair that way, and she looks very happy .

  • Run, Katie, Run

    Maybe she’s finally giving Tom what for! I sure hope so!! Let him have it Katie, then leave his pathetic little a**. You deserve better!! You were so cute and cool BC (Before Cruise). You don’t need the controlling little twirp.

  • Shauna

    Who said she was fighting and moody ? She actually is smiling and laughing for once. Not any of us OR ” JARED ” was there to here any of that conversation, so we don’t know what was said, or who she was talking to. Everyone just likes to make-up crap, to make it seem interesting.

    Do you see a happy woman in most of those pictures? If you do, you’re delusional. In the others, she’s off the phone and interacting with her director and costar. Whoever she’s on the phone with in most of the pictures, she’s obviously arguing with them. Since she doesn’t seem to interact with many people, I would bet it’s Cruise. No one is making up “crap”. We see can see what she looks like with our own eyes.

    Nice to see you finally figured out that she’s not pregnant, but you don’t need to apologize. No one cares very much about your comments enough for you to apologize. It’s just your opinion and you can bet no one gives a hoot. LOL.

  • lakers fan in boston

    tommy girl is having some male bondage with his friend =p
    he didnt want katie 2 walk in on them, it’s ok tommy girl
    like i said before it looks like katie has stepped it up a bit with her style but it’s still pretty bad

  • Annie

    Yawn……….. Did anyone catch the MASH reruns? About as interesting.

  • Mike

    She is so gross! What happened to the Dawson Creek cutie? Just natural and even. Now she married that monster and her life is gone. Man, she WAS hot. Not no more! She looks 40 and dresses like that tramp Miley Cirus. What the F? USED to dream of her.

  • emma

    What nice teeth Katie has, wonder what that person who keeps on posting over and over that her teeth are crooked and yellow is going to come up with next?

  • emma

    Katies legs are 1/2 the size of Brittanys stumpy legs and much longer.

  • to Emma

    There are times when it looks as though she wears removable veneers. Her real teeth have been photographed and look crooked and yellow. These are definitely an improvement.

  • emma

    yeah whatever . must be wearing veneers for many years then i remember her teeth being good since dawsons. of course you know better!

  • Reed Richards

    You’re really bitter and jealous, #1.

    How do you know he’s controlling, #15?

    You don’t have to talk to her like that, #16. But I guess if she was a critic, you’d be more lenient. She doesn’t look angry at all while talking on the phone.

  • ian

    she is hot

  • chanel

    she looks so cute
    i forgot its winter @ Down under

  • bishop

    I heart Katie and cant wait for this movie.Thanks JJ.

  • lol

    no. 7 you’re the moron not knowing this is a closet set so the paps can get any pics of the film.

    no.12 crap? this is DelTorro’s movie. you’re the crap one

  • pixie

    nice b&&bs katie

  • surfer

    How unfair when she is still lovely even with no makeup compared to the trolls that look like monsters and other stars that look like clowns.

  • mac

    Jared, how low of you wanting to be like Perez Hilton now with your trash headlines or wonnabe National Enquirer.:((((

  • emma

    lets put it this way shauna, she has more family more friends and more people that she interacts with than you will ever have. i can name them and steer you in the direction of where you can see pictures . the only time you see her is when she is going in and out of dance studios or taking suri to various activities and that is 1min in a day when the paparazzi surround her and her child like a pack of hienas, shoving the camera so close in their faces and shouting at them it is frightening. the internet is full of videos of them doing that. bet you didn’t know she was going to SYTYCD for 2 years did you . 1min in a day.

  • Susie q

    I wonder if she looks in the mirror in the morning and says “crap! what happened to me?” i look like an old hag”. So sad. And why does she think she needs a bodyguard all the time??? who wants to kidnap her???????

  • to emma

    Well Emma–go back and look at close ups of Katie’s mouth. Her teeth seem to vary from picture thread to thread at times. You don’t have to be a fan or a hater to notice this. You obviously haven’t noticed it, many of us have.

    And Brit’s legs are in proportion to her body. Katie has thick thighs and ankles. You want to deny it–go ahead, but her body isn’t exactly picture perfect and the clothes she wears accent her defects unlike say Kidman, Jolie, Aniston, and Witherspoon who generally (most of the time) dress to accent their good points rather than call attention to their problem areas.

    I don’t think most of us care if Katie has thick thighs, ankles or calves. I think what we all question, even those that like her, is why would you wear things that accent your problem areas. Any woman, which I assume includes you unless you are a male mascarading as a female, knows that you do what you can to highlight your best points and negate your bad areas.

  • iron chef

    Loving all the pics especially 4 and 8.

  • natalie

    #4 is my fav pic too, that is one pretty smile.

  • lookiehere

    reedy ricky—-you are such a dumb lad.

    yellow teeth katie homley is explaining to her tiny tom about Suri’s 10 gallon loaded diapers. She needs him home to help shovel the crap.

    Toliet training is NOT successful. Too many hissy fits going on


  • anonymous


  • just me

    These are nice shots of Katie but I wish the photogs would give her peace especially Suri.

  • kit09

    Katie and her entire family are precious.

    I cant wait for the movie to come out.

  • posey

    38- 40 is the same idiot poster

    how desperate! LOL

  • pretty polly

    Not any more desperate than the same people who bag all the time using different names

  • Reed Richards

    Right, #32.

    You’re so shallow, #34.

  • emma

    absolutely agree that because katie has lost so much weight from waist up that sometimes she does look out of proportion but its also the camera angles as well. eg i don’t think that jen garner is as awkward looking in some clothes as the pictures make her out to be.

  • To Reed Richards

    Regarding your comment “You’re so shallow, 34″

    It is obvious that you are a male Katie stalker. Every female on this board knows what 34 is talking about. You play to your strengths with clothes. Katie does not. Plain and simple. Nothing shallow about that.

  • blair

    love love LOVE <3

  • malarkey

    few trolls trashy as always
    Holmes is a class act

  • rose

    Good to see some Katie set pics and also Guy Pearce. Holey cow that bodyguard is sooooooooooo tall. Thanks jared but stop following Katie around.

  • massarelli

    I hate the Cruise family and I devote my time trolling on all their fans and terrorizing their fans.

    I do that on other celebrities too.

  • lacey

    ========Simply refreshing =========