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Welcome to Miranda Kerr Fashion School!

Welcome to Miranda Kerr Fashion School!

Miranda Kerr hosts an in-store fashion workshop highlighting new trends and pieces from the David Jones Spring/Summer Collection at David Jones Bourke Street on Friday (August 14) in Melbourne, Australia.

The 26-year-old David Jones Fashion Ambassador talked about six key trends for the season, discussing them trend by trend. Afterwards, Miranda even took the time to sign autographs for fans.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr fashion school…

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Photos: Quinn Rooney/Getty
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  • Asha

    FIRST! I always wanted to do that!! :)

  • nick

    She has a model body but not a model face- don’t get me wrong she’s beautiful but she almost has a baby face.

  • Mythical Creature

    I think she is stunning but I have to say I really liked her darker hair. This hair is more plain jane. It’s actually my color so believe me I’m not putting her down. I just think the darker hair makes her eyes pop more. She’s beautiful. She does have a babyface. She’s one of those people with a unique look and either you really fall for that kind of thing or you just don’t care for it. I admire unique beauty way more than classic beauty. So for me, she’s gorgeous. And obviously her boyfriend must think so too.

  • deraj tsuj

    not again


    I have no idea who this girl is but I think I’ve seen her before LOL

  • Dana

    I WAS THERE!!! :D :D

  • Sally

    So cute! She has a sweet beauty, but she’s also sexy. Great combination.

  • just gorgeous

    Miranda has a very rare combination of having a killer body, being very beautiful, angelic looking and sexy all at the same time.

    Most models have one or maybe two of these looks, but she is unique in being sweet and hot, I think that’s why she is so successful, because she appeals to both men and women.

    I actually like her lighter colored hair for a change, it makes her look sunkissed and fresh.

  • Nancy

    She is so pretty it’s borderline ridiculous. But she’s also so sweet and charming (through her actions and the way she conducts herself in interviews) that you can’t even hate her for it.

    I agree, she is certainly a rare combination cute, pretty, and hot.

  • Miranda

    I’m amazed at how she still manages to look so beautiful considering her killer schedule. She must be exhausted with all the traveling and promotional stuff she’s been doing non-stop, time for Orlando to take her on a holiday!

  • Noticias de famosos

    Sure Miranda has stylish design.

  • L.

    Very few women actually look good in ‘skinny’ jeans but Miranda pulls it off beautifully.

  • http://justjared always the truth

    For some reason I just don’t like her. IDK way.

  • Belinda

    I have nothing against this woman, she seems to be a nice person but I think that she is weird looking. She reminds me of Chucky. Her body is immaculate though.

  • NativeNYker

    Evidently designers tapped into her popularity.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • yes!

    Love her!
    So gorgeous!
    Orlando is one lucky @%$#$#@&%$!!

  • Cherie

    Beautiful!!, I love the jeans and top!!

  • Star

    The photos actually do not do her justice- saw her today in Melbourne at that in store apperance at David Jones and she is absolutley stunning and so friendly- she is beautiful and down to earth. She really does promote the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle, she just glows

  • @18

    I’m sure that being in love helps that glow!
    She’s gorgeous!!!!

  • she looks dead in the eyes

    She looks so dead in the eyes it’s just creepy.
    A Kewpie doll has more life and expression then she does.
    No wonder she only does a hometown department store chain
    and not any real designers.
    Modeling in your underwear only means you have a flat abs not that you have what it takes to make it in high end. You know things like grace and poise and real distinct natural beauty.

  • @20

    Oh, I see that the haters have arrived. What took you so long? Falling down on the job again, I see.
    Just a note, if you want to insult her without looking like a total hateful idiot, at least insult something about her that is true. Her eyes aren’t “dead”, they sparkle with life and happiness. Hmmm. Maybe that’s why you didn’t recognize it.

  • @20

    Some people are so negative it’s “just creepy.” Or are you merely reflecting the ‘dead’ and ‘soured-on-life’ expression you saw when you looked in your own mirror this morning? That’s probably more accurate.

  • smartchic93

    Just Jared…is this the only model you report stories on there are plenty of them out there…but she’s beautiful and she seems down to earth :)

  • Popular girl

    LOL – why should he stop reporting about her? The girl’s more popular here than her ‘famous boyfriend.’ ‘Course I admit she IS prettier!

  • One cute chica

    She’s a doll.

  • @24

    She’s not more popular, it’s just people love to hate on her BECAUSE of her famous boyfriend.
    Hate brings posts.
    Not much to hate on with Orlando, so no controversy = fewer posts.

  • Tula7

    I swear she’s only woman alive who looks good in skinny jeans, models included. So beautiful!

  • Tula7

    I swear she’s only woman alive who looks good in skinny jeans, models included. So beautiful!

  • lakers fan in boston

    so beautiful once again, sometimes i doubt that she has it in her to look great, but im proved wrong once again =]
    i usually had a problem with her face, but i think i was justing go 2 much in2 detail
    now those are some skinny jeans! =]

  • Not for everyone

    Hers is the ONLY type of figure that should ever be squeezing into “skinny jeans.” Sorry, they’re just too unforgiving for most women’s bodies.

  • miss meg

    wow. a model that can talk too. lovin Miranda.

  • @26

    Oh, I don’t know – Bloom has a number of people who like to rag on him here. I really do think his popularity has taken a nosedive over the past couple of years while he’s been relatively inactive. Maybe if he gets busy again – with some films he can actually promote enough to land him squarely in the public eye… But again who knows? Maybe his time in the limelight has come and gone. Seems like younger and fresher faces are pretty much taking his place these days.

  • whomever

    guess that’s why he is here in Los Angeles shopping with his manager and not down there supporting his girlfriend.

    yep, lots of love there.

    wish he would get his rear down there already, since he is suppose to be filming there soon anyway. he could be surfing or relaxing on the beach like he did before.

    makes you wonder why he is still here in the states.

    he already got the job for the cross, what does he need his manager or agent for? his boss is the producer and director of the film, not Aileen, his manager, or his agent.

  • Ha!

    @32 Actually the few people who’ve got anything bad to say about him are some whose problem with him is that he’s dating MK, so he must obviously be shallow, stupid, not the man they thought he was, blah blah. Honestly I think they know he isn’t any of those things they call him but feel better about his relationship with MK if they tell themselves he is.
    Sure he is less popular now than when he was fresh news, happens to everyone, but he’s still notoriously popular after two years of inactivity. I wonder if anyone would remember those younger and fresher faces if they stopped working for two years.

    @33 If he flies wherever she is all the time like he’s done for the past months, he is her what was it? oh yeah her luggage, or her dog. Now he’s recquired to run to her immediately? He may have business to do in LA, who knows?

  • whomever

    Isn’t that what he is so good at….Showing the world how much he is in love with her…..Looked like it to me…..not so much anymore it seems.

    He has always said how much of a romantic he is, and has shown himself to be that way on more than one occasion. For him to suddenly stop being that way to someone he proclaimed his love to, yes it seems rather peculiar.

    Maybe they are taking a break for a while and didn’t want to say anything.

  • Ha!

    He isn’t showing the world anything, he is a public character and as such there are people interested in recording his life, just like all the other celebrities’.
    They could be taking a break or he could be involved in some business in LA while she has to work in Australia, or another million possibilities which neither you or me know anything about. There isn’t a universal code of rules on what’s the appropriate time couples should spend apart

  • deano

    she pisses me off australian fashion is not amazing

  • http://justjared lol

    Orlando goes to Australia to be with her = He is being payed by David Jones it is all sham .

    Orlando stays home while Miranda works = They broke up or he is a horrible boyfriend for not being there .
    Poor Delphi loons can’t make up their minds .

  • whomever

    Nice Comeback! Seems like the standard one.


    NOT from Delphi! Must be nice to always have that scapegoat to blame every negative comment about them on.

    Orlando is the one who is all of a sudden not being around her so much. He seems to enjoy hanging out with his engaged/married friend Kris and his other friends than with Miranda.

    Just calling it like I see it.

    I thought he was really in love with her too. But this “I’ll support you honey, only when I feel like it.” Is Bulls.h.i.t no matter who is doing it!
    Or how “Independent” the other person is.

    Either be there for them or get the F.u.c.k. out of their lives already!

  • Ha!

    Ok, Disney’s caused big damages on some people I see, your idea of relationships is utterly unrealistic. In reality couples sometimes have arguements and sometimes can’t spend the whole time together, and yes may god forgive him sometimes they like to spend time with their buddies too. She is working doing something she’s done thousands of times before, not going through heart surgery so why does she desperately need his support. Going to see her gigs is a nice detail on his part, not something he has to do.

  • whomever

    A “job” is something a person “has to do”

    Being with someone you love should be something you want to do. If it does not come naturally and second nature with that special someone, you are only lying to yourself and the one you claim to care about so much!

    Some people can live the lie all their lives and never know it. Some figure it out long before that.

    Yes I do believe lots of people do. I apologize if I have hurt others with what I have said. But the truth does that a lot to people.

    Call me naive, I don’t give a crap.

    I’m not wanting Orlando for myself.

    I’m just tired of watching others use the same old excuse of “It only happens in the movies” be the excuse for not wanting to show the person you love so much everyday exactly how you feel.

    I thought Orlando did want to be that way with the one he loved.

    Guess I was wrong.

  • Brett Robson

    @she looks dead in the eyes

    FYI ..Miranda Kerr has modeled for Overseas designers, furthermore she has graced catwalks for Victoria Secret.

    Here eyes are stunning, I know as Ive had at least 4 opportunities that I have photographed her in Melbourne

    Brett Robson
    Freelance Media – Fashion Photographer

  • jen

    love her and her outfit!

    does anyone know who she’s wearing??

  • suppress your appetite

    she’s gorgeous.