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Chris Pine & Olivia Munn Couple Up

Chris Pine & Olivia Munn Couple Up

Star Trek star Chris Pine grabs a late night dinner with the host of G4′s Attack of the Show!, Olivia Munn, in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (December 8).

Chris and Olivia (both 29) have been romantically linked for about a month.

Earlier in the day, Olivia tweeted, “I love LA.” Well of course you do, honey. You’ve snagged one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men!

And Olivia definitely is a fan of Chris and his work in Star Trek. Earlier this week, Olivia made a Trekkie reference, saying, “Captain’s Log 2646… been up since 4am for shoot.”

10+ pictures inside of Chris Pine and Olivia Munn‘s dinner date…

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chris pine olivia munn couple 01
chris pine olivia munn couple 02
chris pine olivia munn couple 03
chris pine olivia munn couple 04
chris pine olivia munn couple 05
chris pine olivia munn couple 06
chris pine olivia munn couple 07
chris pine olivia munn couple 08
chris pine olivia munn couple 09
chris pine olivia munn couple 10
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Photos: GSI Media
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  • nicole

    FINALLLLLY, a Captain Fine post.


  • Trace

    In Estonian, Olivia’s last name means dick/cock

  • Jannie

    Well, her stock just went up considerably.



  • lucylulu

    There’s no chemistry with these 2 – I think he should go out with the girl who played Gaila; she went to Columbia (but maybe he doesn’t like smart and attractive?)

  • Dee

    A trekkie joke Chris and Olivia “Mudd”!

  • SAN

    He is awesome but she is on tweeter so his privacy is in danger sooner or later, take care Chris!

  • Q

    Let the games begin!

  • cool

    Ha ha Captain Fine, that’s hilarious and so true!

  • Mainly

    Wow guys…it’s not outlawed to smile while on a date night enjoying each others company.

    I do agree. He seems uber private and if she does little things like the above passage mentions with the little cryptic (now, not so) Stardate type things and such, she appears to want people to know about it and draws attention to it. After reading how much he hates the paps, this isn’t something that will stop their desire to photograph him. Oh well, that’s the business. Wish them luck though.

  • John

    Chris Chris Chris!…No phones on dates dude

  • Liv

    Since he hates the paps so much, why does he date attention whores?

  • Saudia

    That’s awesome !! Olivia is hilarious I love AOTS ..Chris is just hot :) talented and hot

  • Stacie

    I’m so HAPPY for them . I have missed seeing Chris .I heard something about them being together about 3 weeks ago . I still SWOON for him and of course, I still love him the most . Thanks Jared for the photos.

  • Chef Coa

    Hottest leading man????? Surely you joke!

  • Weird

    Chris’ voice is a dead ringer for Cameron Mathison from All My Children and vice versa

  • Elena

    I don’t know her, but I don’t like her!

  • padme

    I agree with Elena in #18….don’t know this chick Olivia either but from the looks of her and the fact that she tweeted about their date, I’m not liking her at all. The mighty fine Chris Pine deserves much better!!!

  • oliivafan

    i dont think this will last long. he’s private and he dumped audrina because of press and the paps. she didn’t look thrilled at the paps all that much either. she visted him while he was shooting “the unstoppable” twice. yes she tweets but she’s smart about it.

  • James

    A PR approved photo op. Can’t have Captain Kirk without a girlfriend, can we?!

  • Chef Coa

    @Q: They already have!

  • Beth Bubbles

    Wow, she is hot!

  • Callie

    I saw a small video of them taping them eating and then leaving. I can understand the pics, but this is Chris Pine and Oliva Munn (who outside of G4, no one knows who she is) and they are being stalked and filmed eating out? This isn’t Brad and Angelina or Charles and Diana.

    I just find it strange that there would be that much attention for them this early in the game like that. Hell, he isn’t even fully established yet whether he will withstand the Star Trek “Stigma” that most trek actors endure.

    More power to them if it’s genuine, but it’s just very strange the paps would be there at that moment to get them at that very time at a restaurant that isn’t one of those celeb spots to “Be seen” Does seem a little staged, but oh well.

  • lily

    i hate this girl. i think it’s because my boyfriend is obsessed with her..

  • angeles


    >Does seem a little staged, but oh well.

    Denile is a river in Egypt. I mean like the fangirls actually expected that hot piece of Pine to be single forever?

  • cindy

    HA! Olivia Munn, every “computer/video game” geek’s angel. She’s overrated….She’s going to star in IRON MAN 2. Chris Pine is too “pretty” for her. I doubt they’ll last…hahahhahha

  • http://deleted Pretty

    I don’t care if he’s dating but I don’t like this girl LOL I don’t know who she is?! WTF? He can do a lot better. And what the hell is she wearing? It’s friggin’ cold!!! You know you can still look hot and sexy without showing legs esp. at this cold weather bbbrrrrrrrr….

    Photo Op? Hello, if this is staged …. don’t you think they would pick a known actress? Again, I don’t know who the hell is this girl?!

  • HW

    Only an unknown actress will do it for publicity. I think this is staged. As for Pine being single, who says he was single, just because we didn’t see a girlfriend or for that matter a boyfriend? That thing with Audriana was beyond weird….never thought Pine will stoop to playing games! Ah, the things people do for $$$.

  • Q

    Olivia Munn’s STARmeter has gone up in popularity by 264% this week..
    Need I say more?!!

  • Callie

    @ angeles

    No, not staged as if they aren’t together. Staged as in someone wanting people to know that they are together and putting out there FOR attention and discussion. I love any celeb that claims they are private and don’t get into all the hoopla, yet always date people that inevitably WILL bring attention to the very private life they claim they want.

  • angeles


    Good points, but to what end? If he was part of an conspiracy to expose his private life to the media just so people would have more to chat about when it comes to him and his gf, than why wouldn’t he simply walk a red carpet with her instead of leaving a restaurant in a hurry with flashbulbs popping off in his face? Maybe Olivia would have something to gain from it, but what would Chris have to gain?

    I am more of a Quinto fan than Pine so all of the info I know about him is scraps to be honest. And I have nothing invested in the phenom that is “Pinto”, so I am neutral about the whole thing. But what I do know is, Pine absolutely HATES the paparazzi, as he should. If this is a ploy by his PR people to put him and Olivia out in the public eye, they are doing him a disservice.

  • lakers fan in boston

    some guys go crazy over her, i just dont find her all that
    she’s cute and all but she’s so fake
    she acts nerdish so guys will like her
    and truthfully i dont find her 2 be that pretty

  • MMA

    And who cares?

  • CUTE

    He is HOT

    She is UGLY

    Really BAD PAIRING

  • unknown

    maybe he should pay child support before he dates a bimbo….

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    There is obviously a lot to know about this.

  • ffxiv gil

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