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Miranda Kerr Loves Louis Vuitton

Miranda Kerr Loves Louis Vuitton

Miranda Kerr looks fashionable and fresh as she arrives with pet pooch Frankie at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday (July 18).

The 26-year-old Victoria’s Secret model toted around only Louis Vuitton luggage — a dog carrier, a rolling suitcase and the luxurious “Mahina” bag.

On Wednesday, Miranda heated up the 2009 ESPY Awards, which aired TODAY (July 19) @ 9PM ET/PT on ESPN.

10+ pictures inside of Louis Vuitton lover Miranda Kerr

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  • karenina

    aaw cute dog, but i feel sorry for him because miranda is like pimping him lol

  • crazy b

    I think Frankie just made a huge stinky dooody in his fancy bag. Frankie also made a lengthy peepee that leaked all over the fancy Mahina luxurious luggage. Whoops!!! Should have bought bags at Ross Dress for Less instead!!! Happy cleaning Miranda!

  • crazy b

    Also, I think Frankie looks like he can kick the shi^t out of Gisele’s doggie Vida. Look at his eyes – he probably went ninja on that poor paparazzi!!

  • She…

    looks beautiful and so does Miranda.

  • Lady Bug

    Louis Vuitton makes the ugliest most tackiest bags i’ve ever seen in my life. .

  • Lady Bug

    Louis Vuitton makes the ugliest, most tackiest bags i’ve ever seen in my life..

  • Naissa

    This materialistic bitch is the reason people think all ‘models’ are idiots who lack any real sense of respect. Seriously, what kind of person goes full throttle on their designer bags in this economy?

    I hope she enjoys her 15 minutes of fame. Her chipmunk ass won’t be around after Bloom dumps her skinny ass.

    Cute dog, though. Poor guy is probably blinded by the lights, though because she just HAS to have her dog out.


  • allspice30

    Frankie is a she. And she’s a doll and so is Miranda A very classy person!

  • TinyDancer27

    What the hell is wrong with some of you people? If you don’t like her why make rude comments about her? OH, I know why! Its because your pathetic and are jealous that she has a physique that most men are attracted to and she makes more money in a day than you probablly do in a entire year. Jeez get a life.

  • smeh

    Christ sakes its just a bag….I don’t think you can make a full throttle judgement on what bag she carries.

  • jami

    i like louis but that’s just too much louis.

  • Sally

    # 7 – you are so f#$##@g ugly on the inside – Get a life. Jerk

  • Naissa

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. All of a sudden I am the one that needs a life because I don’t like this bimbo? Sorry that I choose worthwhile models like Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima to her any day.

    And #12, I find it very strange that you don’t know where I stand on any issues at all, yet have already made the assumption that I am “so f#$##@g ugly” on the onside. Interesting!

    Also, I do have a life. A very vibrant and worthwhile one that involves me not defending people I don’t know.

    Take care all of you. Have great lives!


    P.S. PETA should scold her ass for making her dog’s eyes suffer with those camera lights. Poor thing.

  • sweetness

    when you think about it..for her a Louis Vuitton bag is like carrying a bag one can buy from K-Mart for the average working class person, she makes a crap load of money and she probably got that bag for free anyway…carrying it is free advertisement…and on the rare chance she actually bought it..she certainly can blink at the cost of that really rich people are not impressing anyone but the very poor.

  • Sarah

    @Lady Bug: Sweetheart, learn a thing or two about the brand. The monogram LV purses are fug, but they hardly account for the whole label and Marc’s talent

  • Poopy head

    ur mama is takey

  • Lady Bug

    @15 I don’t even know or care who this so called Marc person is…- those bags are still hideous in my opinion..
    oh well, different strokes for different folks, I prefer a bag from Target over that ugly thing any day..

  • Lady Bug

    @15 okay so I guess you meant Marc Jacobs… yep, still don’t care and the bags are still fugly and overrated..

  • deraj tsuj

    Thats one ugly mutt

  • Sarah

    @Lady Bug: I agree they are hideous but he makes lots of other gorgeous ones. The ones with the label written all over are bought by those with no taste at all, and middle class folks who want to appear richer than they are.

  • Miranda’s little Bow wow

    Her pup is so darned cute. She seems to absolutely adore the little mutt.

  • :)

    she is stunning

  • Pokerface

    It’s strange…I mean, her boyfriend went back to LA and brought back his dog Sidi, but left Frankie in NY and she had to take a flight just to go and get the poor pet pooch? What a gentleman…:rolleyes:

  • mia

    This Vuitton bag is common, but still better than her lace terrible Prada.

  • http://justjared @23

    Excuse him if his home was robbed and he learned about it at the last minute it seems the plan was for him to wait for Miranda in
    New York but the robbery happened and he had to leave but you Delphi loons are not really bright no way I could except logical facts you just want a reason any reason to be nasty and bash people.

  • http://justjared @23

    Excuse him if his home was robbed and he learned about it at the last minute it seems the plan was for him to wait for Miranda in
    New York but the robbery happened and he had to leave but you Delphi loons are not really bright no way I could explain logical facts to you just want a reason any reason to be nasty and bash people.

  • Pokerface


    Oh Gosh! It was just an observation…! You tend to see ‘delphi’ everywhere, don’t you?

  • Pokerface

    P.S. By the way, Mr Bloom didn’t look so sad and devastated in the last day after the robbery…good for him, I guess he has a very good insurance!

  • @28

    I’m sure that he does have very good insurance, but I don’t think that is the reason behind the way he is handlng the situation.
    You have to remember that he is a devout Buddhist. He may own many fine, expensive things, but he knows that they are just ‘things’. Things that can be replaced.
    I’m sure that he was upset at first, but that initial anger passed quickly when he put it in perspective. He knows that he could have lost a lot more. As others have said, what if he or someone that he care about had been home that night? Things can be replaced, people can’t.
    Now once he went inside the house for the first time his anger probably returned. Once he saw the evidence that his sanctuary had been invaded, I’m sure that it hit him deeply. But he has lots of friends who can support him.
    He’ll be just fine.

  • http://justjared lol

    The Delphi loons are never fail to prove that they are crazier than I ever thought .
    News Flash for the loons:
    No one and I mean no one ever said that Orlando and Miranda are living together of course they will have sleep overs at each others places when he is in New York or vice verse there was a rumor about them searching for a home to buy together when they were pictured looking at homes in Malibu but I never bought that rumor because Miranda SAID ON VIDEO that she will buy a bigger apartment in New York so she has NO PLAN TO TRANSFER HER SELF IN LA WHERE ORLANDO OBVIOUSLY LIVES .
    So the only people who put the rumors that Orlando and Miranda are living together out there and expect them to live together are the Delphi loons lolololololololololol.

  • LV

    I’m sure that the people at Louis Vuitton sent Miranda those bags for free. Rich celebs always get freebies because the designers want them to be seen carrying their brand.
    She was probably sent a bunch of different items, including luggage, purses and yes, a dog carrier. It is quite well known that she has a Yorkie that she travels with. And when you are sent high quality leather items, why NOT use them?
    I think that some people who constantly criticize others about their fashion choices are just a bit too materialistic themselves.

  • sasha

    Miranda originally was going to fly back to NY for a photo shoot, that’s why Frankie was left behind. But they rescheduled it so Miranda could spend time in LA with Orlando (who is taking the invasion of his home very hard in private). She flew to NY to pick up Frankie from the sitter, and to get some more clothes. Yes, she probably could have made other arrangements, but they are rich. Rich people think differently than us regular people.

  • @13

    I don’t think that everyone who dislikes Miranda is a delphi loon, but I know that you are.
    You gave it away with your comment about “defending people that you don’t know”.
    That is the new battle cry for those pathetic creatures.
    To them, searching out a celeb that you hate, just to insult them with hateful or obscene comments is supposedly ‘normal’. While fans defending her against their ridulous venom are “obsessive”.
    That’s really their latest arguement.
    Stupid and desperate.

  • HA

    Why would Orlando have to look “devastated” in that precise moment? I’m sure he didn’t enjoy being robbed, but that doesn’t mean he has to show to the world what it felt like. He would’ve been accused of wanting attention through fake drama if he had looked “devastated”, that’s sure.
    Why would he have to take Frankie with him? Frankie is Miranda’s, the logical thing is that she stays with her owner, and it’s not a terrible task to carry that little bug of a doggie on a plane.

    BTW, to other people: really, if you despise that site of haters as much as I do, stop saying its name all the time. You’re providing them the 99% of their hits. They depend on you more than what they’d like to admit.

  • trashley tisdale!!ew!!

    she looks beautiful all the time!

  • @34

    Oh I like exposing their insanity.
    They are always good for a laugh!
    The more people laughing at them, the better.

  • awww

    She and Frankie are both gorgeous!

  • http://justjared @pokerface

    It’s difficult to believe you are not a Delphi loon if you jump to defend them every time someone mentions them why take it so personal?lolololol

    Do you want to know why I hate the Delphi bitches so much?
    OK I will tell you the day Michael Jackson died I saw they had created a thread about him thinking they would pay tribute to him like the whole world was doing so I made the mistake of clicking couldn’t believe it the thread was full of negativity and hate like usual only this time it was about a genius who had just died.
    I figured that this what those losers are all about but I was shocked that THE KING OF POP THE LEGEND THE BEST PERFORMER THAT HAS EVER EXISTED got all that bashing while low life z-list celebrities like Kate Bosworth and Adriana Lima are being worshiped there that is the reason they get names like loons and psychos .

    Of course I wont put the Delphi garbage here to prove Michael Jackson got bashed by those psychos hours after his death look it up for yourself if you don’t believe me .

  • http://justjared @pokerface

    Point is if the Delphi loons through hate they will get hate they choose to be low vile losers who get laughed at by the whole internet GET OVER IT.

  • @ 38

    “while low life z-list celebrities like Kate Bosworth and Adriana Lima are being worshiped there”

    Wonder why Kate is worshipped while Orlando and Miranda are not?

    Did Delphi exist when Orlando and Kate were together? Or did it just spring up all of a sudden?

  • http://justjared @40

    They hate Miranda and they think she reads there lololololol so they praise Kate Bosworth to bother her but some of them I think are just fans of Orlando and Kate as a couple and can’t get over the fact that they broke up THREE YEARS AGO lolololololol.

  • Pokerface

    I don’t even know what you’re talking about…! I just came here, read and make an observation without offending anyone!
    Get a life!

  • @40

    Because Kate is not with Orlando anymore, that’s why. If he and Miranda break up, the new girl in his life will be trashed and Miranda will be cannonized. Wait and see.

  • @43

    Too true.
    Kate was practically burned at the stake while she was with Orlando. She was called EACH AND EVERY name that they are now calling Miranda. But once they broke up, she became this perfect, saintly, classy, elegant, talented and successful woman. And they still say that their irrational dislike of Miranda has nothing to do with Orlando. Suuuure it doesn’t.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks really cute, big fan of hers
    loving the coat as well, it looks like she’s wearing nothing underneath, lucky ass orlando =[
    i just wish she would stop wearing redish lipstick, it doesnt look all that good on her
    hate it when complain about other’s ppl’s stuff…they can afford it so just leave them alone, just because u cant
    call it materialistic or whatever but the fact is ur probably jealous

  • http://justjared @pokerface

    What part of my post you didn’t understand ?
    I will be more than happy to explain to you any doubts you have .
    But in the meantime I have a question for you why is it than when I am talking to the Delphi loons that came here (in general) you always jump in like I offended you personally and I wasn’t even talking to you in the first place .
    And again with the “I didn’t offend anyone” think who said you were ?

  • @45

    That red lipstick must be a phase going through Hollywood. Cameron Diaz was just pictured wearing it, too.
    I prefer both ladies in the softer lip colors.
    But Miranda does look great!
    I love that girl!
    And as you said. Orlando is one lucky s o b.

  • cosi

    bech. monogramed LV has been out for centuries.

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