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Dollhouse -- Canceled!

Dollhouse -- Canceled!

Joss Whedon‘s drama Dollhouse has been canceled by FOX, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While expected to finish the 13-episode order, the sci-fi series starring Eliza Dushku may not be aired starting in December as FOX originally intended.

The series, which aired Friday nights but had ratings help from DVR viewership, starred Eliza as a DNA-altered human implanted with false memories to complete missions.


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  • ms. scarlett


    I actually was starting to get into it. Shame on FOX!!!

  • Kahlan

    No !!! It was a pretty good show !

  • Lindsey

    BOO FOX. not cool. Dollhouse is awesome. Suck.

  • basta

    oh noes :(

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ahahahahaha.. i said it. before the first episode ever aired i said it wouldnt make it to 3 seasons. show was trash. that buffy chick will go back to obscurity (again).

  • Sadia

    I knew this was going to happen. Fox are fracking a-holes. Joss should never have gone back to them after the way they treated Firefly in the first place.

  • PotcLuva

    i hate fox, they went back on their promise to air it…dollhouse is an amazing show!

  • oy vey

    Good! Now Whedon & Dushku can focus on the Buffyverse!

  • catalina89

    COME ON!!!!!

  • kirsty

    NOOO!!! What a terrible way to wake up. The show was getting awesome, I hate Fox!!!

  • Jewels Jessica

    I hope he can sell the show to UPN.

  • lexy

    She’s a good actress – she just needs better people working for her so she can get some better jobs. I watch the show but it’s a little far fetched and sadly in a time when people ARE being sold as sex slaves it’s a little hard to watch.

  • louisa

    I thought this was confirmed weeks ago that it was cancelled after 13 episodes. It’s possible that another network will pick it up since it has high dvr ratings. I don’t know why FOX put it on Friday nights considering their target audience don’t watch tv then. I’m sure Dollhouse would have much stronger ratings on another night.

  • 911

    Eliza should have been Black Widow in Iron Man 2 not Scarlett.

  • Lauren

    She’s not DNA altered, none of the actives are, where are these people getting their information?!

  • Missy

    good! now we can get back terminator the sarah connor chronicles please?

  • bobbycupcake

    hahaha show sucked anyways watching Eliza act is just too much to ask from people

  • **JAMIE**

    WHAT? thats a good show!

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol, ive always heard it’s a horrible show so i havent even bothered 2 try 2 watch it
    and she’s not that hot enough 2 make me watch something crappy, not many chicks are

  • coco

    These tv show people do not fcuk around – it is a bad economy, they don’t want to waste any time or money – and they CANCEL shows. Hey Eliza, I will save you a seat at Starbucks – the unemployment mothership. I can’t pay my rent but can always afford a $5 cup of coffee. Later girl!

  • All Women Stalker

    Well, season 2 did start to suck. But I love me some Whedon. TV is not great without him.


  • Matt

    Serves him right – man, he never learns. He does the brilliant Firefly on Fox, they cancel it like dorks, then he vows never to work with them again.

    But he does, and of course, they put him on the Friday night death slot, and cancel it.

    What did he expect????

  • Matt

    Serves him right – man, he never learns. He does the brilliant Firefly on Fox, they cancel it like dorks, then he vows never to work with them again.

    But he does, and of course, they put him on the Friday night death slot, and cancel it.

    What did he expect????

  • CallMeCrazy

    NO don’t cancel Dollhouse. It was finally getting good. I was really getting into it and excited for the return.. FOX SUX!

  • mika

    is it just me or is nearly everything being cancelled???

  • Becky Beckham

    It seems that shows are cancelled because of the recession.

  • CM

    It needed JAMES MARSTERS!!!

  • lexy

    Tina Fey alluded to it – it’s cheaper to get has been celebs and/or media whores to make fools of themselves then to hire good writers and talented actors to make good tv. It’s cheaper to pay a bankrupt Willie Ames & a camera man to tape him selling off his possessions or have a bunch of sex addicts hang out together and try to have group therapy than it is to pay professionals.

  • teddy

    The show was garbage. When it was paired with Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles it effectivley ended that show. HORRIBLE>!!! Please bring back The Sarah Connor Chronicles!

  • Molly


  • FroFro

    I watched the Pilot, and barely made it through. I am not surprised. I dont think its necessarily Eliza, just that the show kinda sucked. She was good in that series she did with Jason Priestley. I was sad to see that one cancelled. Shes not spectacular, so this is the kind of stuff she will probably always end up with.

  • watch dollhouse online

    Hardly anything survives beyond season 3 these days…and at the end of the day, its the ratings that talk – NOT the quality of the show.

  • Emily

    NOOOOOOOO! this was a great show…so sad!!!

  • xyz

    This is so typical of Fox! They canceled Tru Calling just as it was starting to get it’s groove! Now Dollhouse! Shame on Fox and shame on Joss and Eliza for trusting this Sh tty network. How the Hell did fox expect it to gain an audience on a Friday time slot, which is a known show killer. Joss should have demanded a better time slot in his negotiations. Damn it, I’ll never have 5 seasons of one show in which to ogle over Eliza. Back to season 3 of Buffy I go…

  • anne

    finally fox has done something intelligent, it was, without a doubt, the most boring show on tv, give me mad men any day of the week. now that is an intelligent show,

  • anon


  • ana

    shame on fox, I wonder when Fox will dissapear, they always do the same, SHAMMMMEEEE ON FOXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Valerie

    I did struggle through the first season, just hoping it would make sense. I gave up this season. I don’t understand why it’s okay to sell people for sex, or yet have a show like that on TV. Not good in my opinion. I am not surprised this got cancelled. Everyone I know didn’t like it even after the pilot.

  • vimpaler

    The curse of Summer Glua strikes again. I was just talking to friend about how this show wouldn’t make a third season because Glua was in a few episodes after fox cancelled TSCC, look at Gluas past history in shows she has a habit of joining a show or staring in a show and it being canceled Firfly, TSCC, The Unit 4400 and so on. I’m a big fan of Summer and the shows she has been in but i think she is bad luck for some reason.

  • lizzie

    Poor Eliza must be disappointed… after tru calling.
    Maybe she should be in films from now on.

  • Lissa

    Funny how they cancel everything decent that doesn’t have a CSI feel or is a reality show. Some of us DON’T like that crap, and would rather watch this stuff, but whatever.

  • Kristina

    FOX SUCKS!!!! (i hope they read all those comments, assholes)
    i liked that show! nooooooooooooooooooo!

  • bonzie

    I think Fox just likes to play a yo-yo game with Joss. How many of his shows so far have been cancelled by them? Bastards….

  • J

    That Dushku bi@tch gets what she deserves. Its called karma, what comes around goes around.

  • Me

    These damn networks keep making the same ass shit and those stay. So what, because it isnt a another ER/House/HawthoRNe CSI/Law & order.. it doesnt stick around? Please. It was DIFFERENT. Oh.. the horror. cancel it now.

    Fox = Morons

  • Angelioss

    THis Is the idiots at fox latest example of stupidity! The show is great but putting a show like this on a friday is retarded because people dont stay home to see it … I had to go buy them on Blu Ray as it was airred at a stupid time, and now the only thing worth watching besides V is being canceled before it even got a chance.

  • riccaroni

    This chick is like Ted McGinley. Every show she’s on gets cancelled.

  • Amanda Awesome

    Eliza is a mormon

  • Dumblondphish

    That is no good! Joss whedon really has a lot to say and i could see this show going places. Darn big networks not supporting campiness only lame-ness

  • Jean D


    What so twisted and far fetched about sitting in a chair in order to get wiped out? You do it every time you sit in front of your TV set! You put too much enphasis on one or two engaments while the whole point was to tell you how brainwashed one could become by watching too much TV.

    So subtle it took FOX two years to figure it out! LOL