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Victoria Beckham Celebrates London Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham Celebrates London Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham wears a colorful strapless mini and matching platform pumps as she arrives at Le Caprice restaurant on Monday (September 21) in London, England.

The 35-year-old former Spice Girl was there to celebrate 25 Years of London Fashion Week.

The Sept. 18-23 extravaganza will bring in Vogue‘s fashion queen Anna Wintour and other top names in the industry.

Designer Matthew Williamson told UK’s Daily Telegraph, “London is my favorite city to show in. Logistically it’s easier for us as we’re based here but, consistently, London is a hotbed of new talent and it’s exciting to be part of that.

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Credit: GF; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • boo

    Omg she looks scary.. like a starving child that was bit up. You can count every bone in her body, disgusting. What the hell is wrong with her? so much money and she’s not eating. And what’s up with bruises on her back.. nasty

  • VB is a Douche!

    She’s Hideous! Is she EVER with her kids??? Like EVER? Or does her life just consist of dressing up in expensive desinger gear and attending party after party? What a DREADFUL waste of everything she is. GO HOME TO YOUR KIDS YOU DOUCHE-BAG!

  • Jenn

    someone needs to give the poor girl a cookie!!!

  • lily

    she looks really cute!!

  • Gia

    Anyone who can’t she that she is anorexic is obviously blind. Oh, well- if she ends up like karen carpenter i really don’t think anyone would care… kc at least had talent something this oily- fish-face is forever lacking. she’s beyond fugly…

  • jb

    i love me some victoria beckham but girl PLEASE EAT!!!!!

  • boo

    Lily – she looks cute? Are you on crack? The girl is two minutes away from collapsing of starvation.

  • kenza

    Wow! I know she has always beem thin, but she really looks sick now. She literally has to eat less than 500 calories a day.

  • Val

    What a skeleton!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i like skinny girls, but victoria is ridiculous
    anyways, she looks cute
    like the dress, goes well with the shoes, but she needs 2 stop it with the tanning
    i dont no why some of u ladies just cant stay ur natural color, i prefer natural over synthetic, even if you are pretty fair skinned
    i dont mind at all, tbh

  • Nahla

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA #7 that was very hilarious! HAHAHAH “the girl is two minutes away from collapsing of starvation” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..SO damn TRUE !

  • nokia

    her style looks really cute in here… people who says otherwise then know nothing bout fashion… but i agree… she looks painfuly thin…

  • christa

    she knows what’s hot before everyone else, she’s style.

  • whta is going on there?

    she is even skinnier than usual. I don’t think you need to be obese heifer to be happy, but I doubt super skinny ladies are really happy.

  • kaos

    She looks scary. And ugly as hell. Maybe she should have been known as Scary spice. With her bones sticking out, her stick legs and her bobbing head, she actually reminds me of a matchstick!

    she must be anorexic and all anorexics are in denial.

    Oh the only posters who will be praising her are no doubt under the payroll of her agent and handlers.

  • nokia

    BTW for # 2

    She always with her kids when shes in LA… she goes out of town only for a couple days then back with her kids… stupid

  • nokia

    BTW for # 2

    She always with her kids when shes in LA… she goes out of town only for a couple days then back with her kids… stupid

  • Anonymous

    If the world made you famous, who the hell are we to say that she is
    !BONEY! And it is the crave to have olive skin, but not olive skinned people. Her children obviously don’t need her because they have a million dollar nanny. See, that is why Michael Jackson’s kids will with stand the pressure. because daddy was always there. He learned from his parents mistakes

  • LadyB

    If the camera adds 10 pounds on you, how thin is she?

  • wendy

    Victoria is a beautiful woman, if she gained weight she would look truly wonderful, but this is to much, this is scary level of thin right there!

    I mean why is her family not doing anything to get her help? Does no one in the world care for her? Or is her bank account all that matters to them?

    I feel sorry for celebs, i really do, would not want their life, ever!

    I do like her face in the second shot though, its cute and girly, and the dress is great, but um yeah!

  • LeviKlein

    I honestly think that the only way to save this woman would be for her to have a major crisis, and probably to be rushed to the hospital or something…I know that it sounds harsh but obviously, that woman doesn’t have friends (or family for that matter) who care enough to tell her the truth. Her body is screaming for help (food, water) and is slowy shutting down before our very eyes. I’m aware that in her world there is this pression to be ultra thin, but this look is extreme, even for the sake of fashion.

    She always looks tired, never happy, never smiling, seems that the only reason why she’s still hanging around is to hear people praise her, and her fashion line, and her style, etc… what a sad life. What’s the point of being rich if you can’t even enjoy it? Have a nice romantic dinner with your husband, try new recipes, eat desert with your kids…

    Yes, some people like to stay fit, others are naturally thin, but this woman here is seriously ill. The worse thing is that nobody cares, nobody dares to tell her “we can see your bones popping out of your 3,000$ designer dress; stop trying to become someone who are not”.

    How long until people come back to their senses and stop telling her she’s beautiful, when she is obviously sick and needs help?

    How long until a tragedy happens? Did MJ’s death teach us anything?

  • nokia

    for #20 WENDY

    i totally agree with you… gain some weight pls!!! she looks so much better if she gained weight…

  • Naty

    gosh she looks disgustingly skinny!
    skin and bones is soooo out!!!!

  • whta is going on there?

    @wendy: Same thing for Angelina Jolie. they are just wasting away.

  • Elvie

    Can she get any uglier than this!

  • pretty young girl

    Ugly,selfish and delusional.

  • pretty young girl

    Ugly,selfish and delusional.

  • ilovemykittyb

    she is so ugly,

  • Posh

    I love Victoria, adore in the way I would pull aside and tell she looks terrible! its funny no one is photographed more than her going in and out of restaurants, but why? we all now she is not naturally this thin, she obviously works at it, she goes to the gym and said she ‘runs four miles a day on the treadmill’. She has millions upon millions at her disposal, a wardrobe to salivate over, healthy children, and a gorgeous husband, but when I see pics of her as of late poor her is all I can think of. Sad

  • Susan

    she is too thin

  • evalynn

    i like her hair this length

  • lalalove

    Say something nice, people. I’m sure she’s aware! LOL. She should really eat though!=( Come on, VB!! You always have my support, babe!

  • nic

    thats a dress from her new collection

  • meh

    looks like she did get her implants taken out, or at least taken down a size.

  • cher

    yes she’s thin and i love it. well, she could put on like five pounds and not worry. i think this is a softer look for her and i prefer it over the leather bondage babe she’s been doing of late.

  • rosie

    A bag of bones wrapped in a silk towel. Yuk.

  • maddison

    She is thin, but she’s maintained this physique for quite some time. If she was starving, she would have been dead a long time ago. Plus, the woman has conceived three healthy children. It’s her business if she wants to eat less than the average (fat) person. Before Western restaurants hit Asian and European countries, people were very trim and healthy. They ate enough to sustain life. Unfortunately, people nowadays have no concept of that. They eat in excess. They wouldn’t recognize what ‘being full’ means. If Victoria existed in earlier decades (20′s-70′s), she would be ‘normal.’ Anyway….She looks amazing here! It’s a departure from her structured, refined dresses/suits.

  • toti

    That is probably one of the reasons she can’t have no more chilren the daughter they talked about for long time. It is sad. This doesn’t makes her attractive.

  • um

    where is daily mail screaming she is thin . If they must do it is should be for her.

  • Elle

    I like that shes looking more natural! Looks better. Though…maybe put a lil more weight on to have a more healthy look.

  • yfw

    Interesting “sandlot” ad you have there. :)

  • Re: #22

    #22: Hopefully you don’t have children if you think that the amnt. of time this selfish woman is AWAY from them. Parenting is a FULL-TIME job, not part-time, not when I feel like it, not in between shopping/tanning/grooming sessions. Get real! She cares more about fashion than she does her own kids-it’s a wonder why she even had any at all. She’s a pathetic excuse for a mother!

  • ellie’

    Victoria Beckham smile more often it suits you well. Unless your just shy.. Your a beautiful woman with a wonderful husband and children..
    You well grounded .. Your both wonderful parents…

  • melissa

    David you make enough money…can’t you feed your woman?

  • *** JAMIE ***

    I have been a fan of Victoria Beckham for years and years and i can tell you that SHE IS NOT NATURALLY THIN!

    She was actually a volumptous girl, even when she started with the Spice Girls. When she met Daid Beckham she was a healthy weight and looked so happy during the time of their engagment, always smiling.

    But over a decade she has changed A LOT. She has this obsession with trying to be the skinniest thing in Hollywood. She obviously starves herself and only eats the lowest calorie foods and exercises much more than what is required.

    There is nothing wrong with naturally thin women, but she is not naturally thin which means she is wrecking havok on her body inside and out.

    All she seems to care about is getting her photo taken, and the the next day getting her photo taken with her kids so she can act like shes a hands on mum. She has no real friends anymore, just those sad souls in the fashion world that she so desperately wants to be apart of.

    Judging by the picture of her posing in pic #2, she obviously thinks she looks really good and it is about time someone told her to eat something at one of those million resturants she always goes to for a photo opportunity.

    Victoria- Go home, eat a burger, play with ur kids, call your realy friends who you seemed to have abandoned since you moved to America and be content with your life. When you try to achieve everything, you’ll end up with nothing.

  • Celebwatcher

    I think if David had a problem with Posh’s physique or lack of, it would have been corrected many moons ago. Yes, she needs to gain weight but she looks fine to me. for the latest psychic predictions about your favorite celebrities!!!

  • renda

    poor beckham it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets another women…..oh god he’s soooo dammm hot.

  • suppress your appetite

    She looks HOT!