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Kelly Clarkson Covers Janet Jackson's "If"

Kelly Clarkson Covers Janet Jackson's

Kelly Clarkson sings her own rendition of Janet Jackson‘s hit song “If” at the PC Richard and Son theater in New York City’s TriBeCa neighborhood on Tuesday night (July 13).

The 27-year-old original American Idol performed a 16-song set, which also included a bluesy and soulful tribute to Patsy Cline‘s “Walkin’ After Midnight.” was lucky enough to attend the private concert and it was to die for. Kelly always changes up her classic songs and throws in some new ones. And the acoustics in the theater were awesome!!!

The event was sponsored by Z100 radio station and iHeartRadio, which has a Jonas Brothers concert coming up on Monday. Enter to win tickets here!

FYI: Kelly is wearing a cut up shirt of one of her music idols, David Bowie!

15+ pictures inside of Kelly Clarkson‘s private NYC concert…

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  • beauty

    that was good but its not her type of music! and plus u have to dance to this song! i dont like kelly clarkson anymore because all her song sound alike!

  • jumbo

    IF………. I wasn’t obese.

  • Karen

    Good thing that tank top is laced on the side. She can let it out and loosen it when she gets bigger.

  • Hermit

    Is that you little miss piggy?

  • liteflyr

    aw man, i can’t believe i missed that :( glad u guys had fun!

  • Lisa

    Damn, She can hardly move on stage. She can’t even jump she’s so large. Go on a diet Kelly, before you get any larger.

  • Noticias de famosos

    I love how he sings and his style is fantastic !!!!!!!

  • bbb

    what are you talking about people? that was AWESOME!!! she is great and she can sing any kind of music! you don’t have to dance when you sing like that Kelly rocks!

  • Eliza

    She sounds great – I love the original version of that song, but she sounds amazing doing it too.

  • dali

    god yall are so fcking mean, get a life, she’s beautiful the way she is and her voice is amazing, great artist you go kelly

  • If

    “If” I wasn’t so big, “If: I wasn’t 250 lbs, “If” I wasn’t putting the stage under a huge strain, I would be a star.

  • Joe

    she isn’t even fat yall. she is extremely talented, and way more talented than those stick thin celebrities out there now. and she is living her dream while you people sit on the computer and throw insults at her.


    what an exaggeration.

  • backseatsurfer9

    Ugh. Thanks for wrecking one of my favorite songs. Not only do all of your songs sound the same but your songs suck ass period. Don’t attempt to wreck other people’s good songs by attempting to make them “your own”. You suck Kelly. Go back to wherever it is you came from and bury yourself there.
    Oh. And before I forget. Lay of the Ding-Dongs, Ho-Hos or whatever else it is you’re apparently scarfing down your face.
    Love and kisses!

  • IrreverentMommy

    Wanted to like it…just not that good. Better live perhaps?

  • mary

    @Lisa: what happened to people NOT judging the way people look in the public eye. get a grip and stop judging people. deal with your own life.

  • Joe

    too bad she IS a star, she is not anywhere near 250 lbs. she probably isnt even medically “overweight”. are you saying this to make you feel better about yourself? theres plenty of people bigger than her (queen latifah, jordin sparks)

    seriously, its sad how judgemental and shallow people have become. if people were like this in the past, aretha franklin would have never been discovered.

  • So what if she’s a big girl?

    She looks like a very normal, approachable person. I love that she’s an average jo like us. Her voice is always fantastic which is way more interesting and important than how she looks…. It’s refreshing to see a star who isn’t an anorexic and still very down to earth.

  • Joe

    and her songs that “suck ass” sell millions and millions, winning plenty of awards, including grammys.

  • Jay

    Who ate Kelly Clarkson? Wow she looks AWFUL! She’s so overweight that she’s out of breath from TRYING to jump around! It literally is affecting her singing! She used to bounce around the stage like crazy and sound tolerable! Now she’s hideous on the eyes AND the ears!

  • Joe


    1. how do you know she is as a fact, overweight? You dont.
    2. it isnt affecting her singing. when she was thin, it was because she was overworking herself and she ended up even getting walking pnemonia and straining her voice. her voice was extremely strained in 2005 on tour and in 2007, and now its in amazing shape.

  • backseatsurfer9

    @So what if she’s a big girl?: Average Joe like us?! WHAT exactly are you smoking and WHERE can I get some? Do you have a big record deal with millions of dollars to spend on anything you want, anytime you want? Right. Neither do I. Even if she can’t sing worth shit, she’s still not “average” like us.

  • http://khristi07/15/2009@3:06pm Khristi

    I don’t think that Kelly is all that big (not by normal standards) It’s too bad that she is in the entertainment business. I’m sure you all she bigger people in your everyday life and you say nothing about them-it’s probably because you are just as big as they are. I just think that people are pretty much miserable with there own lives and just want to try and find faults with other people to make themselves feel better. What a shame

  • backseatsurfer9

    @Joe: That’s because, apparently, people have no taste and forget what REAL music sounds like. The only reason she’s selling anything at all is because she was on American Idol which, for the record, has not produced a single decent recording artist as of yet. They’re all mediocre. They all sound the same. They all suck ass; Kelly included. End of story.

  • backseatsurfer9

    @Khristi: Can’t say that I am a big person. I also can’t say I am miserable with my life. I still think she’s overweight and shouldn’t attempt to jump around stage when it’s obviously affecting her singing. Overweight + jumping x out of breath = shitty singing. And that’s even if she had a good voice to begin with. Which she doesn’t. My ass makes better sounds than that which comes from her mouth. :D

  • Joe


    she obviously can sing, as she is constantly praised for her voice, she doesn’t rely on looks, and she won a singing competition.

  • Claire


    How do we know for a fact that she’s overweight?? We have eyes that’s how we know.

    Either way, it isn’t affecting her singing. Her stage presence maybe, but not her singing voice.

  • Joe


    she has sold over 20 million albums worldwide, she has won grammys, is extremely talented, writes her own music, and critics praise her constantly. end of story. im sorry but your opinion doesnt overshadow millions and millions of fans.

  • .

    Piggy Stardust

  • Joe

    @Claire: @Claire:

    your eyes don’t account height, muscle content, and everything else that comes into play when you are determining if someone is overweight.

  • backseatsurfer9

    @Joe: Whoopty doo. I won a singing contest, get constantly praised for my singing. Doesn’t mean I am going to make an ass out of myself in front of millions of people just because some say I have a good voice.

  • backseatsurfer9

    @Joe: Your opinion doesn’t supercede mine. She’s a piggy who can’t sing. I could give two balls and a hammer about your opinion.
    I bet my opinion also shadows millions and millions who also think she’s a useless twat. Kinda like you. :D

  • dORIE

    I get it that not everyone likes the same kind of music. I have no problem with people’s preferences. And if someone doesn’t like a particular performers appearance, so what? What is strange to me is why on earth would anyone who values their time bother to post hatefull (and often inaccurate) comments on this or some other entertainment blog. Does this give you some kind of perverse pleasure? Is it the only way you can get attention? I’m not questioning your right to express your opinion. I’m just curious about what you get out of this.

  • Joe


    And you opinion does not supercede mine either.
    A singing contest voted on by the country, and its irrational to say she can’t sing. Its one thing to say you dont like her voice, but to say she can’t sing makes no sense. she obviously can. the biggest critics have praised her to death. she isn’t making a fool of herself either, as she is one of the most successful people in the music industry today and selling out concerts. jared, the person whose blog you are on, even agrees.

  • Isabella

    I love Kelly to death but she really needs to stop wearig clothes that are 1 size or two sizes too small or 1 or 2 sizes too big for her. She said she has a stylist, I’d fire her if I were Kelly.

    I do love her “If” version. It’s one of my fave songs from janet.

  • backseatsurfer9

    @dORIE: Pure entertainment value, my dear Dorie. Pure entertainment value. At least for me, anyway.

  • backseatsurfer9

    @Joe: You’re an idiot if you don’t think American Idol isn’t fixed. Have you tried out for the show? I have. It’s fixed, dude. Sorry to clear your dissolutionment. Good for Jared who agrees with you. I am entitled to my own opinion and she sucks. She’s not one of the biggest people in music today. It’s not hard to sell out a small venue. You’re trying to compare an orange to an apple. It doesn’t work other than they’re both round.

  • backseatsurfer

    @Joe: You’re an idiot if you don’t think American Idol isn’t fixed. Have you tried out for the show? I have. It’s fixed, dude. Sorry to clear your dissolutionment. Good for Jared who agrees with you. I am entitled to my own opinion and she sucks. She’s not one of the biggest people in music today. It’s not hard to sell out a small venue. You’re trying to compare an orange to an apple. It doesn’t work other than they’re both round.


    She’s a sumo. Seriously one chunky lump of lard. But she can sing. She’d make a great opera singer, they need to throw their weight about the stage.

  • louisa

    I like Kelly Clarkson but this isn’t her best song choice. She definately gained about 20lbs but she’s not severely overweight and struggling like posters are claiming. I love her in concert. I hope she goes on tour since her summer dates are kind of far away from me.

  • lakers fan in boston

    dang, kelly has let herself go
    i still remember her on the 1st american idol, i actually kind of liked her as a kid
    her arms r pretty meaty

  • twpumpkin


  • twpumpkin


  • Joe


    you may not want to see someone who isnt stick thin sing, but plenty and plenty of others do. and kelly is fine in her own skin, and her true fans dont care about that. they care about her personality and her music.

  • twpumpkin

    Hey Joe….I am not talking stick thin. How about normal weight? I bet you anything she is not happy lugging all that fat around.

  • dORIE

    Why presume to know what other people want? Are you psychic? How else would you know? You are wrong about people not wanting to see her shows. I’ve seen her perform live and she’s fantastic. I will certainly go see her again, as will many others. This low quality video is no indication of what her shows are like. As for fame, she’s had her experience with being a huge star and she didn’t like it. She now has management that keeps her career going at a pace she’s comfortable with and her fans are fine with it. And she has lots of fans.

  • Lovely

    She actually looks smaller than pictures that were taken a couple months ago. I hope she gets back in shape, just for her health. She is too young to be chunky..

  • sefora



  • sefora

    too bad!!!!

  • warren

    You people have some serious problems. First of all, Jared loved the show, and all you do is come onto his website and crap all over Kelly. Second, Kelly’s never been a dancer, but if you watched the videos from this concert, she was moving around plenty. Third, why all the hate? Why does a girl carrying a few extra pounds offend you so? Aren’t there enough skinny girls in the music biz for you? She’s not even fat, just a lil chubby, and like somebody said above, when she was really skinny she was constantly sick. Good for her for ignoring the haters and living how she wants to live.

    PS – I think she sings this better than Janet ever did. Janet was all about the dancing.

  • Joe


    My cousin did and made it to Hollywood Week on the 2nd Season. I don’t know about now, but back in the earlier seasons the show was not fixed. and if you think she sucks so be it. but she is one of the biggest names in pop music today, that is a fact. her new album went #1, has sold over a million so far, her first single from the new album broke a billboard world record and went #1, and she gets a lot of radio airplay.