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Adam Lambert: TV Guide's Hot List Party

Adam Lambert: TV Guide's Hot List Party

Adam Lambert arrives at TV Guide Magazine’s Hot List Party at SLS Hotel The Bazaar on Tuesday (November 10) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The 27-year-old singer will be releasing his major-label debut, For Your Entertainment, on Monday, November 23. But he is already thinking about broadening his horizons.

“[Acting] is something that I’ve done a lot over the past eight or 10 years,” Adam told the Philippine Daily Inquirer. “If the opportunity came up and it was the right thing, I would love to be a part of a film. Right now, I am going to try to work on the album first. One thing at a time.”

After leaving the TV Guide party, Adam stopped by “Mr. Black” at Bardot – their weekly Tuesday night party. (Tonight was co-sponsored by Paper Magazine which brought New York’s and LA’s Mr. Black crews together for a futuristic party complete with light show). Also in house was DJ Samantha Ronson.

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63 Responses to “Adam Lambert: TV Guide's Hot List Party”

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  1. 26
    Shirley Says:

    Adam’s single FYE was just added to radio this week and is getting some good spins. Things should really kick in after his performance at the AMA’s.

  2. 27
    hawt Says:

    Adam has one of the sexiest pimple beards around.

  3. 28
    BrightLights EDIT Says:

    I may have been a little tipsy when I wrote that lmao.

    ARE, should have read ‘I’
    And the 3rd line from the bottom should read “released”

  4. 29
    jory Says:

    God he is so effin gorgeous i love him beyond words :)

  5. 30
    Sacha, 21 Says:

    lol tran.

    FYI, adam’s album has gone to #1 on pre orders.
    without proper promotion as well.

    he’s yet to perform his debut live and he hasn’t given any proper interviews yet. all starts in 2 weeks, he’s performing on the AMAs and he’ll be doing the interview rounds w ellen, letterman etc etc.

    adam’s fanbase is HUGLEY global. people in the US are the only ones that can pre order the album and buy the single right now.

    all the UK people like MOI, are still waiting on RCA.

  6. 31
    Lee Says:

    Would like a close-up, candid snapshot of all the beauty critics on this thread. Talk about a horror show, I’ll bet.

  7. 32
    Tina S Says:

    @Tran, you need a reality check and to quit reading Perez Hilton’s blog. Adam’s single is currently #26 on iTunes Top Songs list and his Special Edition version of his CD (i.e. the expensive one) is at #2 on the Pop chart and #11 overall. If that’s your definition of “tanking”, you need to revisit your concepts of success.

    Personally, I love everything I’ve heard of his CD so far and can’t wait to hear it in full. And I think he’s an incredibly attractive person, not just physically, but because of his sweet, gracious, articulate personality. Those of us who care about him don’t see his complexion problems any more – if anything, it’s endearing that he’s had some skin issues, like many of us “real” people. You could take a lesson in graciousness from his example.

  8. 33
    Tagrid Says:

    Funny how many jealous ****** feel they just have to comment on Adam’s complexion issues – apparently that’s the ONLY thing they can find wrong with him LOL Hey boys, his skin just makes him look more MANLY than YOU! HE is a grown up! And a gorgeous one at that! You can only wish…. ;)

    Jared – you need to mention that Cassidy Haley was at the Mr. Black party too! Don’t know who he is? Check out “Whiskey in Churches” on youtube – hot hot hot! It’s been playing on PopLab for the past month.

    I’ve read that “one thing at a time” quote from Adam on at least 10 sites. Funny! Adam NEVER does one thing at a time! He’s gotta be the most grounded multi-tasker I’ve ever seen.

    BTW – Adam – you’re in HW – and you have money now. Get your skin fixed – you can afford it now. You’ll need less makeup then too! Love ya BB

  9. 34
    JJ Says:

    Adam’s great but High Res PICS need to die. HS pics of ANYONE.
    No one looks the same magnified with ten million unflattering lightbulbs as they do in normal size in person lmao. Oh and Adam you need to STOP wearing foundation altogether. EMBRACE the freckles.

  10. 35
    Tagrid Says:

    Oh please – ****** = qv33rs – get OVER IT!

    BTW – Gaga’s new vid is HOT!

  11. 36
    lovethefurr Says:

    Adam Lambert looks and sounds like my version of HEAVEN.

    Haters can swim with sharks in cement shoes.

  12. 37
    anne Says:

    Skin? Skin? Skin??? Plllleeeassseee!!! Haters really are grasping at things to say about Adam. LOL! They can’t make fun of the talent, coz the guys is loaded. Can’t make fun of his personality, coz he is friendly and charming. Can’t talk about anything but Skin??? Wow, what a bunch of losers.

    Hey ct, jen, jules and the other haters – move on. The skin angle is nothing. You can’t influence people to hate adam on that basis alone.

    You rock adam! Congrats on #1 Pop Album on itunes. It’s been a good week. More success to come your way. Just stay grounded and roll with the punches. Sooner or later they will be assimilated coz resistance is futile.

  13. 38
    Tagrid Says:

    JJ – I totally agree! In fact, tho I know Adam’s hair is naturally strawberry blonde, I’d love to see him go to a dark, dark auburn. It would so match his coloring, and yes, even the freckles, better than the black (w/ blue). I used to go with a guy who had auburn hair and freckles – he was gorgeous! Adam could pull it off – IF he really wanted to!

  14. 39
    Spock Says:

    @Tagrid: IKR. Gaga’s new vid is stunning. She’s in a total different league to the other girls.

    Beyonce can sing, act and dance but her voice always sounds the same, 99% of her vid’s aren’t anything special and she always releases every freaking track on her albums lol. She just churns out video after video and appears everywhere so you get bored with her. Still respect her but you know what i mean?

    Rihanna can’t sing. And her latest album sucks. Sorry RiRi.

    Pink can sing, write and perform. She rocks. Hard.

    Christina’s off being a mommy…

    Taylor Swift’s voice and lyrics are terrible. Ugh.

    Britney mimes and her latest vid for 3 is sad compared to Gaga’s. I love me some Britney but dam.n.


    Madonna will always be the Queen of reinvention but she’s too old to be doing what she’s doing. Put some pants on Madge. Still love ya.

    And Gagaaaaaaaaa. Girl plays over 3 instruments professionally. Writes her own lyrics, composes her own music, directs her own music vids, designs her own outfits and accessories. She has a real understanding for ART and does not conform to sell. Thank f.uck GOOD pop music is back. And her vid, they don’t make them like that anymore. Love it.

    Listen. Adam and Gaga need to duet one day. It’s been FOREVER since we’ve had someone make POP music exciting again. Keep the visuals alive, balance between lines, risk take, sing LIVE, put on a show.

    And Pink and Adam need to duet on Bad Influence.

    Gaga is a little genius.

  15. 40
    truth Says:

    @Tagrid: His natural hair was strawberry blonde when he was really young. The it progressed to blonde, dark blonde and a brown auburn. THEN he dyed it black for a theatre role and it just stuck. He should defo go back to brown one day. I know he said he was playing it down for his audition so as not to scare them but he looked amazing there. Crazy makeup for the stage is epic but when he’s just going out, he needs to embrace the freckles. His skin looks 10 million times better with zero foundation. Thing is, I bet Adam reads all this skin comment here and there and thinks ‘I need to cover my skin up’. Babe, covering your skin in foundation makes your skin WORSE. Fact. It only highlights any imperfections. His photos of him without foundation are so nice. Wish his friends would tell him that.

  16. 41
    sweetart Says:

    @Tran: @Tran<

    How old r u?? Sounds like ur in grade school. U go on wif ur bad self! sshheeeeeeeeesh

  17. 42
    in mourning Says:

    What a LOSS of a quality testosterone!

  18. 43
    glenda Says:

    Manelli – Love your comments on what a nice, special person Adam is. I too had the pleasure of meeting and talking with him during his
    San Diego homecoming event for top 3 on Idol. He was incredibly friendly, open, fun and pleasant. He was wonderfully attentive and gentle with the little kids who were there!! His last words to us were: “Thanks so much for your support – It’s all about spreading the love.” When I see the hateful comments some ignorant people feel compelled to write,(check out # 19 on this site, for example) I just shake my head in disgust. . I’ll choose Adam’s message of love and acceptance over theirs every time. He is brilliant musically and a genuinely nice person – a true gift to us all!!

  19. 44
    LOL Says:

    Hate comments are everywhere. All celebs get it. If you don’t follow Adam’s career, all you see are photos. You can’t connect to photos@in mourning: What a brain dead comment. Are you racist as well? You realize orientation is not a choice, muppet?

  20. 45
    :) Says:

    love him.

  21. 46
    Paulie Says:

    He looks a bit like Billy Joe from Green Day in these pics. I like him!

  22. 47
    Jewels Jessica Says:

    He is a little chubby as well. I would like to see him work out more and get toned.

  23. 48
    sheila Says:

    CT and TRAN: what shallow and ugly comments….you must be having a really bad day! Why else bother to sound so angry…….are YOU so perfect????

  24. 49
    Suze Says:


    Don’t know what you’ve been listening to, but his music is EXACTLY what he said it was going to be

  25. 50
    Suze Says:

    @Jewels Jessica:

    Girl, the only place he is chubby is in the crotch.

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