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Rihanna is Bellhop Beautiful in Berlin

Rihanna is Bellhop Beautiful in Berlin

Rihanna shows off her unique fashion sense as she leaves Hotel de Rome in Berlin, Germany on Tuesday (September 29).

The 21-year-old Barbados bombshell, who was on her way to Tegel Airport for a flight to Paris, has been enjoying a jaunt around Europe this past week, making stops in Italy and Germany – now it’s bonjour Paris!

RiRi braved the yucky weather and even stopped to sign autographs and take pictures with a fan. So sweet!

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna looking beautiful in a bellhop hat…

Just Jared on Facebook
rihanna bellhop beautiful berlin 01
rihanna bellhop beautiful berlin 02
rihanna bellhop beautiful berlin 03
rihanna bellhop beautiful berlin 04
rihanna bellhop beautiful berlin 05
rihanna bellhop beautiful berlin 06
rihanna bellhop beautiful berlin 07
rihanna bellhop beautiful berlin 08
rihanna bellhop beautiful berlin 09
rihanna bellhop beautiful berlin 10
rihanna bellhop beautiful berlin 11
rihanna bellhop beautiful berlin 12
rihanna bellhop beautiful berlin 13

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  • Heidi’s used tampon

    When did this girl become such a fashion victim. She looks terrible, and it’s all because she wants to be seen as cutting edge and cool. Maybe she feels threatened by ‘Lady’ GaGa?

  • Tealeaf

    Face looks cute again, but that outfit, she overdresses. Why the hat, she doesn’t understand taste and laid back class.

  • barcelona

    Her face looks old for twenty-one. More like forty-one.

  • Chris

    She’s not cute at all.

  • jjj

    Rihanna looks so silly in that bellboy cap.

  • but

    But, I can’t see her bra!

  • lalalove

    Everytime you losers post the same bullsh*t comments about her loooking like a tranny blah blah blah. Stop repeating yourselves! We f**king get it. You same losers want to stop seeing her on here yet you won’t stop commenting, which makes her a HIT on this site. See her sh*t and don’t comment. I too I’m sick of seeing her. But yammering on about her looking like a dude won’t make her disappear.
    Damn losers…

  • enoughalready

    I’m sorry but this chick is loosing it one day at a time, I used to think some of her stuff was ok but this Amber Rose effect is really getting serious! She needs to give Keri Hilson back her hat, give Gaga her shoes and return that dress to the goodwill right now!!!

  • skittles

    It’s a shame to see someone this young already look like she’s in her 40s. Makes you wonder what she’s going to look like when she does reach that age.

  • enoughalready

    @7 that dont make her a hit, that makes her talked about bad on this site along with the other sites that talk the same stuff, so if you cant handle the truth! dont come by.. She looks stupid even you have to admit it and her even taking photos with some fans is a little desparate for your girl Riri…hahahahaha…

  • aqua

    @lalalove: Well, she does look like a tranny and the comments have nothing to do with why there are so many posts. It’s pretty obvious she gets the royal treatment on this site cause the label pays them for her posts. Doesn’t matter if there are two comments or two hundred. There will still be daily posts, so post away and share your true opinion.

  • rap it up

    @lalalove: Nice try, but you’re a Rihanna fan. From your September 10th twitter:
    If you have not seen Rihanna in her spread in Italian Vogue… Go Look NOW!!! Stunning!!!!!!!! 

    You obviously like the girl and only want to read positive comments about her. There are places for that. They’re called fan sites.
    I’m not going to hold back on my opinion because it upsets a stan. The girl does not look. Each day it gets more and more ridiculous. Just like with Gaga, people are laughing at this girl. She needs a new stylist and to stop with the overexposure.

  • lalalove


    Rihanna fan? Not even close. Dude, I can’t stand Rihanna. But yammering on, and on about the same crap won’t make her disappear or stop doing and wearing her sh*t. Stop giving her the time of days and see what happens….

  • Pete

    If you didn’t know her true age, how old would you say Rihanna was?
    I would say at least 35.

  • lalalove

    @rap it up:

    HAHHAHA Are you f**king serious? I don’t even have a twitter account. Hahahah. I hate to state the obvious, but “lalalove” is a very common user name. This is joke to me. Dude, you’re the ones obsessed with the chick. Just sitting around waiting for Jared to do a post on her just to state that she looks like a tranny, or a dude, or 40, …What’s that gonna do? You think she cares. If its disappear you want her to disappear, daily comments won’t make it happen…Oh, gimme a break. I’m still laughing at that by the way. Me on twitter and a Rihanna fan. HAHAHAHAHAHA Do you have nothing better to do? Looking on twitter for someone who’s not on twitter.

  • Truth Is…

    @lalalove: That age old don’t comment thing doesn’t work.

    This site doesn’t go only by comments/hits. It also goes by the preference of the webmaster. That’s why you see Rihanna on here every day. She doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of comments as the Jolie-Pitts but she’s still the most posted about celeb on this site.

    Don’t like the comments? Don’t read them.

  • Jen

    what happened to her, she used to be cute

  • Hellawud

    @Aqua I don’t care if JJ’s get paid for the postings .. but you’re right .. She gets sold at the maximum .. It’s the second post today .. and it’s way to much attention for (not really) just the fashion game !! .. and I doubt somebody reads that comments .. if it’s not just the sales managers of the labels ..

    Now .. nothing about the outfit itself .. I don’t really care !! .. Just fashion .. and nearly everything looks good on her .. if she’s got looks happy wearing it !! .. it’s the psykick effect on it .. easy ..

  • Truth Is…

    @lalalove: For someone who isn’t a fan, you sure waste a lot of time trying to discourage people from posting about her.

  • lmao
  • incognito

    What is wrong with this chick? The outfits get wackier and wackier. She acts like she’s at a music video shoot.

  • YUCK


  • YUCK


  • majesty

    Is she on tour or just promoting herself like usual?

  • Next

    Another fashion disaster.
    A mismatch that doesn’t work.
    Who’s styling Rihanna?

  • Paranel

    As always, she looks ridiculous.

  • omg!!!!

    omg its rihanna !!!! S.H.O.K.E.R !!!!


  • Latrice

    Sometimes she looks cute and sometimes her face looks so harsh and strong. It must be the heavy makeup and the awful hair. She just doesn’t look the same anymore.

  • danelle.

    love rihanna.

  • khristi

    Alright people-point taken you think she looks like a guy; no matter how many times you point that out she is still successful. It must be a really hard pill to swallow

  • girlygirl


  • Jackson

    @khristi: Why is it a hard pill to swallow? With the right marketing, any idiot can be successful in the U.S. Remember Vanilla Ice and Milli Vanilli? lol

  • Cammie

    Britney Spears is successful too, but being successful doesn’t mean your talented or a great singer.

    Rihanna tries too hard yet again

  • mary

    Rihanna looks so regal and elegant here. Love her red lipstick!

  • Ronda

    I love Rihanna.

  • ha!

    Ridiculous! She needs to join the Village People.

  • black beauty

    she’s so beautiful. you haters will never be happy that’s why you hate.

  • Cammie

    Her foundation looks so caked on, it looks like corpse makeup…

    You fanatics go away, not everyone likes trashy clothes, heavy foundation and ugly blonde streaks..

  • Courtney

    She has such a strange style.

  • pooter


    now she seems to be dressing like the bimbo- Victoria Beckham

  • *** JAMIE ***

    i think she looks great

    really cute face

    i dont like the outfit though. I only like the sunglasses and shoes.

  • miriam

    ewwwwww… hate her and her face….

    chris didnt do a good job at all!

  • j

    That is a Marc Jacobs dress, and i’m loving it. She looks so fierceeee, but the only thing i don’t like is the hair, those blonde highlights just look distracted & make her look so silly. She should dye it back to jet black!!!

  • gigi

    The dress is not bad. It’s the hair, shoes and dumb hat that make the whole look go to shit. She needs a new stylist.

  • me me me

    she was looking good stylewise for awhile a few months back… but she really looks like a fashion victim now. the whole outfit is overboard, and the yellow bangs look ridiculously cheap.