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Nick Jonas and The Administration -- Coming Soon!

Nick Jonas and The Administration -- Coming Soon!

Nick Jonas, the youngest of the Jonas Brothers has an album of his own coming out.

Nick is working on a solo act–it’s called Nick Jonas and The Administration. Shhh! He’s at the photo shoot for the album cover right now,” mom Denise Jonas told Parade.

The name of the new band probably stems from Nick‘s nickname, Mr. President. “I just act like the boss sometimes,” Nick has said, “A lot of people have families where it’s like the younger kids get all the slack, but they really do treat me with respect, and I do the same for them, it’s a good relationship.”

Mama Jonas is also gushing about his future daughter-in-law Danielle Deleasa, who is set to marry her eldest son, 21-year-old Kevin Jonas.

Kevin and his fiancee Danielle have set their wedding date–but it’s completely private. Danielle, bless her heart, is from a great little Italian family. She is everything I ever prayed for and hoped for Kevin,” she added.

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    yes! I will buy it, love u Nick! from Argentina :)

  • kei

    O.M.G. *dies*

  • chelsea

    omg somebody predictd this nex they will leave hollywood records , joe will go into acting andd kevin wil settle down to have a family with danielle

  • cristina

    2) you won’t make it solo you NEED the entire band.

  • cristina

    2) you won’t make it solo you NEED the entire band.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest sarah

    wow if this is really true i’am definitely going to buy his Cd but i hope JB wont brake up

  • mmj

    selena and the scene & nick jonas and the administration
    miley and the ??? :P

  • http://justjared chloecat

    They won’t break up! They are brothers! They have always said that each of them want to do “side projects”. I’ll support Nick and his brothers in whatever they do.

  • kayleeannjonas

    i am in love with this man but he cannot do this. he WOULD make it if he went solo, i have no doubt in my mind, but now is not the time. at all. i’m so scared. the first time this rumor came out, NOT from the lips of the CBO, i cried for two hours straight. this CANNOT be the end of JB… <///3

  • Victoria

    Maybe he’ll actually get taken seriously as a solo artist.

    This is good for him. The band is childish maybe he’ll produce more mature sound. More acoustic real stuff.

  • Courtney

    I’m happy for Nick!

  • anna

    miley and the brothel

  • megan

    nick jonas and the administation? i don’t know about the name… let’s drop the ‘and the administration’ part.
    but, i’m happy for him. he’s so, so talented and hopefully now he can be taken more seriously as an artist.

  • Luciana

    The name does sound like a play on his nickname, but it also reminds me of Elvis Costello and The Attractions… I assume he is basing that name on his idol’s band..

  • catie

    The name is horrible! Kinda copying Selena Gomez and the Scene in a way. Just go with Nick Jonas

  • HeatherDee

    Selena Gomez and the Scene

    Nick Jonas and The Administration….

    What is this world of music doing?!

  • Jorden

    Put this junk on JJJ.

  • Kmilu

    Nick is awesome! :D

    We hope you watch our video: :D We hope you like it, Please Rate/Comment and tell all your friends, help us be one of the top 3 fav. videos! =]
    Thank you, Good luck (:

  • NWLzzz

    what the hell i’m sure t’s a side project cause nick has always a side project that he’s working on but i’m sure they’re not ginna break up i’ll kick their asses

  • Ashley

    Can’t wait, it will be a huge success.

  • caseyjonas

    ok. adminstration is obviously because of his prez thing, but he also loves elvis costello AND THE ATTRACTIONS, so he probably usedd that as background thing

  • scorpius07

    I’m not exactly one to worship and grovel at the JoBros’ feet, but this seemed incredibly likely to happen. By the looks of things, despite the middle one being the widely-recognized frontman, this kid is the driving force behind it all. So I’m not surprised at all.

  • yipee!

    a solo career? hmm……maybe, just maybe.
    i mean between him and kevin, he is the most talented Jonas!

  • Gossip Girl

    YAY! plese go away Nick! I am sick of seein your taletless guts! Only pre schoolers are in love with trash like him!

  • Terracotta

    I’ll buy, Nick. Your voice is so angelic.

  • Alyssa

    I’m soo excited:)

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    This could be true, but only time will tell..
    Remember Nsync?
    Justin made a solo album when the band was still together..
    Nick could just be making an album alone, but they could still be doing the band..

    Both Kevin and Joe said that Nick would probably be the first brother to break apart..
    It was bound to happen eventually, but I don’t think he is totally splitting from the Jonas Brothers..

  • QueenOfTrashin

    “a great little Italian family”….what a racist bitch.

  • Classified Information

    Okay, let me clear something up for all of you…you…you…things…


    Nick Jonas is working on a SMALL side project. That is it. Nobody said they were breaking up. Nick Jonas and HIS BROTHERS are very excited about Nick’s new oppurtunity.
    I’m gonna respond to some of these comments:

    chloecat, Yes. It is a very good thing they are not breaking up. He will do well, I think.

    Gossip Girl, Just so you know, Nick isn’t “going” anywhere. He is still in the Jonas Brothers band, and now he just wants to start something else. Think of it like, making another friend. Your friends with the new person, but your still better friends with the first one.

    Ashley, I’m sure it will be a good success.

    HeatherDee, they are doing side projects. Selena had already decided she wanted to start singing, but she wanted a band, too so she didn’t have to be lonely, doing it. Nick will make some new friends with the Administration, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Luciana, Perhaps he is. That is a good way to look at it. Mind if I use that?

    Victoria, he probably will. He is the serious one, afterall…

    cristina, He is not going solo. He is with the administration. Even if it is a horrible name (which it’s not, it’s catchy.) it does not matter. Think about it, many people in music have weird names in music, and they are doing fine with their careers. (ex. “Madonna”, Where’s her last name, and “Eminem”, it sounds like a piece of candy.)

    CARLA, you must be a true fan. You are one of many little on this page supporting him. Good for you.

    Dang, those responses probably made me sound lame. Oh well. TTYL.

  • NickJonasFanForLife

    Cant wait til it comes out!!! =) I love you nick and can’t wait to hear your new music! =)

  • JonasFann

    Oh my godness!
    Im so happyy, i mean i love all them but nick is amazing!
    I so exicted to hear what he’s gonna play & everyone can you image just listening to our future president sing(:
    Mann it brings sunshine on a cloudy day haha.


  • julie

    they are not breaking up! that is nick side project. nick is not going solo!

  • haley

    I love nick jonas, and im 100% sure he’ll rock in doing it, but i just hope that the band wont break apart, and i hope it 4 the better. <3 luv u guys.

    Love, haley <333

  • mish

    I dont like that…….. Well I do…….but I want you to have another album but with your brothers……. I love Joe ……

  • wfwerfwe

    miley and the bitches

  • shantell

    this better not mean the end of the jonas brothers though :|
    Still, i wonder what his solo career’ll be like. I’ll be rooting for him<3

  • kendra gray

    i love u nick and joe and kavien but mostly nick love you guys and your song.

  • kendra gray

    hi i love u and only u nick u are so hot love your song love bug makes me cry. love, kendra gray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alex

    maybe nick will just do a solo album and go back to the band!! other groups have done that!! help me i have forgotten names of bands that have done that

  • http://jonasbrothers Loprett@

    Hello everyone! I wait for it hardly already we meet. Kevins good luck if he would get married after all. Nick and Joe a little bit mine case withdrawn with the girls Nick Miley Cryrus and Joe for me Demivel nicely. You will not come Kupuszinára?you are missing very much. I’m sorry because i’m not sure, how we meet dared because of that if you do not come. Nick congratulations your birthday gift now already rock stars I may be! I kiss everybody even little Frankiet. Lorett@ Lovas

  • Danielle

    I cant wait! nick is the most talented! he’ll be great!!! It will be the best Jonas album ever! <3

  • Sarah


  • JBfan

    They won’t split up !
    Before the Jonas Brothers,
    He was already solo.
    It’s just a new album of him,
    Without his brothers ;)
    I need his new album =O
    3th of Decembre,
    That’s so far away =(
    I’ll wait !

    I <3 JonasBrothers !

  • sandi

    yeah!!! i can’t wait to hear the songs , luv u nick jonas

  • elena

    omg!! everything’s incredible !!people please add me at and thus we can speak about the jonas brothers. boys, i love you much !!plese never let of sing !!i’ll die without you!! i’m very sad because i don’t know…

  • Selena

    Wow! Selena Gomez and the Scene, and now Nick Jonas and the Administration.

  • Nessa

    @Selena: I know right!!!?! Weird, but cool at the same time

  • Tegan

    OMG NOOOO I love Nick and all but he can’t do something apart from JB! This is bull crap! :( I love THE JONAS BROTHERS. Not just Nick by himself! :( :( PLEASE RECONCIDER THE NAME ATLEAST!

  • Jodiee

    I’m happy for Nick and everything,, the album will be AMAZING!
    Buttt,, lets just hope this isnt the end of the Jonas Brothers :’(