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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Jerry's Deli Duo

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Jerry's Deli Duo

LeAnn Rimes wraps her arm around boyfriend Eddie Cibrian as the two leave Jerry’s Deli in Woodland Hills, California on Saturday (November 14).

Eddie, who split with his wife of eight years in August, may have to pay spousal support to his ex, model Brandi Glanville.

Us Weekly reports that Brandi is asking for nearly $40,000 a month in support to pay for schooling and health care for sons Mason, 6, and Jake, 2.

She claims that Eddie earns $60,000 a week from his work on CSI but only pays for her “household bills.”

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian leaving Jerry’s Deli…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 10
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 11
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 12
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 13
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 14
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 15
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 16
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 17
leann rimes eddie cibrian jerrys deli 18

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Jen

    Two douchebag cheaters who truly deserve one another.

  • bellamor

    Eddie Cibrian is so seriously awful on CSI: Miami. He in no way makes up for Adam Rodriguez leaving. He is the only person I hate on there. He can’t act, he has one facial expression, and he’s just a douche.

  • coco

    Get the checkbook ready – because it is time to pay. Also, Taco Bell is cheaper than Jerry’s Deli. A 99 cent taco is good enough for LeAnn.

  • pamela

    I can’t decide which one of these cheaters is the biggest douchebag….Eddie for doing this to his kids…OR Lee Ann for pursuing a man with a wife and children.

    I guess the kids will call Lee Ann “StepWh*ore”. LOL Very appropriate.

  • Jako

    In Vegas, only the gamers think something is left to chance and that’s the way the real players want it.
    Data sets correlate within reasonal margin of error.
    Amateurs should not play this game.
    Thread is dead.

  • huh

    nobody needs 40000 a month. she wants 3000 a mth just or clothes!!! he probably knows that she is crap with her money & needs to get a job.

  • Jason

    I see LeAnn’s PR people have jumped on the board bad mouthing Brandi as soon as they can. They obviously don’t want posters to comment on LeAnn’s appearance at the CMA awards. Rimes looked like Scheana made her dress from bathroom curtains and Brandi put on her make-up with a baseball bat. It’s nice to see the ladies pulling together. I was so looking forward to seeing Eddie walk the red carpet wearing his nice pants but I’ll have to settle for the picture above. He looks so in love with LeAnn walking three steps ahead of her with his eyes lovingly looking at the PAVEMENT.

  • jj

    She is whoreable and he is a pathological liar. Brandi, take him for every penny.

  • janice


    Go after the Horsehead’s money too for taking the kids father away. If the dad pays support, so should the dad’s w.h.o.r.e!!!!!

  • LA


    OMG are you serious Adam is leaving CSI??? I only watch CSI is because of him! aaaaah hella sad!

  • Lowest denominator

    Why the FRIG is she laughing all of the time?
    Has she always been a goofball?
    I have never really paid much attention to her, s I don’t know…

  • michaela

    Le Ann looks good in these photos. Thanks JJ !!!

    They look happy. Whether it will last no one knows.

  • Jill

    They look like such a normal couple but with Eddie dating both LeAnn and that Shenia girl they’re obviously not as serious as the tabloids want us to believe.

  • Sunshine

    I think they look in love. When LeAnn catches up to him and puts her arm around him, Eddie pats her on the head. That’s a sign of affection.

  • jamie

    He looks annoyed while she can’t control how happy she is to get some papparazzi attention. She is so freakin annoying!!!!!!!!

  • http://justjared bond007123

    oh everybody in hollywood cheats. If these two are happy at the moment then they should take it while they can!!!!

  • michaela

    He’s a straight man – cracking jokes with a straight face and she can’t contain herself.

    “Laughter is the best medicine…. a downcast spirit dries up the bones”

  • chris

    She won’t be smiling for long. He is a cheating dog and he will cheat on her too.

  • annab

    Pathetic couple.

  • Leticia

    I don’t know why people judge this couple so harsh they are normal people that fell in lust, now if it’s love we will see. i’m a divorced woman with 2 kids, my ex cheated on me with younger women i wish that he would’ve been a man and told me and moved on like eddie is with leann it’s not right to stay just because your wife wants you to if you’re not happy with her anymore and lusting after other women then leave!!! but i do have to say if you’re a father then be a father just because you’re a manwhore doesnt mean you need to make it worse for the innocent ones.

  • Jason

    Hi Michaela, so good of you to join us.
    I have to say that Eddie is a good actor off the set. Surely he knows LeAnn sets up these photo ops and yet he still looks embarrassed to be seen with her or maybe he has a date later and is wondering what he is going to tell his other mistress.

  • Partygal

    Does this girl have eyes or is the guy her seeing-eye dog?

  • Valerie

    Brandi is right to keep her children away from Rimes. Anyone with a stalking personality and who will share her lover with another woman has serious mental problems. Whenever I see these two together it makes me feel like I’ve just used a gas station restroom.

  • michaela

    Brandi wrote on her Twitter page late yesterday….”I am perfectly well taken care of, don’t believe everything you read”

  • Lisa2

    Wonder if they are friends with Jon Gosselin?? Looks like they have the same sensitvity chip that he has. I hope his wife takes as much as she gets. The reason why she asks for so much money is in Calif. the spouse gets to live in the way they are accustom to. I am sure that Eddie isn’t going to be worried about it since Leeann isn’t exactly in the “poor house”. By the way, what has Leeann really done lately? Does she still sing or what??? I really only see her in the tabloids is all these days but never really doing anything but chasing after Eddie.

  • michaela

    @ Lisa2…….. Le Ann had 2 concerts this week and more ahead in her schedule this year. So yes she still sings!

    She was nominated last year – 2008 and 2007 -for a Grammy for best country female vocalist. So she is still relevant. What the future holds I don’t know and neither do you.

  • Mike

    It appears as though Rimes is the driver. She must have called Eddie at the last minute and said “I have the paps set-up for 2 o’clock. I’ll swing by to get you for some quick publicity.” Eddie does look enthusiastic. At least she didn’t follow him to the passenger’s side and open the door for him.

  • michaela

    Mike/Jason/Jako, etc… and the same and you 3 always show up at exactly the same time. Amazing!!! NOT!

    Anyone ever find another celeb board where men are such an interested presence? Next we’ll here him calling out “Gwen, where are you?…Help Gwen”.

  • Jason

    I don’t want to get into a big give and take here but I see you noted Brandi’s twitter. I thought that was incredibly classy considering what she has been through. I hope she keeps it up. It sounds as though she is slowly coming to terms and the pain is subsiding. I hope everyone who digs at Brandi will realize the good character she showed in the posting. She could have let everyone think Eddie left her high and dry.

  • jj

    Yeah, he’s patting her on the head like a dog. If the shoe fits…..

  • michaela

    The tabs did depict her “Declaration of Income and Expense” as though he did leave her “high and dry”. You can read all 28 pages of it, as I did. Some really interesting reading.

    Then, after it’s release, she did post that comment. I thought it great that she wanted to set the record straight. But that’s not the end of it, by far!

  • Jason

    Also classy of you to acknowledge her post. There is no clean and neat way to bring the money thing to an end. I hope Brandi will be awarded enough to live a comfortable life and properly raise her children. Eddie will make a very good living and if he and LeAnn marry, he will live in the lap of luxury. My hope is for Brandi because she was wronged so publically. Why the hell didn’t Eddie and LeAnn go about this in a very private way? I can only conclude they enjoyed the publicity and cared nothing for their spouses or families.

  • michaela

    That was their greatest error – to not keep it private until the divorce was final. That is one thing we can all agree on!

  • Jason

    I would have had no problem with either of them if after two weeks on the set when they recognized they had an attraction they went to their spouses and told them. If they wanted to seperate to explore a relationship, then I would have thought they were people of good character. I don’t know what LeAnn was thinking but I am confident it has hurt her career, possibly irrepairably. I know the country blogs are ignoring her and 9 out 10 stories they do post are negative. Very few comments are made and those that are, are negative. LeAnn seems to think this has been a success or maybe I can’t read her at all.

  • Liza

    $40,000 a month is pretty steep. Anyhow, I feel for Brandi, but the fact of the matter is nearly every Hollywood star cheats and ends up divorced at least once.

  • meh

    ew all three of them are disgusting. the ex-wife is just an attention wh0re and a golddigger, and the two cheaters are lying scumbags

  • michaela

    I don’t travel the country blogs so I don’t know. I suppose I could believe you : )

    I know Brandi’s “Declaration of Income and Expenses” hasn’t gone over well at all. Understandable in any economic climate but especially when the USA has such high unemployment and so many would love to be making what she is asking for monthly.

  • Lauren

    LeAnn is so naive. She left her hubbie for this player? If she doesn’t marry Eddie what will she do when he leaves her. And why, why, why is she always smiling or squinting all the time. She looks so dumb.

  • Jason

    Being a middle class guy I understand the gasp at $40k per month but if Eddie is consistantly earning $240k a month then the 40 is very reasonable. If Eddie’s average is substantially less over the next several years then Brandi’s share should and will be adjusted. Like I say, the court will work it out. I have a sense that Eddie and Brandi will come to a quick resolution over the money. I hope they are both satisfied and they don’t make it public. There will be nothing worse than if they spend the next year back and forth in court. I hate Eddie but I don’t want Brandi to be greedy out of spite. That will only prolong and feed her pain.

  • michaela

    Here is a link for Brandi’s “Declaration of Income and Expenses”. Very interesting read!!!

  • Vanessa Valentino

    He can afford to pay the alimony. Especially if he is going to marry LeAnn.

  • Jason

    This will be my last post. When they meet in court, if Eddie claims he can’t afford whatever Brandi asks for, Brandi will hire a forensic account. If the account finds that Eddie has been hiding money and assets, the judge will skin him alive. Eddie will pay twice what Brandi is asking for. I hope Eddie plays it straight because this will get even uglier if he tries to jerk around the court.

  • Paula

    It looks like they met for lunch. LeAnn is driving her car and Eddie gives her a tap on the head as a goodbye. This is only another photo-op to show they still hang together. No romance here.

  • michaela

    She already hired a forensic acct. which cost Eddie $7500. Read the document…it’s all there.

    Link for the document found in post # 40

  • have a coffee

    I can’t believe an unknown actor (compared to other well known actors) earns so much money- $60,000- a week. Sigh…

  • Vanessa Valentino

    Would LeAnn ask for a pre-nup if she marries Eddie?

  • Lisa2

    I think that Brandi will probably get what she asks for and Eddie will just make her happy until he doesn’t make the money he is now. I think Jason is right and he will just agree to get a quicky divorce. I didnt read your link, but I would think they would agree if something should happen and Eddie isn’t making the money he is now, she will have no choice. I will be in his best interest just to get it over with since he already looks bad enough by cheating and who knows what kind of future these actors have. I do think he is handsome, but to be honest, I have never watched anything he has been in. I don’t think he will end up paying alamony forever, the wife doesn’t seem to be the type of person that is going to stay single too long. She will probably date again and find someone new.

    I haven’t kept up with LeeAnns career. I didn’t know she was still active in country music stil and thought she was wanting to get into actingl. I thought for some reason she was taking a break? I don’t know if this negative attention will blow over or if her fans will think she doesn’t deserve the respect and move on to another performer. I think the negative press for the Dixie Chicks hurt them years ago, I haven’t heard when they have been up to in years.

    Time will tell…….

  • gwen


    1)”I think they look in love. ”

    Really, because he looked in love with his wife when he was cheating on her too.

    2)”When LeAnn catches up to him and puts her arm around him, Eddie pats her on the head. That’s a sign of affection.”

    Have you seen those photos of EC with his wife in Vegas, he has his hand on her leg? And guess what he was cheating on her. Patting Leann on the head is not a sign of affection. Isn’t that what people do to dogs, as to reward them for being “good”.

    So Eddie is rewarding Leann for allowing him to use her for free publicity. Doesn’t his show air on Monday? Whenever these Sat-Mon photo-ops pop up no one should be surpirsed. He is playing the “devoted lover” to hype up his show. He isn’t very bright and has bought into the hype that LR paid people magazine to create.

    Didn’t EC say that he wasn’t going to air his dirty laundry because he is a “devoted” father?And what do we have week after week? Is it a really good idea to keep staging these “I’m spending money” photo-ops when his divorce proceedings are not even final. He sets himself up for failure.

  • gwen

    1)”He’s a straight man – cracking jokes with a straight face and she can’t contain herself. ”

    You have an excuse for EVERYTHING. So now she is smiling because he is making a joke? Or are you saying this because that is what you read in People magazine?

    2)“Laughter is the best medicine…. a downcast spirit dries up the bones”

    Leann isn’t laughing, she is gloating. Since Leann is taking so much pleasure in what she is doing to 4 innocent people it is pretty clear that she has a downcast spirit.

  • gwen

    “I don’t know why people judge this couple so harsh they are normal people that fell in lust, now if it’s love we will see. ”

    Could is possibly because they have not shown ANY remorse for their cheating, lies, and public humiliation of their spouses? And rather than show some consideration to the people they hurt, they keep trying to shove their farce down our throats? EC and LR are selfish people. How else can you explain a man who keeps insisting that his kids are his top prirority and then pulling stunts like this?