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Gerard Butler & Madonna: Brahma Beer!

Gerard Butler & Madonna: Brahma Beer!

Gerard Butler and Madonna arrive at the super exclusive Brahma beer box at Rio de Janeiro’s Sambadrome for the 2010 Carnival competition on Monday (February 15).

They 40-year-old actor and 51-year-old entertainer both wore the box’s ‘abada’ – an official T-shirt needed for entry which each guest traditionally re-stylizes in their own taste. Madonna sat down talking to Jesus Luz as well as others, while Gerard also looks to be having a great time as he watched the incredible floats and dancers go by.

Paris Hilton and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt were also spotted at the festival.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler & Madonna at the Brahma beer event…

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gerard butler madonna drink brahma beer 01
gerard butler madonna drink brahma beer 02
gerard butler madonna drink brahma beer 03
gerard butler madonna drink brahma beer 04
gerard butler madonna drink brahma beer 05
gerard butler madonna drink brahma beer 06
gerard butler madonna drink brahma beer 07
gerard butler madonna drink brahma beer 08
gerard butler madonna drink brahma beer 09
gerard butler madonna drink brahma beer 10

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    OMG.. what is wrong with his face.. HE IS ORANGE.. QUICK CALL A DOCTOR.. THIS CAN’T BE NORMAL..


  • suny

    Woah, Gerry has a new color

  • Maya

    Too many carrots can make one skin turn orange. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  • hooker alert
  • dita

    madonna is the queen

  • The Comedian

    His tan was to match the tshirt !!
    I thought the guy quit drinking ages ago…unless you don’t call drinking beer “drinking”..

  • !!!

    @dita: So is Gerry

  • amina

    he’s gorgeous

  • Maria

    He only drank water and diet Pepsi, but the beer company paid for his trip to Rio. Brahma also donated 1 million dollars for Madonna’s charity project.

  • gossip

    lothey look lovely

  • hey there

    GB is a prize cµnt for betraying Guy Ritchie.

  • Why he is a terracotta color

    Someone told me Nick locked him in a tanning bed for a joke. Now they are no longer friends because Gerry is an unhealthy terracotta color and has a melanoma on his c0ck. He sprained his shoulder muscle because he tried to punch the hood open

    I am on Team Nick because Gerry deserved it.

  • http://lola lola

    gerry it is dirty and ugly does not affect jen

  • Carrie

    Ugh he looks so bloated and … orange.

    Absolute sleaze. What is he even doing there? (and Madonna for that matter?) Are they 19 year old frat boys or something?

  • tlc

    Madonna looks great! She does not look 51.

  • queen

    MADONNA LOOKS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! SO YOUNG,LIKE 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • to 15

    That’s for sure, she looks 1.5 Million bucks plastic surgery

  • Cia

    So… opening the links I just saw that Gerry got a T-shirt from brazilian footbal team…no. 11…. Then, how come that in the morning he came at the hotel with the same kind of T-shirt but with No. 10 on it? What happent in between this 2 moments?
    Just asking…

  • jillyro

    Seriously, this guy really pimps himself out, he shows up at the most mundane events. Way to make your career about the ACTING!!
    Dislike him, he’s overexposed and seems only interested in the celeb factor. And he’s way too orange. And looks dirty, like he could always use a good scrub down to get rid of last night’s party.

  • celiacruz

    Gerry is a recovering alcoholic who hasn’t had a drink in about 12 years, so he faked it, no Brahma Beer for him! He and Madonna got to be friends while he worked on RocknRolla with Guy Ritchie. He worked on 300 with ” Xerxes” – Rodrigo Santoro, who is Brazilian…a national treasure actually!!! LOL!!!

  • Fiona Fee

    So I see Gerry is starting to get the chipmunk look again. An orange chipmunk, that is.
    Storing nuts in your cheeks for winter, Gerry?

    Yeah, he looks like s/hit.

  • Fiona Fee

    It says here that Gerry left a nightclub with the woman in these pics:,,MUL1492437-9798,00-GERARD+BUTLER+DEIXA+O+SAMBODROMO+ACOMPANHADO+POR+MORENA.html

    Well, I guess it’s a proven fact now that Gerry likes women who look CHEAP and like TRANNIES. *shudder*

  • bae

    He looks awful. She looks great

  • Lisa

    LOL it’s the lighting you guys … the entire stage and everything was orange because that’s the color of Brahma beer. And he doesn’t drink, and most of the Brazilian articles even stated that fact.

    And what is wrong with a gorgeous single man talking to gorgeous single women? LOL Seriously, you guys need to give him a break and get your own lives.

    You go, Ger! Have a blast!!!

  • marilyn

    @Fiona Fee: Gerard is becoming a fecking joke. A manwhore joke! As soon as he gets somewhere he starts whoring around. He makes me sick.

  • http://lola lola

    a transvestite who is with gerard

  • Peacock Gerry
  • @26

    @lola: Who is a transvestite? The girl in the nightclub pictures?

  • Intrigued

    Why does he always date women who look like trannies?. I am not a hater, I am simply asking a serious question here. There is something wrong with this man’s taste in women. He hasn’t $hagged a single hot bird since he got famous What’s his dating philosophy? Aim low so the ugly girl will do dirtier stuff in bed and put out quicker? If so, then he needs to dial a therapist because he is f**ked up. And he can’t blame his father for that sick, sick mind of his.

    To that Dynee person who won the KKC charity date: Please ask him these questions for the JJ fans. “Why do you constantly b@ng ugly trannies? Are you a gross perversion of nature? Why are you orange? Don’t you own a mirror?”

  • Lina

    the guy is a known manwh*re. He was having fun, it was carnival. Now every woman he’s seen with is a who*e though? Are you kidding me? What’s wrong you people! That’s beyond disrespectful and just plain ignorant.

  • halie

    LOL!! Fabulous post!

  • ashley

    I agree with Lina, one thing is to poke fun at the guy, make a few jokes around, other thing is to go and start calling girls whor-es, sluts, and God knows what else. Ridiculous.
    He still looks orange btw.

  • halie

    @Lina: OF COURSE not every woman GB dates/sleeps with is a whore. Who said that?? The girl in the nightclub pics do look like a masculine looking ho though. And so did the girl in the Israel pics.

  • cubedweller

    @hooker alert: She appears to be licking his face. And he’s not even looking at her. Bizarre.

  • Question

    Could someone please tell me what Gerard said about the bodies of women who have given birth? I saw someone said something about this in another thread but I never got what it was he’d said exactly.

  • squaraus

    Go, silly Gerry, GO !!! … What a brainless man!

  • simpson


  • gossiphound

    @hey there:

    Now that is stupid, posing for photos with Madonna is hardly a betrayal, duh. She was paid $1 million dollars for that few minutes BUT all that money went to one of her charities.


    He;s been sunbathing and has burnt himself. He is an idiot., twat. d!ckfaced, sh!t for brains, who needs a punch in the face.

    This idiot and others like him are begging for skin cancer. And they should know it’s an ugly, painful death and it’s more than likely most of them will end up in gutter because, I know from experience- many HMOs refuse to cover it..

  • VS

    Wonder what he’ll look like when he shows up on that balcony today.!!

  • http://notrequired Required

    brainless…transvestite (the girl), manwhore…envious people are so charming! – not
    WHAT’S NEW? a bunch of miserable people sitting at home talkin’ shit about happy people living their lives and minding their own business…NOTHING NEW…
    Gerard, WELCOME TO BRAZIL BAYBAAAY! Dance bastante e curta o seu carnaval no Brasil em paz! Os cães latem mas a caravana não pára!

  • Chucky

    He has looked bad before but not this bad. Bloated and dirty is no way to go through life. The umpa lumpa look has never been in. I bet you Madonna said get your stanky hands off of me once the photo op was done with.

  • http://lola lola

    yes, the daughter of the nightclub

  • Paulie

    @Required: don’t know about happy, but he’s gay alright. also that ‘girl’ he’s with is clearly a man. you have to be legally blind or a closet gay not to see it.

  • marina

    why no mention of Rodrigo Santoro?

  • ©®ackdown

    When Madonna (the most deformed being on Earth) looks better than you in a pic, then you must know you look like a stinking pile of rancid dogshît on the sidewalk and your appearance surely can’t get any worse than this,

    I don’t know if Gerard Butler has a medical problem but nevertheless, he should consider killing himself for even having the audacity to go out like that in public.
    If I was that orange, I would hibernate in a cave somewhere… away from least until I looked like a human being again.

  • Notagain
  • yo

    wow…so many jealous, bitter, people LOL
    Gerry looks great and he had a great time. He’s single, he should have fun. And no, he didnt drink beer or any alcoholic beverage.

  • yo
  • Witch

    yo: So right about jealous, bitter people. He’s out having a great time, and they’re sitting home at their computers thinking up nasty things to say.

    I also think it’s disgusting to take shots at the girl he was talking to. Good lord, people. How can you post such stuff about a stranger? And, in the final photo, it didn’t look like he was leaving with anyone.

    People in show biz have to be very thick skinned to put up with the nonsense made up about them.