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Jon Gosselin Scores NYC Apartment

Jon Gosselin Scores NYC Apartment

Reality TV star Jon Gosselin moved into the Alexandria building on the Upper West Side of New York City on June 2, reports People.

Jon is staying in a two-bedroom non-penthouse apartment in the 25-story, 202-unit condominium on the northwest corner of Broadway at 72nd Street. His new pad is spacious enough for him and 22-year-old girlfriend Hailey Glassman!

A one bedroom in the Alexandria goes for about $1 million.

Yesterday, Jon was seen shooting new episodes for Jon & Kate Plus 8.

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Credit: Anderson/Vila; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Aut


  • cutie

    Jon looks douchey and evil in this picture. Hate him.

  • Jenny

    Do I care? No
    But everybody I know needs a JOB.
    Change we can believe in!

  • Aut


  • Amanda

    LOSER!!!! He doesn’t give 2 shits about his kids if he’s living all the way in New York. His priority should be those kids and nothing else and moving all that way sure says a lot about him….including that trashy girlfriend he has, ya she’s a winner.

  • fresh

    He’s hit the jackpot didn’t he? Got rid of his wife and kids and is now living the life in a million dollar pad with his ho of a girlfriend that he’ll soon ditch for another dumb ho wanting to be famous. What a life!!

  • Kelly

    Ew, that guy is seriously disgusting. He should lose some weight, at the least because he is FUGLY and a horrible dad!


    I just don’t get it? He suposedly hates all the press and doesn’t want his wife talking to the press anymore but all we hear lately is what JON says and pictures of Jon everywhere with his 22 yr old skank? This guy doesn’t care at all about what his family thinks or if he hurts them at all with everything he’s done and doing. JON IS THE BIGGEST LOSER ON THE PLANET.

  • Donna

    Can’t believe what this loser of all time did do his kids. He will reap what he sow, sooner or later. Kate is so much better looking than this seabisquit but being how immature and selfish he is, by the time he realize this it will be too late. The man, sorry the child has no integrity or character whatsoever. The more important problem is that this loser is gonna be with a girl who has a track records of getting wasted all the time with either a male or a female just as recently as few months. Kate, keep these kids with two idiots as far away as possible because unfortunaley they have half of the genes as Jon has. It is evident that alcoholism, drug addiction, etc., will be passed on the children. This is a known fact. Before this loser does any more damage to the kids, please keep them safe. I would also like to suggest counseling for the kids because after all this bum is a father to these children and some are likely to follow in their father’s footsteps. So very sad.

  • Melissa

    He has really turned into a low life piece of trash.

  • ummmm

    umm…. how are 8 kids gonna fit into a 2-bedroom condo? just saying…

  • Jen

    where does he put his kids in a two bed room apartment???

  • yea.. so

    I guess his 8 kids can sleep in the livingroom when they come and visite him.

    Jon you’re a loser.


    Kate hope you get a good divorce lawyer and keep those kids away from their IDIO of a father and the trash he dates.

  • Chau

    Douche bag!

  • bella

    could he score a new wardrobe?


    He gets a small apartment and drives a sports car because HE DOES NOT WANT HIS KIDS AROUND. He’ll come in once a week pat them on the head and get one his cell phone the rest of the time. He doesn’t give a hoot what happens to his kids as long as the cheques roll in and he can spend the money.


    Why would they continue to make this show when the family has broken apart? Is money that important to them they they would continue to air their dirty laundry in public. I hope no one watches this stupid show when it comes back on the air.

  • angie

    With the millions he pocketed from TLC by pimping out his children he can afford to put them and their nanny up in a nice hotel when they visit.

  • liz

    @BOYCOTT GREEDY JON AND KATE: J&K+8 will continue as long as viewers tune in…it is a cash machine for them.

  • Natalie

    TLC there’s no way anybody is going to support this show as long as this idiot is on. I speak as a fan and I’m sure the majority are feeling the same way. I peronally will never watch another TLC show as long as this selfish bastard is ever on the show again.

  • Who Cares

    That shirt is the tackiest shit I have seen in my life. Is it the only one he owns?


    I heard that they’re going to have Hailey on the show for a little bit and that Jon is pushing it. I don’t know if this is true or not just what I heard. I will not watch the show if JON is on it anymore. I don’t want to see him at all.

  • AMYlynn

    @GET RID OF JON: why would you watch it at all anymore? watching a family with young children disintegrate is not entertainment. tune out and hopefully they will cancel the show.


    You’re right. NO ONE WATCH THE STUPID SHOW. MAKE THE PARENTS GET REAL JOBS. They’re starting to make Octomom look like a good parent. How pathetic is that.

  • Bella

    I wish he’d be removed from Jon & Kate, I can’t bear to look at his douchery next season

  • Dee Dee


    Ditto. I don’t want to look at Jon’s ugly mutt or his lousy fathering period! I won’t watch the show if he’s on it.

  • Virginia

    Hate that shirt. Despise Kate Gosselin. Jon is by far the better parent. Where did you think he’d go, to live with his mom on off days? No, she is remarried and that would be awkward.

    Wish someone would throw a bucket of water on the witch Khate and we can all watch her slowly melt away. I’m so sick of them.

    These kids were (and I mean WERE) only cute because of Jon’s gene pool. Khate would not have gotten far with kids who looked like her.

    She is sucking them dry — and now so is Jon — I’ll never watch that show again.

  • cutie

    @cutie: Please get your own nickname.
    I’m not a fan but he looks ok.

  • the poor kids

    This family is like watching a car wreck with people injured. After while you just have to look away. GOSSELIN’S SEEK HELP.

  • toni

    First~ Jon doesn’t need a job, he’s rich. so stop comenting on that regard.
    Second~ He has to have a place to stay when he doesn’t share the kids.
    Third~ If I had a wife like Kate who treated him like she was some Diva and he was Crap, I would be in his shoes. Especially since she didn’t care if she was on National TV or not, it was alll about her. This is her Karma.

  • http://justjared m.vanzandt

    Shame on you Jon! I know this lifestyle goes against your conscience. You kids need you.

  • Cynthia

    The only dumb thing this fool hasn’t done yet is getting the drug addicted bimbo pregnant. But following his knuclehead behaviors, I would not be surprised if that’s the next order in line. I really can’t comprehend the foolish nature and behaviors of this idiot. Even a pre-school kids have more brains and knack of parental guidance. He really is a born loser till the end.

  • t.m.delafonda

    He is an irresponsible child playing at being a grown-up. It’s a shame that his “freedom” comes at the literal expense of his EIGHT children!

  • Jon is a loser

    Toni you seem to excuse all of Jon’s behavior because you didn’t like how Kate treated him. Does this excuse all of his disgusting recent behavior and total how he totally disregards if this will hurt his family or not? GET REAL Jon CAN hate his wife and get a divorce it does not excuse the man he is. He’s now showing his true colors and what a child he truly is. JONS first priority is JON and that plain is WRONG. It should be his children.

  • LK

    he acts like this money will be pouring in forever…dopey

  • t.m.delafonda


  • biff

    @BOYCOTT GREEDY JON AND KATE: they were contracted to do 40 more episodes before the divorce was announced…not that i agree with it and hopefully they will end it once the episodes are done

    and that is one midlife crisis jon is going through..eww

  • Lisa

    The only thing that puzzles me is how can Kate ever see any attractive qualities in this guy? He’s very mediocre in looks maybe a 2 out 10. She could do so much better, what is she thinking. Oh yeah, there’s eight kids to take care of. She made the mistake but girl, you can do so so much better. I’m pretty sure she knows this by now.

  • cindy

    Kate is going to get a new pad also and as they said they will cross paths at the children’s house/studio outside of Reading,Pa.. Kate packed up and left too yesterday after shooting. Why is it no paps follow Kate?

    - these children lead a strange life

  • rocky


    I agree with you on some points, although I think Jon is living the life he never had. He went into marriage too young. Kate was always the adult in the marriage — even though there were times I wanted to smack her upside the head. John is sowing the wild oats he never got to. Sad that eight children are involved. My question is, what’s going to happen to them once the show is cancelled and no more money is coming in? I’m sure Kate’s got her kid’s college funds stored away, because this woman, no matter what people may think, has always had the children first in her mind.

  • Sonja

    Jon should go away and the show should be renamed ‘Kate Plus Her Eight’. I think he’s acted really stupid and is showing just what a big baby he is. What a jerk!

  • camille

    Ugly shirt like usual !

  • Cathey


  • me

    For a guy who supposedly hates the paparazzi and the fame and all that comes with his show, he sure doesn’t seem to mind all the money that also comes his way. He would definitely not be spending vacations on yachts off the coast of France or moving into luxurious apartments without that show. He sounds like a whiney, ungrateful &^%$#

  • kate plus her 8

    @Sonja: GOOD IDEA

  • me


    I’m not sure if this is true, but I read that Jon used to treat Kate in the exact same demeaning manner. He complained that she had given up her blonde hair and said he’d married a blonde and expected to stay married to one. He also supposedly made comments about her weight/size after the babies were born, so it sounds as if Karma already bit him now that he’s got a whale belly.

  • Cathey


  • jaxon

    What if his kids need something quickly? He has to drive down from New York? That ought to show you how much he cares about his kids. All he wants to do is party down.

    I can’t believe that TLC will continue to broadcast this sickening mess. People really should turn off their tv or go watch something else. This really should not be supported.

  • Jay

    Jon looks totally different. He knows he is living a bad life and you can see it in his face. I hope he can slow himself down and remember the person he wants to be. His kids will not be proud of him and you know his girl friend is trying to get prego as I write this. WAKE up Jon!