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Chris Pine & Olivia Munn Split

Chris Pine & Olivia Munn Split

Chris Pine and Olivia Munn have split up, can confirm.

After just five months together, the Star Trek star and host of G4′s Attack of the Show (both 29) called it quits on Saturday night, January 16, the night before the 2010 Golden Globe Awards.

Olivia broke things off with Chris because they just didn’t see eye to eye anymore,” a source reveals to “Even though he was sweet and charming at the beginning, his personality became too much to handle in the end.”

The two did attend Friday’s NY Times Style Magazine‘s Globes cocktail party at the Chateau Marmont penthouse in West Hollywood but kept their distance.

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  • dollhouse

    what does that even mean…’he became too much in the end’?

  • ….


  • Joanne

    chris can do soo much better anyway

  • Liv

    So you want us to believe that SHE broke up with him?

  • wing

    lol oh please! he dumped her obviously. a source? u mean her people? i bet it was actually herself spreading the words.

  • MAC

    Time to upgrade

  • dundies

    who and who

  • http://deleted Krista

    5 months? not even!!!!! He dumped her and not the other way around – PLEASE!!!

  • hmm

    Ugh this girl irks me to no end!!!
    Yeah right she dumped him…
    On the bright side…at least this mess is over!

  • alex

    who is this dumb girl???Seems like nothing but a random girl desperate for PR.

  • Pretty

    lol maybe she wanted them to walk the red carpet at the critics’ award show and go to parties together as a couple but he didn’t want to so maybe that pissed her off. =] From what I heard, he was already acting like a single man on Friday night at the party so if she allegedly called it off Saturday, Chris was done with this relationship before she ended it.

  • cece

    well some gd news after all this alex and bosworth crap. Great

  • Halli

    Oh PLEASE Jared. We Know Olivia is paying you to talk about her. This Z-lister actually thinks we’ll believe she broke it off with Chris?

    Yeah… nice try hun.

  • vainjain

    I never understood the Olivia Munn hate. But wouldn’t it be a hoot if they didn’t really break up, but just put it out there to get the haters off of their backs? Anyway, don’t know who broke up with who but…oh well….best of luck to both of them.

  • carnet

    so happy

  • PR

    They never dated.

  • Sarah

    It sure does seem like Olivia is feeding info to this site.

  • Elle

    Thank goodness! She was so not his type. I wasn’t a fan before she “hooked” up with him. She just wanted that extra bit of fame and he saw through it. A Z-lister through and through.

    Nobody even cares about someone like her period. Trust me fame isn’t everything she just wants it. Maybe she should try and get an education first. Glad to see she’s GONE!! I liked Beau anyways.

  • michelle

    his personality? and what would that be?

  • WoW

    Wow…I’m starting to believe the ones who said this was all publicity from the start. Hmmm

  • jOSEPH

    Who the hell cares, never knew these two and could care less about them. Put up some 50 cent or Jay Z, i,m getting tired of seeing these nobodies.

    Making it seem like it was Barrack Obama and Michele Obama who broke up, these two Hollywood nobodies are fecal matter in toilet bowl of life.

  • kris

    ahh, I’m totally not sad about this. I’m not an Olivia hater, but I think Chris Pine would be much better with someone else.

  • reality

    I hope Chris gets together with Reese! They would make an amazingly cute cute cute couple. Not sure he’s ready for kids though but one never knows.

  • Jewel

    “ can confirm”
    Which has been your same source since day one. Olivia’s people or Olivia herself…most likely the latter.

    ““Olivia broke things off with Chris because they just didn’t see eye to eye anymore,”
    Again, obviously this is coming from her and whatever inside connection she has ALWAYS apparently had with this site as no one else gave two ishes about this coupling.

    ““Even though he was sweet and charming at the beginning, his personality became too much to handle in the end.”
    The dead give away that she is feeding you information. People didn’t mention anything this derogatory or condescending. She is desperate to make people believe he was dropped and delivered a low blow with the “Personality” line calling into question his issues or mental state or something along that line. That was wrong even for her, but there is no doubt that she has been feeding this site. Oh well, win some you lose some. It won’t matter, she will get hers in the end for being so nasty as he payment will be when her career goes absolutely no where…and that’s where it’s going.

  • Heddi


  • reality

    Oh, I think Chris has nothing to fear. He is on top of the world with his game at the moment. He is hot! She on the otherhand is blah! I wish him well. Obviously, she said what she did because she feels hurt. He probably dumped the girl or was just about to dump her. He’s simply just not into her!

  • So what

    i can’t seem to stop rolling my eyes but you people are so unreal. now how do we that chris was the one that broke up with oliva? come on people. i know you girls are huge fans of chris and i myself included but i know that i won’t go to the extent of bashing olivia just because she dated chris or maybe i’ll just sound as ridiculous as you guys do and and think “she never dated chris”. many of you guys are so happy that they aren’t together anymore but remember this…he will never be with any of you either so move on with your life. Sheesh!!!

  • CanadaGirl

    A “source.” I call BS on that one. Sure they might have broken up, but who is the source that’s quoted?

  • Zoz

    he’s. cute but that’s it.he’s a bore and a whore…so is she.he’s just whoring around Hollywood and seems boring.why would he date a hooker like audrina and this munn chick.why would you want a guy that likes these easy girls.he’s worthless.

  • lucylulu

    well, i’m sure he’ll be fine. I always liked him with Beau – they seemed very happy together. They both seemed very mellow, easy-going SoCal types so maybe they’d be a better fit in the long run? As for Olivia bashing, it kind of always seemed she was in the relationship for fame – I’m sure he grew tired of that.

  • AlaskaJoey

    Has it really been 5 months? I thought they just got together in November. I didn’t really think this was going to last, she seemed a little famewhorish to be dating a guy who hates the paps so much. And if you read the account of the seat filler who sat between him and ZQ at the Critic’s Choice Awards, he was being very handsy and flirty with her (that was Friday, I think).

    But wow, what a nasty line, to say his personality was too much to handle. She twittered earlier this month that she just got given a gift of diamond earrings, with the text “Ah, love”, presumably from him – I wonder if he was more into her than she was into him, or if he got fed up somehow.

  • John Shinn III

    #1: it means that she realized that Chris was more “DIVA” than her!

  • Chrissy

    I hope Chris finds happiness in whoever he dates next. This girl just seemed very different for him and probably got dumped by him. Good Luck Chris :D

  • John Shinn III

    Chris should date Adam Lambert or Perez Hilton….awesome!

  • Oceane

    i don’t know who she was/is but, he doesn’t come across like the attention seeking type. I could be totally wrong as I don’t know either of them personally…

  • jack


    i think that earring tweet obviously meant that a jeweler gave them to her so she could wear them to the people choice awards.

  • jack

    i think in the end nobody know what happened. ive heard that he’s a nice guy when approached and so is she. some people’s personalities just dont mesh. but im not gonna lie it seems to me he finally smelled audrina part 2.

  • bebegirl

    John Shinn III – everyone on this site knows you are a pap that hates Chris ’cause he told ya to **ck off. Give it up, fer chrissake. You are turning into such a stalker. Don’t you have someone else’s garage to photograph?

  • FrESH

    haha she’s definitely trying to throw him under the bus. love it.

  • bebe

    i don’t like olivia who is bragging her self out to dating or fling with pine. time to upgrade pine. go pine. go pine

  • what?


    I think that they’ve been dating since October (don’t hold me to that tho!). Also, what “seat filler?” Was Olivia at the CCA?

  • ad

    finally, now he and zachary can go public!

  • Fad

    The funny thing to me is the line about his Personality being too much. I’m not a pine superfan, but I was laughing at that since, if you follow her twitter and blog, the girl did absolutely nothing but complain and bitch about everything under the sun. Every day she was being bitter about something. She is a fortunate young woman, but she doesn’t sound very nice overall as she seems like she is unhappy about everything in general, or at the very least tries to find something negative out of everything.
    Also find it funny that they “Break Up” right before Iron Man 2 is released.

  • Hmm…

    @ad: Don’t think Chris Pine is gay; however, don’t know about Zach.

  • lisar

    Wasn’t she just spread eagled on some magazine cover? I guess she thinks she already got her face out there and doesn’t need him. Hollywood people.

  • superman

    What a month for celebrity breakup’s this and Zachary levi and his gf who’s gonna breakup next.

  • jack


    she wasn’t at the cca’s

  • mickey

    Yeah, this is probably for the best. He seems somewhat private and she seems VERY eager to be seen and heard.

  • ha!

    Olivia Munn and Chris Pine “broke up”??!! That’s hilarious. They never were. C Pine probably tore up the PR contract and refused to be seen with her at all the public events at the weekend!! Jeez, these HW people and their silly transparent games….

  • superman

    @ha!: PR contract well i knew hollywood played dirty in the celeb dating mess. i guess the lesser known you are the longer they say for you to be seen with them.