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Rachel Bilson: Tribeca West Wonderful

Rachel Bilson: Tribeca West Wonderful

Rachel Bilson arrives at the modern office building Tribeca West on Monday afternoon (October 5) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 28-year-old recently shared about one of her upcoming film projects. Rachel told, “I have a movie coming out called New York, I Love You, which comes out on October 16.”

In the movie, Rachel is featured both with and without a blonde wig. “They’re the same person,” Rachel explains. “It’s supposed to be left up to interpretation, too!”

15+ pictures inside of Tribeca West wonderful Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson tribeca west 01
rachel bilson tribeca west 02
rachel bilson tribeca west 03
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rachel bilson tribeca west 08
rachel bilson tribeca west 09
rachel bilson tribeca west 10
rachel bilson tribeca west 11
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Photos: BJJ/WENN
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  • nikomilinko
  • bob

    you must be kidding 5 rachel bilson posts in 3 days

  • kate

    she looks beautiful!

  • lyla

    love her style

  • jade

    amazing look

  • nat

    can’t wait for that movie.

  • sotrue

    Love her! Thanks, Jared

  • ugly

    what does she do again?

  • anna

    @sotrue: ditto

  • marie

    New York, I Love You would do just fine without Rachel Bilson
    she needs to find an actual acting job, otherwise she’ll just become one of those that only makes money by doing edorsments

  • lakers fan in boston

    well at least she has some movie project she’s working on
    gotta say im getting tired of seeing pics of her everyday on this site
    but as always i was find her 2 be a real cutie =]
    dont like the boots

  • lexy

    LOL! # 8 & #10 – Rachel’s the has been who lives off her man and calls the paps when she’s in LA. She wishes she could get an endorsement deal like Jessica Alba or even Linday Lohan (since she claims to be a fashionista I’m sure she’d love a gig at a fashion house).

    She needs to settle down and take some acting lessons. Maybe she can get some pointers from Alyson Hannigan or Neil Patrick Harris when she does her one episode of HIMYM.

  • Cee

    yeah, yeah, yeah… where’s Hayden?

  • @13

    with his real girlfriend in canada ;)

  • tonie

    She’s too short to wear boots like that.

  • lisa

    Here we go again with a another post about Rachel. There is no doubt you are getting paid to talk about her.

  • atlqueen

    that was so funny!
    Oh and in no way shape or form was my laughter meant to disrespect their relationship. lol

  • searlus

    An AFGHAN HOUND in boots!!!

  • searlus

    @ 13 – yeah, yeah, yeah… where’s Hayden?


  • Crapattack

    Yes, an afghan hound in boots pretty much sums it up!

  • dave

    She looks really good!

  • @JJ

    JJ there are other actor/actresses in this film you know. It’s not a film dedicated solely to promoting RB’s currently bland and fading career. You make it sound as though this entire film is simply a vehicle in which to showcase RB when she actually the least important member of the cast. Jeez, how much she paying you, b/c you’re working it really hard here!

  • Cee

    @@13: But that’s not possible, I’m in Arizona!

    @searlus: LMFAO. You. Are. Awesome!

  • Here we go again

    You should re-name this website from to !! lol

  • lexy

    #22 – I know you’d think Rachel was the biggest name in this movie or something. If she was it would be going straight to DVD.

    Then again, she really doesn’t have anything else going on. Seeing as she pays JJ and the paps to follow her around I guess it would be rude for him to refer to her as Rachel Bilson, the “has been who never was”

  • screwed

    @ #8

    She’s a “part-time” (h)actress and/but a “full-time” & ravenous mediawh*re. The End.

  • Anakin


    Like I said before about you, anal retentive.

    You really need to see someone about your hate fixation on RB, I’d say get a life because obviously what you told me before is full of bs, since you can’t resist taking digs at someone you don’t even know why you’re so bitter about.

    And who’d want to be like JA, whose kid’s face looks like it needs the services of Dr. 90210 asap, and whose last film was the classic The Love Guru. And don’t even get me started on LiLo again, she’s a mess morphing into a disaster turning into a joke, getting booed off the stage in Singapore, haha.

    VOR is right you probably do use different usernames around here do you reply to your own posts, see #25 responding to #22, lmao.

  • lexy

    You said it screwed! I don’t know why she doesn’t try for a reality tv show. Probably b/c her life isn’t that interesting…I mean the Kardashians have each other and their drama to keep people watching. But I don’t think Rachel could convince HC to do a reality show so she’s really got nothing to help her sell it.

  • Viper

    She’s promoting this movie b/c she can’t get real work one would think she was only attraction in it. Notice the other bigger names are not reduced to pressing out this movie with every picture that might be taken of them only RB. It’s like a need to get her name out there so people think it’s her who’s in this movie with HC. Who is also never around her enough to make this a believable relationship.

  • Pseudonym

    I congratulate you and bravo to all what you have said but, you are dealing with the two same people. VOR is Anakin also formally known as Neos and Spider on another board. Posing as a hypocritical, cynical rude obnoxious person posing, as Mr. Brainy with a life. Yeah right. If, the gentleman or more like psychotic woman that is actually anal retentive and has not been laid in quite some time b/c she defends a d-lister couple 24/7. Her an Anakin sound the same claiming they are so intellectually superior. If, VOR/Anakin where so smart they would not be wasting all their time on the boards bashing fans and non fans of Hayden 24/7. You notice they say the stupid rant speech about multiple user names and claiming we hate, Jealous, ETC no matter how many times you explained you story. So intellectually superior? Anakin/Spider sure have a short term memory.

    Anakin/Spider have also mentioned keep the posts coming and that was she/he’s goal to get more posts on Rachel so, she get’s more threads to piss us hater off. Don’t fall for it Lexy. Spider is lonely pitiful and bored with a loveless and sexless life and only relys on abusing people on a public board to get her jollies off. She actually pretty pathetic and pitiful.

  • Anakin


    You are an idiot, I’m a he and I’ve never heard of Spider and I’m definitely not VOR. Are you smoking the same weed as Lexy? Really pathetic you haters! Btw Is Pseudonym, a Pseudonym for Lexy? LOL

  • Anakin


    I don’t profess to be intellectually superior than you haters, but I must say with all the repetition of the same old insults you level against RB, on every new thread about her, I’d say a rock is intellectually superior to you guys. There is no original thought or insult, it’s the same thing in every new RB thread. You guys are really a joke.

  • lexy

    Thanks for the heads up Pseudonym! I post on this board all the time. But I know you can’t pay the crazies any mind – though I give some of them credit though for being funny!

  • Anakin

    Oopsy, the above rant is directed @Pseudonym not myself lol, you see even a God like myself can make mistakes. lmao

  • careful choices

    Epidemiology researchers in Sweden have discovered that men who choose an intelligent partner live longer and have better health than men who choose partners that have dropped out of school/college. Life expectancy is increased by 25% if a man chooses an intelligent partner. There is no correlation between a woman’s life expectancy and her partner’s intelligence, but a considerable correlation between her longetivity and the size of her partner’s bank balance. So it seems that, for a healthy, happy life, men should be very careful as to whom they choose….an IQ test perhaps, to vet potential partners..umm.

  • Voice of reason

    @30 I’m female and yes I do use the name spider on Imdb and as you would know I have been up front and honest about that. I have never posted on this board using any other name and as I have also explained before, if I have something to say I don’t hide behind fake ones.
    This is my first post on this thread so you are wrong on all accounts. For the record half the people Lexy and Anakin are talking about I have very limited knowledge on and not enough to make comment on them.
    As for post counts yes keep posting everytime you and others do you give JJ more reason to start yet another rachel thread and make even more money and that is what the blog business is about.
    As for bashing-that is what you did to me so your statement is pathetic, but of course you will not see that you just like to be here and read the replies people make towards you.

    BTW I don’t like the boots Rachel is wearing but I do like the jacket.




    Rachel has two potatoes in her pants pants. They look bulky on the crotch as always………funny body, not attractive at all.

    HC is in Canada on his barn moving some dust……..and happy without her around. They are over as a couple. She knows that. He know that too. He sexed her just cos she was so available for him. Sad but never been in love with her actually.

    RB find u someone who really loves you, unless you really like HC’s money

  • sotruetoo

    RB has no grace, no class, just an empty shell, a true ditz.

  • lexy

    When you like expensive stuff but can’t find work you need SOMEONE to pay the bills. Her dad may have a few bucks but he’s not Speilberg or George Lucas. Sure celebs get free stuff but RB is a D-lister so how much free stuff is she getting? A few pairs of sunglasses? She’s not an A lister who gets free stuff sent to her for no reason. She’s not invited to red carpet events where you get a lot of freebies/goodies. The luxury goods market is doing poorly overall so if they are giving away freebies they want to get their money’s worth.

  • Voice of reason

    @lexy I’m not 100% sure but people in HW get loaned things all the time to wear on red carpet events, dresses and all the jewellery. In most cases everything is handed back to designers and top rate stores.
    As for Rachel, although I would not class her as A list she does get “free” stuff and she is friends with designers I can only assume that it’s some sort of deal–I’ll give you this if you wear it and throw my name out etc.
    If you remember back to the Gala event, Hayden said CK sent his suit over it’s typical of how HW people wear things-it’s a promotion like anything else.
    As for total “free stuff” and please someone correct me if I’m wrong but when you attend an event in the lead up to it you go into a room and it’s basically a free for all,does depend on a ranking order the IRS got wind of it because some of the freebies can amount to thousands especially at Oscar time:
    Example a $1000 watch for a person nominated etc, so now people in HW have to include the items as gifts on tax returns.
    Also remember that Hayden did not pay for any Locoste items his job was to promote the brand, hence all the shirts, hats etc would have been part of the contract and given to him as part of the “contract” which including a nice pay check got him clothes and paid for trip and staying in hotels.
    This is how as basic as I have typed it the “system” works. Everyone in HW when given the chance does it.
    Or do you really think A listers like NP, AJ, BP, etc buy the dresses/suits they wear?

    Sorry for the long post.

  • Nats

    @STOP YOUR CRAP: Hey i spotted that, a pair of pocket rabbits – how does that work exactly? Are they too tight or what? Don’t dig the boots, goddamn ugly & why don’t she have a hair stylist or something, she needs shearing, looks like me mate’s beardie only not so cute.

  • lexy

    VOR – I know about the swag and the loans but RB and HC (especially) really don’t do a lot of red carpet events that would require that. I’m sure if they go to the NYILU premiere they’ll get some loaners.

    My point was that she probably has to pay for a lot of her stuff on out of pocket. Yes, I’m sure it’s a tax write off for her. But you really don’t see much of RB outside this board and when you do see her she’s mostly walking around doing nothing. I’m sure the stuff she wore for fashion week was loaners or samples. Despite the fact that she claims to be a fashionista – that’s really HER and her publicists claim. When I think of fashionista (who get lots of freebies) I’m thinking Gwyenth Paltrow or Victoria Beckham or even the Kardashian girls types – popular people. Companies can’t afford to give freebies to people who are barely known in HW.

  • screwed

    Do check out the POST #36 – As for post counts yes keep posting everytime you and others do… blah… blah…. blah…

    And since you had posted “again” for the nth time… I guessed that was just supposed to be intended “only” for those Anti-RB and not yours huh?!
    What a way of “practicing what you are supposed to be preaching”!? Instead of being its frontrunner… still cant get enough but to stay put, keep feeding the hostility & adding fuel to the fire but if you cant / wont still cant see through it… you’re just a Sanctimonious Prick!
    No wonder that after all this time RB’s thread is getting trashier & trashier as ever as if no one had ever take a bite from all your apparently-credible rants.

  • Anakin


    Was that supposed to be in English?