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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler Cool Off in Cabo

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler Cool Off in Cabo

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler cool off in the pool as they celebrate her birthday early on Sunday (February 7) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The actress, who turns 41 on Thursday, has friends including Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Sheryl Crow and Gerry on hand to celebrate and relax in the sun.

On Saturday, a shirtless Gerry and a bikini-clad Jen were spotted out sunbathing in the same area.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler cooling off in the pool…

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gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 01
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 02
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 03
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 04
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 05
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 06
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 07
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 08
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 09
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 10
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 11
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 12
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 13
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 14
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 15
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 16
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo 17

Credit: Korpa/Enfoque; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • jj

    Gerald Butler is a sexi bytch but i though he was with that bollwood chick. Anyways i guess they friends.

  • carnet

    there are soooooooooo cute together

  • JA is plastic surgery addict

    these two douch bag should hook -up together !l

  • RE:jj

    Are you talking about Priyanka Chopra? Pls dear lord no. She is waaaay to pretty.

  • hello doctor!

    yoga my A.A. SSS ! aniston’s body is the work of several cosmetic procedures. this a FACT! and to top it off, it ain’t that great anyway. the only reason so much emphasis is placed on how “great” her body is it’s only ‘cos they can’t find anything else nice to say about her looks. her hair isn’t real, her face isn’t real and even though her body isn’t real, it’s the best looking part of her. compared to other actresses though, her body is average and i honestly do not find it very attractive. lipo anyone? anyone? nip, tucked and plucked body everybody! you too can have that body with money, maybe even better since proportionately, her legs are stubby.

  • Jenny

    I’m sorry, but Gerard looks pretty gross with his shirt off. Extremely disappointing.

  • spanky

    Her bathing suits get smaller and smaller AS HER DESPERATION GETS BIGGER AND BIGGER.

  • df

    oooh… my eyes.. my eyes!

  • JA is an annoying despardo

    Leatherface An*ustain, keep tanning.

  • overthehill

    nice jenn, smile for the camera, u phoney famewhor!e.

  • Alexa



    I hope and pray they are a couple so Rachel can stop coattailing Brad and Angie. But we all know Gerard will suddenly vanish out of her life when the box office dollars are counted for the bomb-The Bounty Hunter-that would be added to his list of flops.

    I posted the name of the flick because they will need all the promotion they can get for that dud. I am sure Brangelina will be used as tactic for the sit-com actress.

  • Stacey Anderson

    She has the BEST body in Hollywood. Hands down!

    I live here in LA and she rocks those bikinis. I don’t care if she is 41 or 21…wow.

  • Al

    So tired of Jennifer! Only thing she knows to do is sunbathe and flirt with her co-stars! Old, used hag!

  • overthehill

    best body???!!! are u blind or just plain delusional? i would take nicole kidman’s body to hers any day. and diane lane is much sexier than her and an actual actress.

  • dani

    Guess she is desperately trying to upstage The Brange. Why is she hanging out with Butler the loser? He is well known for sleeping with anything that has a hole.

  • Ms Anonymous


    SO tired of the haters idiotic comments!

  • bobo

    She always pick the wrong guys, Brad Pitt was the real thing and she let him go, she is dumb

  • Gastrointestinal

    No the bollywood TRANSSEXUAL was never with gb she just hoped and prayed that he would notice her. Not to mention how PATHETIC it is that she keeps TRYING in vain to convince the world that she is with him or has been with him – BOTH OF WHICH ARE INCORRECT and flat out LIES.

    Get a life Piggy Chops. Your gig is up and we don’t believe nor trust you so PIS/S OFF.

  • Francine

    Wow her t/its are saggy. She also looks bloated like she has to far/t.

  • barbie

    For an almost 41-year old, she looks great. Fit, healthy, strong. She’s not beautiful but has made the most of her assets (hair, body). It’s her birthday soon, can’t hate on her. Here’s hopin’ that Gerald gives her some lovin’ on her special day.

  • Sad Case

    If she would have just had kids with Brad she could still be with him.
    But no she chose her lackluster sh?itty movie “career.”
    Good choice, Jen. LOL

  • African Girl

    Lmao! Is he sucking in his tummy?

  • Same Old Craptastic Garbage


    Fake romance fake everything. Yawn.

  • LuckyL


  • Generic

    Ugly and flabby lame twosome.

  • Twinkies

    Is it just me or does jen have absolutely NO LIPS???
    Ewww Gerard can do so much better!

  • 1mig

    i am not against jenny… she has her own beauty in and out but for me the way she show her body is something desperate.. there lot of womens who are in theirs 40′s but look decent like ashely judd she’s so pretty, elegant and sophisticated at her age of 42 and yet u cant find her flaunting her body… at her age she is mature and responsible … but for jennifer i couldnt find this quality.


    sl u tty much?

  • Maria


  • http://;;;; ;;;;

    wow what a beautiful couple! impressive as they are all nice and hot


    Angelina rescued Brad from a life of vacations in Mexico and dinners with the Arquettes and gave his life purpose. God Bless the angel that is Angelina Jolie.

  • lennie

    Poor gerard. Get out of there man! Her saggy boobs will fake you a romance for only few weeks before you realise that you were not the first and not the last that she uses to sell her poor acting skills!

  • the real cece

    I guess JJ is going to release a few of their pool photographs every day and it will be the same thread over and over. It’s like Groundhog Day. I think I’ll wait until Gerry hits Rio and something amusing gets posted by JJ.

  • furrrball

    @spanky: is this a little jealousy coming thru here? you must be as nasty as your tongue

  • furrrball

    @JA is plastic surgery addict: yeah why not? advice from the BIG douch bag to the two people who dont even know you. possibly they wldnt even want to know you. tut tut tut such vileness – your mirror possibly cracks every time you look into it.

  • furrrball

    @hello doctor!: and in the place of JA’s pictures, you will then be posting your own so that the rest of the world can see how the biggest critic of people unknown to you, looks like. nasty person tut tut tut

  • arina


  • furrrball

    @JA is an annoying despardo: and you are just drop dead gorgeous, arent you? whats the matter, are the voices talking to you again???

  • question

    @the real cece:

    cece: They’ve already left Cabo. Check faded youth blog. Sorry I can’t post the link.

  • Cia

    Not ugly, just lame…
    Sad story anyway… (

  • amy

    to:bobo @ 02/09/2010 at 3:19 am She always pick the wrong guys, Brad Pitt was the real thing and she let him go, she is dumb

    …I´d rather think, the real guys avoid her as far as possible. there are only the wrong guys for her…
    Why do she always show off her body??? like Pam Anderson…
    I never see Angie shows her body privatly, only for bussiness. not in younger years and absolutly not now. a real lady.

  • furrrball

    shame on all of you – Aniston is losing soooo much sleep over all of you LOL LOL IF your opinion was worthy of anything, it would be worthwhile reading. but its tacky and nasty. what sorry ppl you are. and if anything, i dont think Pitt is the worthwhile prize here. who wants a cheating stinking lying bastard as a husband with an equally cheating lying manipulative person – i hope they stay together forever coz they deserve one another. NOW GET LIVES AND MOVE ON

  • Ugly Cheap Swimsuit

    That resort looks boring. Gerard looks like he’s rather be sniffing a dog’s ar/se.
    Jen’s face looks leathery and busted. You’d hav to pay me to convince me someone as hot as GB is hittign that. hahaha
    try again, maniston!

  • Keep Tanning

    Keep tanning Jen. Your face will soon match your butt

  • new orleans, that’s own town


  • http://jenardison jenardison

    my god what a couple radiant and beautiful, jen is so sensual and sexy gerard he is so manly . “THE DYNAMITE !!!!!!!!!!”

  • Wish it would rain?

    Ah look at all the AJ comparisons in this thread already.

    On a less serious note: Can someone explain to me how everyone knows John Mayer peed on Jen. Did a “source” say it or did it come out in an interview. What is it with Hollyweird broads letting people urinate on them?

  • Cain

    someone’s getting fat…

    i still like jen tho.