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Adam Lambert Takes Flight

Adam Lambert Takes Flight

Adam Lambert goes through security at LAX airport on Sunday night (November 22) and tosses two empty cans of Red Bull into the trash.

The 27-year-old “For Your Entertainment” singer gave a memorable performance at last night’s AMAs and wrote about it on Twitter this morning.

“It WAS a bit pitchy,” Adam tweeted. “Don’t know what was goin on with the sound. Same thing always went down on idol.”

But despite sound issues, Adam seemed to have a ball onstage. “All hail freedom of expression and artistic integrity,” he tweeted after his performance.

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Credit: Gavin V; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • anon

    JJ seeks comments.

  • no talent

    Face suck

  • Rita

    He needs proactive, quick!

  • ho hum

    “All hail freedom of expression and artistic integrity,”
    - as if it wasn’t a calculated move to shock for publicity …. been done over and over and over…..zzzz

  • whatev

    with that tacky album cover & that awful, cringe-worthy performance he came out looking like the next ashlee simpson. AMATEUR!!!! There is nothing artsy about faking head on stage and then falling on your ass…

  • Catalina

    Yes America, this is our future.

  • please

    When i watched the playback i thought “is this a Eurovision song contestant?”

  • Carson

    I love this kid. I love how he makes haters come out of the woodwork, read about him and post their nonsense. And still we talk about him.

  • concerned

    disgusting…he blow his chance of being the next Elvis! low class

  • ck_always

    Have a nice ‘trip’ Adam!

  • boyfriend7

    They don’t know what to invent, he’s a bad example to follow. I hope kids didnt watch this. People get bored of everything very fast.

  • It was pitchy, dog

    I’m not hating, but if “pitchy” follows you (last night, “always on idol,”, could it be it’s you, and not various sound crews/venues?

  • Ilia

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, haters are having a ball. They are conflicted and torn; they can’t stop watching him and yet what he stands for offends them profoundly. Adam is da shiznit, he has been named as one of the 10 most fascinating people in the Barbra Walters special. So chew on that puritans.

  • Abby

    Hello Mr. Obvious……….if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…….

  • karen

    His album is amazing. I hated the AMA performance, but the album – you should stop hating and check it out. Adam is an incredible talent

  • lavender1960

    You have to prove your artistic integrity first before you go around “pushing boundaries” – a talentless hack can be “shocking”.

    I didn’t catch it but the reviews of the performance setting aside the gimmicks was not good. Sometimes less is more.

  • heather

    He’s so handsome I don’t know why he needs to do this.

  • jake

    with the money his making now you would think he would go find himself a good dermatologist to help with his skin problems.

  • jory

    OMG he is so effin hot i flove him to tiny pieces <3 the jacket is so sexy !!!

  • jory

    the metalic nailpolish is so effin epic the outfit so hot bb Adam know how to take good care of himself i flove him :)

  • Kristina

    he has one less than stellar night and you-all just dig in big-time.

    adam’s got guts and is confident enough to take risks. we’re all talking about him and not about anyone else from last night.


  • ladybug

    wow… i can’t believe i was such a huge fan. he was terrible. sounded terrible, and lacked in taste. if you can’t walk and sing at the same time, stand still. the stage show was like rhythm nation meets dirty, and not in any good ways. sorry adam, you should stick to theater, because you need direction.

  • JFD8

    The AMA set Lambert sung
    Had antics unfit for the young;
    The feds let you watch
    Adam grab his own crotch
    But fine for a slip of the tongue.

    News Short n’ Sweet by JFD8

  • Whamo

    What a craptacular performance…if you can call it that! This no class dbag does NOT have what it take to be a real star…just a mear blip in the industry. He should just do broadway because that all he’s good for. I mean getting faux head…Bowie did that way back with Ziggy and at least Bowie has tremendous talent! The fag is an embarassment to to all Fags!!!!!

  • TY

    Didn’t like him on Idol and still don’t like him. Disgusting performance meant to shock????????

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    any publicity is good publicity.
    that little performance boosted his fame. no matter what negative comment are typed he’s more famous now than before.
    and he’s just gonna continue to get more famous, the more drama and complaining people do the more they help him. look at gaga.. he’s the new male gaga.. ahahahahaha..

  • Paulie

    LOVE him! I support him 100%. And his new album is fantastic. Critics are giving it good reviews too!

  • he blows… literally

    junk food for the mentally challenged

  • Shelly_2

    “Same thing always went down on Idol”. Um, maybe that’s because the dude can’t sing! He’s disgusting. I don’t care if he’s gay, straight or crooked, don’t force your lifestyle on other people. What a waste of good air time.

  • Shelly_2

    “Same thing always went down on Idol”. Um, maybe that’s because the dude can’t sing! He’s disgusting. I don’t care if he’s gay, straight or crooked, don’t force your lifestyle on other people. What a waste of good air time.

  • Buck

    I like this dude but his vocals were a mess last night.

  • rock_chic_chick

    how the hell was he forcing his lifestyle onto other people?

  • terie

    Everyone who was appalled by ADAM’s performance should have used their channel selector and/or on/off buttons. Were they BROKEN? Especially if there were children in the room … turn off the TV or change the channel OR put or send the kids to bed! How difficult is that? I muted most of the rappers but watched the singers that I liked. Is that so unusual?

  • MalibuKathy

    Loved Adam during the competition but did not like his performance on tour this past summer and didn’t like him last night. It’s almost like he’s trying too hard. He has such a platform for being a role model for the gay community but his singing isn’t as enjoyable and his performances are amteuristic. I’m very disappointed as I and my kids were really looking forward to enjoying his music post AI.

  • mams

    I don’t know what I saw last night, but “freedom” and “artistic integrity” it was not. Then again what can you expect from a person who massacred a Led Zeppelin song.

  • t

    one word eeeeeeeeeeeeeeWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  • Kelly Jay

    Wow, he is so gorgeous!

  • rpatzfan

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwww! i hope the world ends in 2012

  • brittany


  • lilyx

    I love Adam’s incognito HOT UPS man look! Loved the show last night and I’m looking forward to seeing him on Letterman & GMA! His debut album is stellar, every song is different with fantastic vocals!

    The Nokia theater is where Idol performed the finale as well, so I guess he was saying there was also sound problems during the Idol finale. Adam can sing, anybody that denies that is just being stubbornly ignorant. You might not like his style, but the guy can sing.

  • Jay Katie

    Is he on weait watchers?

  • ocg

    I just want to know why the set was straight out of Donkey Kong. I was waiting for Mario (Perez) to chase after him with a hammer. He got the barrel roll down, tho.

  • Amy

    I’m not homophobic but Adam’s performance left me feeling uneasy. I’ve got 3 children and I wouldn’t want them to have seen this. Adam’s over the top antics weren’t necessary and served as a distraction from his voice. The whole performance felt forced and fake. Adam, keep it real and you’ll soar to success. You are beautiful and you don’t need to force feed your fans.

  • terie

    Too many people … both gay & straight … expect TOO much from ADAM. He may have disappointed some people at the AMA’s but the fact still remains … he IS an outstanding SINGER with an AWESOME VOICE … of that there is NO doubt! I will still continue to buy his albums.

  • SallyintheValley

    I prefer the less shocking Adam, but the man has all different sides…the haters have a right to vent, but when I see comments he can’t sing, then I realize they are very much in the dark and just spouting off ignorant statements. There are a lot of performers out there very successful who can’t sing, but Adam will always be so much ahead because he has an awesome voice and range and can sing anything! He CHOSE to be shocking as is his right…

  • aeg

    @please: I like that!

  • wicked wench

    Adam has the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard – he should stick to singing. Gimmicks and shizzle are for those mediocre performers who have nothing in the way of talent to offer. Adam is TOO TALENTED to resort to it. I mean, Lady Gaga makes great studio produced music, but the girl can’t sing. Neither can Katy Perrry.

    Adam really CAN.

  • Rhonda

    how gay!

  • ha

    he’s not so innovative. on americas best dance crew that miami dance group did way more risqué moves… but it was in context. i just can’t believe dancers now have to do this. it’s harassment…

  • xxx

    I don’t like this IDIOT.