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Olivia Munn Bings Two Kings

Olivia Munn Bings Two Kings

Olivia Munn pairs her Camilla & Marc dress with Brian Atwood pumps at the 4th Annual Two Kings Dinner on Saturday (February 13) in Dallas, Texas.

The 29-year-old host of G4′s Attack of the Show was personally invited to the dinner by hosts Jay-Z and Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James.

The Bing-sponsored event allowed stars from around the world to share ideas on how they can give back. “I never had these sort of role models growing up,” Jay said. “I never had anyone come around and talk to me. I had to figure it out on my own. One of my promises to myself is that I’ll never forget my journey. I’ll always give back and speak to people that are going through the same thing I was going through.”

At the private after-party, Jay, Olivia, and Lebron met up with Jamie Foxx and Oprah‘s BFF Gayle King.

“They all danced a soul train line,” a partygoer shared. “It looked like they were all having a good time.”

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  • Bradley

    according to twitter she didn’t stay for the game, she left this morning. wonder if she had a valentines date or something.

  • Amalaki Juice

    To be taken under the wings of those 2 incredible personas would be incredible. YOU ROCK OLIVIA!!

  • jack

    well according to her twitter she didn’t enjoy it very much. she left this morning and didnt stay for the game like bradley said.

  • mickey

    They probably invited her because they wanted to hit on her. They were probably hoping she was easy.

  • Hmm..

    The coverage around this chick is getting ridiculous.

  • Jenissa

    I hope she didn’t actually say she didn’t enjoy it…She should have been lucky to be there, besides, she might as well enjoy it while it last cause she won’t be going to things like that all the time.

  • jack

    she didn’t say it but it was implied. btw she’s the spokesperson for bing so that’s why she’s was there.

  • tallpeoplematch

    Beam me up!

  • xxx

    I have no idea who this chick is or why she keeps getting posted about but she actually looks good for once, beautiful dress.

  • jack

    then stop reading and complaining. its his blog and he can do what he wants.

  • Donald

    I so hope she talks ish about someone like Megan Fox and Fox just kicks her ash. Olivia Munn is so lame. She’s not going any further than the G4 ish. She is getting more press (even if it is only internet press) from a movie that isn’t even out yet AND one where she only has a walk on role than the actual talented STARS who actually worked to get where they are. Guess being a half dress bimbo acting twit on TV does pay off. Man, and I thought no one could actually be more annoying than the aforementioned Ms. Fox.

  • lainie

    jared, youre a sweetie but jay z invited olivia personally? lmao i doubt he knows who she is

  • Sam99

    I feel bad for Chris Pine right now. Imagine one minute you’re dating this fine looking thing and the next people are connecting you to that bland-ass chick from Coyote Ugly.

  • lol

    here comes this nobody again. Someone is trying too hard to make her famous.

  • Lula

    Whats with promoting this nompity and documenting her outfits? Who cares what make her pumps are, if I wanted to read about clothes I go to the fashion spot. There’s no many more interesting/actually famous/talented people who are more deserving of a post.

  • Mims

    I’m thinking Chris Pine isn’t crying. He most likely smashed it anyway. He can have any woman he wants…even an attractive one (Cause she isn’t). As long as he hit it, it doesn’t matter. She thought that would make her a star…she was wrong.

  • sour grapes


    Hahaha is that you Oliviyah??

    oh thank God, CP got away from this fugly Z list wannabe……

  • hmm

    Olivia is working for Bing – that’s why she was at Sundance and I’m sure that’s why she was at this party. I highly doubt Jay Z and Lebron invited her- Jared get a grip. Seriously, what is up with you and this annoying famewhore?
    Enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    meh dont like how she looks
    her face looks super plain
    the dress is pretty meh
    i just really cant stand this girl at all

  • jack


    you’re right she’s a spokeperson for bing. i love how people like yourself tell a person how to run their site.

  • teachersdatingsite

    I love her

  • hmm

    GET OVER IT…i am certainly not the first (others in this very post) and surely wont be the last to say that she has no business being on a celebrity gossip site – so don’t start with me!
    she is NOT an actress and she barely even shows up on attack of the show anymore…she is a “personality” at best which isn’t saying much.
    you may be a fan, but i bet 95% of the people who read JJ had never heard of this chick until she started dating chris pine and we all know what a clusterf*ck that was so sorry if that offends you but that’s my opinion and if you don’t like it….so be it!!!!

  • Stevie

    @hmm: Jack is a Olivia fanboy who then got obsessed with Chris Pine and abused Olivia on Twitter. Nw they are not together he is fanboying again. He also posted under wimpy77, cilly and god knows who else – just ignore. He was abusing Olivia herself on Twitter – read through previous Olivia posts, he’s been called out a lot by a few people..

  • hmm

    Thanks!!!! I totally forgot about our good “friend” wimpy aka jack!
    Yes, u r right, he himself called her a famewhore (amongst other things) on twitter after the whole NYE incident.
    Geez with “fans” like that…no wonder no one really knows who she is lol
    Have a good one!

  • Stevie

    @hmm: he’s a nuicance. Prolly change his name again now… Funny thing is he has been quite contrite against the fangirls of Chris Pine, whereas his behavior has gone above and beyond erratic stalkerdom. I keep picturing some friendly fugly tech geek with acne masturbating over Olivia Munn. Prolly over Chris Pine too…….

  • cindy

    Again with Munn? Can’t you just give her hype when Iron Man 2 is released! HAHAHAHA


  • Stevie

    @cindy: When it comes out the hype will be for Scarlett Johansson – I don’t think Olivia will register much – I guess hense why the over-promotion right now.

  • jack


    hi there violet. how are you change your name? sure sounds like it. have you taken your prozac today?

  • Stevie

    Not Violet mate, nice try though.

  • ElizabethK

    @jack: FREAK

  • Violet

    @jack: No, I am here. I see you went trolling on the Chris Pine fansite and told off by a moderator. Quote ” Since the locking of the first thread, wimpy77 has graciously apologised for becoming angry at members who were insulting Olivia” UNQUOTE

    You need HELP. Why have you been trolling everywhere? I’m a CP fan but I haven’t joined up to OM blog/forums/G4 – not interested. As you see, she doesnt garner much interest without CP. You abused CP fans, then abused Olivia herself, now you defend her again and bash the CP fans. Biopolar much? MANY people are calling you out on it, not just me – I didnt even make the Cilly connection until another poster pointed it out. Your a LOSER and a GROWN man spamming boards filled with teenage girls. SADDO.